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they built a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole. in small eggs had lines long term damage britain's warns brussels against voting thursday to block vaccine exports as the raw and astra zeneca delivery delays has been boiling point. a drag queen site and a book called anti racist the washington post's ridiculed for offering parents so-called materials for toddlers we put it up for debate we have to do something. instead of the in-law eat a lot that happens both ways produce books for 3 year olds talking about armor work baby it's just absolute nonsense. with the u.s.
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facing an unprecedented migrant crisis right now the pentagon set to house and the company to child refugees at military facilities that's something the trumpet ministration was blasted for planning would go to reports. talking of a report a special coming up we traveled to one of the world's 1st places know to scrap tough covert curbs and announced it's officially free of restrictions russia's republic of chechnya. so a lot to talk about this morning thank you for your time checking in with us it's the 25th of march this is r.t. international with me kevin oh in. first then the dispute between the e.u. and britain over astra zeneca job delays is heating up today is set to vote on toughening vaccine exports thursday widely seen as a move against the u.k. and the u.k. pm boris johnson's already fired
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a warning shot. i don't think that blockades of. either vaccines or. medicines of ingredients were banned seems a sensible big meeting in brussels on thursday the leaders of the 27 member states will have to decide whether or not they're going to give their blessing to a plan put forward from the european commission that would see or could see limits placed on the export of vaccines manufactured in the e.u. to nations that have their own vaccine production now in a lesser extent this is aimed at the united states but the main focus of this would fall on the united kingdom the reason it's been put into play is because well the great silly slow vaccination program desperately needs to get on track it's clear. we also need to ensure it works a nation of our own volition and. indeed we are in a sense
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a behind as a skit if you look at the same time spans of folks at. once a global hawk sports fundament. the same time all saw the largest exporter of the european commission said just under 11000000 vaccine doses had been exported from the e.u. to the united kingdom with 0 heading in that direction what this mechanism would mean is that vaccines that had been set to go to the united kingdom for their exports could be blocked as long as companies will fail to live up to contracts that they signed with brussels there were many warnings that this was coming down the track we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfill your part of the deal towards europe before you start to deliver to other countries the focus of
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a lot of the seems to be astra zeneca the vaccine man you. commission president ursula fund alliance said that astra zeneca only delivered on 30 percent of the 19000000 or so doses they promised in the 1st quarter of 2021 plenty to keep an eye on on thursday coming out of brussels we also looking at the reaction to what's said in the european union from across the english channel in the united kingdom. on top of that let me tell you that it's not brussels only very public is speed at the moment either a spat with china over human rights could leave a huge investment deal dead on arrival or across it in a minute or 2. but check in this next apparently a never too young to be progressive in a widely ridiculed article in the washington post experts guided parents to books websites and companies offering woke material for children the featured title social justice for toddlers talks about the importance of equality racial and
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gender education for kids the article highlights materials like a drag queen website books like auntie races baby and work baby and a firm selling toys and learning materials to dismantle bias however many of the advice divisive even harmful can we just teach children to walk talk play before we start hoisting our guilt in your office on them indoctrination is wrong washington post this conversation is one the divides us universal identity is what should be centered not race not gender this generation of kids is going to be decades of therapy after going through this critical race theory one half of them will just crumble under the white guilt pushed into them and turn into fragile ghosts barely resembling human beings the other half will just get radicalized. we got reaction from the washington post piece from the talk radio host joan gold and
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it weyman bennett of the unite against fascism. actually trying to teach our children to believe in equality of only age it's never too early as locker room lies this is our human beings behave and actually we can probably have a better generation that doesn't carry the previous sins of the previous other generation since the 16th century this whole idea that i should feel guilty for the sins of previous generations well no i'm not going to pass that guilt on to the next generation i'm sorry i disagree completely trying to instill anti racism equality treatment or nonsexist behavior or whatever it's not society is going to be very very difficult job we have to start somewhere you don't started 3 years old with a drag queen or whatever they used new term is reading them bedtime stories at 3 years old the washington post have been ridiculed this is the welsh sector the one
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sector trying to push their agenda on to 3 year olds well i'm sorry it's not needed it's not necessary if you conference racism if if you come across it and sexism and if there's a problem in schools let's address that but please for goodness sake let toddlers be taught less 3 year olds don't buy books john parents buy books because what we're trying to do is to try and develop human beings to respect each other it's not automatic i will with the what the washington post are trying to do is have a discussion about how we develop people and that included parents so parents can be parenting they don't parrot alone they label it start to try and bring up a better generation in the previous generation or we have to do something neat instead of being like the float that happens as moses just check the calendar is a prove the 1st. this is a complete and utter joke listen when kids are 3 or 4 they want to
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play with each other and they should be encouraged and we as modern parents or grandparents should not be reinforcing projects are prejudices if we have them on to the children of course it's important to show kids by example that you're not racist or homophobic or sexist i would agree with all of that but produce simple 3 year olds talking about arm awoke baby age just absolute nonsense the whole of america has last that the washington post. just 2 months is taking office president biden's already trapped in a devastating migrant crisis amid a record increase in refugees the pentagon now than is set to house unaccompanied migrant children at military facilities something biden's predecessor donald trump had been condemned for planning kellam open reports. the biggest migrant surge at
