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tv   News  RT  April 2, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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breaking news this hour. killed in a car. driver. being shot dead by police we've got the reaction coming up in moments. also ahead on the program germany say it's ready to go with. the feel. of the world health organization's executive director for europe in interview with r.t. . rapidly approaching. the .
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french. president. to deliver on his promise this nation's front line. yet another surge in patients. believe the government is to blame for the fact that we have to. put at the same time in a completely grueling regime. just after 10 nights here in moscow this friday everyone welcome to the program my name . we begin with breaking news from washington d.c. a police officer died another is in hospital. the u.s. capitol the suspect was shot dead. at the scene the entire area is on
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lockdown and let's cross live to our u.s. correspondent kill the pain killers that news about the capitol police officer suddenly dying from his injuries emerging just minutes ago tell us more about what's no one up by the instance this friday. indeed well we now have the report that a capitol police officer is dead he was killed when the suspect rammed his vehicle into 2 police officers now one is still in the hospital and the other has died from what we understand the suspect then emerged from the vehicle brandishing a knife and then was shot the suspect is also now dead so to have died the suspect as well as one capitol police officer now when the capitol police were speaking they said they did not it did not appear that what was taking place was terrorism related however they are investigating any possible terrorist motivation at this
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point the motive is not known why the individual carried out this activity rammed their car and then emerged from it brandishing a knife. furthermore the capitol police say they do not believe that the situation represents an ongoing threat so we at this point don't know what caused this individual to do that it's important to note that at this point the u.s. capitol is basically surrounded by national guard we have huge barricades that have been erected there is an ongoing national guard presence that has been in the u.s. capitol ever since january 6th when the incident took place with the protesters so the national guard presence is ongoing the capitol police have been responding on the situation the capitol is on lockdown but at the moment there does not appear to be an ongoing threat we do have 2 deaths that have been reported the suspect is dead as is a capitol police officer another capitol police officer is in the hospital. thanks
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very much for bringing us through america correspondent kill him open. let's cross to former pentagon michael maloof for his take michael welcome is it surprising that such a thing was possible withhold the heightened security on capitol hill. well it is a bit but it might but 1st of all we don't know anything about the suspect who was ultimately killed as well. he is he might have been alone alone with we don't know whether this was strictly a a loner or whether and i think the initial concern was this could have been a decoys and immediately the rest of the capital went under further lockdown and also has they've also done the same thing from government buildings just in case this might have been a decoys like but so far nothing else has happened it could have been just
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a test again we know nothing about the individual we don't know his background he was not on file with the capitol police or with the metropolitan police i'm sure the f.b.i. will run a check on him when. and try to determine whether he had any outside influences or philly ations so everything is still very very poor man airy and it's the kind of what's so bizarre is that the congress wasn't even in session in the house nor the senate so and in fact the members on both sides are on recess so it's questionable as to why this incident occurred there was was this a a suicide by cop effort than we don't know that either this is not unheard of so it's no other words was it a suicide by the by the perpetrator we just don't know so everything is being
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investigated and and it will be interesting to see precisely what does what did occur and what this does reinforce the notion that the cap was got to remain. with heavy security at this point because of an unexpected episode such as this that this missed totally unexpected. and as i said earlier they have no record so far of the suspect what's a totally unexpected do you think because they've had such a large presence there of you of the national guard troops continually there since january since what occurred there it was at the very least i would say a heightened. presence security presence in the facility but whether or not that meant that there was an incoming attack or or or more likely to be an attack that's of course not known correct. well i think that they did they probably had no
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information on this instant immediate attack but once again they because of the sensitivities of what's going on in the in the capitol area especially on capitol hill and the vulnerability of congressmen and senators they're going to maintain security for an indefinite period of time and. the this could have i don't think they had any inkling that this particular episode was going to occur because normally the intelligence services your law enforcement entities can pick up the chatter of anything that might be impending at least be prepared but i think that this latest episode just reinforces especially if it was done by a lone a lone wolf that the they're going to have to maintain their their security presence and actually beef up security at the airports coming in that he's brandishing a knife but as you see it we're waiting for cation just exactly the description and perhaps a what more snow in a by thought just on the situation right now in washington d. c.
