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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 29, 2021 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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an analyst and author of the new book a rise rosia the return of russia to world politics and here in moscow we cross to dimitri bobbitt she is a political analyst and editor and knows me internet media project originally crossed out rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it so it's going to marcus 1st in london so the german foreign minister once a thaw and nato russia relations but not the ball is in russia's court now can you explain to our audience why that seems so odd or actually upside down go ahead marcus well we should don't be hoping for in date train for a full invalidations between nato and russia because the preservation of peace to our fareed large extent depends on improvements in ties between the western military block and of us in the federation however it is simply ludicrous for the german foreign minister to argue that the who is in russia's coats when in truth
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who is in may so school fest late it is not russia who has violates it the nato russia found in acts of nazi 97 indeed it is nato because nato now has a permanent military presence in eastern europe on crosses western buddhists and that is a major file ation all the agreements of 997 between nato and russia it is not russia which has a russian led military alliance on for example america's oil jodie's all britain's oda so in fact the who is in the coats of nato but then night and the german foreign minister i'm not sincere when they say that they want to fall in relations they understand the level the atrocious level of relations between 8 and russia at. they know that if there is to be
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a folk then nato has to take the 1st step so we can dismissal the german foreign minister said as many propaganda and russia will not tolerate any sort of suggestion a whole other suggestion that the boat is in russia's quote russian stipulates night super quiet and so that's before in violation fest lee nato we drove its military forces phone the west from the west and. russia and secondly moscow who stipulates tonight's eye night soz leads us in particular to south america presence of rights and western military look will not seek the admission into its ranks of ukraine georgia and moldova unless those 2 quite it's all met last they will be known for inflations between the big western military bloc and russia you know i mean how do you think the russian foreign ministry is receiving
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this because there's it there that it's russia that has a lot of complaints with nato i don't know what what russia possibly could you do irritate the nato alliance ok and it's all they they're about expansion in their own and that in their inability to come to some kind of security arrangement which the russians have been talking about since the year 2000 ok a number of overtures including a time when amended it was president here so i mean how is the russian port minutely going to accept this i mean it seems to me really quite hollow everyone wants a thaw and tensions but i mean what does that mean what does that practically mean and since this is a relationship of sorts that means both sides should be committed to something go ahead jim. oh i think we are working through a very important crucial period in the in the russian diplomacy in the history of russian diplomacy because in the last 2 or 3 weeks our foreign minister made
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several statements which which do you for almost the previous but if you call i know russia i mean russia is still made you know the last efforts to get western countries especially the e.u. member countries on track you know who didn't talk this week to their chairman of european columcille shalini shade and would you suggest that what's it called need to sayst non confrontational relationship between russia and the u. but i think putin himself knows that this is not the case right now that's why our foreign minister lavrov said this week that relations between russia and the e.u.'s an organization are i'm cold and practically debt so there are some good relations on the buy later level between russia and several members of the e.u. itself it is a very aggressive organization i would say i would call it legal almost dado you
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know in the in its dealings with russia and and the latest them message from russia is that indeed the ball is in your court because your breach in the spirit of that followed an act on the russian need to relations signed in 1907 in paris by president yeltsin and the presidents over 7 west and you know be biggest countries in that in that statement basically in nato obliged itself not to expand you know its military infrastructure to the east that's why russia late. at least basically to the inclusion trust of hungry in poland and czech republic in 1901 and later the. oh $2.00 countries in 2004 into the nato alliance the idea was that these countries would be calm or peaceful when they feel themselves saga nato was umbrella but the always it was the case i mean look at the statements that we