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the us mexico border in 20 years thousands of unaccompanied children detained and a lack of facilities to accommodate them so now the biden ministration seems to have found a solution asking the pentagon to hold them at military bases sounds reasonable but let's remember the reaction when donald trump had the same idea the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly why they are there concentration camps don't let this go unnoticed the trumpet ministration reportedly plans to use a formative pony's internment camp to house immigrant children this is downright immoral it was announced donald trump will be reopening one of these camps to detain migrant children these children belong in homes schools and parks not prison camps now you'll remember biden embrace these criticisms and promised a full reversal with the overwhelming support of the democratic party joe biden
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promised more humane border policies they got separated from their parents and it makes us a laughing stock and a violates every notion of who we are as a nation and those kids are alone no where to go no where to go it's criminal. trust the abiding initiations policy to be based on humanitarian and love of children rather than a political point to red meat for their baked for their republican base but now donald trump is gone and children are being held at the same cramped facilities however the white house is now assuring us this is not kids in cages this is children in the syllabus this is not kids being kept in cages this is a safe for kids this is a facility that was opened the media is very strongly wedded to some. courted by the administration was extraordinarily hostile to trump biden thought he had more
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leverage he had more control he could think he could keep things under wraps and in america people would go along with go along with it and it worked for a while but now it's no longer holding up biden seems to be very naive he seems not to have thought these questions out very very thoroughly he seems to have little idea of what's at stake he believes it's a more policies will work. you know the same policies that he implemented when he was part of the obama administration but those policies failed then they failed under trump and they're failing now on their part so pretty much the same policies are in place at the border as it faces a situation that many call a crisis but remember all the moral antics in the shrill town about well that was yesterday's news elim up an ark see new york. mad
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hyena and a 3rd the shocking insults and now deleted tweets by china's embassy to paris against a french scholar of escalated from a war of words to action beijing hitting back at the e.u.'s 1st sanctions in 3 decades by blacklisting european officials which didn't go down well it sparked outrage in brussels with calls to drop a vast investment deal our senior correspondent asked if they will follow through on the threat the decades now out childish trademark kids signature diplomacy was restraint patience never rash never hasty never impulsive always slow methodical but europe must have crossed a lot because immediately after it announced its 1st new sanctions the good china in 30 years china struck back. it must be pointed out that these countries who proclaim themselves to be human rights judges are keen to lecture others have an ignoble record on human rights they have absolutely no right to criticize china
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much less to shift blames to china for what they have committed the dragon has finally shown its teeth it blacklisted a slew of members of the european parliament a subcommittee on human rights denied them entry to china and permission to do business in china to any entity as soon as he did with these people tough stuff but has big jean gone too far china's sanctions against european peace scientists and political institutions as well as non-governmental organizations represent an inappropriate escalation that unnecessarily strains ties between the e.u. and china chinese ambassadors were also summit in italy in france embassies were flooded with concerns and protests europe appeared to be united in outrage for union soon liberal sanctioning others europe really doesn't like to be on the receiving end china has retaliated to those sanctions and
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rather than changes policies and address our legitimate concern and china is against a blind eye and these measures are there to will annex an acceptable. it since i think about that our parliament would even entertain their idea fred to find the e.u. china investment agreement while its members and one of his kmita on dissensions efficient statement of the chinese side explained what are these that push china to do this that todd they say of the hypocrisy the double standards that europe applies to itself and its friends and different standards to everyone else as an example within days of europe exploding in outrage over china daring to sanction m e p's you crave did the same thing sanction members of parliament for visiting crimea silence nothing neither germany nor france will easily summon the
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ukrainian ambassador no condemnation which is kind of china's point the chinese side urges the use site to reflect on itself free squarely the severity of its mistake and redress it it must stop lecturing others and human rights and interfering in their internal affairs see there's a reason why europe has pushed for a trade deal with china for the better half of a decade at because chinese companies are making a whole lot more money in europe than vice versa. the market is substantially more open to chinese companies and investment than china's market is for a u. companies and this agreement helps actually to address this imbalance sue what better way to get back to china than to suspend a trade deal that would benefit primarily european companies and businesses these
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ladies and gentlemen is a textbook need jerk reaction and it speaks volumes about the claws and competence of europe's current foreign policy team. were aghast have a senior correspondent exactly 60 minutes past the hour now coming up with a program of mystic around italian entrepreneurs called on these carnival mass there to protest the government's failure to help them in the pandemic how can the show go on be told to them. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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america depends on the kindness of strangers to fund their speculation and to fund their extraordinarily cheap lifestyle from labor overseas and. so i find it interesting the saber rattling going on in washington d.c. right now because the kindness of strangers can evaporate in a heartbeat if they no longer want to play the u.s. dollar reserve currency and then inflation right now is signaling a 1010 to 12 percent of turn inflation rate adjust for reality to 24 to 30 percent of pleasure.
