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tv   News  RT  April 5, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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protests in europe. people confused and angry. we. come together we can see our loved ones. sort of fundamental human rights. in the united states of california the state by far the worst affected. states for the most vulnerable. questions raised over a probe into 2 british olympians and how they were tested for steroids.
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life. welcome to the program 1st growing in europe but apparently contradictory curfews and lock downs during a 3rd wave of the pandemic. rising resistance to measures that some think violate rights. businesses shuttered parties banned national holidays canceled social life is in a log down chokehold all across europe as governments struggle to smother the pandemic and while some grit their teeth and abide others rebel.
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it's prohibition all over again but with a twist saloons hidden behind false walls are now in vogue as well as guerrilla picnics as police combed through the undergrowth for party partisans europe is just one big speakeasy youths are fed up in my opinion a moon in favor of holding us accountable individual or rather than banning us from doing anything. the lockdown does not correspond to what it should be because people can leave italy freely while we cannot leave our region and we can leave the house to visit friends during the day but if i can launch of the host 10 times to visit 10 friends i can do it through the 1st day because majority of disregarding the obligations for example they're not wearing masks they're not keeping the minimum distance the 1st wave of covert then a 2nd and now a 3rd wave
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a traditional way of life has been washed away by what very much looks like a tsunami now the pandemic and there's no sign of the type turning anytime soon in germany for instance authorities openly admitted to creating a void of faith between them and the people now to give his name there is no silver bullets when the pandemic but we need clarity. and resolve we need transparent and pragmatic rules so that people know where they stand mistakes have been made when it comes to testing to vaccinations to digital solutions the pandemic as they hold up a mirror to our country reflecting our compulsion to lay down rules for everything our fear of taking risks the shunting back and forth of responsibility so during pretty much everything trust board and politicians to stop the spread of the virus is dissipating with every make signal they send like this one thursday the 1st of
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april as well as the surge of april should be defined as com days with extensive contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the 1st to the 5th of april. the idea was a mistake this mistake is my mistake alone a mistake must be called a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter trygaeus more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologize to all citizens. vaccines turned out to be no silver bullet against the corona virus prompting even more contradictions was it only present when give this esther's a nickel back scenes of people over 65. it has been greenlighted for people over 55 with a medical condition. astra zeneca has a nature stiction from 18 to 64. the standing committee for vaccination recommends the use of the esters any $1000.00 vaccine and those over 60 and surely
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cover dissidents are only adding fuel to the fire of the pandemic but the more helter skelter the official response to the crisis is the more anarchic the public mood will get as more people will be pushed and pushed into the ruinous and very very deadly arena of covert denial. we don't want to be the rules that have been imposed on us to be imposed on us how just think how to behave they impose measures to devastating for our people we don't want to tell our readers any longer we can't go where we want we can't go on together we can see our loved ones anymore and we think this is absolutely against our fundamental human rights it's not just some measure of their private lives of our rights and we are reclaiming our rights. the biggest goal we have is to end this corona dictatorship because i suspect what is still to come. testers have rallied in central new york over
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a spike in violence against the asian community as the city's seen an increase in anticipation attacks over the last few weeks i just wanted to get my final following video disturbing. from march 2020 to february this year almost 4000 racially motivated attacks on asian americans have been reported nationwide those of chinese ethnicity were by far the worst affected reports also found that 2 out of every 3 incidents took place in california a martial arts center in the states now open special self-defense classes for the
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most vulnerable in the community. it would be so good for our seniors and the women who are vulnerable to be equipped with something else that they could lose in those instances you know right now. i'm alone believe it i don't know that our family learn a little bit something comparable you know a little bit in charge of my friends so they know that that is that would make them so. class organizers say that while it's unlikely an elderly person could take on a serious attacker there are a few secrets that could prevent more brutal assault we've taught them techniques like you know find the weak points where you can counter attack you are really need one effect to counter attack why would you go off wait a minute this person can write maybe i don't want to push you. over the next 2
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weekends we are going to be. giving them more techniques that they can and then inspiring them to also once they are home to practice. it's been revealed for the u.k. and the doping agency let a lead a limpy and investigate themselves after testing positive for steroids and subsequently clear the athletes that hawkins got more details earlier from correspondent jacqueline phooka. well right now we have front and center to british 2012 a limp ians that would be hurdler rhys williams and the runner gareth warburton now back in 2014 they both tested positive for steroids but they blamed supplements that they had taken saying that they had been contaminated so of course at the time tests were carried out and it was found that those supplements had been contaminated and the 2 were let off with a 4 and 6 month suspension respectively the u.k. decision at the time said that the athletes were victims but they had brought the matter on themselves thus the suspension so case closed right well it was until
