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tv   News  RT  March 31, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground when it's going to be, it is undoubtedly a sad fact. one of the vaccines available to watch for this pandemic appears to pose an increased risk for certain age. germany suspend the astra zeneca vaccine for people under 60 over fears of a rare but potentially fatal blood living in limbo. those who have argued with seems to 1st dose of the challenge also this hour off air and now offline. a lot, feel blocks archies russian website and the latest crackdown on the channel in the country to polls last year's decision by a long fields broadcast watchdog to benon sevan channels on that. the r.t. media group and an asian man is brutally assaulted in the new york subway on an elderly, filipino woman beaten in the city's streets. the latest in
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a string of vicious attacks in the us against the community. look at what's being done to paul, the rising tide of watching hearts international coming to you live from the russian capital this and every hour. welcome to the program. germany's beleaguered vaccination program has suffered another blow with berlin. again suspending the use of the astra zeneca shot. this time for those under 60. that's left many in that age group who've already had their 1st dose in limbo. if he gets right for the 2nd dose of astra zeneca for those under 60 who have already had the 1st dose, the standing committee for vaccination will take a formal position by the end of a trail. acknowledging the news that had come through from the robert cock
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institute, the public health body here in germany, regarding potential links between the vaccine and blood clots. and those that had taken it. i'm going to merkel said these concerns could not be ignored. alongside uncle merkel was health minister yen spawn at the press conference. he described the news coming out about astra zeneca job. as a major blow is this all of it is undoubtedly a sad back that one of the vaccines available to us for this pandemic appears to pose an increased risk for a certain age group. $31.00 pieces of cerebral vento strombo zus had been reported after vaccination with the astra zeneca jab 9 of which were unfortunately, fetal. there was an attempt to put a positive spin on the news by health minister yen spawn. though he said that the fact that this vaccine wouldn't be used on the under sixty's meant there was more of it to vaccinate the over sixty's. it's not just germany that had concerns over
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astra zeneca though. also in canada, they've suspended its use there. it's for those under the age of $55.00, that will be no longer getting it. that's after the national advisory committee on vaccines decided it wasn't worth the risk. there is substantial uncertainty about the benefit of providing astra zeneca, $1000.00 vaccine, to adults under 55 years of age. given that the potential risks associated with v.o.i.p. i-t. coursing, particularly at the low estimated rates. it's only a couple of weeks since the last scandal involving astra zeneca and links to blood clots that saw suspensions of the vaccine across europe as well as in central america or in africa and did asia as well. it prompted an investigation by the european medicines agency and ultimately a big press conference by the director m.r. cook, in which he said that the astra zeneca of axiom was fine for use. a lot of countries where that prompted a lot of countries to repeal that suspension,
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including germany. longer merkel, has said that the country is going back on the reversal of the suspension. and the astra zeneca vaccine will now no longer be used for anyone under the age of 60. across germany. i completely understand being cautious, but the problem of stopping the vaccination all the time is that we are already so far behind compared to the rest of the world. and that is very disappointing because there are many restrictions and vaccines are the only thing we're trusting . so we need to receive clear messages for citizens not to get confused. i feel that they're now really rushing ahead to fost. if you look at the side effects, they're very rare. if you read the information leaflet of aspirin or ibuprofen or any other, those have much more serious side effects, and we swallow those daily, more or less. so i think it is very, very good that the vaccines were valid so fast and that we talk about the side effects because silence of that information would be so much worse. but i also think that due to everyone having an opinion on it now it kind of make the whole
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vaccination process falling to pieces. in last design, the car has rebranded its vaccine, which will now go under the name of vax every year. and the company struggled to reassure the public about its safety. but a number of experts believe that the damage to the jobs are petition has already been done. a rebranding right in the midst of such and such a can paint is something of a rarity and you have rebranding complains, but usually not in the midst of a crisis. possibly patients sitting at the, at the vaccination point, see on a day with a package. and they read astra zeneca vaccine on the package. and maybe in the last moment they panic and refuse to accept that that scene. but it may as well backfire infect. it may seem like an evasion move like something in hiding, so it may really carry a rather negative effect in this case and
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a 1000000 people, you know, you would expect very few cases of these terrible blood clots. you know, the ones in the, in the scientists is in the brain, the venous system, the brain and the dissemination coagulation. route the body just terrified. and they're seen it, you know, in younger women. so with this it's very hard to commit to the public now, because now, you know, they see faulty vaccine data, you know, used the wrong dose. they corrected the dose that they had, the wrong efficacy. raid had to change that. so a lot of suspicion about this, it's terrible because you're right. the thing is, is that there are 2000000000 ghosts for 92 geishas that are need a lot of poor countries are going to get, you know, the high tech expensive vaccine. artie's russian website has been taken offline by a number of internet service providers and a lot here. and the latest crackdown on the outlet in the country of ours last year is decision by the lothian broadcast regulator to ban 7 channels and the r.t.a.