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a flash mob of italian entrepreneurs that has done carnival to war and they're going out of business without government backing in the pond the demonstrations were arranged by a group representing 50 trade associations and some 10000 firms is president warns the government is not practically working against them. right now we are protesting with the mask because it's what we've been wearing for more than a year the mask also symbolizes our fear of no longer even under the rule of law no longer feel secure in the country in which the constitution safeguards the right of the on the ploy to work and this government is doing everything to take jobs away from those who already have them. you know the government set aside $38000000000.00 the new corporate stimulus package that includes funds for subsidies and grants to businesses hit by the lockdown but employers are saying that is nowhere near enough . nor for a year and a month we have been living in this situation which has become unbearable our
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companies cannot make it anymore our savings have run out we feel desperate because of a failure to get things restarted all the attempts to go back to normal suffered set backs and we were just wasting our money the pandemic has been mishandled we are here to raise the awareness of our politicians around though that this crisis has been going on for far too long and we need a concrete plan of action and clear information we can't open and close on short notice we cannot keep our businesses shut down. we are worried it's companies that have already reached their broken toilet one of our colleagues in a committed suicide it's very unsettling with that. long year it's been a year now since russia was hit by the pandemic with many medical workers fun of themselves and the covert front line in high risk so-called red zones now tell you amongst so much coverage we've got for you a new documentary by our t.j. listen from chris the she physician of moscow's main kobe hospital telling the
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stories of nurses working shoulder to shoulder with doctors to try this best so hard to save lives you can watch the full thing tomorrow is a little clip of what's coming up. it was really come to recognize them by their face. i recognize them by their eyes. it was personal protection equipment has drastically changed perceptions if you recognize a person either by a large batch on their chest or which happens more often by their eyes and that's how you recognize them later in the green zone. the red zone the corner teens are and you have to wear p.p. there which is uncomfortable because it never fits properly. when they 1st brought the patients in they were scared of us it took us some time to realise that there was this young girl they brought her here from the airport
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and she was crying all the time so i said on the bed beside her and asked are you scared of us she said yes so i said to her we're just like you were human and we're scared to. last summer was a real just unreal when your arm streams of sweat poured down the sleeves it was really hot in there. live. my life has been split into before and after the strange as it sounds. sometimes you see a person and realise that they're an ideal nurse something i could never be. it's practically my 2nd family frankly speaking.
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i'm really proud of our nurses. doctors and i'm proud of our sisters. those that are around at the end of each clinical conference by thanking them for working their shifts. come to day i want to thank you. are you who clearly. you are the best. here massive respect you can see that program tomorrow back to never talking about covert of course every country's quickly had to learn how best to deal with this massive new health threat on the rise in the last 12 months some countries are currently fared better than others so now is mankind tries to work out how to move forward and get over this we've got a special report for you from chechnya often criticised for abroad for its humanitarian record and strict regime has it found a way through the pandemic that could be a template with our correspondent went there to see firsthand that we invite you to
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decide. yeah to try to cheer me up a bit personally i condemn these methods but it seems they've proven to be quite effective. they took me to the police station a couple of times what for for being outside but seriously let's start over. when you think of chechnya your mind will conjure up some negative associations chechnya was one of the most frightening place and islamic extremism in chechnya to the horror of it i never witnessed the authoritarian leader of the russian republic of chechnya. has a bad reputation in the west violations a crackdown on the eligibility community the lack of democracy the list goes on yet at the same time during the pandemic people hear it suprising as it might sound are in many ways freer than people in moscow and new york london paris you name it.
