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to the extent i think it will skip the immunity it would turn out to be more about the journey going more trust miscible if we deal or want to add a list and make a fact i believe we've got to go for a broader scale back seen him in isolation julian for 10 seconds do. and yes i kind of agree with that i think the anti faxing messages probably tend to be detrimental at large is going to mean is he in a session process. very last sentence to you if you wish well i think we've also got broken loose rules approach well. known people meet to be good for one's concerts and we certainly need the government's because my not much you haven't caught mr with the house of commons only recently though he doesn't know you. for people who can't do it after having got so they should know we know it's a few 100 but it's because the government shielding all of this information but it's a creation just 1st so let's have everything or i'm not up to be more or less thank
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you all dr mohamed minear of religious have university of lancaster dr julian turning a clinical for all are just at the university of leicester and political commentator and penny wherever we appreciate a thank you for your time. keep. an eye on this your love for more news headlines including all of these on the breaking news at the top of the hour with me she said . thank you. it . it it.
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right. here. the vaccine is one of the most controversial subjects in america today and at pfizer all looking for an approval to vaccinate and even younger crowd guess what this discussion just broadened to whether or not the government is going to have more say than parents and regards to choice we are going to discuss then following the various questions regarding how the election was handled in georgia in the last election cycle georgia republicans have just passed a new law which they say restores integrity however democrats and some major corporations say this is the rebirth of jim crow laws in the southern state we're going to give you the 360 view and if you notice that your grocery store shelves are a little bare lately well maybe it's because millions of dollars worth of goods are
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just loading outside the port of los angeles so will those containers be able to be brought to shore before the expiration date well we're going to bring this story and not only do we now know your home cameras can be hacked into big. what someone is actually making money off the videos is happening in china so who's to say it's not happening here as well we have parent from sac on the details and she joins us lots to cover on today's news use hughes i'm scottish no use let's get started. thanks for watching the pfizer biotech company and now says its koeppen 1000 vaccine is 100 percent effective and well tolerated in adolescence or get this age 12 to 15 so the company is planning on submitting the data to the u.s.d.a. for expanded emergency use authorization meanwhile there's a study in children ages 6 months 6 months to 11 years the just launched last week
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but is expected to go throughout the entire year and i would take this moment though before going to inject my own opinion because as vaccines have become very controversial i believe in personal choice accountability and responsibility including in this situation i am not against the vaccine some members of my family have actually received it some are choosing not to i respect everyone's personal choice however i do have concerns regarding the vaccine for the use including my own mainly because they are hopefully going to have a long life on this earth and i want to make sure i make the best decisions for their health while i am responsible for them this is the exact conversation which parents are having across the united states across the world and therefore i do believe we should have it here too on the show today so join us to talk about the vaccine and now going to children is the best good journalist been on been a you are like me i know this is very passionate it's one thing when you're talking about adults it's another we're talking about our children the long term effects
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because hopefully they're going to spend a lot of time on this earth and i don't want to do anything today that might damage them later we just don't know latest numbers being released by c.d.c. regarding covert this last year 32738 children 0 to 14 lost their lives but guess what only a 195 of those was because a cold it and we don't know about the preexisting conditions in those deaths so is there actually a need for a vaccine for this age group and more importantly a need for it to be this rushed. well of the that's a couple different questions right so rushed no remember the pfizer vaccine the mode journal vaccine these are vaccines the johnson and johnson vaccine right none of these vaccines have gone through any kind of f.d.a. trial process they have all been given emergency youth use authorization what does that mean it means that pfizer is making claims about its vaccine the dearne is making claims about a vaccine and johnson and johnson is making claims about its vaccine but those claims have not been verified or proven to be true so you have to look at this and
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say ok well obviously these companies are going to come out with anything negative about what they're doing and so we have to understand that when we're talking about children we're talking about adults we're talking about people who are essentially being tested on to determine whether this vaccine works now i'm like you if people want to take the vaccine go take the vaccine that's completely your choice however we are not looking at a situation right now scottie that's about whether or not you want to or not we are talking about vaccine passports be instituted in nations around the world right now in israel and south korea just announcing this week that they're going to institute vaccine passports by the ministration is working with private enterprise to institute vaccine passports in this country people like florida governor rick the santas came out monday say that he will sign an executive order that bans vaccine passports preventing you from being able to go about your regular life in the state of florida this debate is about
