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every day you meet your needs and then. see. is killed another injured in a car. in germany. if you feel. those. executive director for your. interview with.
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french. president. we have to. get at the same time in a completely. one minute night here in moscow this friday april 2nd welcome to the news are all artsy and you know. we begin with breaking news from washington d.c. a police. another in hospital. suspect was shot dead. of.
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our. foreign friends just. tell us what's known at this stage about the deadly events how things look where you are. so you know last hour you saw there was a number of national guardsmen that were deployed immediately after this incident happened now you can see behind me many of those guardsmen have been brought back into the capitol now i'm going to walk you through the events as far as the time and everything that went down so around 1 pm you'll see behind me here to the left of the capitol i'm sorry out to the left of the capitol building there's a driveway in there that is where the suspect drove in around 102 pm heading and striking 2 police officers capitol hill police officers and then crashed into a barricade after that the suspect exited his car and he was waving around a knife where another capitol police officer shot the suspect from that point after
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the 3 you had the 2 officers were taken by ambulance along with the suspect taken to the hospital as well. where that was where one officer was pronounced dead around 1 30 pm as well as the suspect around 1 30 pm as well now you know and this is the 5th officer in the capitol police department that has been killed in the line of duty and it's 200 year history we just had another capitol hill police officer who was killed during the january 6th insert rection who succumbed to his injuries to officer brian sickness who actually was adam lie in state here at the capitol so depending upon you know what happens after it after today's events we're not sure we're still learning even asked to who this officer is right now they're working on notifying his next of kin before releasing his name as far as the condition of the 2nd officer that was hurt they say that he is still remaining in the hospital as he was previously listed in critical condition now they just say he
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is still in the hospital we're still waiting on for updates on that as well now what you'll see here is how close where this suspect actually rammed into this barricade directly across the street right there is the senate building where the senators walk to and from the capitol. every single day right now the house and the senate they are not in session but you do have many of those smaller committees like the house and senate judiciary committees having meetings over stuff going on here in d.c. so as to who was out about during when this happened still unclear but we do know that as soon as this car ran into that barricade there was an announcement over the p.a. system inside the capitol building for all senate and house members and everyone inside to duck and take cover right now the whole area around the capitol is still on lockdown but streets have been beginning to open up and you'll see here as you look at the capitol and then even just the gardens in front of the capitol depending upon what side of this barricade you're on behind the capitol still very
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much an active crime scene in front of the capitol it looks as if nothing even happened we actually had passer bys come up to us and say are they shooting a movie here what's going on not even realizing that this all went down so again depending upon what side of the barrier you're on here is depending upon the mood that's happening here you know but again this all going down the national guard now retreating back into the capitol building but what's ironic union is just last week we had the outer perimeter that had the razor wire that was guarding the capitol and this was put up after the january 6th and surrender that fencing was taken down last week this now an incident almost less than a week after that capital funds was taken down and this is one of the things that those house and senate members were worried about what happened as far as the motive of this suspect during that press conference about 45 minutes ago the capitol police are still investigating but they did not know the suspect he was not
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on their radar and they do not have a motive as to what the suspects intention was when coming here to the capitol today so again to wrap it all up we have a capitol hill police officer dead the suspect was shot and killed by capitol police. and the other officer still in the hospital at this time you know the as you say a lot of details still to emerge about a deadly afternoon in washington d.c. foreign thank you very much r.t. america correspondent live on the scene foreign from the psych. lie spoke with former pentagon analyst michael maloof he thinks the latest incident will result in an ever larger security presence in washington d.c. well into the future the initial concern was this could have been a decoys and immediately the rest of the capital went under further lockdown and also has they've also done the same thing for government buildings just in case this might have been a decoys but so far nothing else has happened it could have been just a test if people who had been tensions of it in the capitol will look upon this as
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a lesson learned what to do or what not to do and how to go about this but i think that this latest episode just reinforces especially if it was done by a lone a lone wolf that the they're going to have to maintain their their security presence and actually beef up security because of the sensitivities of what's going on in the in the capital area especially on capitol hill and the vulnerability of congressmen and senators they're going to maintain security for an indefinite period of time ok let's move on to another of a headline stories today germany says it's ready to take matters into its own hands when it comes to ordering toxins if the e.u. doesn't get its act together the country's health minister also stressed that burley needs to stock up on jobs for next year too. what is important is the question of 2022 we have to secure our capacities for
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a possible 3rd or 4th round of vaccinations we currently don't know how long vaccination protection lasts hence we must secure these capacities as part of the european union or failing that as a nation the e.u. vaccine reliant has been beset by problems with several states now looking to break away from the joint purchase scheme they include slovakia hungary while austria has just entered talks to buy a 1000000 doses of the russian job despite it not yet having been approved by the blocs drug watchdog the w.h.o. has also expressed its concerns calling the e use efforts on acceptably slow according to the organization only 4 percent of europeans have taken 2 doses of the vaccine so far earlier my colleague neil harvey discussed that astra zeneca as troubled the prospects of the russian vaccine in the block with the executive director of the w h o's regional office for europe. we're both alarms and frustrated at that moment we're alarmed because we're rapidly approaching 1000000 deaths in the european
