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a hoax is how it is played into policy at the center of this hoax was to discredit and then finally destroy donald trump now it informs us russian relations the result is dire this bilateral relationship may never recover.
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no not most of. the moment it's. just. simply we're at the national press norm bloggers decided to stand up comic. is the right word and leaped over him to be a born again. as a father. was and far more than the far. gentle sounded of the 1st reason to our store members course commissioner in your fortunes and wants them tossed mr from your question there's some art. in your sin of course across the board. ya got
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a new year sure sure for so long won't you want your kids to be honest i was going to punish new of machine you. and your mama very. badly you are the shrew. of forgetting you miss you more distant then you have with the world i don't stand when you know enough to live yeah yeah borgerson saw looks me with some all look after me prove it bush and do not raise to the. stuff long. be dear to my beautiful skin. i didn't starve you also but i knew from your work i'm. young as well you will i'm going to pick up almost the same more than. you want now tell me true some of the most for backup a problem until i can trust my doc no preview of the chair think i'm going to. trust my friends you can trust your rights just because you walk or jog are still
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proud because of. ringback the norm i still look. at that's a good news there is no evidence in your rate that it. would have been a greasy vote just as a leader but it got us top of the lead because if you could give the side leader would you cut the image of the shots at him a little more because i'm a citizen someone who's you could go to here is what the met us through in their support of beasts of the media you couldn't they view those. at the you've been a switch in the bush no position of it means maybe it's a. dog will cost. us for months on the bar. to buy your stuff i'm going to. put some. fun up. that
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are going to be perched all of us about to keep the guy this time but a man said get over him no bill which ensures a lot of the mostly just want to be too busy to push much oh no much you. first from a fusion of us. vs the us to back up what i missed happiest of the camps on that and i want to bring the bush down much now which will include gee i'm interested sadness to be that you come forth to be used and don't put into position or watch to see a movement with the methods that ringback. i'm to a few. times last time i thought. if you look at best local noise so long and i share a stupid piece kid but when he's up in the beauty thinking of what that might be us even if it's a must do nothing at all mustard yellow and brown was just going to strongly need by now meanwhile just yeah it's a bite your cup of which to deal i yeah could you don't know you know for sure would you too much ranting some of us live near you nationally precise year this
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new years go on when they do you have to. get there. was it was it must be unique to you. staub who are not of syria but because of the blood of muslims because i knew he spoke with all but a sword in the east as a car that was used in the world with the pretty rotten their. teeth that about it at all but us. today is that if it at all but it's used. by a talk by a chocolate stand up because. i don't get sometimes how that is the least. something to. do in the process. lost the computer and so she. got away from doing all of you know used. to yeah but i will she choose. you know are we
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have to miss you you are sure that there was a bit of a smear in your ears as i based it is that i was going to hear from the good friday at 7 years of our store which i knew it was the model but you. chose this is me trying your day out for 4 to go to savior of. the cube rewards when you can you might have a. warrior girl we're going to the gods and. when you're rude who are now the ones who did spot a value you look at your new book but sure i'm sure you want to eat got binutils look out we expect you are yes you must brush to be a. little a yes you don't yes no not some delegates but it's in the patrols at the pleasure. of the heated that i meet but the most the but the divine heat of you brought as meat in the court as you move bespoke roy that still would see chess want to consult the norm of. ian woosnam to start with but.
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also to some. if you do then you're going to cross the surface before. jackie rolls with the governor of connecticut we're gonna complain about a car coming right through from there. to just not the least but she was not the only bitch to do think. him a little bit of a little cocky both as the most gentle with the nuts but scent of god at the time store and you buy yachts still very stupid you can use them then use the new to subsume at the. store. of course. as you'd see at that or in another just to get a sense of trust good to see their car the bag of pizza to stalk of what i would see the beautiful but as much as. the blue that's about it seem what civil war did
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this year than the 1st but he knew gutsy of me what sort of they did. the war. but my man stop and special star. at the new car. i cared about the bit of me that i knew much beside piece mark. about. a podium with but which is what i want to. abort the car that when you walk out the window. at the top he. doesn't of skin but what it realises the new money to be honest is there to shame is just the stay on the. stolen deal it storms more that the sheet of a shop has to fit in or but the hole just isn't what if he's just in the moment and . a young there it will get the best of us that.
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but that's a good time to get that the new thought but also use your machine there's a mission there but the crowds are watching just as the saints in the premeditation lists. with us we know that she's a 1st a new. gonski will now going to. look at each other on much of that the shooter sort of been trying you know her choice you have got to. tell you. when you got in the last. one we are can use all the most i least even the family at the same anatomist minute speech all look at each door because 19 is not just a part because after watching this unity amongst them yes i know it's not one that our you go out as. we just kind of meet 3 of which.
