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this is. every stage of this epidemic we might say to ourselves that we could have done better but we made mistakes this is true stark admission of failures in the handling of the kobe crisis by the french president says the country's death toll approaches 100000 my promise to impose a 3rd national one. of the new fears of a nursing exodus in the u.k. is a poll reveals one of 4 n.h.s. workers is more likely to quit now than in 202020 something exhaustion. we speak with one britishness. the cost of living has.
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so much stress. and the government need to help. the year of restrictions millions of the origin of corona virus is still a mystery along the way to. many questions unanswered you ask a russian expert on the mission wants taking so long. by the great to have your company and. the french president admits he made mistakes at every stage of the pandemic that in a televised address to the nation and the new micron is announce a 3rd nationwide lockdown as cases saw intensive care beds are filling up and the country's death toll approaches 100000 he said the situation had left him with no other choice. if. the city didn't i know that at every stage of this epidemic we
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might say to ourselves that we could have done better that we made mistakes all this is true we all need to make an additional effort over the coming months this is what i ask of us collectively tonight the new lockdown measures will be extended from 19 areas to all of mainland france from saturday this means a nationwide curfew beginning at 7 pm will be imposed and travel between regions will be banned the french president also said schools will be closed for at least 3 weeks and announce the dition of policing to ensure no more than 6 people can gather once or the measures introduced by the president come as a complete u. turn to his previous decision not to lock down in january he was criticised at the time by scientists and hospital bosses. i say to the government do it now do it now do it for a shorter time but do it to concede their right not to implement
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a lockdown in france at the end of january because we didn't have the explosion of cases that every model predicted france's president is without doubt an educated man emmanuel macro and through through the country's top institutions before making a mark in both the private or public sector even the playing from youngest of a president i mean it's a pretty impressive resume and people traded in selfless a man who knew when to take advice is important at this time by following the advice of scientists as we've just done to ensure the continuity of on democratic life and our institutions but now it seems being top dog isn't quite enough not grown his throwing himself into an entirely new discipline the president has acquired real expertise in health issues it is not an inaccessible subject for an intelligent person like him considering the important time he has dedicated to it
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for several months not cause aids since he wouldn't be declared that he has become an epidemiologist despite not having a scientific background these claims over. seas on health issues have also rubbed the wrong way. because you don't let mr president of the republic and in the framework of the pandemic just like all heads of states he has become interested in epidemiological data yes to put his nose to the grindstone he's obliged to take notice of trends but that doesn't make him an epidemiologist of course for all those that talk about epidemiology and among them we can find heads of states like president who talks about epidemiology just like we talk about politics when we talk about sculpture or about music but they're not necessarily sculpture artists. well musicians. in britain there are fears of a nursing exodus after a survey revealed that n.h. and stuff are now more likely to quit their jobs citing exhaustion from the
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pandemic according to that poll one in 4 n.h.s. workers are more inclined to leave than they were last year almost 30 percent of them in nurses and midwives to occupations that are facing major shortages 70 percent said the pay rises the decisive factor meanwhile those working for free student nurses struggling just to make ends meet one of them gave us her reaction to the survey findings it doesn't surprise me it's what we've had to use it needs increased workload. not the cost of living has gone up the wages have increased so much stress on the nurses midwives everyone involved in that question and i think to be honest with the kind of a pandemic i think everyone has now had enough and they need help and i feel the government need to help and increase the wages you know that to get a good environment for everyone british hopeful authorities in turn have promised to provide the n.h.s. with an extra $29000000000.00 pounds but the nurse we spoke to says money isn't
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making any real difference when it comes to student medics. we get the 5000 pounds and some people get a 1000 pounds depends on if it were children or what feels like i'm in shape but in reality is a joke in the ocean for the increase in childcare costs you know the increasing council tax increase in fuel into placement in my 1st year i visit state of freight back twice. and actually the nest states that were actually retired this is at the bank they could have played the position i go into this position because i have rabelais our 2 children and at the time i would buy for acquiring what was quite a full time child care and the other one it just started sco the funds come for you all to have already signed up for the course of their for you the potential if you leave the coals and it does add to the mental so that the sorry sorry. meanwhile the u.k. sports minister is being lampooned online up to he suggested that people should
