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tv   Documentary  RT  March 21, 2021 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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more news just coming in that the governor of the panza region which is just to the southeast of moscow is in some hot water he has been detained and criminal proceedings have been initiated against him now the accusation is the 62 year old he's actually only been in the post since 2015 was embroiled in the giving and taking of bribes the information so far provided by the investigative committee is that between january and september of 2020 the government received a total of $31000000.00 roubles not so around 415000 u.s. dollars he's thought to have received those large sums of money from among others but most notably perhaps boris spiegel who heads up the biotech pharmaceutical group in exchange it's alleged that the government gave preferential treatment to biotech when it was bidding on government contracts not just so that we can understand biotech is a big player here in russia in the medical sphere it does primarily produce medicines but it doesn't so sell both russian and foreign of the pharmaceutical
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products and like for many in the industry last year it was a big and profitable year and biotech was delivering essential medical items to many regions throughout the country during the height of the pandemic and we don't have too many of the details at this point we do know that because it's of properties have been such alongside those of others suspected to be involved a room of 6 in total and the arrest warrants will likely be issued soon so we'll be keeping an eye on that. well i will i thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us here at r.t. international your weekly returns at the top of the hour. for
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the full of different kind here on in your mom oh good price what would you know him when your margin on mine never been worse than that i left clownish over there and then or a lot. over larry. just to have our father through this who fished very fertile econo nature and the interior from monetary though he. has always
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shown what you know to be the sign if edge of us overdoing it or a list so it just sort of i love it so well with your grandmother sitting could our father and mother myself or me or us. in consultation i do i knew why i need. a lot of need. for and felt any. advantage of time to show like on his own with your. production and the low shots of the advice i was. you know i get asked and i would have a profit without the 1st so we will move in with stuff but and he says because she . or we need a monthly deficit i will face it off but i. will. not miss it if it don't. want. to show why.
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don't. you. do it a little off it. and i thought i was just i said a male friend simplified the idea and i asked him to fit. well with much on. iraq and. saw the shrunken is what i had. how them fit it in and out of ideas. for good to find out about myself and then i let the shit out that i was there must tell the tough get. going on with over a few more god nor the time so i feel in our war on the good outfits or the shot i haven't had that the height of the. sun is not. a flash and that.
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and you. know you. can but when i catch him then you can keep an eye on what i've seen as each other for 12 fall. when you enter this city one of the 1st signs you see reads welcome to the burial ground of the americans these soldiers had just put up posters asking people to inform on and searched. stacking u.s. troops. they had barely left the scene before the locals tore the posters down. did it look like fun food. hello a shot of the irish and cleavage out. of their knee. so i you know could no connie and i had to get on and was all that i want to annie.
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in a good month of. god i. have yet to decide all holidays but i have a whole at holiday time the xian i. wish to have on invests that had to have. been how you want it i think. actually this and. i'll add whatever i can to how could it. have all of what i want to know how i. don't occlusion i don't why i'm retired. lousily good deal more a classmate told years ago to withdraw from the sky with a lie. and i would stay out of this is a warning. on it but it is
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a lot i mean i wish i had taken my who's. behind county because i know that i've already. been there. about him but. i would. really want us all as it were shot. no not k. i need to know. a lot of. his or her name and show do not and only you know him global issue of one. day is an issue if you. assume his home life smiling. gordon are known and yeah go to watch.
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nick which one exception of and occasional sell off shows a vet really wasn't the only community vets in the health. one as it wouldn't normally find out how he does. so in may and you so much know well. i was going to say how do you think of. it if there were no homeless have access. to our information to charlestown i don't. actually probably good enough. because i don't want a bornean it is gushing out by the clock a lot i don't wish mine are. a number you know it all say as to which model did the last i ask where that is said welcome not in riyadh with an
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international phone. any china sunny may go. on i suggest this. kind of. all in on it by doing that then by saying i'm not. i know. so you. know what.
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joe i. was. trying. to move. the hockey. i was a little kid. in the alley quite well you. would. hope to attend and know what that obvious or going to say will be filled with joy don't go away. the whole thing a little bit you know. just that i was right. and i was i don't want to fall off
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well. you know how. my. will still ended there. how long. we should show you just i'm just so down. i only so. you know this is mostly a little i still don't. know yet is the law and you know they're just wrong but i know all that i did. you know you. did this you know. oh. god why did john. on the. 64 i did that a birthday as you had to say to hear from. stan
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. and i said and. i'm going to buy senate. and that scale and that out of washington. that i see and then how. the fund that i saw for. the 1st of the to have that. money can be there. as. a call when i walk. around what i saw and know him and. suggested no women on their knees and i still have a lock and a saucer and i did. it with children had to have leave it all to father and mother this one. time job and i'll cry i thought i left schaffel i know i can without archaic on it there's not that clit and everything that goes to iraq must be approved by a special sanctions committee this committee has consistently blocked the
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restoration of basic services in iraq power light and clean running water if it didn't go well that. would have been a little bit. but next to a lot. of the. model of the old school was that the. so what. it's crazy.
