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tv   News  RT  March 22, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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international president putin meets russian developers to discuss a production and hails the proven safe domestically produced. also ahead in the program most of those ultimatums. final warning to. the. procedure many. has failed. foreign minister. program and.
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controversial policing. international thanks for joining us on rule research. has been meeting with. developers to discuss various ways of accelerating the rollout domestically. and he stressed the strong safety record of russian shots compared to foreign rivals as get more details on this right now. joining us here on the program a few announcements from the russian president what's been said so far. rory good
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afternoon well perhaps the biggest news of the day is that vladimir putin is set to receive the vaccine himself he said that he's going to do it tomorrow which is shoes day march 23rd we heard earlier few months before the. president was going to take it it was unclear when now we are certain that he's going to do it although president putin didn't specify which vaccine is going to choose exactly we know that so far 3 have been registered in russia while of very soon hopefully will find out now he made a few announcement like you said mr putin began with praising the russian jobs and he actually said that no foreign vaccines are a match to what has been developed by the scientists in russia besides this mr
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putin mentioned that a total of $55.00 countries worldwide 'd have approved the use of sputnik v. that is the name of the 1st russian vaccine but according to the russian president the biggest priority for the russian government at this point is the vaccination here in the country so that's the domestic campaign and mr putin provided the latest numbers for the vaccination according to the president a total of $6.00 russians have so far received the 1st dose of the sputnik vaccine and then a total of $4.00 now already have 2 doses but mr putin also went on to talk about something that he called a deliberate discredit tahsin campaign and he's talking about the various. comments
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that are surfacing he's talking about the stuff that's being said by western officials and in the media as well now it is worth mentioning something that was said by the. senior european official who is responsible for the internal market in the u.k. he pedaled back after saying last week that sputnik v. was one of the candidates for official use in europe in one of his latest interviews terry bret said that europe doesn't need sputnik feet at all and he believes that by mid-summer europe will be able to achieve continent wide immunity without the russian vaccine and also cited issues with production in russia. we have absolutely no need for sputnik v.
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the russians are having a hard time making it. well this was something that a lot of our putin reacted to as well mr putin called this statement strange and also decided to ask. this wasn't a direct question for the european official but perhaps. officials in europe will hear that mr putin said whose interests do you represent is it the people or the pharmaceutical giants those who produce the other vaccines in any case this was something that drew criticism from the company that's making sputnik the as well in a tweet they called mr brett on biased against the vaccine just because it's russian but in any case the producers of sputnik v. are saying that they're ready to save more lives and like we heard from vladimir putin more and more countries are approving the use of the russian vaccines the 1st
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one sputnik v. in particular and another important statement from the russian president was that again so far no serious side effects from the use of the jap have been discovered you know let's just go over those numbers one more time for if you are an impressive mass vaccination campaign in russia as the russian president was saying more than 6300000 people have now received their 1st dose and 4300000 have received both doses interesting as you were mentioning that according to the russian president sputnik v. has been a mob by a propaganda campaign misinformation and politicking and now apparently sanctions are being prepared against russia for russia trying to save lives so more details to come up be speaking to you soon. thank you. covert vaccines are also center stage in the u.s. relations with the u.k. brussels has now doubled down on threats to ban exports of
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a chronic and distribution we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfill your part of the deal towards euro before you start to deliver to other countries it seems that the e.u. could be holding back on the millions of vaccines that are due to be transported to the u.k. in the next few weeks if it takes that decision to suspend the next to be ok now the move has incensed u.k. government ministers as you can imagine but also opposition party the labor party standing by u.k. government on this particular point and calling for calm from the new i would urge the european commission to calm down the language cool the rhetoric and that's try and work together to get through this crisis. what seems most bizarre is the fact that this is over astra zeneca jobs coming to the e.u. or not enough and that's because there is a huge amount of mistrust in this particular vaccine just for example here in