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a lot more than just vaccines it's about jew you have the right to determine what is put into your body by the government by doctors by anybody else or does government have the overriding authority to decide what they will inject you with and inject your children with and that is the civil rights dispute over this issue well and because we have the precedent for before your child goes to school before it's certain grades they have to be vaccinated and that's my fear with this that they're going to say the same thing that fathers already had. and rumors of it you know at is it too soon to think that maybe that's what scares me even more about this idea that the kids now could get the vaccine if that's going to be forced on them and as parents are going to have anything to do about it if we want our turn to be educated in a public school system yes so very important points here number one go back to your 1st question which i really didn't answer very well number one children are the least susceptible to kovan we know that the data for the past year because remember a year ago with a lot of these orders were put into place we didn't have data to back it up we have
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a year's worth of data and what do we know we know that children the younger you are the less susceptible you are to cope but we know that kids are the most resilient when it comes to cope but at the very elderly are the ones who suffer the most complications from cope at specially people with preexisting health conditions so back to your original question no there is not a overwhelming need to hurry up and vaccinate kids number 2 yes there will absolutely be orders that come down in certain states in the united states that say your child will not go to school if they do not have this vaccine that's already happening california without cove it there is a state law that says you will not go to school unless you are fully vaccinated and there's no medical exemption no religious exemption left in california or in the state of new york and that's already taken place in those places so of course kovac is going to fit into that as well though the real question that surrounding these vaccinations though is that we don't know what the long term health effects are and anybody who says they're 100 percent safe they're perfectly safe i'm sorry that is
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not accurate they may be 100 percent safe they may be perfectly fine but we don't know that and we don't know what any of the long term complications are because the typical usual standard gold standard that the f.d.a. has in place for testing and safety for vaccines has not been followed in this case that is an indisputable fact and one other fact that we've seen in the past and you have to look at it now is the fact. how much of this is being driven by the profit these pharmaceutical companies are making especially if they open it up to a nother audience and do you think how much of that might be actually driving of course these companies want to actually have a vaccine that everybody has to take it has to get paid for by someone but is that how much of that is behind you think a lot of this i think there's enormous amount of that that's behind it look when you have pharmaceutical companies that profit off it and they are when you have universities that are getting money from in i.h. which by the way is profiting off of it they're going to go along with this i mean
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you got to follow the money that is a huge part of the story there's no question about it and the reality is is that when we talk about these issues there is a whole discussion separate discussion taking place right now all across cable news by the way of people saying hey states are opening up to 100 percent and we must incentivize people to get the vaccine by denying them their freedom a woman a doctor literally said on another cable network just 24 hours ago they buy the ministration needs to use the vaccine like it's a carrot to say if you want to go back to your life if you want to go back to having all her words all of your rights then you need to get the vaccine i'm sorry nothing in our constitution says that you have rights in this country so long as you've been injected by a doctor with a vaccine the bottom line is it could be a good thing it can be your choice it could be a bad thing that we can have lots of debate about it but one thing that cannot be debated is you cannot say you are a lesser citizen of this country if you have not been vaccinated that is entirely
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unconstitutional well and that's what i think a lot of people right now are saying whether or not this goes to court and if they challenge it in regards to the anything it seems like civil liberties that are now possibly could could be hurt then thank you always for looking into this has got to think you. well down in georgia once again controversy is happening as the republicans last night in an effort to get back at them as a company they're located there called a delta decided to cancel a delta tax break now that passed the house to pass the senate of course democrats are very upset with this and so they're countering well it goes all the way up to the oval office where even president biden himself is now advocating because of this new election bill that they removed the major league baseball's all star game well i want to get 360 view on what is going on in georgia because once again we're
