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tv   News  RT  March 22, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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president putin. developers to discuss a production boost sales the safety. procedure many. hungary's foreign minister. to approve. also ahead for you in the program.
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here in the russian capital of course is international very well welcome to you. vladimir putin has been meeting with russia's. developers to discuss various ways of the rollout domestically. he's also stressed the strong safety record. probably the biggest news of the day here in russia and also a serious call photons boost for those who are still worried about the vaccination is the announcement from president vladimir putin that he is going to get the
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vaccine tomorrow that is going to be chouse day march 23rd but we don't know which of the 3 russian made vaccines registered in this country he has chosen and it looks like the kremlin doesn't want to reveal that in order not to give any preferences to any of the 3 manufacturers but mr putin has praised all of them saying all 3 russian vaccines are great so what you mean is today with full confidence we can say that something has been proven that russian vaccines are absolutely safe and effective none of the 4 an equivalence should the same level of protection once again this is a resounding success for domestic science and it's been recognized to prove is the geographical adoption of the speed of the vaccine is actively growing the russian leader said that after providing the latest numbers on the vaccination in this
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country so far 6300000 russians have received the 1st component of the jab 4.3 are good to go with the complete 2 components now a broad 55 countries have approved the use of the v. although a lot of our putin is making it clear that for the russian government the mess the campaign to immunize the public for now is the number one priority in the meantime a senior european union official has battled back after saying last week that sputnik v. was one of the candidates for official use in the european union in his latest t.v. interview teary bread tone said that the blog. pretty much doesn't need sputnik via at all and sided issues with production pace in russia. we have absolutely no need for sputnik v. the russians are having a hard time making it from the manufacturers of russian made sputnik the reacted to
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that statement almost immediately by accusing mr burr tong of being biased against just because it's russian they made it clear though that the only ultimate goal for them is to carry on saving more and more lives around the world the response from president putin also came quite quickly 1st he blames some western officials and western media for leading a deliberate campaign to discredit russian made vaccines and also questioned the genuine goals of the people who make such statements. we're not forcing anyone to do anything but when we hear such comments from officials the 1st question that comes to mind is who of do you represent the interests of pharmaceutical companies well to citizens of european nations what are you doing and these people are trying to lecture us so the bottom line is that despite what the russian side is calling bias and attacks against russian vaccines moscow wants to accelerate the pace of
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the production and vaccination both at home and they're looking forward to that abroad as well. as talked about meantime was called on e.u. regulators to approve sputnik v. after he personally received the russian vaccine in an interview with us here at odds here the foreign minister explained why he thinks that europe's inoculation campaign has folded. vaccine is not a question of ideology for us it is a matter of saving lives and that if we had not contracted the chinese and the vaccine and have saved the health care ahead of health and the lives of many hungry areas the hungary a national regulator has approved the emergency use authorization for nukes so i had no concern i was the one that asked by our
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government to negotiate with the russians on the ration of purchasing when you after a long serious of negotiations and we were able to sign our contract we chat house a lot in accelerating the vaccination in hungary. there are 2 ways you know europe according to the european regulations how a vaccine gonna get approval one days definitely julienne 8 european medicines agency through a l.s.e. organ the rehab procedure but you don't get the regulations also say there's another way in case of emergency and that these other way should be completed by the national regulators would use for the emergency even authorization so the fact that the hungary a national regulator has issue with emergency use or for an offer a zation is nothing you know against their regulations and and that's what made us
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a little bit fed up you know that the way hungary has approved. it was going to be in the western part of your opening global media as if we had made something against the europe in regulation which is which is not true you wrote your regulations say very clearly that in a case of emergency you can make such an. icon give you an explanation why e.m.e.a. is so slow of course of course i mean bureaucratic explanations can be given any time they can say to day to day expect more documentation based by the russian look on their part to do to stand out but i don't know what i see is what i see is that there are vaccines in the world which are used by millions and millions of people believed russian or chinese but that these are not authorized here in iraq you know once again you know about the explanations can be easily given in the fine but not this is not about the reference if you says about the lives of the people but more x.