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france it's so high that only 20 percent of people say that they have faith in that job and as we know over the last week 19 european countries decide this to suspend astra zeneca over fears of safety in regards to blood clots and despite the fact that the european medical satan see as once again rubber stamped it that's not good enough for some e.u. countries who are still holding back and while. you big wigs are talking about the idea of not getting enough astra zeneca doses to hear what they're not talking about is how many doses european countries are just sitting on millions and millions of doses that have yet to be used here now i also want to talk about what's happening in france because astra zeneca has been restarted as a campaign again but this new advice from the french health authorities here which means it can now only be used for over 55 completely different advice to what we
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had just a few weeks ago where president machen was saying that it was quasi effective for all their age groups and that some u.k. experts is causing a problem in undermining confidence it doesn't make any sense the whole thing looks completely crackers they're changing the rules almost every week they're really damaging people's confidence in vaccines generally they're sitting on a massive stockpile of vaccines that they haven't deployed yet and at the same time they've got a massive wave of the new variants coming across the country you could make it up. there's also a question about how much of this row is about the e.u. trying to deflect attention from how poorly it's handled this crisis something it itself has admitted and of course let's not forget the u.k. was invited to join a joint procurement scheme with the e.u. despite breaks it the e.u. politely declined and said we're going to do it our own way and as a result of that they speeding ahead with their vaccination program just to put
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that into context 51 percent of all adults in the u.k. have received at least one dose of a vaccine compare that to around 10 percent here across the e.u. as a whole and the fake is really sort of paint a picture of how starkly different the campaigns are and some might say that this is now the e.u. throwing a bit of a tantrum and it's ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. hungary's top diplomat has called on e.u. regulators to approve the after he personally received the russian vaccine in an interview with r.t. the foreign minister explained why he thinks europe's inoculation campaign has faltered. vaccine is not a question of ideology for us it is a matter of saving lives and if you had not contracted chinese and russian vaccine. saved health care or had you health and the lives of many hungary and
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the hungary our national regulator has approved the emergency use authorization for nukes so why not answer was the one. by our government to negotiate with the russians on the ration of our purchasing. after a long series of negotiations and we were able to sign our contracts which. a large accelerating backs nation in hungary. there are 2 ways you know europe according to the european regulations how a vaccine gonna get approval one day's definitely through the e.n.e. european medicines agency through a let's see ordinary procedure but you don't get the regulations also say there's another way in case of emergency and that these other way should be completed by the national regulators would use for the emergency even authorization so the fact
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that the hungary a national regulator has issue with emergency use or fraud offer a zation is nothing you know against their regulations and and that's what made us a little bit fed up you know that the way hungary has approved. it was going to be in the western part of your opening global media as if we had made something against a europe in regulation which is which is not true you wrote your regulations say very clearly that in a case of emergency you can make such an. icon give you an explanation why e.m.e.a. is so slow of course of course i mean bureaucratic explanations can be given any time they can say to day to day expect more documentation based by the russian look on their part to do the same that i don't know what i see is what i see is that there are vaccines in the world which are used by millions and millions of people
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believed russian or chinese but the bees are not authorized here even in europe you know once again you're a graphic explanations can be easily given in the fine but not this is not about the reference if you says about the lives of the people but more x. and you have and the more people you're going to say but i think very simple at least to speak about for sure. the decentralized procurement procedure managed by brussels has failed as fairly close regarded. the promises and the expectations there are much less back scenes arriving and much lower compares to what had been before why it became obvious that these shipments. managed and coordinated by brussels are not satisfactory weave around there at that and by the same people by the same bureaucrats by the same politicians why we want to buy additional of axes
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for our own people for our own people and i think this is a this is a matter of of obligation of a state of the government to protect the lives of its own people. here in moscow authorities have blasted what they called a mob of animal who damaged property torched police vans and injured 20 officers in u.k. riots against a controversial bill to expand police powers. god . i thank i. thank you. essentially what we've seen over the weekend is the number of protests there in the southwest and since you are still in england then it's in response to