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dealing with a state that was known played a very key role in the 2020 alexion and we're still going to debate it so that we do a late president of the atlanta tea party and we have de doc and former member of the georgia house of representatives you so much for joining me ladies thank you for having you know i want to start with you for our viewers who are maybe not so familiar with this pursuit of details of this legislation and it's obviously been very controversial from the very beginning why do democrats actually feel in the said georgia right now that this bill that it's been passed will suppress voters. well thank you that's a very good question so there are many things in the bill that are very concerning to democrats one of those is during this 2020 there were ballot boxes use outside of precincts and in various places for people to drop off the absentee ballots now that's going to be minimized to one for women every 100000 people there is more voter id that is required not only that you can i give out food awards are
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people standing in line and it takes away powers from the secretary of state from be the overseeing the state election board and if they feel like a certain county has not handled their elections properly with their election board they can go in and oversee it or take it over now we know that's a problem because in many of those larger cities where democrats have the majority vote they will go out and say well something didn't go right with the election over term elections we know that is un-american an ethical issue and it should be just downright illegal but look you know who's watching the house republican well and that's the thing you know debbie this is happening right now republicans are feeling the need to push through the bill right now but i think the dimensions are things that were put in place because over the last year with the virus why are republicans so passion right now about this bill. because we saw what happened in
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the 2020 alexion and i will quite now that until senate bill. passed there was nothing georgia law that allowed these drop boxes the secretary of state is shade instead of the election board because a coveted issue. margin saying ruled that would actually allow the stroke is now georgia law allows them under certain circumstances it was maine they struck boxes more ridiculous to begin with they were supposed to be monitored $24.00 by 7 and this would open the door for a ballot harvesting and his follower is not being able to pet food and water and lie and the democrats i'm just completely. and completely turned it around an election official can pass out food and water in line you can get water in brain get they are what this bill is trying to do is because democrats in bolton indicate
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we're actually campaigning they were handing out water and we've campaigned stampers of the bottled water passing it out in latin and and republican cayley's because election boards are run so well you know they lines like you actually see in some of these democratic areas we needed to do this to stop election fraud i did say when you go to the polls and vote you have to have an i.d. a in order to vote in person when you board a delta airlines flight you have to show your id when you board that like so if you have to show your id. and order to vote in person you should have to put your butter i'm taking number i mean your driver's license number or your george rides a car. your absentee ballot application and when you turn it ends the week in your
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belly dance a week in delhi day and by the way since 2000 georgia courts state issued id courts have been wary of voter so i would encourage democrats that they're so concerned about folks not having i did demote a lot of whatever air into i'm not sure people have what i mean i want to get d.n.a. on this because this has been initiated it's issue that's facing a lot of states across the country is this idea of the voter id cards on this one when you've heard debbie's argue both 360 view of what we've just given and what is your response to that today as you hear what debbie's points are because those are basically the same points i'm hearing from republicans across the country. well 1st everything she said was fraud in that the so were there is no such thing really is hardly balanced. ballot harvesting in the state of georgia if you vote one time you cannot vote again because all of the systems a set up where they can catch duplicate voted that's the best myth number one that
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they have as myth number 2 as she was saying there people were out campaigning given out war at the polls prove it where did that happen it is now happened that is another may have that is in the minds of the republicans and then she also tried to refer to people just getting together trying to steal the election we already know that the machine was not stolen because the secretary of state brad resins worker who is a republican already said there was no fraud in the election so i don't understand what the push was and i don't understand why all these myths are coming from there's some kind of way democrats are stealing elections and so now what we have now is retaliation by the republican party against delta airlines trying to say whoa because you spoke up for something that was just and right then therefore you should not have a tax break on your fuel well and that's what i want to stick with on this one because the other we have the full response do you think it is actually fair for governments to your doubt the federal government also now going after major league