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media group, a magazine, joins us live in the studio with all the details. to break this down for us of the last year, as you said, the communications agency decided to ban our t.v. using dubious justification. but there it was. so it was taken off air by the various broadcasters. what has happened now is that the russian so far, has been taken off live, has been blocked by the internet service providers. and the interesting thing is what viewers see when they try to access r.t. . your internet browser is trying to connect to websites, which in the territory of the latvian republic is unlawfully distributing television programs without serie transmission issued by the national electronic mass media council. i mean, the excuse itself speaks of desperation because there is every single channel in
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the world on the internet, and none of them have a retransmission permit from from the latvian government. moreover, there are many channels that broadcast in latvia that don't have a permit latvian government permit to do so. but the official justification of last year was sanctions. was that the head of the head of his subordinate, which if you translated the into english, translates as russia today, but has no relation, no affiliation with r t. nevertheless, they say that since he is under european sanctions, sushi should r t be banned in europe. they've the, you know, it was explained to them at length in short form and long, long form multiple times that r t and receives he wouldn't have no relationship. they have different heads, they are completely different entities. nevertheless,
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the latvians have stuck to their guns. they have now begun blocking online as well as the family of charles r.t. channels being blocked from board caustically levy and the head of r t. margarita simonyan has self explain that there's new relationship between resists the warden and dot c. retreat is an office, not the head of r.t. . he has nothing to do with r.t. to be the head of the ever see a subordinate, i should say. they probably just google to receive and got russia today, the translation. i cannot explain this phantasmagoric stupidity by anything else. i have been the head of russia today for 15 years since it was founded. well, this is, you know, this is something that they had hoped would be avoided. they had hoped, the latvians would come to their senses, but obviously they haven't. but of course, this isn't the 1st instance. russian media being banned by baltic country is the
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fact the russian foreign ministry says coordination between various baltic countries that we lithuania, estonia in, cracking down, denying russian, russian speaking audience is their access to russian media outlets. and this is was, we saw this in the studio for example, where a slew of journalists with threatened with legal action with criminal investigations, unless they quit scrutiny splitting another channel that is being cracked out on in the baltics. in latvia itself, there was a big scandal when a slew of workers, again, journalists were threatened with legal action unless the they cut their ties with receipts, awarded me to israel's receipts awarded. which so far, only baltic countries of the side to censor the bad. you know, it, we continue to see repeated violations of international,
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the geishas to ensure press freedom in baltic countries where they hide. and there is a phobia and intention to get rid of the russian information presence in their media space by any means possible. and talking about the attacks by latvia and lithuania, and estonia and officials on the t.v. channels included in the r.t. media group. the coordinated nature of this attack is clear. you know, it will be interesting to see how far they do with this. because obviously the regime as you would, your brand has a slew of media outlets under its umbrella organization and whether the latvians of students and lithuanians will, will go through with this and start backing all of them. well, that would be a truly desperate step. artie's ron brownstein, thank you for bringing us the latest on that story. and other news and to asian attacks in america show no signs of letting up police in new york city are investigating 2 assault on asian residents. on monday,
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one of the victims was an elderly filipino woman who was brutally beaten, while her male assailant yelled, racial slurs, and warning you may find the following video upsetting and what seems to bother people the most is that there are several eyewitnesses in the video who didn't intervene, did not step up to stop the attacker. and that is very similar to something that took place on the new york city subway. another anti asian hate crime, which video has also been made available of take a look now
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the new york city police department says there is a sharp increase in anti asian hate crimes. they say there have been $27.00 similar incidents that took place over the course of the last year, 12 of which were violent assaults. now, there has been a conversation among the u.s. public about anti asian racism. we've heard statements from the biden ministration, as president biden said during his 1st primetime address and to violence in
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a full day is wrong. it's un-american and must stop today. president biden is announcing new actions to respond to the increase in acts of and environments and to develop safety, inclusion, and belonging for all asian american native hawaiian and pacific island to communities in asian american communities. throughout the united states, there have been community patrols that have been formed and they've been giving elderly asian americans whistles so that if they are targeted by a racist attacker, they can blow the whistle and maybe, you know, get the attention of people that are around them. and that's one measure that has been taken. there's been a number of statements by celebrities that have been made about the need to stand against anti asian racism we've heard from the white house. but at this point, people are wondering, will this be able to have an impact? will this wave of anti asian violence be able to be stopped because right now on the streets. so we continue to see footage of what is taking place. it's very
