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we are in the crisis of the century and i'm not ruling out anything anything for now. the european union threatens its allies with a vaccine export ban in attempt to fix its floundering job rollout while other removes state suggests that sputnik could be the answer also to come moscow warns the new low in ties after the american president brands his russian counterpart a killer we look at whether joe biden's promise that the problem you see is back is in fact a stab in the back and the u.k. should strike trade deals with countries even if they have a poor human rights record that's according to a leaked recording of the u.k. foreign secretary dominic rudd.
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good afternoon hello just gone 2 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now the e.u. has threatened its allies with the vaccine export ban in the latest twist in the blocks ongoing vaccination saga commissioner on the lion has said she is prepared to invoke a law last used 50 years ago to stop vaccines made in europe from being sent outside the block we are in the crisis of the century. and i'm not ruling out anything anything for now because we have to make sure that europeans are vaccinated as soon as possible if the situation does not change we will have to reflect on how to make exports to vaccine producing countries dependent on their level of openness another day another scandal involving vaccines
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in the european union this time there's been an increase in the language that's been used from the e.u. commission president on the law and she said that the block may well put in place rules that they haven't used special measures that they haven't used since the 1970 s. in order to block the export of vaccines that are manufactured on e.u. territory now this is very thinly veiled and how it's targeted the united kingdom in particular when you look at the numbers it's quite clear since the vaccine started being rolled out around 9000000 also vaccines of being exported from the e.u. into the u.k. 0 have gone the other way for a manufacturer as in the united kingdom to the e.u. so what the e.u. is saying is that they need to keep those vaccines inside their own territory for use on their own citizens now that hasn't gone down very well in the united kingdom dominick rob the u.k.
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foreign secretary said he was shocked by the announcement frankly i'm surprised we're having this conversation is normally what would you care that you team up with to object when other countries are less pretty quick to produce the right gauge and that kind of brinkmanship it's not just the united kingdom will be asking a few questions of the e.u. over this the united states as well receives vaccines manufactured inside the e.u. both inside the e.u. there's also division when it comes to the distribution of vaccines sebastien courts the austrian chancellor heading up. group of 6 member states he want to see a change in the way it's done he says it's too open to back door deals when it comes to who gets vaccines when he also says that the e.u. needs to approve more vaccines for use in the fight against covert 19 and he's got his eyes on russia's sputnik v. jump concerning sputnik v. and other vaccines i strongly insist that the relevant e.u.
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bodies issue an authorization for safe vaccines as soon as possible the more vaccines we have the better for the world health organization just published a damning report into failings by the e.u. when it comes to dealing with the pandemic in the list of things that the e.u. needs to do fighting with its allies over vaccine production wasn't there what could help though would be approving more vaccines so that more people across the european union can receive that job. ok we're joined live now by francesca goodwillie he's the president of the italian think tank naseer only future and you're very welcome we appreciate your time so afternoon francesco what do you make of this spot then that we're seeing between the u.k. medieval seems to be getting worse and worse. i think looming the failure of the european union and the european union it's a very long and 50 we we need that as soon as possible but unfortunately
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hold the european union countries heat only for ask spain and germany we are leaving vaccines because of the political choices of the european union the problem of this inflation is illegal not that we the national state is lean can we let the book sell we're ocracy this this equation is linked with there's a lot of the european union mechanism so what we need are vaccines as soon as possible and the stop decided by force of. germany but secular also from italy and spain france and the whole of the european union countries of the astor there nic are vaccines it is very dangerous because it is the maybe this is listen is not a link on me to a sanitary point of view but is also linked from a geopolitical point of view maybe dystopic is the link with the chinese it is because of the after the neck of us since it was productive by the united kingdom
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so all this started this vacuum may be only for political choice and not only for sanitary choice maybe do you think though that the commissioner of the has any choice here means he has to take action as a vaccine shortage if he does invoke this very old law that she says she might do wouldn't that solve the problem of europe is then able to use all of x. things it produces within the block. now is larry difficult at all or solve the problem because they have to think about the situation some months ago we had to think about this situation maybe 6 months ago or maybe one here who go when the president of the coronavirus start running so now the big problem is that we are late and so will the european union is irrational to cry finding some vaccines all over the war but to what we need now are a lot of boxes i agree with sebastian cool counselor of house because he knew that
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we e.c. that we need as soon as possible a lot of boxes so all we have some choices in front of her has a for example i think it there that we have a 2 star that using this put me could because a lot of country all over all that maybe 40 country all over the world that use this book and the sputnik is the same vaccines so i don't understand why the european union is so slow to approve the use of the sport inside the european union because there are some countries that are europe and i think about serbia and they think also about i want to talk to you about some marine or some merino is this very small country in say they are only 33 south and people eaves in summary not and in summary in a little use this boutique so we don't understand the need for example why the citizens of summary not use this boutique and the cities there is often a really that is it is model city in near summary or anybody they don't have this