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and you have the more people you're going to say but i think very simple at least to speak about it for sure. the decentralized procurement procedure managed by brushing has failed as family comes regardless of the promise years and the expectations there are much less vaccines arriving and market share slower compared to what had been before why it became obvious that the shipments. managed and coordinated by brussels are not satisfactory we've arrived there right down by the same people by the same bureaucrats by the same politicians why we want to buy additional vaccines for our own people for our own people and i think this is a this is a matter of of obligation of the state of the government to protect the lives of
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its own people covert vaccines are also center stage in the e.u.'s relations with the u.k. brussels has now doubled down on threats to ban exports of a chronic delays in distribution we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfill your part of the deal towards europe before you start to deliver to other countries it seems that the e.u. could be holding back on the millions of vaccines that are due to be transported to the u.k. in the next 3 rigs if it takes that decision to suspend all facts in the next ports to being ok now the move. government ministers as you can imagine but also opposition party the labor party standing by the u.k. government on this particular point of calling for calm from that. i would urge the european commission to calm down the language cool the rhetoric and that's try and work together to get through this crisis. what seems most bizarre is the fact that
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this is a astra zeneca jobs coming to the e.u. or not enough and that's because there is a huge amount of mistrust in this particular vaccine just for example here in france it's so high that only 20 percent of people say that they have faith in that job and as we know over the last week 19 european countries decided to suspend astra zeneca over fears of safety in regards to blood clots and despite the fact that the european medical say didn't see as once again rubber stamped it that's not good enough for some e.u. countries who are still holding back and while here what they're not talking about is how many doses european countries are just sitting on millions and millions of doses that have yet to be used here now i also want to talk about what's happening in france because astra zeneca has been restarted as a campaign again but there's new advice from the french health authorities here
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which means it can now only be used for over 50 five's completely different advice to what we had just a few weeks ago where president machen was saying that it was quasi effective for all their age groups and that some u.k. experts is causing a problem in undermining confidence it doesn't make any sense the whole thing looks completely crackers the changing the rules almost every week they're really damaging people's confidence in vaccines generally they're sitting on a massive stockpile of vaccines that they haven't deployed yet and at the same time they've got a massive wave of the new variants coming across the country you could make it up there's also a question about how much of this row is about the e.u. trying to deflect attention from how poorly it's handled this crisis something it itself has admitted and of course let's not forget the u.k. was invited to join the joint procurement scheme with the e.u. despite breaks it the. you politely declined and said we're going to do it our own
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way and as a result of that they speeding ahead with their vaccination program just to put that into context 51 percent of all adults in the u.k. have received at least one dose of a vaccine compare that to around 10 percent here across the e.u. as a whole and the fake is really sort of paint a picture of how starkly different the campaigns are and some might say that this is now the e.u. throwing a bit of a tantrum and it's ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. former top european officials are calling on brussels to stop caving in to u.s. pressure when it comes to sanctions including those against iran and russia published an open letter demanding counter-measures authorities are not reports. all this open letter which has been jointly penned by a former french diplomat pierre vermont's alongside 3 institutes in paris berlin and brussels calls for in short europe to stand up to washington now the letter
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suggests that europe the europeans have grown weary of the domineering pressure coming from the u.s. and encourages the block to consider acquiring the means of countering these extra territorial sanctions now one of the authors of the letter has been very open about this in the past. we must gradually convince europeans that when we don't agree with washington's political line we must be able to see no and continue political dialogue with them so the note goes on to propose a series of tit for tat counter measures all on a par with the kind of sanctions that the u.s. is placing on european countries companies i should say now such counter measures would include airplane hitting access to european territories who the. perpetrators of such sanctions also take into consideration particular banks from countries issuing extraterritorial sanctions when it comes to them asking for loans from the european central bank and national banks there's
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a series of other council measures as well let's take a listen look at suspend the financial pass putting system which would prevent banks of this ancient country from operating in europe we could freeze the assets on european territory of certain public entities of countries see shewing sanctions we have to show that we can retaliate if we want to be listened to so this bold call from europe clearly comes as the block has grown dissatisfied with this pressure coming from the u.s. with europe really finding itself not on the same page as the u.s. on a number of issues recently be it the iran nuclear deal being the u.s. pulling out of the climate change accord under donald trump and then of course this ongoing disagreements over the north stream to gas pipeline projects so what is seems like we're seeing here is really europe calling for it to come together and to stand up against this external pressure but of course in a way that is fair on the par with those sanctions coming from the u.s. in a way that would ensure this ongoing friendly dialogue between the 2 sides. or