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if you're rich. you got. one now. so you should be seen in a whole lot more if you don't take. 10
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years ago iraq was a developed country whose oil had brought great wealth today the death rate of children under 5 is over $4000.00 every month that's $4000.00 more than would have died before sanctions.
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no jimmy soft and why limited. access to the code to that is shout out to him to do you know it can be shot out of. his office jet into shot janek the head of minister that does a fine and sad as i was was an out for them it's just. me and still thinking that it's justified tell them. that i know. what i think. who was full of sort of. soft as they do enough of it. down there stuff like ah it's a no i was i was in no way off the on and off what's. new off the shabbat are. within it meant a spirit on the floor of course that. this
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building has simply been left because there's no fire service available. now and. you risk getting a house like that i think. i know that i'm going to show it to our thoughts about the who would have bought it and the kids and adults who showed. no thought of how this should have been to ensure its odds and condition. shara. unite us in charge to send over security in. crown and i was somewhat so shot him because he. blew up.
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how the so i just didn't want to be had but i. know that it's a little bit on the circuit so if a kook or study a cool. down to la. paz and i said and you know my leg to a focus. on this and when did you do it for me it's also there that i would just do it with as i could have thought possible clue i did this yeah now as to. the true financial and i was for those things you don't. and those that i would like i think i don't. like having i have never. had. that. you know me.
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well. you've been missed i'm so glad that you can what would you be do i just. did that on the box are there. do you want a few that show i don't know i have. 100 what are those and still don't. know don't know what michelle will know and you still are the golden ox was out again. at dinner and then we should let you know me so we'll watch while it. is. yes. marsh died watching. bill. 7 on e i'm going to moderate a tire and that's a shit couldn't find any will julie did. on month
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a couple feel i didn't want perfect healing without arm and was late for fall off. for all that and that other. one as a facade with no set of a d. here on her and want us out to have to do only a deal. with this civil war gets accomplished this is the accordance with our cross condition. of it all for the planet i meant it to had no edge of the finish i would be a tick. susan and mr i bow down with i would i had the joy and.
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sorrow of its immediate need so i did go pats of the creative and cried and said well none of the results for these miss to feed him me i'm sure facebook right down to the north of the children has so he sure has always you. know look the 15th canadian law to be. and why the change you needed fame. and then if you think you know. already i will but i think i saw this. this side. you. put. that much. made it would make it. was
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a goal. was still we probably lost. but. you walk so. why didn't i was taught by. bill. doesn't mean he really. needs it. thank you. for the shot. it. was a little bit. when you thought. i was. a mobile business must go.
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on you want. me. but you. know. who i do. you know full well. you have to be a good. quote i probably don't. know you. know oh you didn't know if you didn't do it in the.
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end you. mean. conyers to be. good because you would be kids are you game as it was i don't know. who or how that over time is going to get it but kind of like. you know where to go if you treat your guy like i do and i do get to. and probably every day daughter or was it just. said with our study. did he so we. have no off. on this fellow did somewhere i was like this so much like i want to side old with. love on a number of and have. them a lot of. it on
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a whim tells us of in way. that no longer than the admin to close the loop in and saddam or if the whole not follow voyage on a could just because someone just did. someone just 100 over 2 and a. joy to self. with. that we should. hold the rushing in. all no one walks. she's going to finish. no you go. you go. so serious you know how did you get here you don't like no money. you know.
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for a horn and i had the. most i want to let. sure that's been the only and lot of them. are has a. has said. it's because. they feel comfortable to. let you. know that. i don't have the. how to walk on to the. how to shop one how to. learn how to but. well.
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i was the one i really would. one was going home. to move. around. with john. and if you do. what i'm going to. be entirely. well good luck i'll be a model but i should all be you. surely have to mean an. because you want to show. the.
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i'm going to. bring you a preview of. that employment in the. not . i'm not. in the beginning but it might be us. you naturally. can boy get him. through it. looks all extremists all of which i don't know much. new top of that if you should get to build a review. in the store and don't let them bring me a copy of night. and let them know that you
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can be. americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think. in the united states not just.
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saving lives. patients. but us the health.


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