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. what kind of reaction michael do you think we're we're going to see can we expect more troops in the area as we did in january is not the likely response here. i don't think we'll see more i think they will probably continue to keep a somewhat of a presence here. it could be extended indefinitely i know i think they're going to be here through may this could be because of the lone wolf nature of this what appears to be alone with nature in this at this point that they may want to keep them indefinitely as a said this could have been a decoys if people who have intentions of getting the capital will look upon this as a lesson learned what to do or what not to do and how to go about this i think what was concerning was that there could have been a truck bomb and. right now there doesn't appear to be any notion given how
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people have clustered around the car itself that's still in place that they that this was a vehicle borne i.e.d. or improvised explosive device they may have had to check it out certainly ensure that it was not good be trapped in any way shape or form the only thing really that is known isn't is that a police officer is dead and of course an officer d.c.m. capital officer was also killed in the riots and generally another died by suicide days later it's been a very difficult time for the force there. well you know there's only been about 2 other instant instances of deaths which go back into the 1990 s. there was a there was a hit on the capitol number of years ago and i think 2 police officers were shot and killed by someone who invaded the capitol with a gun and that's what actually prompted them to go and build the visitor's center just outside the east front so that everybody who comes into the capitol
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hill and they can't go into the capitol directly they have to go through a process and threw away the detector and the school that's that's what prompted that so security has been building up around the capitol for years michael thanks very much for giving us your take on coming and giving us a sense right after the initial developments not a lot is no one of course or verified at this stage but we do appreciate it michael former pentagon unless michael maloof life on the program thank you. ok we will of course continue to delve into the story get more reaction from washington as the day progresses but on to more news now in germany say it's ready to take matters into its own hands when it comes to ordering vaccines if the e.u. does not get its act together the country's health minister also stressed that berlin needs to stock up on jobs for next year to what is important is the
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question of 2022 we have to secure our capacities for a possible 3rd or 4th round of vaccinations we currently don't know how long vaccination protection lust's hence we must secure these capacities as part of the european union or failing that as a nation. early you vaccine rollout has been beset by problems with several states now looking to break away from the joint purchase scheme the include slovakia hungary while austria has just entered talks to buy a 1000000 doses of the russian job despite it not yet having been approved by the blocs drug watchdog the w.h.o. has also expressed its concerns calling the e.u.'s efforts on except the police slow according to the york and station only 4 percent of europeans have taken 2 doses of the vaccine so far or near my colleague neil harvey the earth's astra zeneca has troubles on the prospects of the russian vaccine in the block with big get of director of the w
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h o's regional office for europe. we're both alarms and frustrated at that moment we're alarmed because we're rapidly approaching 1000000 deaths in the european region which are 44000000 cases of covert 19 on the other hand we're frustrated because we are well frustrated for the reasons that many of us have been living in lockdown for and things fancy 140 days in some cases but also across states it's because we don't see these vaccines reaching arms fast enough but this really is a court of governments to improve their vaccination plans ramp up speed up that vaccination process we need people to accept and have confidence in the back scenes they're receiving and when they're offered a vaccine to agree to take it's the longer we wait the higher the likelihood that they that the virus mutates and that will see variants escape the vaccine you mentioned a really important point there i think particularly pertinent right now because the
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w.h.o. talking about the after seneca vaccine is said country should keep using and of course there's a great the need for it and a great demand for it but there are several countries in more than a dozen countries appear full of using it what is the stands now on astra zeneca vaccine just in confidence to such a fragile thing i mean it takes you in some cases years to build in just a few minutes to erode and diminish so it will undoubtedly and has undoubtedly impact its confidence of the communities that are relying on that vaccine. at the astra zeneca bassett's this is very important that we get this vaccine back online where it's been temporarily suspended but at this point there's no course the association until we have more data we won't know just getting back to the vaccinations there's a range of them out there now russia has a fear of its own thing the 1st one out there are those put on the market with sputnik v.
