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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 3, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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these national museum to their new resting place at the museum of egyptian civilization the ceremony called the golden parade of the pharaohs began just after sunset some of the mummies being transported in climate controlled cases were more than 3000 years old. now if you like those stories you can find more details on our website at r.t. dot com or you can follow us on your favorite social media platform i'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes so stay tuned. welcome to redacted tonight this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents december 22nd 1963 exactly
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one month after president john f. kennedy had been assassinated former president truman published an op ed in the washington post that most people especially the ruling elite wanted to ignore there it is right there president truman who signed the cia into existence just after world war 2 he wrote i think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our central intelligence agency for some time i have been disturbed by the way the cia has been diverted from its original assignment it has become an operational and at times of policy making arm of the government this has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas there is something about the way the cia has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historic position and i feel that we need to correct it
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yes there is something. about the way the cia has been functioning i just can't put my finger on it but maybe it was when they blew away the president thanks harry you're right on time with this one any chance you could or couldn't understand him send a telegram like a week before he decided to keep the top down on his convertible. not only did that come out one month after j.f.k.'s death truman hand wrote the 1st draft just one week after j.f.k. and a bunch of bullets met up in dallas texas anyway clearly even truman the creator of the cia knew the agency had run amok yet the cia is still here it's bigger than ever and now is a whole cavalcade of other intelligence agencies working with it and they just
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recently put out a report that showed that the intelligence community much of which is not supposed to involve itself with the master of matters is indeed working to stop surveil and attack an assortment of u.s. citizens as glenn greenwald recently wrote in titled domestic violent extremism poses heightened threat in 2021 the march 1st report from the director of national intelligence was written in consultation with the cia the f.b.i. the d. the d.h. s. and a partridge in a pear tree and evil kind of kind of dastardly partridge not a good part of virgin all not. like the kind of partridge that would eat the last pickle and then put the jar back in the fridge so that later your excited for a delicious chris prepared. and there's not the dare but a jar of pickles urine what i'd rather do were to ask dad to have hard drives.
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that kind of party point is makes clear that its target encompasses a wide range of groups from the left and to animal rights and environmental activists pro-choice extremists and anarchists those who oppose capitalism and all forms of globalization to the right wing sovereign citizen movements anti-abortion activists and those deemed motivated by racial or ethnic hatreds yes yes grouped together animal activists animal rights activists who have killed exactly no one wants racial hatred ideologies something that has been prevalent in just about every mass shooting or american terror attack this century that's like saying the 15 year old who puts a thumb tack on his teacher's chair is the same as a u.s. military drone attack in that they're both trying to cause harm.
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i think one more than the other not to mention releasing an animal is not harm what kind of idiot sees someone release a cal and says wow. that's just like murdering jews it's that cal god like all it cost over here. no it isn't you failed out of kindergarten did you and all the grounds on the way out or how about the fact that the cia and their wannabes are surveilling and grouping alongside domestic terrorists anyone who points out capitalism is causing a lot of problems. that's just a fact like capitalism is an economic system based on infinite growth on a planet with finite resources so at the end of the day can only
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result in africa collapse that's not an opinion that's that's that's physics that's just how it would be so it would be totally cool f.b.i. if you could you know stop watching me take a dump through my iphone camera please said please greenwald also wrote in some to the department of homeland security an extremist is anyone who opposes the current prevailing ruling class and system for distributing power anyone they believe is prepared to use violence intimidation or coercion in pursuit of these causes then becomes a domestic violent extremist subject to a vast array of surveillance monitoring and other forms of legal restrictions coersion i you a good willing to use the i'm going to use coercion to change our class structure i think i almost named this t.v.
