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and you one russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they built a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole. it's not only. the moment it's. just. 'd simply
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a national crisis norm borger decided to stand up comic. is the right word and what got him to be a born again. father. wasn't brought forth as far. as i'm going to the 1st reason to our store members course commissioner your point is most of them just mr from your question from art. in your sin of course the price for. your share short for so long known she needs to be honest i was going to manage news of the machine you and your mom was very. bad in the irish. war given him a few more years his vineyard was long i thought it would have known the true idea ya borgerson saw looks to me with all look after me clue that bush is not a lot of. stuff though.
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b d america my beautiful school the new i didn't start the year or so but i knew from your work i'm. young i was valuable i look up almost the same more than. you want to know what film which is some of the most for backup a problem which i can trust in my fucking new preview of the technique of going to . trust my friends you can trust your words just because you walk jog or figure out because of this case of course because when you. are in the norm i still look. back to me of the beer has no regrets and you create that it. would have an aggressive options the accessibility of blood cut us top of the meds because if you could give us the side needed once you got the image of the shots that symbolism organism i've said to someone who's you could go to here is what the met us throw in there to put
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a piece of the near you couldn't they view those. at the you cleanest shun the bush no because they're shooting minis midgets. who are double crossed by us for months from the bar. to buy your stuff i'm going to. put a song. on for not you mean yeah. that are going to be approached all of us about to keep a guy this time but i'm a bit of a him your boyfriend says a lot at almost a guess i'm going to be too busy to post much oh much your. post from a fusion of us. vs the list and by that i missed happiest of the camps on that and i want to bring the bush down much to dulwich and luke luke as the registered sad needs to be that you come forth to be used him to put into position a watch to have some movement with the q. i'm to few.
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times last time i thought. if you look at the stroke noise so long and i share a stupid piece kid but one thing is up in the beauty thinking of what that might be us going to ask you nothing at all you must you know i'm. going to stunningly by now meanwhile best year by chalk up of which to deal a young could you don't know even now for would you too much to run to some of us live near you nationally if besides. this and you are gone when they do you have to . get there. was. still people who are not of syria but because of the blood of muslims because i knew he spoke with the orbit of sort of the middle east as a car that was used in the world with the pretty rotten there might be a fun does a cup heat of it at all because it. could days the local one dies if it at all but it's used plus new stores to buy it or go to buy
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a chocolate to stand up because not. enough i don't get something that sounds easy least. something tool of. the process. completes your incision on some vocal support should you. not only from doing all of you know i used. to yeah but i watch each you. know are we have to miss you yard. because smearing me is as i've missed it is that i was going to watch your idea from the good friday ads that is that our store would show you it was the model but you. chose that as me trendy of the youth through. the cube rewards the anybody minds of a. warrior group we're going to discuss in the. near room who are now the ones who did spot a value you would get to get new but sure i'm sure you want to eat up binutils we
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use. yes you must brush. us you don't you. know. that that's. the heat that i meet with the but little by you you brought it as need only who would. want to close out the. options to. also to sojourner truth or any more dispersed across the surface before. jackie will support a government of course rich people are gonna complain about a car congress who from 0. tolerance is just not. what she was a boom which to do you think bob should still keep it
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a beautiful little cock both us the most without it is nuts but cent of it at the pump store and you buy yachts still very stupid you can use the next time you just have seen parts of the. store. of course the. as you see in another just evolves but a sense of trust good to see there of the bag it's a story of what i would see the beautiful but as much as. the bit that's about it seem what. did this year the 1st that he knew get your family whatsoever they did the war. but my man stop and special stars. are going to benefit me i knew much beside peace mark. but hoards of what i want to. abort the car that when you walk out the window. it
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is know that the thought he. doesn't have a skill but what it realises the money to be honest as though the sheer system would stay in the without a storm deal with storms more that the she could wash up just disappear but the hole just isn't what if he's just in the water some severely see what's up with a young there it was in the best of us that. first the. school is going to. but then again it's a good time to get the new thought but also use your machine there's a mission there but the crowds are going to see just the same chin the premeditation that i have a list. with of we know that she's a 1st i need. to. look at each other on much fluid that the shooter sort of has been trying you know her
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choice. of so you. knew that in the last. we are can use overlay cinematic most. even the family at the same anatomy as minute speech all of about each story because my scene is not just a part of me as after watching the. most news i know it's not one that are go out as. we just kind of meet 3 of which. we would go. to more i think that's a subplot poster child occurred about what was the. result. achievement up with them i mean. what. do you as. a community start. shiva.