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hear from poland that we hear from the boat full and says it wants an american you clear weapons on its territory and why do they want it they say we didn't sign nato russia following an act in 1970 so we are free to gauge not to faff american nuclear weapons when i want to actually would also think it is right there part of nato but they're not obliged to follow the directives of the alliance itself i mean that's morning to have your case just great you know that the law has every tractor force for them you know since they were not members of nato in 1970 whether they be meant or signed they say they're free to do you know to do poison american nuclear weapons on their territory. or you know according to the stockholm institute for peace research russia's military expenditure is just plain just 7 percent or what nato european allies spend on their defense in europe so who is who
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is a threat to whom here however this week we again heard the statement from nato us foreign ministers on the 22nd of march a final mistaken that basically a russian is a threat to a nato alliance the general sector of nato said that russia has behaved in the last few years has been getting more and more aggressive and basically my impression is that we live below or unwillingly you know the weiss people in the united states and in the e.u. they feel like they're being sucked into some kind or well maybe stroke you know i want to which they can all get out that that's such a good point let me go back to marcus your d.m. is absolutely right here because there's this tension is it of course they don't want to get into nobody wants to. it into an actual conflict but at the same time they keep the alliance together to have some kind of unity they have to have an enemy and that enemy conveniently is russia and so that they can china and china
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you know what we advocate we'll get to that later but there's that tension right there because if there is a thaw and the end tensions go down to nato well what is it for ok and this duma pointed out now they're going to think about taking on china because you know this is an alliance since the end of the cold war in search of a mission and the mission is russia go ahead marcus allow me fast food pizza to clarify something one of the major reasons s. white russia acquiesced in the late 1990 s. and yet it's a foul since nato expansion in cerise in europe and indeed into the old 6 states is because the russia of the 99 season yet it's he found since you know anything about it was totally different so that russia offsite russia was not in a situation to resist the dangerous expansion eastward expansion of nato and politically economically and militarily if the russia i existed in the late 1990 s.
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we for instance who'd seen at its head and the history textbooks could look very different but of course it is the case that nato exists today to council the newly resurrected superpower status of russia that is the reason for its existence and indeed recently the wells was witness to the 22nd anniversary all for nature is illegal and murderous only campaign against serbia now nate didn't just find lights international low and on sub in 1900 if i am late it's also cool want all the night so tracy. which states clearly and unambiguously that nature would never use military service so disputes so nature has demonstrated not just across the entire well it's
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it's murderous and criminal credentials and of course because russia is again in 2021 a superpower is ordered to try and contain russia and europe and that i consigned russia in the wilds the defense budget of the knights or has 3 creased and includes it's justified to the british public the american public the recent strain increased that has to be an enemy and russia fits the bill perfectly off this cvs enemy. dimock i mean what could the russian side you know let's take it base value what there is they're searching i mean what what concretely would russia could russia it's a redo i mean you have the most expensive basque military alliance in modern history directed against it on the what is what is russia's post they do i mean. the new front is the black sea and then we have in the in the baltic i think in
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norway now that you have beat institutions i mean and russia is the aggressor i mean i don't understand you know what could russia possibly do then show goodwill if in fact what we're getting from the german war means there is good will as well go ahead. well basically just beyond small no correction back addition to what marcus has just said nato in $1010.00 i belong not only serve also montenegro which was out for mid-east u.s. auto yugoslavia and even though the montenegrin present up a good college and i feel as though i was basically pro-west and he stays in power now for 32 years memel to those in the united states who say that wouldn't stay in all for too long. look at your 2 comics you know you stand tall for 32 years to college was there i bought the steel ball in montenegro so basically it's a good lesson to everyone if you want to tease nato if you're going to please them
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in doesn't mean they're going to bomb i mean after the matter is i'm glad you brought up that footnote for us because it shows that there's at the end of the day joe doesn't feel it is obligated to anyone to explain us all explain its existence ok by jamming back i mean after what you just separate will go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real estate. when i was still seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me the world yet to see how this day comes after. and against me because betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person and those. things . we dare to ask.