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avoid hugging to save lives people took issue with the way he described hugs as off behavior. despite attempts. by actually hunting. the disease to see somebody. and maybe call them. where can i report you because if you think you're promoting normal behavior you need to check out from the neck up what script are you reading from no same individuals would put this out there as normal. behaving in a way choice of words to describe family members hoping one another. in other
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words if you see someone behaving like a human being then call them out. and he called his many colleagues who have been found guilty of various actions. 'd 'd a long awaited report on the origins of covert 19 has faced shop criticism world wide some countries say the investigation wasn't extensive enough as many questions still remain unanswered director general himself called for further studies after the report was published we got a firsthand account of the mission to work from a russian member of the team. which will cause our
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mission started off under phase one why was it called that it was clear from the beginning nobody expected us to find answers to all the questions right away in fact it was prepared to rework aimed at analyzing the data we had accumulated and establishing hypotheses in general it's hard to predict how long this investigation will take and how it will end but it should be done that's for sure. or we managed to find out that the virus supposedly emerged in the period between the middle of november and the beginning of december however we don't know the exact location of the outbreak in my view it was in china but it's not clear yet it's unlikely though that the outbreak occurred in a wet market most probably it was some market visitor who had already been infected and spread the virus this suggestion derives from the fact that there were quite a large number of patients who had nothing to do with the markets we don't know who the 1st patient was neither do we know the natural origin of covert 19 based on our
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common knowledge of various coronaviruses we suggest it's a but might have been a source of. the issue is very much politicized everyone is trying to find someone to blame i've never considered the oblique hypothesis a theory there's so much talk about this in the media though but people don't really have an idea there is no scientific evidence or facts proving a leak as of today based on what we saw i can say that the suspected laboratory is run properly by well trained staff there is total compliance with all the rules regarding work with viruses of this has a class or even the class above the laboratory is regularly audited and is in the constant scrutiny of competence international organizations building from that we therefore can't say that a lab leak might have been the cause. we didn't feel any pressure coming from our chinese colleagues actually it wouldn't
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even be the case i can't think of how they could have put pressure on us we are in no way affiliated with china people from various countries were part of our team who went to carry out this investigation on behalf of the w.h.o. and what would have been the point of pressurising us we hardly liaise with officials we were largely in touch with scientists. a cold reception georgian hospitality was not extended to a famous russian t.v. host on wednesday after he was basically forced out of the country following violent protests upon his arrival that emir posner had gone to georgia to celebrate his 87th birthday. feel. he saw their eggs thrown whistles were blown as protesters gathered outside business hotel they took exception to previous comments he made about georgia and which had been engaged in a long running dispute clashes with police ensued and protesters trying to enter
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the hotel building they claimed the russian host wasn't welcome as he didn't respect georgia's territorial integrity or the polls and says there was no political motivation behind his birthday trip. those who think that politics and sports shouldn't mix i've been taken aback by the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee's latest decision it's ok aids certain racial and social justice demonstrations at trials and racial and social justice demonstration is specifically aimed at promoting the human dignity of individuals or groups that have historically been under represented minority ties to all marginalized in their respective societal context. and under the new guidelines certain gestures and types of clothing are permitted athletes can now for instance wear hats with phrases like black lives matter and equality the law so avoid sanctions if they speak up for the rights of minorities neal during the national anthem or hold up their fist on the podium the making of political statements in sports has long been
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a controversial matter is an example in 2016 england's national football team was slapped with a 35000 pound fine by faith for the wear in remembrance day poppies at the world cup qualifier the rise of the but lives matter movement to see many athletes taking up the cause footballers and tennis players have been among those showing solidarity at matches we've got reaction on the matter from sports columnist alan moore i was in talk to this has been very rote thought through and i spoke with us . here in fuse system because for some of us who were here 1st start who were very very fortunate even last few days of color say there are people who are early for this. they're so who are reading this by the range that are being very clearly are you know just kind of skewed or prone to do in our poll this early should be losing out for
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example dogs. being rehabilitated and given a choice so they're just sort of the odds this. straight and there are. still to come this hour vaccine passports a mask a mandate so the latest bones of contention between democrats and republicans in the us bring you the full story after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spirit dramatic development only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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anyone else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and. welcome back the pundit has laid bare a host of political divisions in the united states especially over how to respond