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brutal, very disturbing. and it doesn't appear to be stopping. as carol just mentioned, volunteers are giving out whistles to elderly asian people throughout the u.s. and san francisco. though the project has been dealt a blow after some 700 whistles meant for distribution were stolen. amid the increased violence targeting asians and america streets, some are looking to less direct ways to counter racism. for example, a publisher has pulled a children's book over its depictions of a martial arts instructor called mr. wong, that some have deemed offensive and a form of passive racial stereotyping. we spoke to historian gerald horne about biden's role in the issue. he needs to realize that by launching this new cold war against china, he simultaneously helping to create fertile conditions for the rise of anti asian violent. it seems to me that for the foreseeable future,
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we're going to have difficulties because china's ascendancy is not going away any time soon. and i'm afraid to say the political education in united states is not very sophisticated, not very high, and inevitably bleeds into anti asian american anti pacific islander america, violence that coming up a poll has found that most americans are anxious about losing their jobs, will have more on that story, after this short break is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led? by what is true?
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what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or unmaidenly shallowness. all of the information in the world when you put it together and process. the final chain is really, it adds up to 0. it adds up to nothing. all deal luzhin of differentiation will be obliterated. the illusion of making a profit will be obliterated because we're entering into a period of the singularity. welcome back. 19 civilians were killed in a french airstrike on a wedding and mali,
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back in january of this year. those are the findings of a new u.n. report into the incident menas mays able to confirm a bed in celebration at the site of the strike had brought together $100.00 surveillance, at least $22.00 people, including 3 of the suspected khateeb, a sermon members present at the gathering were killed by the french strike on the 3rd of january 2021 in bhante. this u.n. report centers on a french strike that took place at the beginning of january. it says 900 civilians were killed, as well as 3 armed men when the french warplanes struck me a village, co-parenting, waterless sorrow region. now that confirms the claims from villages at the time he said that these planes struck absolute wedding party. and those claims back then, and also now are still being disputed by the french army, which is said it being her size. it strike and it targeted just harvests. now,
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a spokesperson for the military is also described the when reporters being based on fragile testimony. and it says it has reservations about methodology that was used by the un. it maintains that it was targeting a terrorist group. so the fact that france won't accept this report to be the truth has been get some in the country. there are lot of demosthenes and it's time for france to stop telling lies, because they accuse the few lanny community of being spokespersons for jihadist or of being organizations that spread lies or rumors, i would simply say it is high time. the malian armed forces, especially the mali military authorities begin to tell the truth to move towards reality. well, not only has been struggling to contain is the most insurgency since 2012, the french army being on the ground for a number of years now. and has more than 5000 soldiers that the former. ringback colonial power in the region hasn't always had an easy life. we know that people
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been increasingly. ringback taking to the streets to say how unhappy they are about the french economy be in that. and that's because they failed. so for to be able to control this insurgency with hundreds of thousands of people having had to flee their homes and thousands of soldiers and civilians already killed in this conflict . to date. now this damning report by the un introduces outright rejection of it or unlikely to improve its reputation. the notion of council culture is having an impact on people. psychological well being. a majority of people polled in the us. say they fear being fired or reprimanded for what they say online is a chilling finding that most people in the country now are afraid they would be fired if they express their real views. on social media. of the nearly 2000 people surveyed over 60 percent be a growing council culture as a threat to their freedom off 54 percent. see it as
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a danger in their job security. we canvas opinion on the issue on the streets of new york. people are creative and have a different mindset that artists decide to do different things. people you next door neighbor. the fact of the difference is that you may not agree on. i don't for, they used to ruin their entire lives over what they think in their mind. even though it is harsh and it could really go like a pocket, sometimes i think it does carry people and it makes people think and maybe for a future, you know, inappropriate. the idea of canceling counseling is bad and is not a good way of creating difficult conversations because difficult conversations are very important to making difficult topics less difficult that could really change the way that a person interacts with the world or using it to also understand i don't like being