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show coersion to bring down the class structure with cam so i guess that makes me a domestic violent extremist now how's this for irony you could be named a domestic violent extremist for nonviolently protesting to end a war holy. that's like being called an addict for watching too many say no to drugs commercials. but the larger point here what your mainstream media doesn't care at all about is that the cia was expressly forbidden from operating domestically it's not supposed to be in our living rooms they're supposed to be in their living rooms over there weirdly the only people in congress voicing concerns about this latest report are 10 republicans and republicans haven't gotten anything right since before. no since before
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wow this is your 1st. good. even a blind squirrel finds you sometimes oh wait no not your. someone else's i can't remember greenwald pointed out how in a fairy as things are starting to guess the binding ministration along with leading democrats such as adam schiff have been stating explicitly that one of their top priorities is the adoption of new laws designed to import the bush cheney obama war on terror onto us soil for domestic purposes as recently as february 14th the washington post published an article titled the agency founded because of 911 is shifting to face the threat of domestic terrorism the war on terror has been an utter disaster for any country on the end of it so do you
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think we should want ours salmond's on the event for christ's sake not the like bringing overseas disasters to the homeland let's build some fukushima style nuclear plants on the coast of california while we're at it look violence is already legal planning to harm people is already illegal. the intelligence community already has dogs of power and money and weapons and people they don't need more they already violate our rights and our privacy and our freedom on a regular basis they don't need to do it lol or remember fascism will come to america wrapped in an american flag holding a cross dressed in a skimpy outfit cradling a bucket of k.f.c.
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chicken and giving out free handouts there are few dangers more acute than the weaponization of these security state instruments against the us citizens for political ends the intelligence community has been a runaway truck crushing everything in its path creating coups around the world killing thousands and intruding on the lives of average citizens for generations as i mentioned even the former president who created the cia and dropped atomic bombs on people even if he had concerns about the cia those concerns started just after he saw another president's head go pop live on primetime coming from washington d.c. the belly the bases the redactor the night.
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welcome i'm late campanella take the news remind you may recall that psychopath loser and golfer donald trump actually wanted to bring the troops home from afghanistan despite all of his problems one thing trump was doing right was attempting to end america's 20 year war on afghanistan that's right colonel douglas macgregor a former senior advisor to the acting secretary of defense revealed that president trump shocked the u.s. military only days after the election last november by signing a presidential order calling for the withdrawal of all remaining u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of the year do you remember remember when all the troops came home and we were finally out of afghanistan that was
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a wonderful time i remember the ticker tape parades the celebrate tory drink specials the vomiting festival in times square i remember grabbing a random young lady and kissing her in a bout of pure unbridled joy which lasted until i realized she was a man and he realized that he didn't know me and then he realized that counted as sexual assault and then i realized i better run for it he realized he should hire a lawyer and i realize dies you do the same but that is not the point the point is everything was right in the world war and finally ended that ridiculous morally reprehensible war in afghanistan don't you remember mel we meet me neither. i think that because it never happened. trump did sign a draft of that executive order to bring the troops home but then he was met by the chairman of the joint chiefs mark milley who told him it was impossible so they
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compromised on half of the troops as gareth porter revealed at the gray zone the president's surrender represented the pentagon's latest victory in a year long campaign to sabotage the us taliban peace agreement signed in february 2020 the subversion of the peace agreement with the taliban began almost as soon as trump's personal envoy zalmay khalilzad negotiated a tentative deal in november 29th team the campaign to undermine presidential authority was actively supported by then secretary of defense mark asper as per you might recall was also a lobbyist for weapons contractor raytheon basically there was a peace deal with the taliban $119.00 but because the pentagon and people like my palm pale had no intention of giving up the country of afghanistan which we now own in their savage childish minds marinating and double chunk chocolate ice cream
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and spray cheese they found ways to derail the peace plan and then one day our military is really good at it peace that's not a skill that comes naturally not are you going to work at starting as a kid you got to go around your neighborhood finding peaceful things and then kicking them over. if you have to punch a brother when he's at his most tranquil maybe he's like picking up dandelions or something the point is our military has trained at night and day to destroy peace around the world they're professionals secretary defense jasper claimed the peace deal allowed the u.s. military to defend afghan forces blatantly contradicting the agreements taxed but then trump lost the election and suddenly only had a couple of months to finally end the war in afghanistan following trump to feet in november 2020 and after fashioning the strategy to sabotage the afghan peace
