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behind this door is one of the world's largest collections some of them so deadly they make over the 19 look like and. among the stories that shaped this week's news r.t. gains exclusive access to the high security siberian lab at the vaccine is being made developers say the shot is highly effective against all strains of. the world health organization criticizes the sluggish rollout of vaccines in europe but speaking to our t.v. agencies executive director for europe explained the problem and figures.
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to be approaching 1000000 deaths in the european region. because we don't see these vaccines. with. a man is brutally assaulted in the new york subway and elderly filipino woman beaten in the city's streets in the latest string of hate crimes in the us. and the mom in the u.k. warns his community cannot be held responsible for the actions of some individuals if muslims aren't treated with more respect it's in response to a teacher forced to go into hiding after showing his class cartoons of the prophet mohammed we discussed the issue. with the cultural the brain easy. to teach. with police protection.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. right now in the war on the pandemic russia has an array of weapons among them the epi valve corona vaccine this week it became available in all russian regions as part of the mass vaccination campaign the shots the developers say it is safe 100 percent effective at producing antibodies and can fight off mutant strains archie was invited to visit the high security lab in the heart of siberia where it's made. this sign is probably worth a 1000 words because we are in one of the few places in the world where it has been plastered against the door not for cool looks not for show but as an actual warning behind this door is one of the world's 2 largest virus collections some of them so
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deadly they make covert 19 look like an allergy we are at the vector research institute met here with armed guards barbed wire and the no fly zone above us inviting journalists is worlds apart from common practice here but they're eager to show and talk about how with their jab corona is made so this machine is where the work on the vaccine begins basically an inactivated virus from the red zone from the dirty zone is brought here and this machine it separates the r.n.a. from the rest of the virus it isolates it and from here at the r.n.a. is being passed on for further study and work this is the preferred vinyl stage of producing a vaccine basically here they are preparing a foundation for it it's protein based so the substance in this boiler is literally called soup or world broth it contains all the nutrients that will make this
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protein grow and as soon as it is ready will be taken to a different lab also here where active components of the vaccine will be attached to this protein in the foundation by active i mean those that will be recognized by our immune system as well including this and therefore we will develop antibodies for covert 19 what we do but i want to emphasize 3 major advantages of the vaccine it's safe because it's made from synthetic peptides 2nd it's not sensitive to virus mutations it's resistant to all known covert strains including british south african brazilian and others and 3rd you can get vaccinated unlimited times one with the yearly flu vaccinations. thin the vaccine develops a 3 line defense like to enter a room you need to open a door the vaccine forms on tea parties that prevent that if the fos line of defense is broken then another pool of antibodies goes into battle that stops the
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virus from connecting to the cell and getting inside but if this line is crossed is while the new response destroys the infected cell several high profile russian officials have already chosen after iraq as their covert jab and there were rumors of russia's former president dmitry medvedev did so as well but the difficulty head of the vector institute says vaccination shouldn't be a free for all fights between different produces people get through jobs they don't ask how this functions a major one how they walk but all of them meet such requirements it should be the same with coronavirus facts scenes a person just gets a job and that's it the message from russian vaccine developers which ever jab you choose you are getting the best shot at immunity and we've done of reporting from the heart of siberia. germany's vaccination program has suffered another blow with
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berlin again suspending the use of the astra zeneca job this time for the under sixty's that is left those who have already had their 1st shot in a state of limbo is this all of it is undoubtedly a setback that one of the vaccines available to us for this pandemic appears to pose an increased risk for a certain age group 31 cases of cerebral vento strombo this had been reported after vaccination with the astra zeneca jab 9 of which were unfortunately fatal. those under 60 can still receive the shot but only on prescription and after an individual risk assessment it comes as a number of people suffered blood clots after vaccination some in berlin say that they are tired of the government's flip flops on the vaccine. but i completely understand being cautious but the problem of stopping the vaccination all the time is that we are already so far behind compared to the rest of the world and that is very disappointing because there are many restrictions and vaccines are the only
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thing we're trusting so we need to receive clear messages for citizens not to get confused. i feel that they're now really rushing ahead to fost if you look at the side effects they are very rare if you read the information leaflets of aspirin or ibuprofen or any other those have much more serious side effects and we swallow those daily more or less. i think it is there is very good that the vaccines were is a valid so fast and then we talk about the side effects because silence of that information would be so much worse but i also think that due to everyone having an opinion on it now it's kind of make the whole vaccination process falling to pieces. the netherlands also followed suit this week while canada suspended the use of the job for those under 55 after the country's national advisory committee decided it wasn't worth the risk the vaccines image has been tarnished over fears of rare but potentially fatal blood clots that prompted an investigation by the medical regulator which found no direct link and said the benefits outweighed the risks but