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an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect. wantonness getting climate change poses the same threat right now alaska does seem some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. he is fast and that
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means the river is 35 closer than how ben was 4 i don't think we're part of america or earth from. wells about to cross top where all things are considered i'm hearing a bell this is a home edition name are discussing. ok let's go back to marcus here let's change gears gentlemen we had a week ago the disastrous summit meeting of china in the united states in the american city of anchorage i think it was widely agreed maybe from very many
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different perspectives it was a real train wreck but it had to be expected here and now we have. american and british warships in exercises are around taiwan and agreement between the united states and taiwan about coastguard exercises is heating up here but you know marcus one of the things that i find very troubling is that the lack of knowledge of the inability to actually look at the origins of u.s. chinese relations since the revolution it was under the carter administration where diplomatic relations were established and when that was happening it was accepted and it was accepted when nixon went to china taiwan is part of china ok and as far as the chinese are concerned the 1949 revolution has not completely been completed it is not been able to regain control sovereign control of its own soil that is
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never told to western publics whatsoever so this would be akin to. me that of the chinese coming. interest to have to hawaii broadened under its its weight i mean there's there's this pattern lack of respect of sovereignty here go ahead yes i think it's extremely important. for cross to. know very clearly that. is chinese sulfur and territory that is no dispute there is no legal standing for anyone not america britain. to counter that and as a result of taiwan being chinese so foreign territory china is well within its rights to use military force to reclaim taiwan i'm not saying i would agree with that i do not believe the chinese government wishes to share. that
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. coos of action it is no different to have the syrian government is well within its rights to use of military force to liberate so the new face of syria where the americans are and the northwest of syria whether it's an al qaida is and in recent days we've had senior military officials in america arguing that china no longer respects the status quo. and has instead opted to use military force to settle the issue the problem with that is another same american military officials have not corroborates it that claims with any substantial evidence whatsoever yes it is true that on china's sudden buddhist the chinese government has increased its military forces but the question peter is
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why and i cite the simple. arguments action reaction because of the expansion of the american military in the south china sea combined of course we've britain increase in its military presence that very aggressive posture infomercials and a lot of money plays written sending warships mistreats one night i'm sorry i don't understand what do you got is doing there. i believe that britain still considers itself so very influential player in that pos of the wells why because of the opium wars. and because of britain is something to be proud and not consider the fragile nothing to be proud of let's not forget that the prison has never apologized for the opium wars and has never shown any regret for its fruits devilishly
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in the ok it was greats it is so look into creates foments political instability in congo which along with america they have succeeded in doing yes you know demon the big thing is if you look at the other main broadsheets in the u.k. the united states and cable t.v. they talk about democracy and hong kong which and i can actually can see during the disturbances about a year ago with the the union jack to be waved around here. oh i'm sorry but the british imperialism brought no democracy done congo there was never ever there so i don't know what they're talking about when it comes to democracy it was an empire and there was no legacy of british democracy for hong kong whatsoever again they think this meddling it as if hong kong is somehow separate from china it is not it's an integral part of china which when diplomatic relations i go back to
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when the diplomatic relations were established with with communist china it was a recognition of its sovereignty that included hong kong that included taiwan but nobody seems to know that in media these days ok go ahead well you are right not only in diplomatic terms in kind of international law but also when take the purely human side over the problem there are still and i cheney's and our russian pro-west and us papers published in hong kong they're out free and actions in hong kong where people supporting the protests i get they are part of the whole right so nothing table had come to hong kong from any point of view except the western sanction. switch and destroy in these form a paradise on earth you know and you know hong kong may not be as rich as it used to be known because of china but because of the west the same story with iran basically china has been investing tensile billions if not hundreds of billions of
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dollars into taiwanese economy china economic and he is not interested in a war it has not been preparing for a war so the american and the british military presence in spewing anti cheney's it's not in any way protect and a new up but what was interesting during this meeting in alaska i think the most interesting look at it was taken by a columnist all the wall street journal no gerald baker who wrote an opinion piece titled western culture elites i'd given away lenin stroke well basically you know just that during this meeting young. women just aren't yes for nefarious you know top man in china basically election anthony blinken on america's human rights record on this treatment of minorities its system ini 8. you know racism everything he said been lifted straight from the pages of the democratic party's