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agreement asper u.s. central command leader marine general mackenzie and commander of nato mission in afghanistan general miller agreed on a memo from the chain of command warning trump against further withdrawal from afghanistan in till conditions have been met these conditions included a reduction in violence and progress at the negotiating table yes yes we will not give you peace until we see a reduction in violence what does that mean we're we're going to keep bombing and shooting at you in till you're not violent anymore why are you still violent what we do it doesn't make sense i'm going to bomb you for saying that
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anyway trump was furious at the chain of command memo and immediately fired asper replacing him would trump toady christopher miller but still never actually got the troops out of afghanistan so this is clear evidence of the head of the pentagon undermining the president's efforts to end a war a war. and the maneuvering by the pentagon to obstruct the trumpet ministrations initiative to end an extremely unpopular war in afghanistan was just one example in a long established pattern of undermining presidential thorney over matters of war and peace so even if you're one of these soft headed liberals who thinks that anything done to stop trump was just the most wonderful thing in the world. don't you care about the precedent this sets what if the pentagon were to subvert the actions of another president maybe one you liked but i will say
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we are lucky that this is the 1st time this has happened this was this was the 1st time that the pentagon 7 and the state of weren't to stop a president from creating peace and abs absolutely absolutely the. first time this is the 1st trial. why it's never is ever added before i don't know what you're talking about it's never. going to i think we've heard about something else is there a commercial break tribe go to a plant. break. the law streets it's going all the way back to the twenty's they're not different they're repackaged rebranded and sold again it's to say why it is so the spac is just a variation on the dot com frog which is
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a variation of the mortgage sub prime fraud she will fraud the g.d.p. would be it would be negative 20 percent. welcome back i'm still leave camp while the pentagon and others succeeded in stopping trump for withdrawing troops from afghanistan there is still a withdrawal date set for may 1st to dig into what that means and whether it will
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happen i want to bring in or forgotten war correspondent naomi hear of on e. mail me and if you claim to me why we should stay in afghanistan leave you darling we're only entering our 3rd decade of war in afghanistan rome wasn't destroyed in the day and actually capitalism doesn't have a withdrawal date c.n.n. warned us this week that the pentagon could open itself to costly litigation from contractors if the u.s. pulls out of afghanistan this year. you have to learn how to respect the process of extract and wealth which can take decades c.n.n. is really talking to my heart strings telling me to think of the profit lists war profiteers yes i think of them there are only $2500.00 american troops still there while there are $18000.00 contractors of which only about $6000.00 are americans don't be so insensitive to these multinationals further danger pay $18000.00
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mercenaries are there excuse me that's a pejorative term for military contractors fine contract killers not all of them are doing security ok 18000 capitalist goons ok i can argue with that 18000 cabalist goods are making it so operations in afghanistan have no oversight they can kill with impunity they're basically a hired mafia and they haven't even been affective for the best 90 years well the plausible deniability makes the hired guys really good at helping the afghan army function so they can lose gracefully against the taliban and those hired guns are making a pretty penny doing it their money making money but besides just the moral reasons to leave we as taxpayers are going to lose more money if we stay you for no reason fine we're losing money and the war and we know that nothing is going to change
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soon taliban might have already declared victory but it's not for them to decide when the war is over that's a decision for the c.e.o. of raytheon they'll make a stay forever what was he for some time but if we can't save the afghan people we can save capitalism by mean we can eventually lead another saigon fall but not the nasdaq. and if it doesn't won't be on america's watch we agreed to 18 more contracts worth nearly a $1000000000.00 after the peace agreement was signed last february 1 contract with a just defense has an expiration date of 20262026 yet wouldn't it be heartwarming to know american grandfathers are seeing their grand kids and their grandkids grandkids deployed to afghanistan they'd have a shared experience i mean it's really hard for those younger generations to connect what are you going to do play cards well they should look at scrambled
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cinemax porn with their grandpa is like i did go vote. for us when one year without a combat death in afghanistan as the taliban warned against 3 nagging on the peace deal and the may 1st withdrawal so come a 1st or maybe more american soldier sent back in boxes but obviously that isn't a concern because we signed another deal 50 days before the may 1st deadline that ends in 202250 days before the withdrawal date we're getting really mad at numbers today did that count do something to you growing up you can be honest yes he touched me 23 times it's absurd that we would stay in a war just because we agreed to pay for one that's got a good lead then we wouldn't have the satisfaction of completing the transaction and that's what this war is all about at the end of the day it's all about the