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so is not very logical the situation yet it could be another 3 months couldn't it before finally gets approval francesco thanks for coming on to r.t. believe it there was a francesco if you believe he's the president of the italian think tank not only future. thank you. russia's ambassador to the united states is on his way to moscow for crisis talks after ties with washington hit a new low it does come in response to a t.v. interview in which president joe biden said his russian counterpart will pay the price for trying to undermine the u.s. election last year but russian foreign ministry though had this to say. for us the main thing is to determine ways of improving russian u.s. ties which in a difficult state washington has in fact brought those to a dead end in recent years we are interested in preventing they irreversible degrade ation if the americans realize the risks associated with that this will be discussed you're in consultations between the russian foreign ministry and other
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relevant departments and with the russian ambassador to washington will in the same interview the diplomacy gloves were clearly off with biden laying a very serious allegation vladimir putin's dual you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay the price is going to pay well you'll see shortly you don't have to be an expert in diplomacy to realize how serious this is we might end up hearing from the kremlin that russia chose not to accept the insult period so what then not even a chance to sort out anything at all between the behemoths of world politics no wait after agreeing with the killer part joe biden gives russia and his counterpart a chance for places where it's in our mutual interests to work together that's why our renewed to start agreement with them that's overwhelming interest of humanity that we diminish the prospect of
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a nuclear exchange but like i said i'm not so sure the russian side will simply forget the offensive label anyway these mood swings are probably exactly what you should expect from how mr biden treats russia in the next 4 years but perhaps these aren't actual mood swings they've become a classic feature of how washington's been dealing with moscow for years there will always be something to blame the russians for even if it means reviving the election meddling narrative for real they just did it. we assess that russian president putin authorized and a range of russian government organizations conducted influence operations aimed at denigrating president biden's candidacy and the democratic policy supporting the former president trump undermining public confidence in the electoral process and exacerbating says you have political divisions in the u.s. you realize what happens next right this sighting what kind of punishment russia
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deserves although u.s. lawmakers still haven't fully decided on what russia deserves for some of the older sins the bottom line is what the man who took over at the white house was saying america is back america is back diplomacy is back hinting at a smoother or more predictable foreign policy it could have been about anyone in the world but not russia less mr biden confused yes and no or i do and i don't when he heard the word killer on a.b.c. and trying to their will on wednesday washington also increased export restrictions on russia the u.s. department of commerce cited the country's alleged use of chemical weapons something moscow has repeatedly denied our guest told us that biden and his team have a cold war mindset and that's bad news for global stability. there's been this red
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scare since the beginning of the trumpet ministration we had 2 years of you know that russia investigation hoax the place of the democratic party base to attack russia and i think that's one of the things that president biden is doing he's playing to the base which is entirely russian it's unfortunate because there are so many things in which the united states and russia should be cooperating obviously we did at the start treaty earlier this year but the fight against terrorism is a very important one in which both russia and the united states have a common interest as well as issues regarding security in the middle east syria you know has is an example as well the president biden has really got to think what he's doing and you've got to think before you speak because we have a great opportunity to try to turn things around in the relationship with russia and i think president biden should be focused on that instead of trying to play to the democratic base and yet again you know criticizing russia i hope that the
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sanctions are minor enough that this is more political posturing than actually trying to damage russia. the american government interferes too much in in fears of other foreign countries and especially in russia blaming russia for too many things a lot of which was was. part of our own domestic creation or problems that we've created here at home i didn't came up during the cold war and it doesn't seem like he's ready to let go that make peace with russia and other countries and that's what we really need for the safety and peace of the world in for the strength and safety of americans here we need to be nicer to the world community and not treat the entire world as enemies. that's sacrificing human rights at the altar of trade that's what the u.k. foreign secretary has been accused of by right scrapes off 23 coding rafale he wants the u.k. to strike teams with countries even if they have