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presidential election plentiful soldier blinken has nothing to respond to which shows you how how actually radical. how big the limitations the ideological the mediations awful mean can't you know so lincoln could only say that she was brick in breach of the protocol he was talking to bill and she did not a single argument against it because the moment when he often if you would be breaching the democratic party i don't mean to me. it's very interesting you know that as i said in the beginning of our conversation there are some people in the united states and in the in europe on the stand how dangerous it is. and then making the last ditch effort to stall the united states room gettin into confrontation with 2 policy with russia and china you know our foreign minister had a hero's welcome last week in china well when he came a right after the meeting in and korea these meeting was very well timed and after
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that we have an optical in the foreign policy authored by richard haass and charles compton 2 for importance you beat me so i'm going to the states i'm going to give you their titles on pay serious people that i didn't know is prevalent and you can also follow us and what do they suggest they suggest that basically you know we return to more ideological you know long confrontational rule of the old with 6 policy you know that that's a good point demon but you know you're almost arguing against yourself in a way you don't mark is here isn't it people are so ideological that they they're so ideological that they came even concert in a debate that's why they know they there's always this knee jerk response from militant military reaction because they're not interested in conversation i'm not interested in debate they're not interested in having someone point out their gross rank hypocrisy ok not that i'm going to agree with everything that the chinese
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delegation had to say but you know it you know what if you if you live in a glass house he shouldn't throw stones and that's what mr blinken should have learned and i hope he did go ahead mark yes the americans and the british are not genuine when they pull to claim to be be consulted them ocracy him beacons of human rights and it's the god cience of international oh in truth it is all about preserving western global hedge of money and the reason why the americans and the grocery increase and a military presence in the south china sea is to contain china no different to how nature is its and sincere contain russia in europe but then there is none for. from russia there is no fret phone china out to another similarity between china and russia russia's achilles to the manes the north caucasus even though the region is being so early large extent pacified it wouldn't take much for
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a serious conflicts and that is why in the $99.00 states and even today western special services a still looking to foment or in the north caucuses and at the same time the americans and the british understand that china's achilles heel is jean jacket and that is why they are legit that's the chinese government sees persecuting the muslim region of the muslim population of this region and has established concentration camps set against the americans and the british have not provided any substantial reference of any kind whatsoever to corroborates that height indeed the chinese off fighting terrorists in changing notably islamist terrorists comprised of isis cells and al qaida cells there and if they are successful in jean jang in the face in the chinese security force is that. a grave threat to chinese in that sense or is our president in american and the british know it's no
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coincidence a week or is where fighting in syria ok there's no coincidence about that again no one likes to point out that inconvenient truth ok ari d.m.l. and if you know what you have been is up 30 seconds on it yep well i agree marcus is quite right the reason evidence that that there is from a scene john or we go or engine to get caught in this civil war in syria and again unfortunately in the concept of powers which mr haas and just because china suggest and is not possible now ideology can it because they created you know that assist as states a system we should prepare s.s. you will the thought about it even the thought of all of what they call nonconfrontational. realistic manageable job political order which can sustain differences are unfortunately well warsaw for then in the 19th century when the cost of all was established by russia reserved peace in europe yet hundreds yes and
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you have been here gentlemen i think marcus and bieber join us here and thank our viewers watching us here see you next remember. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being so. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness of. humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena before giant cletus appearing in the amount peninsula. one after another. look never doubt the camp again you prove yourself to get your foot you know whom does love with those who were dead you wouldn't hear. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new creatures appear as i describe how dangerous are they for humans the slum only you is to the 182021 russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they built a full scale 3 d.
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model of the black hole. behind this door is one of the world's 2 largest virus collections some of them so deadly they make covert 19 look like an allergy. to the high security siberian laboratory where russia's new corona vaccine is being made a development say the shortage of 100 percent effective of producing antibodies against all strains of coping 19. about the nation vacation and italian businessman flies here to moscow to get the sputnik reject saying he doesn't want to wait months to be inoculated back at home. most of the full song on facebook for my friend please come back with one of those for me some friends asked
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