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benjamins that me. all right now we go to our segment to go over there that we didn't get a job to go over and for that i have now i'm guilty it was me i don't know if we're going all right so let's take it to george's or voyage for another $12.00 less child of a different show than but that's what i was actually going to say they're like i like many people have to stress it's a trial for jovan not for floyd or any right. innes's that have been antagonized on the stand like for example donald williams the black band that the defense lawyer tried to paint as like an angry black guy for having the gall to be incensed that he saw somebody dying who he couldn't help well why even have tropes like angry black man if you're not going to use them in court you know although that was the only funny literally the only funny part of the trial was when the defense attorney noted that he called jovan bogus a bum 13 times and a. so clearly bill was i think part of the you know also if you call joe over those
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things yeah they're like oh i'm going to one of the high 5 i'm. a plus for the everett on the insults. but yeah but you also don't have to scroll very far in social media to find people who are blaming george floyd's drug use for why he died after he was on his neck for 8 to 9 minutes and what isn't being discussed is how is race plays a role in how his addiction is perceived because on thursday floyd's girlfriend took the stand and it made it that both of them were addicted to opioids and yet we're using floyd's addiction to justify his deaf when you know that if this was a white dude way we wouldn't even be talking about his drug addiction and if we were the narrative would be centered around like oh he's a victim of the opioid epidemic but we're not going to see that narrative use of george right and i think in general just like the idea that oh the guy was a drug addict any kind of drug always a drug addict will therefore find to kill him i mean it doesn't make any sense this person had
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a health issue you know using drugs therefore you can do whatever the 5 has no right it's terrible it's terrible it's basically he's a victim of both that epidemic and then police brutality so it's like a lose lose situation and plus you know if you saw the video which they showed of him walking around the store it's not like he was you know running around like a maniac because he is because he's an addict he was really. he was calmly walking around the store what high person isn't walking around a bodega. given the choice and. then there's the hypocrisy of i guarantee you every one of these news anchors that's all i gave did drugs and what they're probably all done exactly. so the moving on we are aware of biden's $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure and right plan supposed to be implemented over the next 8 years is driving in my driveway for. getting out of the driveway if i had to drive back i'm going to i'm going to drive what i don't know what it is that implies you own property. that i don't have a i would own
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a car if you didn't have a car to get a driveway. but yeah it was plan does address stuff that you know should have been fixed and upgraded beyond ago trains highways electric vehicle charger grids and what it doesn't address though are solutions that could truly lower climate change emissions because the solutions for addressing climate change are things that we've already proven don't work and one of those is carbon capture or direct our capture where you're using technology to literally suck the carbon out of the air and research already shows that this is a very expensive way to do very little everything it's hard to pin drop it in so it would make more sense a lot of critics of the plan say it would make more sense to invest money in cheaper alternatives that don't involve carbon emission any carbon emission in the 1st place and even though biden pledged to get rid of these like $62000000000.00 annual subsidies that are given to oil and gas companies there are environmental
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advocates like the head of food and water watch went on a hotter says like she's concerned big oil companies are just going get this money anyway the bill tacked for these carbon capture things that we know don't work oh so they get the best of both worlds they get tons of money and they get to greenwash their image like look we're doing something green even though they're continuing to cause climate change by still exploiting fossil fuels around the world the exact wow what a wonderful time for big oil thank you natalie thank you. there are your headlines from the future tomorrow you'll read. derek show vns lawyers gain sympathy from jury by detailing officers need pain following 9 minutes kneeling on george floyd and next week you'll find out former pentagon official reveals they successfully stops trump for withdrawing troops from afghanistan by convincing him it was brain on
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a map they did that and in 2 days you'll learn. amazon workers demanding their annual tracking insert not be shaped like amazon smiley logo. unity of the workers that's our show but check out the pod cast version of the show moment of clarity it's free and it's has all kinds of bonus content until next i'm going to write ok finding. this thing you know became the bottleneck is a valid excuse your movement and you know if you see there's a girlfriend you should let yourself are we to do this vision we said action on this lead before you know you go out to dave and socially then. topic at least those old beast with the other students all against you between so you. know those
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who say only. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect the. water they escape in a climate change is the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast paced the river is 30 closers the power. was 4
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i think we're part of america 1st from across. the river. a not so happy easter in europe some states expand to cope with curbs while others announce the partial closure of vaccine centers. also with millions of americans losing their jobs and small businesses shattered during the pandemic it's revealed that some of the country's biggest companies paid no federal taxes last year. and a new hollywood movie mauritanian depicts the story of the man considered the most tortured detainee in watada moping talks to the prisoners lawyer and the director of the film. there was no evidence of julius still to this day means no evidence. that he was and there was always pressure against cases in.


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