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some countries and the west the big. slow to approve use of it is that legitimate is it just because the medical checks haven't been done yet or is it could there be a political element to it i don't think pothole it's something that we should necessarily just just in terms of the vaccines and when different vaccines used sputnik the vaccine from what we've seen from the russian federation's the dates of its own of all appears to be an effective and sate nazi is used in many member states and in some of the states that do not have access to the vaccines that are listed for it's really the russian boxing that has come to that aid and supports so sputnik very being used to many member states it does not have european medicines approval hence it doesn't have e.u. member states using it at this point but we are confident that in the very near future not vaccine will be of use to everybody across the globe
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about message from the w.h.o. is something presidents among all micron may want to bear in mind the french doctors have been venting their frustration at his failure to deliver on his promise to speed up vaccinations as france enters its 3rd lockdown they were not the lack of available doses is now critical with ever more seriously ill patients being admitted really to overly. hospitals the initial fear though he insists that rollout it's happening at full throttle let's take a listen. when we talked to him when we were putting all means to vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate without a response without holidays saturdays and sundays just like weekdays. the general practitioners like myself are not currently receiving vaccines for 2 weeks now we've not had any vaccines available for injection we've been working for 9 months without stop and without vacation 7 days a week as mr macro says due to the inability to complete the work on time due to
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a lack of vaccines we believe the government is to blame for the fact that we have to work incredibly slowly but at the same time in a completely grueling regime simply because of a lack of equipment the new wave of code will lead to overcrowding in hospitals we already know this will happen we are already deciding which patients get treatment and which don't because about 60 percent of operations were canceled. on wednesday mr mccracken promised to increase the number of intensive care beds to more than 10000 but doctors say it will come at the expense of patients another problem is a lack of stuff as intensive care requires additional special training and equipment. against those challenges could have been avoided if parlous had acted earlier. emmanuel macron has woken up a year after the start of the crisis a year ago in march the need for a large number of hospital beds and beds in intensive care took us by surprise but
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after a year the number of beds has not increased there is however a positive point unlike last year we do not need a large number of ventilators not because they were produced but because they are now used in a much later stage of the disease now it's enough to simply provide patients within homes to oxygen therapy the problem however is that the appropriate technology has not been installed on hospitals as a result of exigent therapy side still limited responsibility for this rests entirely with the manual macro who endlessly delayed the adoption of measures even preventative measures such as supplying hospitals with oxygen cylinders an oxygen therapy device is necessary for treating patients. let's return to our breaking news today from washington d.c. where a police officer has died is in hospital after a car ramming the u.s. capitol building the suspect was shot dead at the scene and the entire area is on
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lockdown. bring in r.t.m. america cars are in for more on this is right near the site of a car running on capitol hill for an a just looking at pictures there live pictures a lot of national troop national guard troops on 'd the gras and that's a familiar scene we've gone through that the last number of months take us through what the feelings like where you are. so you know you're absolutely right we just have you know actually last week we had the fencing around the capitol taken down and then this incident happens the incident happened around 102 pm we just had a press conference where all of this information was released but the incident happened around one or 2 pm suspect was then shot around 115 and then the national guardsmen were actually deployed to come back out into the streets of washington
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d.c. moments after that all happened so i want to take you a look at a look at the scene behind me here where you're seeing all of those police vehicles right into that area is a driveway where many senators you'll see the building on the left that's the senate building many of these senators walking back and forth to and from that building just across where you see those police officers on the right there is a driveway there where again many of these senators their cars or workers into the work at the capitol drive in what happened was at one o 2 pm the suspect drove his car through that driveway hitting 2 police officers and then smashed into a barricade much like the barricades that you're seeing that we're seeing right here in front of these national troops however the suspect coming down the street those barricades were not up at the time now since this incident they have been the barricades have now been erected with the 2 officers that were hit they were immediately taken into separate ambulances to the hospital as again as you