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a bail out and a government bill and more being passed called the police crime sentencing in courts bill and sensually there have been many concerns that this is someone of the age of coney and piece of legislation that it gives police and authorities far more powers it gives them powers for example over how protests can be held and so in the light of everything that's been going on we've been seeing controversial scenes of police cracking down on women protesting against women violence and so for those reasons and the protests there in bristol was held by people stand simply to protest against that legislation to try successful the right to protest but it quickly descended into violent scenes dozens of officers receiving injuries there are reports of one offside his ribs broken another one had his on broken a police station there at close to the center of the city was set on fire or was
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that windows destroyed and because police vehicles were set on fire during the course of that of course police have made arrests during the scene things are calm today but it will be a shock to the system for many in the police but also of course it will probably lead to an even bigger crackdown against some of those protesters many of whom want wearing masks and why easily identifiable so. there will be some consequences to this we've already heard from the home secretary pretty good cell saying that. there will be some type of response by all thorough unacceptable scenes in bristol tonight segre and is ordered by a minority will never be tolerated our police officers put themselves in harm's way to protect us all my thoughts this evening i with those police officers injured. germany's greens have been criticized over the calls to scrap the north stream to
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gas pipeline the party was a major winner in this month's regional elections and has now claimed the project would damage the country's international standing but a member of the ruling christian democratic union told us that energy imports must be diversified. the greens are more or less an arm of the u.s. internationalist elite. they've been they've done that for a while they are more or less completely. following the us strategy they're not looking after germany their party that have in their mind and their program basically to abolish germany and you can see that on all fronts and so they point towards ukraine and we should look for german interests 1st we should look for european interests 1st and it's very worthwhile and good for europe and for germany to diversify its energy sources and not to be dependent on one direction because if
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you're dependent on one direction almost looks like mafia tactics you take away the the the activity and then you provide the stuff yourself and of course it's good for germany to have energy sources from russia directly and from the west and from wherever but not from one direction please or the greens claim that the north stream to gas pipeline would hurt the country's climate and renewable energy commitments as well as its international standing and your correspondent peter all of a big city. germany's green party have been setting out their election promises ahead of this year's national vote scrapping the nord stream to gas pipeline is being given top billing but the greens stance puts them in lock step with the biden administration in washington secretary of state antony blinken has also just announced that the infrastructure project should be stopped and that businesses involved in the pipeline could face sanctions any entity involved in the north
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stream to pipeline risks u.s. sanctions and should immediately abandon work on the pipeline costing just over 9000000000 euros north stream 2 is already more than 95 percent complete it will allow russian gas to flow directly into germany under the baltic sea and could be used to bypass existing pipelines which take gas through ukraine which would cost valuable transit fees the pipeline is seen by some politicians as the only way for germany to get the energy it needs while facilitating the move away from nuclear and coal. we are the only highly industrialized country which at the same time wants to get rid of nuclear energy in kovel those who use a huge amount of nuclear energy such as micron have an easier task to replace fossil fuels this is a bold move from the greens it puts at risk a potential coalition between themselves and the conservative union which had been
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widely talked up ahead of september's vaught christian democratic union leader arm english remains on track to be angular merkel successor chancellor that's despite strong gains by the greens and a corruption scandal over m.p.'s earning extra money through lobbying taking its toll on his party in polling he is regarded as an economic pragmatist when it comes to the pipeline and the gas it would provide the conservatives are the only ones willing to finish the project. the greens always have a special position visibly russian instead of rejecting the shameless u.s. threat and interference in germany there be sickly asking the us to enforce sanctions thus turning themselves into lobbyists for dirty inexpensive us fracking gas which is not green at all. there and to transition is important to protect the climate and group will be serious if we want to remain competitive if we want to secure in this industry status and if we want to secure perspire easy for everyone
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transitions acknowledges been place running with such a big foreign and economic policy front and center is a big gamble from the greens it suggests that they think that they could win the election in september because if they don't and they were to enter into a coalition government with the concert serves as the junior partner well that could well require a large policy climbdown peter all of our r.t. berlin still to come here on the program including turkey insists its laws already protect women and international condom. nation of it's pulled out from a treaty combating domestic violence story and the rest just. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. already made in the shallowness.