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region we've got 44000000 cases of covert 19 on the other hand we're frustrated because we are well frustrated for the reasons that many of us have been living in lockdown france and fancy 140 days in some cases but also across straits it's because we don't see these vaccines reaching arms fast enough but this really is a course of governments to improve their backs nation plans ramp up speed up that vaccination process we need people to accept and have confidence in the back scenes they're receiving and when they're offered a vaccine to agree to take it the longer we wait the higher the likelihood that they that the virus mutates and that will see variants escape the vaccine you mentioned a really important point there i think particularly pertinent right now because the w.h.o. talking about the after seneca banks in a sad condition came easy and of course there's that there's
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a great the need for it and a great demand for it but there are several countries i think more than a dozen countries at their full of using it what is the stands now on astra zeneca as vaccine just in confidence is such a fragile thing i mean it takes you in some cases years to build in just a few minutes to erode and diminish so it will undoubtedly and has undoubtedly impact its confidence of the communities that are relying on that vaccine. the astra zeneca backs it this is very important that we get this vaccine back online where it's been temporarily suspended but at this point there's no course the association until we have more data we won't know just getting back to the vaccinations there's a range of them out there now russia has a few of its own thing the 1st one out there are those put on the market with sputnik v. some countries and the west the big. slow to approve use of it is that legitimate is it just because the medical checks haven't been done yet or is it could there be
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a political element to it i don't think pothole it's just something that we should necessarily just just in terms of the vaccines and when different vaccines used sputnik the vaccine from what we've seen from the russian federation's the dates of its own of all here is to be an effective and safe vaccine is used in many member states and in some of the states that do not have access to the vaccines that are listed for it's really the russian boxing that has come to that aid and supports so sputnik very being used to many member states it does not have european medicines association approval hence it doesn't have a u. member states using it at this point but we are confident that in the very near future not vaccine will be of use to everybody across the globe will that message from the w.h.o. is something president among you all mccraw may want to bear in mind french doctors
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have been venting their frustration at his failure to deliver on his promise to speed up parks in the nation's presence enters its 3rd lockdown they warn that the lack of available doses is not critical with ever more seriously ill coma patients being admitted to a ready overwhelmed hospitals but the nation's leader insists the rollout is happening at full throttle. when we talked to him when we were putting all means to vaccinate vaccinate get vaccinated without a response without holidays saturdays and sundays just like we did this to. the general practitioners like myself are not currently receiving vaccines for 2 weeks now we've not had any vaccines available for injection we've been working for 9 months without stop and without vacation 7 days a week as mr macro says due to the inability to complete the work on time due to a lack of vaccines we believe the government is to blame for the fact that we have to work incredibly slowly but at the same time in
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a completely grueling regime simply because of a lack of equipment the new wave of covina will lead to overcrowding in hospitals we already know this will happen we are already deciding which patients get treatment and which don't because about 60 percent of operations were cancelled just to. promise to increase the number of intensive care beds to more than 10 but doctors say it will come at the expense of patients another problem is lack of staff intensive care requires additional special training and equipment. again those challenges could have been avoided if acted earlier. imagine my close emanuel macron has woken up a year after the start of the crisis a year ago in march the need for a large number of hospital beds beds in intensive care took us by surprise but after a year the number of beds has not increased there is however a positive point unlike last year we do not need
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a large number of ventilators not because they were produced but because they are now used in a much later stage of the disease but now it's enough to simply provide patients within home oxygen therapy the problem however is that the appropriate technology has not been installed on hospitals as a result of exigent therapy sites. still limited responsibility for this rests entirely with the manual macro to endlessly delay the adoption is nature's even preventative measures such as supplying hospitals with oxygen cylinders an oxygen therapy device is necessary for treating patients. with. talk of grace under fire doctors in the far east of russia have successfully performed heart surgery in a burning hospital building the blaze broke out at a run mid day almost all patients and stuff or evacuated from the building but 2 people were on there going complex operations including open heart surgery and the
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doctors had no choice but to keep going. what's a new potential about this we just have to finish the surgery and we did our best it was a corner a bypass the most difficult kind of heart situation on the floor we had to stay calm and focused. michael lived my colleague in a different operating room finished he's at a ration it was not that complicated outpatient was evacuated to the other building and my colleague helped get the patient from intensive care to the regional hospital if you see what you think your job's a pressurized one at both patients are oh ok we checked after that as well this is our to international more news after the break. shots seem wrong. but i'll. just tell all. i mean you will
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get to shape out of this day become educated and it gains from it equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves well it's a part we just of the common ground. historically speaking in the cold war was a great ideological confrontation western liberalism versus soviet communism according to joe biden the great geopolitical struggle of our time is democracy versus autocracy for by we are in another great ideological struggle but there is a difference the west particularly the united states is the only ideological actor .