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baseball you have the state government going after delta is it fair for governments at any form to go after businesses because they do not like the position those businesses are taking you know should delta or any company that takes a political position actually fear risk losing their subsidies or any of their tax incentives because they don't go along with the whoever's in power. i don't really have a story well let me let's go to the i want to do you want to quickly and i'll finish because i'm going to stay well absolutely my 1st thought was republicans who were not the delta airlines it was the people who were speaking them saying that we're going to boycott delta home depot and coca-cola it was not the legislature in itself the legislator tried to retaliate by say. that. comment well the delta c.e.o. did get involved so that's why you did it get out didn't get involved and then i say he did get off he says something and then the republican legislator tried to punish a business of corporation for saying something that he should have said a long time ago so that's ridiculous well and then i want to go with you on that
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one because the major league baseball is now getting a lot of pressure for even joe biden president biden saying move out of atlanta over this real quick when you're looking at everything that's going on are republicans doing anything though to push back on this there because you had the points but so did so does de are you getting any help from the national republican party kind of feel like you're isolated others are not hearing much of that out of the national republican party and helping this. you know i think we definitely are and as far as the delta tax credit the tax credits. years ago. every georgian's had to pay gasoline tax to drive their olive will be else or their trucks delta should have to pay tax on their jet fuel and been in favor of stripping this for years but the clean is the reason there was such a reaction let's be absolutely clear oh this is peak cars in the process
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coming up with this election security to combat fraud * exist and ballot harbor stores that were going to write alkali absentee ballots. and you had i know you made a really good point that i've got to regulators have been let me just point out this is all happening i think because we do have a senate and very important governor's race that is going. taking place here in the next 2 years ladies like always thank you for the conversation and giving us some local anxiety to what's going on thank you you have a good great group good friday and happy easter to both of you. so when we return what you might have suspected about your personal security cameras guess what it's confirmed will give you all the details after the break. i've.
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finally. caught it i'm only. trying. to let some of my ex in the future transfer. to many people all over the world have updated their homes to have home security cameras to keep their loved ones safe or check in on them when they're not home well they want to see if something's going shady of course but what about keeping your home security safe from those on the outside those hackers well guess what over in china hackers have been caught stealing videos from those private security
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cameras or scary they're selling them online for profit so to break this all down for us to bring in our tease course by the parent project and this was what i always suspected it's creepy straight out of movies and it's happening what's the story and it's one of those things it's personal for us we got our pet cams we got a home security system so it's like what is going on here so basic. you have tens and thousands of security cameras and private properties across china that are being spied on so we're talking homes but not just those homes we're talking hotels beauty salons fitting in changing rooms bathrooms again these are being sold for profit and it all depends upon what those videos show ok you said these videos are being sold for profit i mean are they like baking recipes are people in the kitchen baking cookies what types of videos are actually being sold and where they're being sold one point how much money can you make off them i know that some got actually really scary hold that thought so as far as what kind and you think normal baking show is that people are just taking people in the kitchen cooking which is weird
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like why would you want to watch that you know but that's happening with that normal videos 2 videos that actually involve nudity and sexual acts as well now as far as how much we're looking at normal videos $3.00 an eclipse involving nudity or sexual acts you're going to have $8.00 now the scariest part is that they're also selling a real time viewing scotty which means that people can buy these i.d.'s in the passwords to get into these security cameras they have they have batches now so they have time bucks for 10 households are $11.00 for 10 households 10 households plus another 10 hotels is $23.20 households plus 202020 households plus 20 hotels $39.00 we're not trying to solve this here i mean we've got the specific prices i've yet to how much we know this is happening we actually know the number and what's where it's being sold all over the country all over the country of china all over the world so particularly it's over this instant messaging service called q.q. which is owned by the chinese tech giant. that now one chat group leader actually