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right now the mail on sunday has come out with a report that has turned all of that upside down and 1st of all they say that the pair themselves arrange the testing of those supplements and allowed that had been recommended to them but had no you cats over vision of it whatsoever there was no oversight of those testing facilities at all and as i said that analysis at the time came back saying that the supplements had been contaminated but here's the kicker the manufacturer of the supplements at this point has come out saying at the time we did testing as well and found no contamination of ourselves at least while the supplements were still on our premises so then why is there that discrepancy now you can't spokesperson has told the mail on sunday that they weren't aware of that part of the story that the manufacturer had done their own testing but of course underwater code you can't should be the one carrying out these investigations themselves not allowing possibly guilty parties to be doing that we
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contacted wada who said that they have been made aware of these latest developments largest independent intelligence and investigations department has indicated to us that it will include a few elements in the investigation it launched 2 weeks ago into historically geisha in the u.k. because it was built the 1st other gratian sort of come out over the last couple of weeks regarding the doping allegations what investigation is water talking about and making the statement well it's. it is having a really rough time of it as of late it would seem what they're referring to there is the fact that even before this latest up people with this hurdler and the runner was being looked at already over a very very similar case the only difference is the sport itself it turns out that british cycling was also apparently allowing to conduct their own investigations a few years back as well again after positive test had occurred so of course there are now investigations by water everyone's looking at this very closely to see what happens and now we know that the chain of custody is possibly even completely
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called into question in these cases and it's a question of in how many other cases as well and we can just sit back and wait and see how big the fallout is almost sports columnist down the more says the whole process seems that there are many other issues if you weren't examination. divine beings in war we are very very weak because everything here is in order all if you are around here you are going to face. you need to upgrade your old atlantis so it is relatively standard. however you know it in desert the you or us are going pick something with you it is very very inconvenient putting again it's not going to or towards where you would go to cast for example the court of arbitration order is what you should be in or were seniors always want to wait it looks a bit dodgy we're going to wait it is going to process not great ross says or process as it is we look at what's been turned in the system what else is there to
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be found i think you know there are some serious course not just by the way they don't is our athletes are bought it they should be proud of what it is at all just their teams or you can support. porters of former us president donald trump accused you choop of political bias the pointing to a negation of the video sharing site the needed 2 and a half 1000000 dislikes from videos on the white house's official channel a website called 81 m. dot org was set up to track the dislikes and started work at the end of january that make claims that of the 300 videos posted by the white house there were any 3 point $7000000.00 dislikes of which more than 60 percent were deleted by you tube the website confirmed that it's company policy to remove likes and dislikes that it considers to be spam with poses and systems in place to ensure that then gauge went on you tube is authentic and remove any fraudulent metrics. if you want to claim 30
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you tube deletes almost $8000.00 dislikes per video on average data also shows that in some cases dislikes are removed once an hour to keep the count around the same number the site claims to sound a lot of the other popular you tube channels and found no evidence of the same activity. other than your hosting platform and it's only google that any bias and they say that they are politically neutral right let's go live now it's journalist and commentator chadwick moore welcome back to r.t. because this sound like an overreaching algorithm on a clear out all do these numbers look a little bit like a suspicious pile on. well it's difficult to say because even with the 2 and a half 2700000 dislikes removed the white house is the biden white house's video still of a ratio about 6 to 16 dislike to everyone like 17 to one but what it remains unclear is firstly they're not moving any light ok they're only moving the dislikes and as you reported mentioned earlier it seems to only be really targeting the
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white house account now there are plenty of personalities political personalities on you tube the most famous of the you 2 were the largest platform cutie pie he does have dislikes removed according to this website but it's something around like a dozen or so it's nothing on this magnitude but big tech has a big problem because nobody trusts that they aren't politically biased and in fact studies have shown that google which of course owns u 2 is very publicly biased in their search in their search results that they have been accused of intellect election interference in the last election by all trading search results in favor of the democrats in favor of joe biden so it's very difficult to tell whether or not they're being honest here but we also don't know how do they determine what is a legitimate dislike and what is not a legitimate dislike and how do they determine if a video is being brigaded or mobbed by dislikes and are these actual users are used bots you both say they won't tell us so that raises questions and it does many
