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on to 3 year old child i'm sorry it's not needed it's not necessary if you can throw in racism if if you come across that i'm sexism and if there's a problem in schools let's address that but please for goodness sake let toddlers be taught let's see trying to teach our children to be equally quality. it's never too early as. human beings because. of a generation that doesn't carry the previous sins of the previous other generation since the sixty's this whole idea that i should feel guilty for the sins of previous generations well no i'm not going to pass that guilt on to the next generation i'm sorry i disagree completely that is how things are looking in the news right now i'll be back at the top of the hour with our next update but coming up we have a very special look inside the world of russian nurses battling the pandemic you don't want to miss it's there with.
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the most pathetic and dangerous consequence of the russia gate hoax is how it is played into policy at the center of this hoax credit and then finally destroy donald trump now it informs us russian relations the result is dire this bilateral relationship may never recover.
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from a not. good mr. doesn't the piece in the position of the chairman as a from sunup it a double it deepened to me. of some posters or that your. local. union leadership claim in them. because i'm. going to comment on. my need to cut their abilities pay them some of that going to
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a. museum but the spreading is. at the moon what are in my brain my list is for me shane you. when i'm not in a cardigan or yup annualize as you say i'm not certain. but i am don't want anything you could do some wild creature of their own what. go out means just the right and i want their. fashion it's just ask me 1st that what they are and that is that they're an action after being at risk and i want that islet. showing at the effects of war and the path of cut out what. and i talked. with them minuteness that i want their national. option but i'm stymied.
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because all of you here are british libel that is one insinuating of sort of cover by needs or this will be just so just acknowledge. that i will brilliance in your speech from your view of this last election to be yours that i bought the church and the kasatka machine from your boss just rip your mother angelina since one minute your daughter working really wants or. ski for you. and you're pulling your stuff stromlo years close to you going out of. his magician's consider burning up a glass syria in the store they yell for mitt suggested it's a 3 d. a terrible person not split is new just not the war they are about to start a city story oh it's interesting that's the story with that this is a story with a double to distort them but those that see the democrat niña it suggest national misleading it's sort of code but it's in the concert in the us that can assume that
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there will be evil she did not us. must be deceived. when will the tribe you all know it's not that old and its new coach or what you want because of what annoys them but i can assure you just now you're so good so just needs a block of before you. sat in the bit i was that that would mean that i would buy needs from the glory i'm still. around but that's a dog nobody needs one. with this just further really sure that's going to be watched that's a bit of course was served up with a very well let's say you have so little of when the war is going you suppose my dog went up but i also see our western army in the shloka. what a. good condition it which is quickly boarded one step at a silence by the shoes roasting spinning in the door no word. for them that we will
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see. about each boat on which imposed on the watch trick but mention lots. of the coming of the what it's a considered rather than book i need this with you so when you give us pop what are the biggest musical chairs dismissiveness was going. because it was into because it was good this will the disc which will work on it and talk because the more ideas to teach just what people don't consume which amount to brass they also exhibit was a critic that is not as good but it was clear that yup of which you were in the system and what sort of a bridge cheney was thrown in you've moved pretty awful she knew she knew. what. you say you didn't want to go and meet his money because you needed him. to give you plenty of the time so absolutely imagine for the woman you get the good words
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about the guy at the top as you know she's never seen your problem with just. substring a brush. so you know what the cold. war was of a good as a vase and you. put it. that it was not cindy said it was misunderstood by the she let me see my letter to my mother it is. just.
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to say. how i feel. for them they feed you feed that. must be with you but.
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i don't. know you know what though. new vehicle is going to be in the. moment when the program lasts because i did that in a style a. little more the number was on the on the boards just because sequentially so no big deal just makes. the biggest most awesome but i. believe if. you feel. we can use them with a credit through you mother. we have from our summer. of other human. much.
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you. know. the money if you want to feel your pitiful. little scruffy let's. chill. if. you can for you. to be there. for you. is a bus going to so if you. don't get across to get a book request to. dismiss
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it with. just it was a gift it's. got the going to let you go see you then you will hear. just what it would be. the work . you get with doing it would. be born you both being able to look out of your. me watching but i was pushing if you're so young i haven't.
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got the stimulus where. you'll have to pay now you're not going to go. through what i said the buy your water. you're just my luck that will take it back your water but. in the. sea you. do that's the most they have. as a woman at the what i would do that there were. there was a little sense of you. me my something out. of the heart now that. you. don't mind the future it's not. just your true character if you. really believe. such good luck you really.
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should look good which is the order of business is that the boats move because. this might come i. mean you know it's me you. know no one. really really this is your home. but it will not be the best you know. that you. know it's also. your time. because. being extra. has he very much. so you know you're brushing. up her reserve because when you. do if you're sure
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you've. got my ears and you know i need to push dong my only minute to cook right that is composed she'll ringback just startles you. customers on post cross to the. place where we have a star studded that's better when he supported us in the past and you but that is merely. dumb and you meaningless. thank you but watched them. to be a bush will be how to. get the best deal. we have got a. strong nation should citizens by the move. to be able to use the.
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dog to stomach the dog. but he. can't prove it isn't wish to. cut them. down the body. she. threw over his or her was thrown around in what. way is a line in my ear but they have missed and long all wish for something else and i wish you. luck with blago and you do with your there's no there with no knowledge of. where that
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are going to go as you think you. can work but. you're going to go as it is it. is there you. don't know what's the bottom you know it's. belittling their boiler confronted you don't.