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mentioned one of them succumbing to his injuries and we just had a capitol police officer die back on january 6th during the insurrection here at the capitol so the d.c. is very much been on high alert since then which is why they brought out that fencing unit and so what we're seeing now again ironically is that fencing is taken down and then this incident happens now this officer we still don't know the name at all but i'm sure they're going to be releasing it to police releasing it momentarily we'll bring that to you but this officer is now the 5th capital. police officer in its 200 year history to die in the line of duty again we had that officer bryant back on january 6th during the insurrection as far as the mood of what's happening here you can see there. you know looks very very high stakes behind the barricades there but actually if you take a look completely across the capitol you can see everyone very normal people on their scooters people walking around taking pictures of the building almost as if
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you know they have no idea what happened here so kind of depending upon what side of the barricade you're on is kind of you know depending upon the mood that you're going to be seeing here but again right now with the suspect being dead and with an officer being dead there still no motive given we don't know the motive yet however the capitol hill police have said in their press conference that this was not they do not consider this an act of terrorism but again that suspect was shot by police and he has since died. from and thanks very much for bringing us a sense of what is happening there right not very long after the deadly incident involving the car on the death of a police officer foreign. correspondent thank you for that. can moving the program doctors in the far east of russia successfully performed heart surgery in a burning hospital building. almost all patients.
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were evacuated from the building but 2 people were undergoing a complex operations including open heart surgery and the doctors had no choice but to keep going. we just have to finish the surgery and we did it it was. kind of. in a different operating room. it was not a. patient. i was evacuated to the other building and my colleague helped get the patient from intensive care to the regional hospital. staying in the country russian opposition activists alexina vali how is the current himself on hunger strike after claiming he's being mistreated in prison he's the man in the right to choose his own doctor and has made various allegations of mistreatment and have been rapidly picked up by western media outlets. and this new felony was geale to
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run the month i go for breaking the terms of a suspended sentence for an earlier embezzlement conviction his case is now being reviewed by russia's human rights committee which is conducting a true or of the country's prison system or to join them to see 1st time the facility where lex in the valley is being held amid much international speculation . you can tell a lot about how civilized society is by entering its present russian prisons shrouded in dark mystery a beloved topic for the merchants of doom but lately the gaze of the international media and rights activists has been glued to one penal colony holding alexina valley in one of the toughest penal colonies it's a place that's very isolated very strict information flows it's a demoralizing and very difficult place to spend a lot of time this particular in a flat in the region is one of russia's most of the 2 of our colleagues set off to
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check up on these alarming reports of abuse not as journalists though but as members of russia's human rights watchdog our crew strong along not only called this a concentration camp here is what we were shown the facility has a library a medical unit 3 floors of conjugal visit rooms the daily routine is hardly spa like of course the administration has the facility in an iron grip that this is not a resort it's a correctional facility and of course things you're allowed to do on the outside she wants it out in here if some of the feels like groundhog day gets up to do your exercises make the bed a tiny of breakfast morning inspection then lunch get some free time evening inspection and more tidying up dinner lectures lights out now we couldn't independently verify these exact claims but what we were shown corroborated the account so this is what a typical barrack here looks like but apart from well expected bunk beds there's also a table for ping pong the administration has assured us it hasn't been brought here
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just for show well being able to play table tennis in the penitentiaries is great and all of that but alexina valley hasn't been complaining about the lack of exercise he's accused the administration of denying him medical care privately though inmates from the same unit as novelli say that they heard a very different account from him. as i can tell he's regularly taken to the medical units on top of that a doctor from a regional institution has seen him he said he was taken for an m.r.i. but said that he had not yet received any diagnosis sure enough stitches lama puddle and personally examined him what his condition was satisfactory he did during the tests gave blood and urine samples had a full examination on the 24th of march she was taken for examination at the regional hospital in the city of atlanta and you are just prescribed a treatment for him which he has refused and is still refusing to let a. maria booting an expert for russia's commissioner for human rights has seen the inside of an american prison so she can put the conditions here in context she