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highland church now and that means i can legally without breaking any rules or regulations get rid of this you see chechnya has become one of the 1st regions in russia to lift a mandatory mask wearing make and effectively one of the few places in the world without coronavirus restrictions because as local authority claim they've conquered the virus how come it's formidable change now i know it's a democratic iraq that's enjoying freedom of worship freedom of movement and that pretty basic right to live your life as you used to was it a chechen medical miracle or extremely oppressive measures taken by the local government. and brought in this largest place of gathering the central mosque a new social distancing is required and masks are nowhere to be seen.
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more. of the. 10. 17. the division it's a supposed which is no the number of new infections is going down as a lot of people good sense and it's all recovered from cozy this is what you're seeing is to come possible because we sold old ships so thanks to all the smoke we can stand together and pray. in bras neither regions cavity you can walk into any cafe and traveled back in time to the pre-code era it is still weird that i have to wear a mask staff they don't wear masks at all so i think it looks strange after a year of that and that makes people around us seem to enjoy this newfound sense of freedom there is this one question we ask them that many appear reluctant to answer
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but i heard that they had a very tough like down here in chechnya. well yes he said in that he couldn't leave your house that it was very strict. yes but our child there were sick so i didn't get to know anyway the money is here all right now yes he's fine the girl was clearly uncomfortable talking about the lockdown later the same day i had another intriguing conversation with locals that followed showed us how do you feel about the quarantine and the lock down and said truck as i know it took me to the police station a couple of times what for for being outside. without wearing a mask or weren't allowed to go outside at all but seriously let's start over there is something about the chechen lockdown that makes people here very cautious about talking there were reports of force used against those who didn't comply with anti
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coronavirus rules legibly several people were even beaten for show. up in public without a mask. i mean yeah in chechnya they used a special methods to combat the spread of coronavirus i didn't include in my view of the subject yeah i know the parts of the north caucasus in general has seen anything like it seems to me now that the war in shali which is a smaller town in chechnya and it came into the spotlight after this video came out . around a dozen of people in police uniform patrolling the area holding white plastic pipes allegedly there was war local law enforcement and the pipes were manned as an intimidating tool for those who do not comply with quarantine at the local administration which is located inside this stunning skyscraper built in the town of 10000 people we were told that the video is just another fake before the debate over the internet what are going to our law enforcement offices always work within the limits of the law. in
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a civil and. we couldn't find anyone who would confirm that people were beaten in chechnya for not complying with the quarantine many locals heard the rumor and literally everyone we met said they strictly followed all the rules introduced by the local government as deputy minister of health and medicine at a children's hospital that was turned into a center for example which they should because i was vaccinated they even allowed me into the red zone in. the hallways were quiet and spotless most of the units were empty and medical staff looked fresh and full of energy the facility didn't look like it had a particularly hard time during depend demick the region bragg's one of the lowest numbers of registered cases of daily new infections of covert related deaths i mean it really looks impressive which may janya to us that saddam got us nearly no i don't trust the official numbers are hard to not only those provided by chechen officials but these fishel data from the north caucasus region in your mouth we've
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seen a lot of the. if it is assuring that the numbers are under reported so imagine my surprise when not just an opposition journalist but also one of chechnya its top health officials told me to do not take this official datta at face value. it's estimated 50 percent of all population have probably already had to wait so you're saying that over 50 percent have to already had it but according to the officials and i specifically checked that the number of registered cases is $13000.00 to make it clear. is the number of patients confirmed and many people did not show any symptoms. well that was quite a journey of people in change now their clients and their hospital and they're always willing to help on the one hand but on the other they are cautious and they seem to always keep something for themselves especially when they talk with an
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outsider they always mindful of what they're saying to you i guess this is part of the cultural code chechen society which went through 2 bloody wars is a tough it is closed and close knit at the same time. and their experience of getting through this pandemic might be different from what people have in europe the united states the rest of russia by it's hard to tell that it didn't work out at the end of the day so this is it were a flight out of chechnya i'm back to moscow and what that means well for one and that means that i have to put my mask back on. the road in-depth report there from chechnya life as you can see pick it up again slowly and one part of russia for the rest of us we plough though for the time being opened by the time to come soon but that's it for this bulleted thanks to check in with the international for me kevin though in the rest of the have a great day.


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