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17 minutes into the program welcome back russian opposition activists alexina the current himself on hunger strike after claiming he's being mistreated in prison he's the man doing the right to choose his own doctor has made various allegations of mistreatment being rapidly picked up by western media outlets mission of. a month ago for breaking the terms of basis and sentence for an earlier embezzle and conviction of his case is currently being reviewed by russia's human rights committee which is conducting a tour of the country's prison system are to join them to see firsthand the facility were being held amid much international speculation. you can tell a lot about how civilized society is by entering its prison russian prisons
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shrouded in dark mystery a beloved topic for the merchants of doom but lately the gaze of the international media and rights activists has been glued to one penal colony holding alexina valley in one of the toughest penal colonies it's a place it's very isolated very strict information for us it's a demoralizing and very difficult place to spend a lot of time this particular in a flat in a region is one of russia's most of the 2 of our colleagues set off to check up on these alarming reports of abuse not as journalists though but as members of russia's human rights watchdog our crew strong along novell need called this a concentration camp here is what we were shown the facility has a library a medical unit 3 floors of conjugal visit rooms the daily routine is hardly spa like of course there ministration has the facility in an iron grip that this is not a resort it's a correctional facility and of course things you're allowed to do on the outside so
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on till out in here if some of them feels like groundhog day get up at the dinner exercises make the bed up tidy of breakfast morning inspection then lunging at some 3 times up look evening inspection and more tidying up dinner lectures lights out now we couldn't independently verify these exact claims but what we were shown corroborated the account so this is what a typical barrack here looks like but apart from well expected bunk beds there's also a table for ping pong the administration has assured us it hasn't been brought here just for show well being able to play table tennis in the penitentiaries is great and all of that but alexina valley hasn't been complaining about the lack of exercise he's accused the administration of denying him medical care privately though inmates from the same unit as novelli say that they heard a very different account from a vigil last night. i can tell he's regularly taken to the medical unit on top of that a doctor from a regional institution has seen him he said he was taken for an m.r.i.
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but said that he had not yet received any diagnosis should the united states slow methodical and personally examined him and his condition was satisfactory he did during the tests gave blood and urine samples had a full examination on the 24th of march she was taken for examination at the regional hospital in the city of atlanta and you are just prescribed a treatment for him which he has refused and is still refusing to let a day. maria booting up an expert for russia's commissioner for human rights has seen the inside of an american prison so she can put the conditions here in context she visited in a valley and here's how it went christmas shows through the goods here that if that was really the question the goods for. us live we knew but i took the position i knew that out of those of us this is your life to me as national anthem and let's move to new kitty to give it a little bit of your day to music when job does our courtship because they were both moderate on most of what is right in the poll though they were shocked by the thought the grappling is a part of your story delisted well the areas that are vastly behind such
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a new place with your own your own vision your little races that is of us who get out of washington with choices it's just what's in the struggle it's part of this is the ignorance love of society who pitched in a 3rd and that would end up with everything changed in business or better whatever we've got a slogan at the petition which reaches well do we have whichever way you want to steal a vote is this going to go on a petition still a donation shimmed this doing it's a. child measure outcry that last question of which there are many of us like when the new guy strikes and do we do a go to move not a coalition of the only plan was to. opt out of the us and this was not noticeable because when it in your heart was soon about the need to do to build a new neither of us individually did what united nations is and when you skillfully price it out some of the gun was still with us to the way that part of the course of just matters to work record is better than most of what we really should call the business side. it was a resonance out. with each of those who are the new things and they're going in those particular something in life yes this is good i am sincerely here of my own
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free will as i've received requests from russia civic chamber and i said to him aleksey you yourself complain that something is wrong with you here well here i am if you compare this place to an american person for example in terms of the number of people staying in one of those dorms then whereas here you see about 50 people together over there it's $3.00 to $4.00 times on more overcrowded and here you can see that everyone has space there's a shared kitchen there are special rooms for a long family visits which do not exist at all in america which there are no such visits he looks down on everyone you know as someone who's been to prison i would advise him not to behave in this way he ministration will protect him as best they can handle but he's living with the other prisoners if one of them ends up being a punishment his behavior to say his honor cleanliness he will be the one to blame it on his behavior has been mirrored and amplified by his followers as other members of russia's rights watchdog showed us threats they got since the kremlin