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we would go. to more i think that's a sub. michelle. achievement up with them i mean. what. to do is. to put on my own but i share this but i want to buy into can i would i could. remember my mom because i know it bush when each one you watched his tail. when you bust. up but i. still fall for. cookie and excitement and. yet either. someone think you must revisit this issue of should.
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move with but i don't. know who's used. the new southern one one's got a blog on the guy only known words you just need to be shot were composed dog dog not. to be. used to be near with dogs was a virus to be an abuse wides the. least beauty used to be sure the more she's dealing. with out the dream your program. or she just is prosperous into the group. with me in the minya or move was cause with some still. useful functioning human your. opinion or you do you feel a bit of
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a bueller our. senior american mutual use of curable ships your. stance you gotta get out of the sanity if you are other guys of license laughing to them not as if they're not afraid to tell us status about i need to teach. us another driver for the last 3 years last of us the past number or fear or the ceann us all sucked thought of what still a. life of a summer yucky quick and the choice of when visual. good of us no longer selected strange and out of the prison dish to. a. few folks at that appreciated bill be. considered in the store and doc with the beliefs of will be as nice young of 6. wasn't that the most of the good. the sort of the 2 thoughts on this but intend to
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fight much out the last week of not going to stick it out that i brought you to buy new clothes the business out of going to continue to push for the cool little good was a mosque i do broods of would have to agree superposed a new dad me with this is the moods of people with whom to them that at times are going to have looked at the books and this is just a put the windows go button slickness of lies. join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. when we watch movies i think they typically make us worry about the wrong thing. they make us worry about robots churning evil but the real threat of the past artificial intelligence is not that it turns evil but just that it turns very
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competent but has goals that are not aligned with our goals. americans love buying homes. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history what housings meant in the united states not just that old question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream has been for. if you would ask mike i know you must prepare. the dictates of no you must keep it
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but he she will reduce give you the expect the subject wasn't what you were just. for the truck with tristan someone has landed on them across the. border and you are in the water. my view of a slave. saddle is your idea of america we're of the. book you move the mood literally each. year. in this to me now which shouldn't cause it to go on which now if you drop some of them yes. because all your posts should tell them you love under the true nature of . this meola thought your process me altogether most appreciative enjoy it year preview is no longer magickal meaning i started whining and then it is at the ya. so those to your personal. do you have says that since you are here comes the 1st
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to your beloved god as opposed. to. putting your trick. which at times to your question is going to have some until you put it all as i knew it just on my piece of it. them anymore because i just. thought of a tragic mistake usually i want to. change. the climate should tell of you. compared to what i was talking to compared with when we were. going on the subject of a god as compared to his i don't know but don't start producing. numbers over the q.'s we're about on top which is to say they should vote knowing how to spell our ship the most of your post dollar with. the ball purse the what's important to put
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them. up or mining to avoid getting a block at them when you got told where you were that interesting because you could get over would also. be no dollar. so i just push. the think used to come with. that i both know it's a. private must because you know when you. were young couple to not remove. yourself should you suppose to take the garbage which knowledge would you get in addition to me. and ask for. him. to. let us cause us in there with the.
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yeah to be honest and they had to deal. with this way he stops nobody cina should die of this just yet as. least that's why you. are you sure got into lupus side rats and that's not just. not good you know. it's. been a lot prospect for badawi's series and what's been the. short story idea or the choice not the step-daughter embrace we should remember is only. the reaction of the chip no one gets the idea of the demons in mourning to monitor was why it's that bond don't want to hurt the patient with. the dust the it's will persevere pushing
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around is it being missed. through the torture of not the body he just might be on the water in the smoke and not going to get bad feelings no scruple was there that you may you have said i'm not. blueprint you know i didn't. provide the police even this option spoke up the order air. and the way bust be in the putting me out of thoughts. and babbled weapons is going to keep the markets in the breach in the pick up goods sheets are going to be expeditious they're. trying to give you much nic of. voice did you sit down where you was that she needed to provide did she can yes that's going to see from the command paddy. all the back that's a stop with the dates but with you was to. just leave you. but i wasn't supposed to
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said lucy of the dog. was good if that those 2 were off that bus think. that with such a scope but its side we were. just the clues in this bush new computer blue. book the pursuit people who vote yes thank you flew here from show us that if you do you can see the conceit of. the opal through which it's good to be a good argument that it shines through i'm going to instagram yes it was i'm watching this sucker it's going fatty and you think you want isn't important i mean yes nobody had them come in 30 yet. the impulse and you. knew you wouldn't put it like that. that the options to have she won't haven't gotten it yet or would you put it to be a lot of money. to be dean but it's such old it's a our intuition told the. truth is the only among
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them is now what we should deal with from trying to talk to each. of us in the easiest maturity but that of the fish to guide us to ask each of us something. still it doesn't at all people stretch the muscles going to get what was at the to be complete threateningly and think about. someone. bright little fellow she knew being you stupid years that should. tell you it was thrown through national. it's good to go another mile down the quote nature of you continued it's moot because that's where should the truth where should we move to the rest that i omitted i knew the normal human. or i need. for at least. more of houston. but almost on.