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says that he has tens of thousands of videos in stock and that he shares over actually shared over 8000 videos in a group chat and just 20 days this past february those group chat members who are listed as v.i.p.'s members have those 8000 videos and they're selling over their own networks one of those v.i.p. members this is scary says that they have. so many clips that you couldn't even finish watching them all in 6 months that's if you watch them for 24 hours a day which is beyond creepy that is beyond creepy and i have to go how is this legal i get that the internet is free at the same time if we are taking presidents off of social media how can we not take stolen videos like the privacy issues but it comes down to how they're actually hacking into their cameras i'm sure they found a loophole in all of this and they're it's how they're getting these videos to sell and who would actually want to buy private and why are they being held accountable so this is work it's really scary scotties so you do have these cameras there are
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either going to be hacked into and then and grabbing their ideas or password again to be sold to those realtime feeds you also have people that are working for these networks so you have one of those v.i.p.'s in these group chats you have to actually disclose that they have dozens of people traveling across the country installing cameras were ever they go they're actually starting to branch out into other countries like europe and north america and they are it's a money making period scheme so if these places find out if there's a camera a scatter they don't really care oh we lost one camera but we still have all of this footage now people around the world you know including us ourselves we're getting used to cameras being everywhere private security cameras what have you but what's interesting is there's different penalties for this in china but then you're also kind of seeing a little bit of the same penalties scottie in this in similar countries like to europe in the united states if you have going to a camera it's more administrative penalties if you have good and then sell it that's where things start to get criminal if it involves sexual acts being sold
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it's pornography if you have going to a home system and steal all the data 7 years in prison you're looking at only 70 years i think every single person the person who purchased it is well they are no doubt just much as i would thank us so much for covering this ferrand. we heard about the massive traffic jam in the suez canal guess what southern california is facing a similar problem but there's no canal as a business begins to gain momentum the port of los angeles and long beach are overloaded not with people that are tanning nope actually with the goods that you need for everyday life are you correspondent has more on the hold up. here at the port of long beach dozens of container ships are sitting idle and as more imports are flooding into southern california millions of dollars worth of goods are sitting incurred offshore this week some $24.00 container ships stacking up at the port of los angeles and long beach that's actually a decrease from early february when some 40 were anchored off the coast authorities
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say under more normal circumstances container ships rarely incur at all and according to the marine exchange of southern california some of these vessels here now are on day 12 of waiting in this area of southern california there are tens of thousands of containers that are holding millions of dollars worth of supplies everything from electronics to medical equipment but this traffic jam has been in the making since the latter part of last year after supplies were wiped out from the pet demick there's been a surge in trying to meet demand in the summer of 2020 things began to pick up as international trading partners were struction related to the printer virus but this change of pace shocked the system more ships began to arrive when the capacity was already limited to paint the picture of the backlog happening in february alone the ports of los angeles and long beach saw 177 container ships which carried some 800000 containers that adds up to 31 percent more ships compared to february of last year and 49 percent more containers according to chris rogers a supply chain analyst the goods where we have seen the fastest growth in shipments
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are those that take up a lot of space on container ships relative to their value with the result that the growth in volume of trade has been faster than the growth in value of trade this in turn reveals just how vulnerable supply chains are in the difficulties that lie ahead for american companies working to recover from the pen demick and now with more competition for containers the cost of importing is on the rise now the port of los angeles and long beach together handle more than a 3rd of u.s. imports and as you can see any delay here is going to have a global impact on supply chain reporting for news fuse hughes the toughest weeks of our 2. and that's it for today show in the meantime follow me on twitter at the hash tag team n.b.a. make sure you download the portal to the app and we will see you back here tomorrow thank you for watching.
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seemed wrong. rules just don't. let me. get to shape out these days to come out ahead and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the wall street frauds going all the way back to the twenty's they're not different . rebranded. sold again it's the same. variation on the dot com fraud which is a variation on the mortgage fraud if you remove fraud the g.d.p. would be it would be negative 20 percent.
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and. breaking news this hour a police officer is killed in a car. and driver. before being shot by police we've got to live reaction coming up in moments. also on the program germany say it's ready to go with procurements if you feel. those concerns were the world health organization's executive director for europe in an exclusive interview with r.t. . rapidly approaching 1000000 in the european region with.


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