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but i share this but i want to buy into combat what i could. remember my mom because i know it was we need one you must just feel. when you bust. up but i. still fall for. cookie and excitement and. yet either. someone think you must revisit this if. your move with but i don't. know who he is the. last was the new son of man one's got a blog on the guy only known words you used to be sure where dump was dogging high pushed up dog not. to be near with doug was. to be an abuser wides the.
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least beauty be sure anymore she's dealing. with around the green your program. or she just is prosperous into the group. with the minions on it was cause with some still. useful functioning human in your. opinion your. buehler are. the senior american mutual use of curable ships' your. stance you gotta get out of those armored. other guys have a license lasting to them not as if they're not afraid to tell a status about i knew that. was not the driver for the last 3 years the last of them is the past number or stay at with a c. on us all except thought us would still be
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a lot. like summer yucky quick and the choice of when visual. good of course no one on the subject is strange and out of the prison dish to. the it folk here to bill be. considered a little store and doc i'm one of doc with the beliefs will be as nice a young of 6. wasn't that the most did they get the. what the sort of the ascent despite intent to fight much out the last of not priests who did sit out a brothel to buy new clothes the business out of going to continue to put a purse put a call. to the girl with a possible bills must get a google boards of would agree supposed new dad me put it is the moods of people it would tell him that a publisher couldn't have looked at the trial from the bush messages to put the windows components inside lies. are.
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always be polite never engage with a negative aided or confrontational also. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. to survive and tear a geisha. they. definitely don't want to. jump shoot. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty or if you're poor and. you've got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself all.
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the demick no certainly no blood is true nationalities. as a murder we don't come with the we do a back seat world needs to be. judged . come in a crisis. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing way but we also know this crisis not go on forever the challenge is creating the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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an entire village in alaska among if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect the. water they escape ng climate change is the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is fast paced the river is $35.00 closer now than was the year of war i think were part of america thirst for america for profit.
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after you were just not going to your most part at all and you. know you must keep it but when she was early skip bluejay expect about something she wasn't what you were just that most men more than try can transplant some history and you don't them across. it and you are in the water. up there might have a stable give your dose of saw though is your idea of a rock a we're. ok more in the literature. here you have a quick choice. in this to me now which shouldn't cause it to go on which movie job salute and yes it. was only a post to tell him you love under the true nature of. this me i was not your process me i was under most appreciative interest year preview of longer. me i started whining and then it is at the store. so that's the approach the socialist
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were. the 1st to you have says that i'm sure there comes a thirst for your beloved brother of the post. tree. which at times to your question is going to have some until it is of all that i knew it just on my piece of it. i am pretty more the cause i just. thought of a tragic mistake usually i wonder what my shiny new. should. compare to what i was looking at your comment that it would really work in your. opinion the some joke about paradise compared to his are young but don't start producing. numbers over the q.'s we're about on top which used to say they should vote knowing how to spell our ship the most of your post dollar with. the ball
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purse the what's important to put them. up or mining to avoid getting a block at them when you got the way you wanted at risk because you could get over would also ruin gentians not when it was a dollar. that just pushes floors of the property to t. think used to come with a. political talk but i bet i need to know it's a. that must be so stupid you know when you park. your. screaming for young couple to not remove. yourself should many. shops and you get in the. us the bustle.
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that's what's the opinion minute. let us cause i wish there were people with which yet is. going to have to deal. with this way he stops nobody cina should types this is just to get us cause over better problem least that's why are. you sure voting to lupus side rats and that's not just. not good i don't. know what. the law prospect for but there always is reason and one final thing the. short story idea or the choice not just at the door but in ways we should remember is only. the reaction of the chip no one gets an idea of the gene was in mourning it's
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one of their words why it's that bond i want it with a piece of. the dust on the it's in the pursuit be pushing around as it could be in the midst. look through the torture of not the body. in this market i'm not going to get bad feelings on the newsgroup was that if you me you have said i'm not. blueprint you know i didn't. provide the police even this spoke up border and unlike you brits and the way bust be in the premier topics not a good people to. dabble to weapons is going to keep the markets in the breach in the pick up goods. yet but it's just their computer so she's trying to preview michnik of. course if you sit down where you was that she knew it was a did she can yes that's going to give him the command paddy. all the back.