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it absolutely creasing are coming in the. in the private school who you are the types in the news you can talk to you look at the. right minute that's the media in which the version of the world presents you stop to nationalise there's always i'm sure the equity processional that will be. voting oh god that's. was like that chill of airport. it's about feeling very much the question will be will bring is not. just the north and the water on the. deal it's something to do. even if it is only an instrument that will. diminish to be of new mind. to you. and looking forward to that question you quote of the millions of course. yes the just finished opening doesn't
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live within the culture but look at the new dog. in the eyes it's just beginning to sound i mean you watch and you look at the beginning of the don they were doing on let me be should watch the from the book with which sort of. you grew up in a certain distance in the desert. ducks the words for you who've used the word for . a new surprise of peace movements those commitments with the sound you use the movement you're going to be others are also a choice and i will fill you in. just a bit so as to mirror the 3 of them you're pretty cool never was the last piece of our continue maybe to. the last call was from the book that is would suggest the need for new money for young some good. at the offensive in the 4th dimension. it's the stood up it was. the most let me put them up chicago spirit of.
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the young. probably the most you. are really i'm on my munitions because that's. the young you want to be able to recharge. your new bottleneck we should salute species 3 people listen to this one on the sleigh you could buy to put it all through the mind to see where no one should be just a story about me to me you're a young husky voice to. my ankle but i'm doing that with your curves in the crook of the chin. get a look at all my b.s. from the. dark from all your dorst now my domain you hide each month she puts on by my watch because i've been up a better job. than that the been a match but you want to. talk a little anything. yesterday at that well you just got one thing in the song. need to be punished our going to book me up but i just really missed. me now more than
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that i'm it. used to go to so many of may expect most. of houston street near by dylan yes the nerds which. yes i mean yes you do it because they were big deal of business. news today and she's no drawing up when. i said to. the new buy the dish with me wish but in abundance of the me one doesn't need to put you all did the question of been a woman the puppet at the. end of this verse of the record. was ringing. the bell for. anybody out. the door closed. when you're winding. up with can be nice to you drove to. the slot car might get the puzzles to fights it was supercross to see which slot q.
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sokolowski is like you know why does he. yes he would you know create buffoon up off the menu and you could see we over there were new york city with bing that beseech you know christiane. also but because it was it. was just me we pushed to keep the people but also obama but if you scottish milk which none of the bombs to just stop with the most poor children children will do to a child the sort of that sort of movement in short of which were. used to go in there to do this the world would need to give up the buns it's a dip and we would have seen some stupid deals with them some were supposed to do a bit of wisdom with the times but i'm not so.
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the most pathetic and dangerous consequence of the russia gate hoax is how it is played into policy at the center of this hoax was to discredit and then finally destroy donald trump now it informs us russian relations the result is dire this bilateral relationship may never recover. an entire village in alaska. if another country threaten the wife of an american. we do everything i. want to the escaping climate change is the same threat right now alaska does seem some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world. about
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30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. the river is. closer. than. i don't think we're part of the earth for.
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humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena before coming to this appearing in the peninsula. one after another. but never forgotten you give us your full you know them does. he want. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new creators. how dangerous are they for humans oh my you know and 2021 russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they build a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole.
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the morning's headlines do as i say not as i do those washington's principle as it tries to starve me russian energy exports to europe yet makes the country's biggest oil partner at the same time will tell you more. u.k. vaccination centers fight surging numbers of fraudsters and queue jumpers as britain braces for a drug. that we're wasting slots that could be used by those that already talk to vaccines and just slows down the vaccine program. elsewhere reduced to just one meal a day and a growing mental health crisis being stuck in isolation but talking to students in france having to turn in vast numbers to aid groups offering free or subsidized food.


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