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to the crisis now democrats and republicans are slugging it out over mask mandates and vaccine passports auntie's killer morgan looks at the latest clashes. joe biden says america is going to start getting back to normal in the coming summer months but what is that going to look like will normal only be for vaccinated folks while everyone else stays home such talk is being met with fury from republicans who are set against it especially when it comes from democrats who oppose aidid checks considering that democrats want to require vaccine i.d.'s for people to conduct their basic daily activities they now have 0 grounds to objects to voter id laws he funded democrat logic you should need $92.00 and even a grocery stool surely there wouldn't be an objection to showing an id to legally vote vaccine credentials would be a complete government over step individuals in america have a personal responsibility for their health the governor of florida is now promising
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a state wide ban it's completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society you want the fox to guard the hen house i mean give me a break i think this is something that has huge privacy implications it is not necessary to do democrats are standing their ground now the 1st leader to propose the idea of vaccine passports was andrew cuomo the governor of new york state back at the beginning of the pandemic he was a glowing hero in mainstream media but sense that his image has significantly faded but his idea of vaccine passports with q.r. codes that will be scanned by businesses for admission is catching on madison square gardens is already saying it will be a requirement and republicans now face mainstream media ridicule for their opposition to the proposal and irresponsibly they're being stupid right which is
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very rich coming from the party that wants 9 forms of identification before you can vote the right would have you believe that a vaccine paul spoke is a fact. really big brother coming for you and your family now the white house has confirmed it is working with the private sector to develop vaccine passports however they insist they are not keeping a database of who is and who is not vaccinated at the federal level so let the political games begin it's just like the mask man day now at this point 16 states have either lifted their mass mandate or never had one to begin with and now joe biden is urging them to reinstate it as there's a surge of cases i'm router in my call for every governor mare and local leader to maintain and really stay to match men. at least this is not politics republican governors do not seem to appreciate joe biden's plea in fact the governor of arkansas has moved up the lifting of the mast mandate by an entire day he says the
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case numbers are showing a downward trend and now we have the mainstream media pressing the white house about whether or not joe biden is just being ignored for the. norm you oh i don't think we see it that way jeff but i would say that one of the ways we can impact people across the country is bag knowledge ng this is hard the shenanigans are starting to sound a little bit less like they're motivated by concerns about public health and more like some classic american political squabbling the kind that's been around long before covert 19 and i'm going to reflect on the train feeling i have and. we have so much to look forward to so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for how all right now i'm scared the war continues vaccine passports mask mandates every new proposed measure seems to present
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a new opportunity for us decided to further polarize ideally i mean would be great if politicians focused on something other than creating political division advancing special interests and the like but they don't and. coronavirus what we're seeing is that politicians are using the panic to funnel money to their corporate allies you see this through you know plans to create required vaccinations which of course by necessity bring a huge amount of money to the pharmaceutical companies that are producing those vaccinations and so we're seeing a lot of things that look a lot more like corruption and a lot less like trying to actually provide guides for the american people as far as i know there is no meaningful plan in place to go back to complete normalcy to you know pretty coronavirus type behavior i don't see there is bet that a vaccine passport to go to normal places could possibly be seen as something constitutional the united states presidency has lost the trust of the people and
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they did they didn't do this all at once that didn't happen because a crowd of ours they've just been lying to the american people about a lot joe biden may have claimed diplomacy's back on taking office but it seems that a number of us organizations disagree 27 in fact have signed a joint letter to the president urging him to step back from his tough talk on russia is what that statement says would by the recent negative exchanges between leaders of the 2 countries with more than 90 percent of the world's nuclear warheads in their own as americans we urge the biden administration to stop participating in such reckless rhetorical exchanges and to instead vigorously pursue nuclear arms negotiations with the russian government but the call follows a number of recent heated exchanges between the russian and u.s. presidents and included biden recently agreeing in an interview that putin was quote a killa since entering office in january the new u.s. president's repeatedly said that he would be taking a firm line with moscow than his predecessor we discussed the issue with daniel