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a whole human rights record. i believe we ought to be trading liberally around the world if we restrict it to countries with the european convention on human rights level standards of human rights we're not going to do many trade deals with the growth markets of the future with the foreign secretary dominic robb admitting that trading prospects actually could be done with the so-called enemies human rights groups and now hitting back accusing the government of gross hypocrisy this apparent willingness to sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade is shocking but certainly unsurprising it fits a depression pattern on human rights from these government trade is obviously important to all nations but the foreign secretary shouldn't be thrown human right defenders to the wharf like this while the government has actually defended dominic robb's comments saying that this leaked order far was actually clipped and actually distorted the truth but we've also heard from the opposition party the labor party hitting out saying that dominic robb's comments behind closed doors actually
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completely undermined their public statements at the same time but it's not just dominic rob who has been accused long before of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses but saying something else publicly make good on that pledge bring into force the united kingdom's 1st thomas human rights sanctions regime which gives us the power to impose sanctions on the on those involved in the very worst human rights abuses right around the world so when it comes to the big security and human rights challenges of our time we need this our united nations to forge a bold new multilateralism so when it comes to championing human rights across the world it seems like the united kingdom can talk the talk but can't quite walk the walk but this week it really does feel as though britain is going through some sort of existential identity crisis so now it's trying to reposition itself on the international world stage and reassert its global dominance but it seems like it
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will do that at any cost or britain has trade deals with. billions of pounds with countries topping the list of human rights violators in the last 4 years saudi arabia carried out over 500 executions as capital punishment while in india in 2020 that registered over 1300 deaths in judicial custody we spoke to the director of global justice now who wasn't surprised by dominic rob's comments. the anything that really surprises me about this is that people still think human rights plays any role whatsoever in terms of british trade policy it's only been a couple of weeks now since boris johnson's own backbenchers try to amend a piece of legislation to say. they want to prevent the british government doing trade deals with genocidal regimes and the government to closed it so there are backbenchers don't trust them not to do trade deals with countries that are committing genocide acts of genocide. and the british government said we don't want to have our hands tied so really british trade policy is that it's human rights
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free zone and dominic rabs response to democracy apparently being in retreat around the world seems to be that democracy should also be in retreat in this country because the tape that he put out yesterday the integrated defense for if you had some absolutely chilling passages in including the fact that we're going to be increasing and you could have weapons stockpile by 40 percent this is a deeply is a liberal government and you know i think the trade policy is clearly going to play a role in future years in the promotion of british power i'm british transnational corporations around the world watching are things that i had started on american southern border raised in iran like the rec old migrant numbers and some of the new comers testing positive. for the right we speak for men and i reside in a time that.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is on the spear in dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back and i'm oscar was hosting talks between the taliban and the afghan government to try and restart the peace process representatives from the us pakistan and china are also taking part in the negotiations and speaking at the event the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov called on both afghan sides to deescalate tensions. we encourage both sides to remain committed to the provisions of the doha document supported by the un security council resolution we are convinced that given the deterioration of the military and political situation
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further delays are an acceptable we urge the opposing sides to reduce the level of violence in the country. ok let's get the latest now from. miranda just how significant then is this latest round of peace talks that are taking place. well the point of these peace talks isn't so much to facilitate the ceasefire for the 2 sides to agree on a ceasefire it's more to facilitate the peace process itself or deal be made here nevertheless both sides will be able to discuss how they're going to form a peace deal and you know the the atmosphere the mood here is amicable enough it was only a few years ago that the taliban delegation even agreed to sit down at the same table in the same room as the government delegation here we saw i mean the former president got his start sitting shoulder to shoulder with the taliban delegation
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the even joked talk to each other shook hands and even hugged you know perhaps a hopeful side going into the future now that the 2 sides demonstrating that they aren't as afraid as opposed to engaging each other as they were in years past nevertheless the situation on the ground in afghanistan is nowhere near as rude as it is here violence is on the up unfortunately and sergey lavrov himself said that all the indicators pointed to the fact that the spring offensive the taliban's spring offensive a traditional military operation underway for many decades now is already ramping up violence is increasing there was a bombing in kabul where a bus carrying government workers. was struck several people dead there there was also an incident with an afghan army helicopter which was the crash to short out the taliban hasn't claimed responsibility we've had in the past several days the
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united states launching a slew of airstrikes against taliban positions saying that this was an reprisal to the taliban could soon offensive the taliban nevertheless saying that the united states is acting in contravention to agreements made previously of course one of those the chief agreement being one struck between the trumpet ministration and the taliban in february of last year whereby the taliban agreed to to make sure that its territories never again used to stage attacks against the united states as 'd al-qaeda did in 2011 september september 11th the united states and its part says that it will withdraw its troops in afghanistan new later than may 1st 2021 so soon so very soon now we've had biden come out and say that that is looking increasingly unlikely that it's very difficult to pull out all the troops within the few months remaining the taliban doesn't want to hear it they struck