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visited in a valley and here's how it went christmas just it's good to hear that if that was really the roots of the pressure to go to the. us live we knew but i took the position i knew that out of those of us this is your life to the media's national anthem the girl's got to know when you're guilty give it a little girl with your day to music when job was a question because they were both mothers the most of what is right not all though they were shocked by the thought the grappling is a part of your story delist civil libertarians are hospital tonight it's a new place with your own your own version of that isis that is of us to get out of our shit with choices it's just words in the struggle it's the province's the ignorance the love it's a certain group which the kurds and the would end up with everything changed in business for the better what they would give the slogan at the british military officials what do we have which is why you want to steal a guy who does is going to go on a petition to let them shoot him guess doing it's a stupid question child measure how can i last national with other leaders like
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when the new guy shrugs and do we do a go to move not a coalition of the only plan was to. opt out of the us missile would watch another shuttle do this with mission in your heart lets you know about the it did you good know why there was and he didn't what united nations is and when you skillfully pricer talks about the ban was still with the united way that part of the course of just modestly work record is better than most of what they really should call those of us. it was a resonance i thought it was a move with you to those who are the new things and you're going in those particular something in life yes this is good i am sincerely here of my own free will as i've received requests from russia civic chamber and i said to him aleksey you yourself complain that something is wrong with you here well here i am if you compare this place to an american president for example in terms of the number of people staying in one of those dorms then whereas here you see about 50 people together over there it's 3 to 4 times on are overcrowded and here you can see that everyone has faced there's a shared kitchen there are special rooms for
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a long family visit which do not exist at all in america which there are no such visits he looks down on everyone you know a someone who's been to prison i would advise him not to behave in this way the administration will protect him as best they can but he's living with other prisoners if one of them ends up being punished for his behavior if say his own cleanliness he will be the one to blame the vollies behavior has been mirrored and amplified by his followers as other members of russia's rights watchdog showed us threats they got since the kremlin critic was incarcerated yet medical care is just the tip of an overall is an iceberg of complaints sleep deprivation another charge against the colonies administration guards waking him up 8 times a night beaming a flashlight in his face talking loudly in his ear a jury nighttime roll call but according to an inmate sharing the block with the volume he must be a featherweight of a sleeper no one else is bothered by the rounds most potent and missed my bed is practically next to his during the night i don't wake up from their rounds it's
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never happened to me if i'm not mistaken he was in a plugs when he sleeps it doesn't bother me even without it plugs to hear it from someone in the valley shoes we took 2 and then made from a different calling subjected to the very same rules when jews the same procedure as every night but were starting from 10 pm they do their. rounds every 2 hours on the 1st day i kept waking up with now it's all good so no one sticks into words. like that no not really it is unlikely one public visit will put to rest claims about nirvana these treatment from his back is home and abroad but russian authorities hope that a more transparent strategy opening prison doors as opposed to building them shocked will allow a different picture to emerge of his confinement the dawn of. their recap of our breaking news from washington d.c. live pictures courtesy of our media colleagues in the american capital
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a police officer has died another is in hospital after a car roaming the u.s. capitol building a suspect was shot dead at the scene in the entire area is under lockdown there are reports that. ended though just waiting for verification but it is still restricted access around the area the driver reportedly crashed into a bar before stepping out of that they called brandishing and life so far there's been no indication of a possible motive but d.c. police are saying the attack does not appear to be terrorism related well this of course was 3 months or less after the deadly riots on capitol hill. one police officer excuse me during those clashes another committed suicide just a number of days after the author has been a heavy security presence in the area ever since with the national guard troops patrolling.


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