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to stop with the bits but it would give a stiff goodness yes he really. wasn't supposed to said receive the full. sentence was good if that those 2 were off the bus each leg. with such a scope but its side with the movie just the clues in this bushnell computer blue. book. people who vote yes thank you fluke here and show us that if you do you can see the conceit of. the oprah through which it's good to be a good argument that it shines through i'm going to instagram yes it was more sinister that creates comment that if you take a moment isn't meant to post something else work or just dump nobody had them come in 30 yet. in the impulse and you. knew you wouldn't put it all into each other that the options to have shown you and doesn't it. would you put it to be a lot of money. to be dean no but if such
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a student should hold its accreditation the. truth is the only among them is now what we should deal with from training which ought to be to. give us an easy going is easiest to take up out of the fish to get distressed need to buy something. still it wasn't the talk in the states the most was going to get what was at the to be complete bullshit threateningly and. someone. writes a little show she knew being you stupid about the ship was. thrown back store let's move national. groups about it's good to go another mile down the quote nature of you continued it's moot because that's where should the truth where should we move to the rest that i omitted i need to go to a you can normally. or i need to. store.
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for at least. more of houston. but i must tell you think it's absolutely creasing a coming in near shut. in the privacy able to thrive in the news you. look at the. right minute that's the media in which the version of the world presents used of the naturals and there's no way i'm sure the equity processional that will be. covered as 3rd. was that natural of your point. it's about him being rushed into the wolverine is not. a given with them underwater the. deal is still but something to gives us something . to eat but if it is only an instrument that will. diminish to be of new mind you. i'm looking forward to that question you quote
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of the millions of course. yes the just additional thing about the way it was in the culture but you look at the new dog. and you're listening in the eyes it's just a huge example among you watching you look at the beginning of the down they were doing on the maybe should national from the book with which sort of clear. you grew up in and soon to sit in the desert. ducks the words for you who've used the word for. a nice growth of peace movements by those commitments with the sound you use the moment you would have the others also a choice of the other wolf while you're waiting. for the students hear them there pretty quickly was that a new piece of art can you maybe to. just call was from the book does not suggest the need for new money for youngest son did it because. that's what the gym before . they had to gee it's to get up it was.
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almost many. a young. gov the most you see. are really i'm on my munitions because that's. the young you want to. recharge. your new machine by sniper shots of the species 3 people listen to this one on the sly you could buy to put it all through the mind to see when you know what it should be also it's the worst of me to me yet a young husky voice to. my impulse but i'm doing that with the curves in the crook of the chin the get a look at home and i guess from the. garston all dorst their mom was a bit of saddam when you hide each month right she puts on the my watch because i'd be a better job. than imagine but you want to. talk a little anything. less than the other the leftist power in that song. need to be
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punished our going to bomb them yet they're just real nice. men now more than that i mean the women. used to go to so many of may expect most to. stick nearby dealing with the nerds that would. be to peace there would be to deal with business. news today and. when. i said to what that's got opinion by british let me wish but an abundance of the me one doesn't need to put you all that the cash is a but a woman a puppet at the end of the rest of the record. was ringing. the bell for. anybody out. the door. when you're winding. up with can be nice to you drove to.
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the slot got my yahoo puzzles to fight it was supercross to see which slot q. sokolowski is like you had the right issue. yes he would you know create people flew me up off the menu and you could see we are one new york city we driving that beseech you know christiane. also but peter was it. was just me we pushed you could get the pretty well but also move on none of them but it's got a stroke which and then the bombs to just stop at the most poor children children who to a child the sort of that sort of movement sort of mature. has to go in there to do this but for me to give up the buns it's a good tip and we would have seen some stupid shows with them some were supposed to do of the worst of the times but i'm not so.
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the problem with the united states to china and russia big countries which they don't like you does matter what kind of regime they don't have. problems with different regimes the country is generally is quite a bit like saudi arabia for some but that is are. different regimes which was. very strong the americans cannot do nothing about so the result is that they don't know what to do with it so bush go to you know the swiss police we're.
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taxed as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm not so i get an earpiece response back of the fight 9 wall street spot thank you for helping . destroy that's true if the debt slavery. the world is driven by. one person.
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thinks. we dare to ask. in all top stories of the last week france's hospital chief. precedented burden the country said. for the year the government people. who don't understand the new rules for example we are supposed to be in lockdown yet we are walking. out of migrants are filmed in overcrowded camps on the u.s. southern border adding to reports of washington's facing an unprecedented refugee crisis. hate speech facebook sued for repeatedly allowing online threats to journalists and spreading disinformation. platforms now facing crackdowns worldwide.


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