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we can all bring in p.r. emanuel tama the president of the euro continent geo political think tank thank you for joining us on the program here on our to today would you agree that the e.u. needs to push back against the u.s. extraterritorial sign sions and if so how could it happen. if the europe and protect would like to reach such as you khatami shine any. cheese does be no underlined in recent documents but or source some more efficient suspicioning trance isacson exactly what you should do to retaliate against extraterritorial measures from the united states regime dummy g.'s european or companies but oversaw the autonomy and the for bt to europeans to decide to use sovereign way about we've loom viduka most we would they
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exchange. treaties where he'd buy their own gas and oil and he says where very when it comes in vu international. situation today because mr joe biden was elected and a lot of expectation from europe and side who have a better chance at non-secret ations but. we conceive out to mr biden v.c. steve america 1st which is prevailing so far so i think. it's a good idea now to to try to put new i.d.'s to have more europe and strategic autonomy but. let's lead to be your frock it would be difficult because visit ids know are coming from french side. from french think tanks and. it's not always shared by it not only of all european countries which are
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more deceased but oh sure v.-e. you bureaucrats here which also would like to with the new receptive turns out 20 quid ish and cheap but dr least these are ideas that can be discussed at e.u. rebore it's a common you mentioned a moment ago the idea of gas and one of the key bones of contention is the nord stream to gas pipeline french and german firms have invested heavily in it and is going to slash energy costs for households in the e.u. why is washington so set against it. because he's for commercial reasons but also joe put it to go to reasons 1st of all or the united states just put its current strategy is to fragment eurasia and to prevent too much compare ation between european union under wash up in order to
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slow down murty put our rechy and to prevent europeans to be too much independent from united states but react to a record of what already doing because the war the americans who were or disagreed we've fucked but the germans bee gees oil pipelines we've soviet union but they didn't because it was in the interest of germany and so now we have the same pressure from united situ preven no stream to but to stick question of sovereignty and or saw there is a question of. kommersant the united states would like to set its shade guards to europe and to of course for financial reasons to same time to counter of a delivery no for russian gas to europe and it certainly seems according to some of the analysts we've spoken to here in r.t. those sanctions are typically about one side protecting big business against other
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big business rivals let's discuss the e.u. defense policy it's still centered on nato which is dominated by the us will any whiff of this kind have perhaps repercussions for european security the problem is but or recent i.d.f. to be more strategic independent from united states to push come to measures to extract or. expelling lois from united states. they are there are specific measures but they would have more clout if they would be integrated in new much bigger or european joe portage car struck to g. to be more independent on need to own our start stage and to decide on its own joe particular objectives. there on the ward on this fishery to azza
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russia to us china towards africa but as is known as european union on the e.u. bureaucracy is very much linked to were nato unfortunately. as wrong as e.u. doesn't fink it's sent as in not to know was powell or and doesn't decide in a more sovereign way each we're going to be difficult mr tallman i'm running very low on time here but i must ask you the e.u. and us they are starting to disagree on all sorts of things these days and then there's also venezuela where the e.u. no longer recognizes the us backed opposition leader one guy i don't know as president we seeing the 2 sides perhaps drift apart when it comes to that of foreign policy. yes. us tour the cold war the perception of interest of diverging more and more joining the core of
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a common in need was u.s.s.r. but no u.s.s.r. disappeared but nato is steve there and distinctive consider about to russia it's the adversary but the more and more some european countries they start to to disagree vet position especially of french which has a tradition of a gold east approach to the europe and project to be more autonomous more independent and more more some european countries would like to decide on be our own jumper it kept priorities and disagree of course we've are. strategy of united states against russia china again. against european approach to iran and or sought to we're a climate change. election a beast of biden there's
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a look to fix speech patient 2 of the reset in terms of trying to grisham shape because this thing might agree again on some but i think if this is a need luzhin because of after mr trump mr biden will fall over same duck treen for many decide many dictates which is america thoughts well india and the going to say the russian president vladimir putin has said in recent years that he's seen american presidents change but the policy stays the same p.r. emanuel tom and the president of the year are confident geo political thing tank we appreciate your time thank you for joining us on r.t. today. british authorities have blasted what they called a mob of animals who damaged property torched police vans and injured 20 officers in riots against a controversial bill to expand police powers. i