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o'brien who signed the statement. you know the old old game driven by the military industrial complex which is about making profit for more and the heads of those companies weapon made in companies and you know weapons of war making companies have control 'd of a lot of the people in our our congress in both parties and they have enormous power i think people need to talk about peace and they need to talk about. the end of war no matter who is against we live in peace in this world because we have a lot of things we have to do to address other issues that you know are more more. important than war and you know and threatening people and not not being good neighbors. while masks and
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single use gloves have arguably been saving lives during the pandemic environmentalist are worried that they may be doing irrevocable harm to animals around the globe after being discarded a study in the journal animal biology science examples of fish trapped in latex gloves birds entangled in masks and a whole host of animals from monkeys in malaysia to penguins in south america with rubber gloves in the stomachs the research has been gathering data from veterinarians wildlife groups and trash collectors globally we spoke with the authors of the report about the findings. all started with the find of a fish works and trapped in a lab to explore you're in the canals and every sunday we go out with a team of volunteers to collect a litter to do a cleanup and suddenly a volunteer it turns to us and said oh i found a glove but there is a fish in sight and it was certainly a strange moment to see this serve little fish and crept in the glove and then you realize like this is very set. very sept ready but hope often
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does this actually happen and we have no clue so then we started to search for examples of the impact of our e.b.u. litter on animal life and actually the rest quite a lot find according to that study humanity uses 129000000000 facemask and 65000000000 gloves every month for example in the u.k. medical p.-p. items were found at nearly a 3rd of all monitored beaches that just 3 months after face coverings have become obligatory that one of the researchers behind the report says that it's time government stepped in we really think the government should step up and really encourage. using were usable items because it's not taking into account when producing these single use products it's also affecting wildlife that is being illiterate in great amounts that like we find in the streets in so many so many amounts in large amounts and also and it can also lighten when volunteers clean up
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work in aus and in just a few kilometers they found over hundreds of these face masks and it's that's yet it's such a big problem. with a bunch of out of today just part of my colleague jacqueline vega she is ready raring to go she'll be here with the latest news headlines for you in half an hour . as an individual committed a crime so nice to an international community a crime. even 20 years later when that individual is 40 are you still auditioning the person who committed the crime or is the person being punished for something that they were a completely different person at the time one doesn't expire one is a person's actions no longer what we need to judge them for an everyday basis. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in
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every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invaded america under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of their descendants still live in russia. going at the risk of no no wish for us the up of stuff yes it got worse are going things on their way. back home black american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. is acting up
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a smug the real and i be a loser one by else a store or by doing. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the american reared who were through during the night. around great big. moulay is the wolf you know belong to both of you and now almost a 100 years later history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time i went to russia. probable worst time to go anywhere why not me. when i come here. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. you know i can remember when it would flow one time in the fall and then one time in
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the spring you know a break up and now i mean already 3 times this year they said you know when people get nervous about the flooding of their houses and needing to stay in school or even getting out of new talk because they're worried about that kind of stuff and just these last 2 storms have taken so much away you know he went measured the less . couple storms in there like knocked off 1020 feet in one day yeah and so there's marginals i have to do you know the students were off they kids right now journals about their worries about the floods i don't think are as catch on fire but a fire house flat it has a very next thing they all right there out of that are outside it we would grab. some of the box of pictures by the door and. it's like they've they've obviously been stressing about it a lack of. things hard. water you.
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have heard. about how. my 1st year here which was 15 years ago. i thought. these commercials you know about helping other countries and i'm thinking look at this place. and why isn't there commercial to help the people here like there's not running water in the houses and and there's you know the so they still have this honey look at system they have to haul their water like this is not america anymore you know not the america i grew up in this is like wow. newtok is a very rural. community with their language and their culture and their subsistence it's really strong here still and that's a good thing but worst case scenario my fear is that a couple of houses are lost families or are displaced and have to move to other communities or bethel with other family members and that yeah this that that new
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village doesn't get built quick enough.


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