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critic was incarcerated yet medical care is just the tip. of complaints sleep deprivation another charge against the colonies administration guards waking him up 8 times a night beaming a flashlight in his face talking loudly in his ear jury nighttime roll call but according to an inmate sharing the block with the volume he must be a featherweight of a sleeper no one else is bothered by the rounds at most part of the missed my bed is practically next to his during the night and i don't wake up from their rounds goes it happens to me if i'm not mistaken and he was it plugs when he sleeps it doesn't bother me even without it plugs in to the very same rooms when jews the same procedure as every night but we're starting from 10 pm they do their rounds every 2 hours on the 1st day i kept waking up but now it's all good so. no one sticks into words anything like that no not really it is unlikely one public visit will put to rest claims about no vollies treatment from his backers home and abroad
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but russian authorities hope that a more transparent strategy opening prison doors as opposed to building them shot will allow a different picture to emerge of his confinement. done of. the migrant crisis on the southern u.s. border has been dominating the news of late but no it's making even more headlines over the terminology being used democratic rip representative alexandria a cortege she's condemned labeling the situation at the borders a migrant surge not happy about all the congresswoman claims that it's akin to pushing so named white supremacy this is not a surge and we are not be in a good which by the way is a white supremacist idea. ok cortez made those remarks during a live stream an instagram and was quickly ridiculed online with some highlighting
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the risks of misusing such extreme terms. question it's been an ice cream also a sign of white supremacy you'll say anything to rile your base you fall in line as want to speak. also you are a big reason the face white supremacy is losing its meaning referring to border facilities as modern day concentration camps is just fine in a book but referring to the ongoing crisis on the border as a surge is militaristic and white supremacy you know a little article a few years back talking about the left's propensity to try to control the language and they redefine things and so any type of word if it doesn't fit through then they're going to read they're going to find some way to turn it into something that has to do like do the politics and use it it's going to use the age will term state racism anything and everything is racist is either racism massaging this to get it's bigoted is what about doing anything that will paint them into
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a corner when you're trying to nail them down on facts and terms they'll simply slide out of it by yelling racism big. transphobia or any other sort of all the they can try to pull on anything so we have the terms are ridiculous that she's trying to use. it just time for a recap of our breaking news from washington d.c. a police officer has died and another is in hospital after a car ramming i side the u.s. capitol building a driver reportedly crashed into a bar ok before stepping out of the vehicle brandishing a knife he was shot dead by police these are live pictures by the way at from the capitol building there had been a lockdown situation in place for a number of hours that since being removed it's just restricted movement right now around the complex now so far there has been no indication of a possible motive but d.c. police are saying the attack quote does not appear to be terrorism related and u.s.
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media have cited police sources as saying the suspect was a 25 year old model from the state of indiana. again i must say there's no official confirmation when it comes less than 3 months after the deadly riots capitol hill police officer died during those clashes a few days later another committed suicide there's been a heavy security presence in the area ever since with national guard troops on patrol we became very close eye on developments any. significant developing story we'll be here to bring them to you stay close for more great programs beginning in moments this is our.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. high salacious community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by a. what is true what is faith. in
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a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect the. water they escaping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska does seem some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is fast enough means the river is 35 closer than how ben was 4
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i don't think we're part of earth from. hello and welcome to we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle historically speaking the cold war was a great ideological confrontation western liberalism versus soviet communism according to joe biden the great geopolitical struggle of our time is democracy versus a caucus each for by we are in another great ideological struggle but there is a difference the west particularly.


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