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thank i thank you. essentially what we've seen over the weekend is the number of protests there in the southwest and since you are still in england then it's in response to a bail out of a government bill and rule being class called the police crime sentencing in courts bill and sensually there have been many concerns that this is someone of the age of pony and piece of legislation that it gives police and authorities far more powers it gives them powers for example of how protests can be held and so in the lights of everything that's been going on you can see in controversial scenes of police cracking down on women protesting against women violence and so for those reasons and the protests there in bristol was held by people stand simply to protest
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against that legislation to try successful the right to protest but it quickly descended into violent scenes dozens of officers receiving injuries there are reports of one offside his ribs broken the other one has on broken a police station that that close to the center of the city was set on fire or was that windows destroyed and because police vehicles were set on fire during the course of that of course police have made arrests during the scene things are calm today but it will be a shock to the system for many in the police but also of course it will probably lead suit an even bigger crackdown against some of those protesters many of whom once wearing masks and why easily identifiable so. there will be some consequences to this we've already heard from the home secretary there pretty good cell saying that there will be some type of response pliable thorough
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unacceptable scenes in bristol tonight secor and by a minority will never be tolerated our police officers put themselves in harm's way to protect us all my thoughts this evening i with those police officers injured. germany's greens have been criticized over their calls to scrap the north stream to gas pipeline the party was a major winner in this month's regional elections and has now claimed the project would damage the country's international standing and a member of the ruling christian democratic union told us the energy imports must be diversified the greens are more or less an arm of the us internationalist elite. they've been there done that for a while they are more or less completely. following the u.s. strategy they are not looking after germany their party that have in their mind and
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their program basically to abolish germany and you can see that on all fronts and so they point towards ukraine and we should look for german interests 1st we should look for european interests 1st and it's very worthwhile and good for europe and for germany to diversify its energy sources and not to be dependent on one direction because if you're dependent on one direction almost looks like mafia tactics you take away the the the activity and then you provide the stuff yourself and of course it's good for germany to have energy sources from russia directly and from the west and from wherever but not from one direction please. the greens claim that north stream 2 would hurt the country's climate and renewable energy commitments as well as its international standing our europe correspondent peter oliver reports from berlin germany's green party have been setting out their election promises ahead of this year's national vote scrapping the nord stream to
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gas pipeline is being given top billing but the greens stance puts them in lock step with the biden administration in washington secretary of state antony blinken has also just announced that the infrastructure project should be stopped and that businesses involved in the pipeline could face sanctions any entity involved in the north stream to pipeline risks u.s. sanctions and should immediately abandoned work on the pipeline costing just over $9000000000.00 euros north stream 2 is already more than 95 percent complete it will allow russian gas to flow directly into germany under the baltic sea and could be used to bypass existing pipelines which take gas through ukraine which would cost kiev valuable transit fees the pipeline is seen by some politicians as the only way for germany to get the energy it needs while facilitating the move away from nuclear and coal. we are the only highly industrialized country which at the
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same time wants to get rid of nuclear energy in kovel those who use a huge amount of nuclear energy such as mike rann have an easier task to replace fossil fuels this is a bold move from the greens it puts at risk a potential coalition between themselves and the conservative union which had been widely talked up ahead of september's vaught christian democratic union leader arm english remains on track to be angular merkel successor chancellor that's despite strong gains by the greens and the corruption scandal over m.p.'s earning extra money through lobbying taking its toll on his party in polling he is regarded as an economic pragmatist when it comes to the pipeline and the gas it would provide the conservatives are the only ones willing to finish the project. the greens always have a special position visit the russian state of rejecting the shameless u.s.
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threat and interference in german they're basically asking the us to enforce sanctions thus turning themselves into a lobbyist for dirty inexpressive us fracking gas which is not green at all. there and to transition is important to protect the climate and group will be serious if we want to remain competitive if we want to secure job in this industry status and if we want to secure perspire easy for everyone transitions acknowledging been place running with such a big foreign and economic policy front and center is a big gamble from the greens it suggests that they think that they could win the election in september because if they don't and they were to enter into a coalition government with the concert serves as the junior partner well that could well require a large policy climbdown peter all of our r.t. berlin. i may return soon with my. mom.
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was. experiencing. the flipper. excuse for most of us 52.


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