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added it would continue with the probe meanwhile the same organization the european medicines agency recently approved a new name of for the astra zeneca jab vax zev rhea which there has been speculation the company has decided on the rebrand in response to public safety concerns infectious disease expert bob are not says however that there is no easy fix to the reputational damage. in this case and a 1000000 people you know you would expect very few cases of these terrible blood clots you know the ones in the in the scientists is in the brain the venous system the brain and the disseminated quagga lay shoe out the body just terrified and they're seeing it you know in in younger women so with this. it's very hard to convince the public now because now you know they see faulty vaccine data you know used the wrong dose corrected the dose and may have the wrong. efficacy rate had to
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change that so a lot of suspicion about this. the event seen a roll out as a whole has been beset by problems with several states now looking to break away from the joint purchase scheme the w.h.o. has also expressed concerns calling the e.u.'s efforts unacceptably slow according to the organization only 4 percent of those within the block have taken 2 doses of the vaccine so far earlier my colleague neil harvey discussed that and after seneca's troubles with the w h o's european chief. we're both alarms and frustrated at that moment we're alarmed because we're rapidly approaching 1000000 deaths in the european region we're down 44000000 cases of covert 19 on the other hand we're frustrated because we are well frustrated for the reasons that many of us have been living in lockdown ferrante 20140 days in some cases but also across states it's because we don't see
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these vaccines reaching arms fast enough but this really is a court of governments to improve their vaccination plans ramp up speed up that vaccination process we need people to accept and have confidence in the vaccines they're receiving and when they're offered a back seem to agree to take it the longer we wait the higher the likelihood that they that the virus mutates and that will see variants escape the vaccine you mentioned a really important point there i think particularly pertinent right now because the w.h.o. talking about the after seneca vaccine is said country should keep using and of course there's that there's a great need for it and a great demand for it but there are several countries i think more than a dozen countries at their full of using it what is the stands now on astra zeneca as vaccine just in confidence to such a fragile thing i mean it takes you in some cases years to build in just a few minutes to erode and diminish so it will undoubtedly and has undoubtedly
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impact its confidence of the communities that are relying on that vaccine. at the astra zeneca about sids this is very important that we get this vaccine back online where it's been temporarily suspended but at this point there's no course the association until we have more data we won't know just getting back to the vaccinations there's a range of them out there now russia has a few of its own thing the 1st one out there are those put on the market with sputnik v some countries and the west the big. slow to approve use of it is not legitimate is it just because the medical checks haven't been done yet or is it could there be a political element to it i don't think pot politics is something that we should necessarily discussed in terms of the vaccines and when different vaccines used split the vaccine from what we've seen from the russian federation's the dates of its kind of over here is to be an effective and safe vaccine is used in many member
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states and in some of the states that do not have access to the vaccines that are listed for it's really the russian boxing that has come to that aid and supports so sputnik they being used to many member states it does not have european medicines association approval hence it doesn't have a u. member states using it at this point but we are confident that in the very near future not vaccine will be of use to everybody across the globe. anti asian attacks in the us or show no signs of letting up to shockingly brutal assault happened this week in new york one of the victims was an elderly filipino woman who was brutally beaten while her black male assailant yelled racial slurs and bit of warning you may find the following video quite upsetting.
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and what seems to bother people the most is that there are several eyewitnesses in the video who didn't intervene did not step up to stop the attacker and that is very similar to something that took place on the new york city subway another anti asian hate crime which video has also been made available of take a look. now
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the new york city police department says there is a sharp increase in anti asian hate crimes they say there have been $27.00 similar incidents that took place over the course of the last year 12 of which were violent assaults now there has been a conversation among the u.s. public about an asian racism we've heard statements from the biden ministration as president biden said during his 1st primetime address and to violence is wrong it's un-american and must stop today president biden is announcing new actions to respond to the increase in acts of and. violence and to divine safety inclusion and belong in for all asian american native hawaiian and pacific island to come in h.s.