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the closer look i wasn't up for it but over your list of all the lost the little boy who was rather good i will tell of a couple ways here for. the step sons of the white their circle jerk and the girl that i saw that. i yelled at them with lights on a pretty wide turn out and we're within one mile of her and worthless just look at the part of the roof the you know she put the last 3 of them is going to but i took a walk a most good bit isn't going to condemn such because well i felt i knew. the spot for.
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a full. and frank was an icon of arms that have a vision for the pages of belief it would finish up by 5 minute 5 minute show off of paper and 25 feet may have some linnaeus on the go i am a left field but not a lot maybe you have a museum which has a little some but we must. move more than park.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to the politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. always be polite never engage with a negative a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. to survive in terror geisha. definitely don't want to be. in the jumpsuit on cops. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty or if you're poor and. you got 2 years in one now. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to dig
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yourself a hole. because previously when you believe that you did it's a bit. more to president. not good at that than the most urgent other crises in the program but him once you're done. and there's a group of people could have them leave her till sabean needed to do it of course he did a lot which would be juggling isn't there you don't want you to do you want to work when you are pushed into the world so. forth knew of that in which each of the more you knew the most to be able to trust
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the stock at a social support of. the most to be in which to place your response about in your small business or the ways you go to school people that are shaped. mole and it's for your kind words that they can at the store you're correct. the which it's minute here by surprise for the book and of course title suppression but shambles. the book certainly we did short of saying the girls can't give up when you are. but usually a kentucky not rich but almost a year in your gum on them you know but then again the beginning. well before you recorded it was really good. but aunt was a boy it was a little i bet you who you are but who it. was it was more than it is about it is when you left the world that i would sort of which is will. deal with when she
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when he was a boy it all but there's. when you does the work we see but i'm so. not because the beauties of what the king worked. in the show. you know best with. the grace of almost any push. it is a right it is a vice. who. will meet bradman's. it . she does cook when you were just should know what you when you. are. new blood it's not.
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just. what i look. bad about us but it's. still good though. igor bought sort of a wooden box we did in the saddam horrible drug war that is just short of. truth
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because a. very. low which cost me about it what. was your approach can you. spock or you know we did in the news that i fish in your paralyzed. our beds. are it the what if the a gleam in your. because
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. that's a brain is it seemed fairly useless mother. and. the fish. just wash that going yes that's the way to measure it don't the girls come up bites of the bush for many years. what i mean. the most i mean you put in your opening. this is not the prostitute but i'm in the states. mentioned the what. most of the it's.
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just the thought that the most. negative crap. can actually read it does look a lawsuit. that. will trip.
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over with all the little. the little with the with the all of it the way you would like to hear. that which. she. should just. do you just knew we we're here this is why. it doesn't. include instant is when you should. just go into the why don't loosely. you know i'm like. well you lisa.
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it's. me.
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it's paul mitchell school. it's not shots it's. just it's a. good. dancer. i've
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. been there you see the advice to get. this thing is by those can each time a to give would you choose the right to get. the clues of which of its is this is the post to be given the name of the islamists or.
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not. i knew.
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i love this one out. there. says he's here he's going to get to you so as to. when you. meet your 1st new but he just starts singing brock style you've got a teeny step sister people who've been active a breath you persist through that. just just i just wish him the love and that love that i love love love this you know. all chance of significant doesn't let him get done with him because you could too much but i'm washington took a chance on this women instead of the girls. and. my mother mother i am forced to do the best. stuff because if you. win you're going to cover yourself because when you're not going to be little good you could. control trouble so little child the one time it wasn't what you call what was your supposed
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but also scary for me a pretty girl system to put up to get them did it also have to skulk no sense from you which has been to do with my 2 sons contemptible yes doing special and. i think that it was done to. these kids on the team and you know when the young trust is going to come in to produce your own the things that you have to have the house doesn't want to discuss are 2 points not you but it's just my nose to see nancy you see we need to teach the children i'm sure if you come in which you think movie shows and to be able to form which did you move the 1st time last year it's my you posit a yes to both of them thank you what's going to be your dog in this community systems and this is the nerve the biggest. national good communication was that about one bucket of shit to do with the whites and what do you mean when you move
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the child to kids which shows a chimp what would you do isn't quite a slur just wish us to just say you. know. what it cost or the concealed what ok then you come to mr me you're pretty. much a suitable muscle statistical dog. you're pursuant to police. he has naturally applied but that's just said to show you're still saying how good it was up to see but this to cannot stand is just some brawl. many of them just live. to belgrade to gardner would go. somewhere nice and the regular. was. just going to have to have had. am. am thank you very much you have a carriage you have if you have
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to carry have tried to carry. i. c c c am. frightened and. this. was the end of.
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the man. i. america depends on the kindness of strangers to fund their speculation and insist on their extraordinarily cheap lifestyle made from the labor overseas and. so i find it interesting the saber rattling going on in washington d.c.
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right now because the kindness of strangers can evaporate in a heartbeat if they no longer want to play the u.s. dollar reserve currency again and then inflation right now is signaling a 10 from 10 to 12 percent current inflation rate adjusted for reality to 24 to 30 percent of pleasure. americans love buying homes. and this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country a large understood the bargain you get a home and then you know rebel right that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting down and think about the longer deeper history what housings meant in the united states not just that
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old question of the american dream the bigger question if you dream is for. u.s. regulators force astra zeneca to admit its job is less effective than previously claimed and point to inconsistency is in trial. a u.k. teacher is suspended after showing pupils a cartoon of the muslim prophet muhammad during a lesson with growing calls for him to be fired. and joe biden says he expects to run for the white house in 2024 when pressed by reporters at the 1st formal news conference of his presidency while doubting if there will be a republican party to run against.


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