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americans maybe the majority of americans do believe these companies are biased in favor of the democrats they're biased in favor of joe biden so it certainly raises eyebrows and look suspicious if the allegedly the most popular president in american history joe biden who got 80000000 votes right the most votes of any president in american history. is having such a problem with dislikes on you tube it doesn't really match up such a popular guy would be having such a problem keeping that ratio down given the divisive nature of an account that's for the white house. huge koehler of people who are going to like the guy in the clothes the so is it really beyond the realms of possibility that right now in america there are a lot of disgruntled viruses who are going to try and job and any available opportunity online well look at president trump supposedly he was i mean look at what he did he was by exact by the media by. hollywood you know every
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every base you can put out there and he didn't really have this problem because his supporters are on there to counteract with the light so i would imagine now i guess joe biden supporters or maybe too old or they don't really live on the internet or 'd they're just really not as enthusiastic to jump in there and back him up and look so bad that maybe trump supporters live more on the internet more than joe biden supporters so would that mean that these are in authentic dislikes or would they need to more or is there something going on this is a sort of targeted attack i'm not sure i think what you might be getting is maybe it's just the difference the number one and enthusiasm gap clearly between present job supporters and joe biden supporters and another being that simply the population live in different places and aren't there to a cheer on joe biden videos and i don't know really why they want to but that could be a possibility given the power companies like and it's not just you tube that's the
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likes of facebook google twitter the influence that they can have but they can channel through all the people using their respective products is it too late to curb that power we've seen that lined up in front of authorities in recent weeks to look at that rabbit in the headlights if you have to say is there anything that can be done to rein them in or is it too late. there are several avenues that the federal government could take to rein them in but i don't know if we can expect to see those i mean there are rico and racketeering and corruption charges there's you know breaking great these companies up that are monopolies and do at the least there's certainly challenges to free speech censorship protecting 1st 1st member rights of american citizens there are issues with section $230.00 immunity which these companies get and are not living up. to their end of the bargain in order to receive the sort of a mutiny against libel and defamation so there are several avenues that could be
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taken to knock these companies down a tad but we just learned that big tech is the number one spending in spender in lobbying in washington and these companies at this point are probably just too powerful i don't know what it looks like to to rein them in other than creating other platforms and other challenging challenges if they allow it obviously we've seen that they tend to not allow competition to pop up like was all the case with the parlor recently and other social media sites like dab so. people see me putting their faith in new platforms new ways of communicating a lot of people are moving to smaller messaging platforms like telegram is one of them. and sort of maybe the culture just shifting away from these vast open plays platforms such as you tube and twitter ok good to talk to paul thanks for joining us on. thank you my pleasure. studies have flared in
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eastern ukraine with reports coming in almost daily of firefights and shelling on the frontline of rebels and the rest have been you had screeching claim a ukrainian drone strike killed a 4 year old boy though insists the rebels version of events doesn't add up and that the accusations are crude propaganda designed to stir hatred so far it's not possible to corroborate the claims for taking from video agency attended the boy's funeral and spoke to his grandmother. that i do understand this grief you have to go through it it's really hard just parents are beside themselves with grief especially his mother i don't care that the house was damaged but why did this child have to suffer does he should someone just something or does he say a bad thing to someone he was just a child only poor years old and then tional in god's eyes. tensions ratcheted in eastern ukraine top officials and military staff in kiev has been laying the blame
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for the escalation of russia's door here's our senior correspondent. this is far or what there was of it is crashing and burning under a sustained carriage from both sides the only see has the numbers more than a 1000 violations most of them artillery exchanges were detected on april 3rd ukraine's propaganda machine is also churning that is now officially calling thousands of its own citizens russian militias who are to blame the party line says for everything corrina ukraine and its partners are taking note of russia's systemic escalation of the security situation and denounce can lugansk regions and in the republic of crimea of all this is happening against the background of the russian federation and willingness to reaffirm its commitment to the cease fire or the current escalation by the russian federation the systemic and the largest in recent years
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a common goal is victory in the war against the aggressors and to ensure a stable peace to restore the territorial integrity of ukraine we will need to consolidate efforts of all the ukrainian people all ukrainian people apart from the ones they now call russian militias in a bid to discredit them their beliefs and their grievances probably not the best idea if you want stable peace but there are 2 major takeaways from their recent statements 1st after years of stalling delaying and torpedoing negotiations here of seems to be entertaining the idea of a military solution to the civil war victory by brute force the other takeaway is that ukraine has virtually because war and russia officially naming it the russian ukrainian conflict russia isn't even a party in this civil war and its military was involved it would be over very very
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quickly that much is obvious to me if you did get the russian army is moving within long. territory in the directions it deems necessary in the shape and form it sees fit to ensure the security of our country this shouldn't concern anyone in the slightest russia poses no threat to any country in the world and that of course includes your train you russia always plays very close attention to its own security clearance to ukrainian president probably not helped by dismal ratings it's seemingly bet on calm for a day ship is military has issued a statement warning moscow that the us promised it won't leave ukraine alone and it won't let russia's aggressive plans materialize the state department has confirmed that ukraine zoom aggressive plans it seems get a pass the americans should not be concerned by what russia is doing but rather look at kiev's unacceptable behavior which not only fails to implement them in a set of measures but even denies degree most in a manner that is becoming ever more provocative if our us colleagues were to focus