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in asian american communities throughout the united states there have been community patrols that have been formed and they've been giving elderly asian americans a whistles so that if they are targeted by a racist attacker they can blow the whistle and maybe you know get the attention of people that are around them and that's one measure that has been taken there's been a number of statements by celebrities that have been made about the need to stand against anti asian racism we've heard from the white house but at this point people are wondering will this be able to have an impact will this wave of anti asian violence be able to be stopped because right now on the street so we continue to see footage of what is taking place it's very brutal very disturbing and it doesn't appear to be stopping as killed just mentioned volunteers are giving out whistles to elderly asian people throughout the u.s. in san francisco though the project has been dealt
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a blow after some 700 whistles were stolen amid violence in america's streets some are looking at other ways to counter racism and publisher has pulled a children's book over its depictions of a martial arts instructor called master wong that some have deemed offensive and a form of passive racial stereotyping others have called it a pointless exercise in virtue signaling and bypassing the real problems facing asian people we spoke to historian gerald horne about joe biden's role in the issue at large. he needs to realize that by joe biden's is all new cold war against china he simultaneously helping to create fertile conditions for the rise of violence it seems to me that for the foreseeable future we're going to have difficulties because china's ascendancy is not going away any time soon and i'm afraid to say the political education in united states is not very sophisticated
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not very high and inevitably bleeds into asian american anti pacific islander america violence. still ahead in the program a poll has found that most americans are now anxious about losing their jobs over something that they have said online because of the onset of canceled culture we will dig deeper into that after a short break this is our 2 international. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. for. welcome back this is the weekly on our show international now any mom in the u.k. has warned as
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a prime minister that trouble is brewing unless muslims are showing more respect he also insinuated the country risks quote becoming like france a statement that many view as a threat it's after a teacher in northern england outraged parts of the muslim community by showing cartoons of the prophet mohammed to his class all we all school is a bit of respect if one teacher can do it another teach can do it 5 years down the line and we do not want this to be the case otherwise we are not responsible for the actions of some individuals. the teacher and his family are now in hiding after receiving death threats the 29 year old has since apologized but has been suspended from his job some local muslims are demanding the school fire him outright however a petition calling for him to be reinstated has gained more than 70000 signatures u.k. department for education has defended the teacher. it is never acceptable to threaten the wing to mandates teaches we encourage dialogue between parents and schools when
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he she has emerged schools are free to include a full range of issues ideas and materials in their curriculum included with the challenge in a controversial subject to they obligations to ensure political balance outrage over a similar case in france last october led to the brutal murder of samuel paddy a history teacher he was beheaded by a terrorist after showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to his pupils during a discussion on freedom of expression to him from christian concern and. a political and social commentator locked horns over the issue raised. this could be very easily turning into some kind of a power keg and you do not throw that matches into such things we've seen in france and in many european countries the rise of the far right we've seen some 2 tier civil rights system pushing against islam pushing against muslims marginalizing them and it's open season on muslims courage attack them on free
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speech places and people make themselves up to be free speech martyrs or somehow muslims become inflamed or they won't fit in western values so what's most alarming here is that a teacher asked her to go into hiding with police protection because what he's done he's he's discussed opened a discussion about a cartoon and the why the subject of blasphemy he hasn't actually hurt anyone he hasn't actually even threatened any violence and yet there are obviously very real threats of violence against him so much so that the police to protect him and take his family his wife and his children into hiding i think that is very very concerning and i think we need to recover a sense of normality in a sense of people being able to openly discuss and educate people about these things and i've been around the block a few times and have this discussion a few times every time we've had this discussion on free speech and debate we have put down to worst of the ideas racism hatred we know it's not ok to be
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racist against muslims to make the argument is it alright to be racist or is this racist we need to learn about religion that we need to learn about what people believe and we need to openly discuss them and so people and super about it let's be very clear about this that discussing a cartoon it's got about how it has nothing to do with basis and it's not racism at all and what's happening here is people are trying to shut down discussion and using threats of pants when people judge. people who work with the english defense league you keep anti muslim interest across europe and the rest of the while to try and demonize muslims marginalize them would have enough you will not win the cultural debate. or is he ok to be poked fun at and be racist against muslims out of the lot of us read what else is and you don't get to be offensive towards us this is not the way a free society should work he should definitely be defended it's all he's done is raise a discussion people should be free to discuss things in class if we're not free to discuss things we have a de facto blasphemy law in the country which is being enforced by more cruel that
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threatens violence against people. the issue of cancel culture is having an impact on people's psychological wellbeing a majority of people polled in the us say that they fear being sacked or reprimanded for views they share online is a chilling finding that most people in the country now are afraid they would be fired if they expressed their real views on social media of the nearly 2000 people surveyed 2 thirds view growing council culture as a threat to their freedom while more than half see it as endangering their job security we got opinion among new yorkers. people are creative and have different mindset some artist decide to do different things people you next door neighbor the fact of the difference you that you might not agree on i don't for that used to ruin their entire lives over what they think in their mind even though it is harsh and it could really go like a pocket sometimes i think it does care people and it makes people think and make.