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good of you to join us today for the program the protesters have hit the streets of turkey after pulled out of a major international treaty combating violence against women is topple so large gatherings over the weekend with thousands calling on the government to reverse its decision rights groups say turkey has withdrawal will make it harder to monitor and prevent violence against women and the council of europe has branded the move devastating. this move is a huge setback and all the more deplorable because it compromises the protection of women in turkey across europe and beyond. world convention was stablished a number of years ago it was actually introduced in 2011 to prevent domestic
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violence and promote gender equality over turkey says it undermines family values and has a pro. the agreement has been ratified by 33 nations who insists its existing laws already fully protect women so we discussed the decision with various turkish experts. well little good thinkers may not always the good you know the convention brings about enquires vertical practice. to come from my house but at the national vital question and the day this contract has never implemented. it just remains that on paper the contract has been in effect. 2 anti faulty but never l.-a at life whether this contract is a lot according to our constitution marriage isn't just shouldn't is important for
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jerks but as a feminist see this ng. as i went. and labeling the image and also the rise of algae d.c. is a force in judges because the you know who mentioned brings about eminence clear leprechaun that forces the sexual orientation to be alleged to the missions and all the connotations that candidate in fact nobody this this sex nature traditional where you especially these contracts has nothing to do we can add additional weight basically it's only about gender sexuality and about man now i know again we will see it as e.d.t. i individuals the fact is that came about with a coconut grown in public man being slanders take taken away from their
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homes from their kids is actually any evidence of violence by the way the point is the concept has never been implemented last summer camp a they saw only line was held against the contract stumble conversation is the last mess at that stage wishing to prevent may violence the point is they are all hostile they all of hostile to the whole coalition. because they are again if you are. a genius leader or a mass murderer francis plans to mark the 200th anniversary of napoleon bonaparte the death has certainly split opinion the new york times launching an attack on the former emperor. as a black woman of haitian descent and a scholar of french colonialism i find it particularly galling to see that france plans to celebrate the man who restored slavery to the french caribbean an
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architect of modern genocide his troops created gas chambers to kill my ancestors critics blast napoleon's brutal military campaigns across europe and asia but many have sprung to his defense insisting he boosted social institutions and laid the foundations of the french legal system and one top political commentator says the attacks a too selective. as the new york times and as we know the new york times has become a propaganda instrument of a certain strain of wilkie scholarship in which you go hunt people to oppose and to insult i'm not going to sort of take sides on this when slavery is a bad thing it was abolished forever in france in 845 it was only abolished in america 865 it was abolished in russia any 160 we're not the last there's no reason it's no reason to essentially start criticizing the protean because you have it in
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for france in general which is what the new york times has had consistently the last few years or the new york times article comes amid a wider assault on historical figures now considered progressive and elizabeth again says that's simply ignoring the facts. what's going on this thing called critical race theory which is really dangerous that 1st of all you teach a simplified caricatural of history that does not reflect anything as complex that what happened and then when people have no memory and no culture you can practically tell them anything that the whole point is to criticize a certain type of colonialist if you take the autumn and empire if you take which which is the longest. serving i mean longest acting colonial powers more than half a 1000000 euro and who are quite ferocious. against all populations and who practiced slavery nobody talks about that they will only talk about a certain type of western europeans because they've decided that they were
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everything that is evil or that's the program for this hour here on r.t. international could join us soon though we are back at the top of the. people.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground for another lock down edition we'll be hearing from the ground in yemen after the u.n. warns of dramatic deterioration of the world's worst humanitarian crisis as britain continues to send to saudi arabia but 1st let's go straight to the site of the lying 3 pipeline in minnesota a project that's been described as cultural genocide on native american land as iconic actor jane fonda joins protesters calling on u.s. president joe biden to cancel the project tribal attorney from the cutting 1st nation tara who scott joins me now from the pipeline in park rapids thank you so much i know you're holding the phone there in minnesota it looks amazing out there but actually it's not been amazing has it just explain why native americans 1st learned jane fonda is protesting the line 3 pipeline so jane fonda is out here in solidarity and support with indigenous people who have been leading an all out struggle against tar sands pipeline.


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