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a deal and they want the united states to keep its part. all foreign troops must do with drawn from out country this issue has been resolved once and for all we have been negotiating with the americans for over 18 months so this is she has finally been resolved all foreign troops must leave a country at the end of april. these negotiations the deal struck in qatar was very difficult difficult it took months of negotiations months of disappointment so the taliban insist that you know everything that they had that they had negotiated for and that they had agreed on then must. be abided by that there is no alternative this summit this negotiation the negotiations happening here and in moscow as you mentioned attended by russia by china by the united states by pakistan and even kept up the do agreements where
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the previous agreement between the united states and the taliban was struck and is in looking increasingly unlikely to be to be kept but the point of these talks is to facilitate dialogue was to make sure the 2 sides couldn't agree on the fine the details and the foreign opponents of the speaker agreement that they made the afghan government side nevertheless sticking to its own side of its position and that is the foreign troops must remain. i think as long as we we have our international engagement with the u.s. as long as we have the b.s.c. active as long as we have the strategic military engagement with our partners and allies certainly we will be able to defend the taleban and they will not be able to make significant progress at this point we can only speculate on the
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chances of the doha grievance being kept this is now a fact of american foreign policy that with every new would ministration old deals often die or struck down by the new administration we saw it with a bomb a full making a deal the iran nuclear deal and then from coming to power and basically pulling the united states out of it now we have a similar situation in which trump made a deal with the taliban and now biden looks to be pulling out of that rather refusing so far to keep up his part of the deal. we're reviewing our own troops including may 1st deadline we haven't made any decisions yet about that. for a number of hours the delegates the delegations will meet behind closed doors that part of the meeting has begun within the next few hours we except we expect
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a press conference in which. of the heads of the other delegations will make them what are these if anything that they've agreed on. ok we'll look forward to that say thanks madrid that was murdered gas there with the latest on those afghan peace talks that are taking place currently in moscow thank you. now authorities at the u.s. southern border are calling on the government to step in as the region faces a record influx of migrants the u.s. border patrol is struggling to provide a secure shelter for thousands of people and the mayor of a town in arizona told us the crisis was unprecedented this is really opening up a pandora's box there are community we did not see the covert crisis nowhere near what some of the other cities have seen. we were hoping to keep it that way unfortunately it doesn't look them dropping these migrants in our community and
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stood where border states including arizona and alabama have borne the brunt of the migrant influx a recent poll suggests there's growing doubts about the ability of the authorities to cope with the situation on the us mexico border amid the pandemic the biden ministration has deployed the disaster agency fame to deal with the situation may chris riggs again believes that the federal government wasn't prepared for such a surge in migrants. there is definitely the concern of code and how that it's going to be to the impact my community i have a large number of seniors and elders. this could really affect so we're hoping that border patrol 'd will start testing and before they release people were wanting to see what their health records are so that we can ensure that
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our our citizens are protected that this is a crisis the simplest and i'm putting none of this on border patrol i put this strictly on the federal government as far as the current administration needs to step up and they're going to offer this they need to do their job they need to have a plan in place obviously there was no plan. and that brings you up to date for now that's how the world is looking here in osteen's national good to have a company more from us and how. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. video shows las vegas police waiting in the hallway at the mandalay bay hotel even
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as stephen paddick continues to. get killed and this coward stayed on the 31st floor and not one attempt was made to reach the 32nd floor could have been saved if they were taken action absolutely they had a team of armed individuals that did nothing but challenge while the shots were going on $58.00 people died that night and the coward cop who could have done something if a firearm but they don't tell anybody about it i found out about it and i did a story on it there were about 30 police officers with shotguns and a r.'s and all kinds of damage emission for over an hour on the 32nd floor swire into the room 1120. 1 of us was a discharge weapon in the room. they went
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into the room and they completely destroyed the crime scene which is something they turned over patrick's body they ransacked the room goes against any standard police protocol anywhere in this country they handle the crime scene like a bunch of incompetent because they compromised the biggest crime scene in american history at that point the bottle never brought this out until i broke the story and was followed up by some news media after he would not have won the election in my opinion had this information been released the way it should have been released in the time frame is should have been released. but he was forced to release it you have this body jam videos where you hear officers directly saying churches.


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