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fed up with having to respond to people who are sorry, if you're so low, it's always more complicated when it's presented to listen, commentator chadwick more gave us his thoughts on how cancer culture of sex people in the past, we've always sort of focused on the government and focused on protecting the constitution. but of course in this, in this day and age, the threats are coming not really from the government. they're coming from businesses, from private corporations, and most importantly from each other. so that makes it interesting and different. i think from, from anything else that we really experience and culture before it's, you know, and such a lot of this has become a social media mob aying and threats to docs and get people fired. and it's not great. i'm on many levels and most importantly it has a chilling effect on public discourse and i'm people being able to speak their
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minds to openly discuss and advocate for things that they are the things that they truly believe in and their criticisms of maybe what's going on in culture and in government and even mechanical culture itself, as we've seen just criticizing cancel culture. busy can get you canceled. now for some world news in brief starting in a park in nottingham and the u.k. where a large crowd of young people were seen drinking dancing, throwing beer cans and climbing trees. they were do mom happy as the country. it's like gun restrictions, though, in their celebrations. they believe me, a lot of that will only meet 6 people max. these spectacular images of a volcanic eruption in iceland have been captured by drone. a volcano has been dormant for nearly 6000 years, and it's the 1st eruption on the southwestern peninsula. for 900 years, thousands of people have flocked to the site to catch the glimpse of the lava
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despite the prime minister warning them to stay away. and this lovely spring scene is from southwest china, where azalea shrubs are in bloom. this garden is one of the largest covering 120 square kilometers, turned purple red and pink as they bloom and flower until late may that's been your global news update for this hour, but don't forget you can always head to our web site r.t. dot com for the details on all of those stories, and many more the biden ministration has made it clear its foreign policy will be informed by the protection and spread of western liberal values. it would seem, values are far more important than national economic security. not surprisingly, not all countries in the world are in agreement with biden's vision for the global
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order. in the 1920 s. and thirty's, several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union. and many of their descendants still live in russia. looking at the long, no rush for us though up at least one thing back home. but i can merican suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects of the deal. and i would be a loser, one by else a store on so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all. some of the cruelty of your new found great secret. to move a few, you're going to go and now almost a 100 years later,
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the history is repeating itself. my great grandfather, george time, when to russia. probable worst time to go anywhere. why not me? when i come here, humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena befall giant coming to us, appearing in the peninsula. one off for another look never dull to pick up a venue for us to get your foot. you know limb does love with those of a techie voice. this one appeared in 2020. how often? and where will new crisis appear? is a discussion of how dangerous own day for human the small moment is to the 12021 . russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they built
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a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers, but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states, we've seen a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids. oids invited america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain, but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer soon is to blame patients, doctors, manufacturers, all the government. yeah
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or your grief and anger is once again happening here in america, following 2 mass shootings and multiple acts of random crime resulting in the loss
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of innocent lives. however, what makes the last 2 weeks crime sprees, different from other weeks is that for the 1st time, almost every demographic is represented. not only as victims, but also as perpetrators and scouting out. he's on today's news that we are going to take a special look at what is motivating these crimes and ask whether or not what is being said or more importantly, not said is causing us to further divide. i thank you for joining us today for a very important conversation, which many avoid because sometimes it might make one uncomfortable. you know, acts of violence have been a plague in the u.s. all in the month of march, or to correspondent, a toss. just wait. walks us through these recent horrifying events from lethal carjackings to mass shootings. violence is on the rise in the us. it all comes as
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we enter our way closer out of the pandemic. but these events are far from what we can even consider to be normal. take a look at this video where and goober each driver hangs on for dear life in his vehicle while it's being stolen in d.c. last tuesday, the car crashes killing 66 year old mohammed and war. police say 2 girls, aged 13 and 15, assaulted the victim with a taser while attempting to steal the vehicle. the 2 were arrested and are being charged with felony murder and armed carjacking. both have pleaded not involved the juvenile privilege of not guilty. their next court hearing is scheduled for wednesday, a go fund me page has been set up for an war's funeral costs for teenage boys also arrested for other armed carjackings in d.c. just days later on saturday. local police arrested 213 year old boys for 2 armed carjackings happening less than 2 hours apart. later in the week, 2 other boys ages 13 and 14 were also arrested in d.c. for an armed carjacking and enrico county virginia. a 13 year old 8th grader was
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shot and killed while walking home from school.


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