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sure you know. when appropriate action. the idea of canceling canceling is bad and is not a good way of. creating difficult conversations because difficult conversations are very important to making difficult topics less difficult. that can really change the way that a person interacts with the world or using it. to also understand like being fed up with having to respond to people so sorry if you're so low it's always more complicated when it's presented. political commentator chadwick more shared his thoughts on council culture and from where it emerged. in the past we've always sort of focused on the government and focused on protecting the constitution but of course in this in this day and age the threats are coming not really from the
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government they're coming from businesses from private corporations and most importantly from each other so that makes it interesting and different i think from anything else. that we've really experiencing culture before it's you know and such a lot of this has become a social media mob aying and threats to docs and get people fired and it's not i think right to upgrade them on many levels and most importantly it has a chilling effect on public discourse and i'm people being able to speak their minds to openly. discuss and advocate for things that they are the things that they truly believe in and their criticisms and maybe what's going on in culture and in government and even cancel coulter itself as we've seen just criticizing cancel coulter 'd can get you canceled. as if performing open heart surgery isn't hard enough how about doing it in
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a burning building that's exactly what doctors in the far east of russia had to cope with on friday here is that video from inside the operating theater during the fire the blaze broke out at around midday with most patients and staff quickly evacuating the hospital but a team of surgeons were operating on a patient at the time and had no choice but to keep going the surgery went as planned and of the patient was later moved to another clinic no one was injured in the fire investigators say an electrical fault may have been to blame. after months of unrest with protesters demanding the prime minister's resignation people in bulgaria have finally gone to the polls for parliamentary elections support for the ruling party had eroded over corruption poverty and failure to reform the judicial system however despite that exit polls predict prime minister boyko border solves center right party has secured the largest share of the vote
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there was a smaller turnout than in previous years as the country struggles with a 3rd wave of the pandemic so many took the chance to have their say despite covert fears. it's more dangerous in the tram or in the supermarket than here. it's a bit different but it works if you wish you can. be the only difference is that they're in masks everything is very cold which isn't confusing there is tense and sizes too i think there is no place to panic and every person must go and. take into consideration the can you call them did you see creation's in doing. this you got to give it to me but only people gave it everything around the world goes it seems that even. i would see a season for all of these things. i that does it for me this i'll be back with more of the weekly let's say 32 minutes and 15 seconds stay with us.
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while the pandemic no certainly no borders just plodding through nationalities. the summer. we took a backseat. to. judge . commentary closest least. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies too in every state in the united states we seem very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients don't do as many affection was all the governments of. what started my interest i should say in black americans in the soviet union in the thirty's and was finding this portrait even though i didn't go to grad school with a master's degree in russian literature i speak russian and i had lived over there
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in the late eighties finding this portrait was was a stunning development for me how did i not know about this. i didn't know that this was a phenomenon that there were many. african-americans who went to russia in the in the thirty's. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of the descendants still live in russia. and name it the most because no no rush but also up a stock yes you've got. the rest of the day meet here the 1st day like hey you're part of that i want to speak russian and then wait wait wait there masha that also. back home black american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects it's.


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