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and it would really facilitate stability lot all hope is yet lost there is still a chance that cooler heads will speak out that they'll stop this escalation and will cause countless lives on achieve nothing but that's going to take an international effort rather than egging ukraine on with promises of support and righteousness as has been washington's policy so far. hunter biden the son of the us president has admitted that the laptop which allegedly revealed his business interests in china and ukraine could in fact be his casting doubts on past comments from his father that it was purely russian this information too in the 2020 presidential campaign donald trump repeatedly referred to the laptop to promote corruption came against hunter and joe biden regarding their business dealings abroad. i have no idea so could have been yours of course certainly there could be
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a laptop out there that was stolen from me that could be that i was hacked it could be that there was that it was russian intelligence a laptop was seized by the f.b.i. in 2019 the u.s. intelligence community concluded last year that there was no reason to suspect any russian involvement or let's go live now to daniel the journalist and author welcome to the program this laptop's home to the bidens for years is this finding out about this goes to rest you think now that the admissions that. oh no i think the fun is just starting i mean the laptop includes a lot of very interesting information about 100. business activities and there's a good deal of evidence that it's father was knowingly involved in his business operations so there is a great deal of stuff here for investigators to focus on as we had from on to biden in that clip he says there are lots of could it could have been stolen could have been hacked could have been anything so entirely beyond the realms of possibility
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that it. it's fairly clear we have we have a signature on the receipt that shows that hunter dropped the laptop laptop off at a repair shop and delaware so what this merely confirms the accuracy of that report there's little doubt that hunter biden brought the laptop and and prepare that he was so far gone in terms of his. crack and alcohol usage that he forgot about it the owner of the shop tried to contact him to retrieve the laptop and finally the owner called the f.b.i. which was which by the way was seen to be an interest in the whole question and finally he disclosed it to the press so there is little doubt that the that the investigation into biden's activities will continue and that there's a good deal of meatier for investigators to to sink their teeth into and that that
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joe biden. is also involved this investigation and it's very that looks like he encouraged his son's activities business activities from which he himself would have benefited what will be the political consequences of whatever they find if for biden seeing it. we don't know but but they the longer the investigation goes on the more it more turns up the better the worse the news for the biden ministration i mean these kinds of things can cripple a presidential administration so that's what joe biden is facing. do you have to buy this we dismissed the whole thing as a as a russian intelligence set up which was absurd which everyone is it was clear at the time despite the the historical reaction of the pro-democratic press it was clear at the time that that those that lopped laptop the story about that laptop was true and the laptop was filled with lots of incriminating evidence but job
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joe biden dismissed it as a russian plan which was absurd and and now joe biden will ultimately end up paying the consequences i guess we need to wait and see what's on the hard drive or i live in new york and journalist and author daniel is as thanks for joining us thank you. now one of the world's best known scientists shines a light on some of the biggest questions within the universe let's meets american astrophysicist at the old the grasse tyson he's a prolific t.v. and radio show host and also the author of a popular series of science books called cosmic queries the full interview saw the latest edition of going underground which you can watch now on r.t. dot com. powerful elites come up again and again in your latest book trying to trying to stop science as it was very aware about the power of astrophysics if your discoveries conflict with prevailing political
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cultural religious forces these are forces that historically have always controlled society yeah they'll be resistance for you have to expect that because people in power do not relinquish power easily but at the end of the day or at the end of the decade or the century or the millennium nature is the ultimate judge jury and executioner of any idea what is the boy of spending money on a telescope the gumby repair being sent off like that let alone what's happening on mars in the freezing cold martian surface when there are people in your country freezing to death literally in texas that on the 40000000 on food stamps maybe the real answer is that nasa should run texas. if nasa can put a probe on mars they could run texas in a way that people will not be without heat i guarantee it all right so i think the problem is not do we do this or that it is our the right people making the right
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decisions in the right place what's missing in our society and perhaps in other places around the world is people see it in some cases as some kind of handout here's a handout to nasa here's the age keep the scientists happy without thinking of it as an investment in the economic stability of your future and if you do not feed that pipeline from the beginning and keep it going throughout you are sowing the seeds of bankruptcy well major set of economic hardship of your nation because you your of your priorities have valued things that do not think about the future the way stem investments do. and that's the way it looks that's sad to me get in 30 minutes of your next outing update.
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