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headlining this medical experts are divided after a german doctor is criminally charged for inventing his own job and administering it to volunteers. there are certain procedures that we don't really follow when developing drugs and vaccines those procedures were not followed he was just. no way probes the safety of the astra zeneca covert vaccine his 3 health workers are hospitalized with blood conditions after receiving the jab. long lines form outside london food bank as many families struggle to feed themselves amid the
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pandemic. and the 1st new generation 5 g. mobile network has launched a popular gathering spots in the russian capital we tested out. welcome to world news this hour from a 1st for you a rift submerged in the medical world over a german doctor who invented his own coronavirus vaccine he insists that it's safe and effective what's more he tested it on himself and volunteers but the authorities see things very differently and they filed criminal charges our sister went to meet. cup i'm just in info from this difficult i actually didn't develop the vaccine but i used the antigen that we use for the boards for diagnostics to detect the antibodies then of course it was natural to use the end is in for immunization the founder of your immune company which was sold very profitably in
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2017 has been involved in laboratory diagnostics for decades especially in auto immune diseases over several weeks he gave himself 3 injections of the vaccine and developed antibodies afterwards he vaccinated for family members also successfully this made him realize that this easy to produce vaccine was apparently completely safe so he would have such small protein immunizations are done over and over for all sorts of purposes everywhere claims he was asking for permission and awfully it all submission he's thought it already this was maybe too early in the front of the i didn't get a reasonable answer and then at the end of december 2020 i found out that a bull elephant institute had reported me for a criminal offense because again these 5 even as ations to my own family. was just an ingenious inbred or. instead of taking him into the boat
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they kicked him out and they blame him i would also personally not. resist if you would ask me and maybe this coming to try to start some nation on my own wrist this is a quote from the lubeck public prosecutor's office he is said to have produced a sars cove to antigen without the required permission and subsequently administered it to himself and other people without having the necessary permits keeping in mind stokers invention the latest press releases about a legit vaccine shortages appear in a completely different light stoker said quote within half a year we can produce vaccines for 80 percent of the germ. population but what will be the cost of the antigen vaccine 3 or 4 people i think you can get by with 5 years could those at most 20 years put those stroker can prove the effectiveness of the drug by himself in his own lab oratory in addition to 97 percent positive
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antibody tests 12 out of 20 vaccinated people also showed cellular immunity that means that t. cells are formed which themselves fight the virus when it has already entered the cells of the body should we expect a new virus or mutation to emerge each year from now on that we should be vaccinated against are we on the cusp of a century of vaccination for the current new core of the company a disease like corona virus doesn't appear every year as for the mutations of the corona virus we have long since modified our antigen to contain all new material since this means that the vaccine will also help against mutations if a person is fully immunized then this is these it will disappear and no mutations will appear why complicate things when everything is simple we can only hope that german legal practice views it the same way and well meaning inventiveness will not be regulated to death the approval of a conventional alternative vaccine would certainly not be the only treatment option
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for many people it would also counter accusations of lobbying by pharmaceutical companies and vaccine experts professor adam finn told us the privately administered vaccine set a dangerous development. there are certain procedures that we normally follow when developing drugs and vaccines the steps that would need to be taken for this vaccine is that. the people developing it would need to approach the authorities and see permission to do those steps and the report i've read about this my experience is just that those procedures were not followed the trials that we do all of those of us that are involved in running the trials are absolutely not noble to take part in those trials and is a very important principle that that should be the case the number of people involved in developing a drug or a vaccine is. not only in the hundreds but probably in the thousands there are very many different tasks involved in the manufacturing the development and the testing
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of these vaccines and of course they need to be given to large numbers of people before they can be authorized to use bank scenes that have been developed appropriately are now in use and those are the vaccines that people should be seeking to use. there's a new setback for the astra zeneca covert vaccine 3 health workers in norway who recently received the jab of been hospitalized with blood disorders the authorities stress though that it's too early to say whether there's any link to the drug. had already temporarily halted the use of the vaccine following on from denmark earlier in the week the norwegian authorities call that a precautionary measure while an investigation is conducted the alarm was sounded after reports of severe blood clots and also one death among the vaccinated people in denmark now along with those 2 scandinavian countries the astra zeneca shots
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being discontinued for now also in iceland and in bold garia other nations have imposed a more limited ban applying only to the batch that are used in denmark but the european medicines agency is searching people to keep using that jab. the position of european medicines agency safety committee. is that the vaccines benefits continue to outweigh its risks and the vaccine can continue to be administered while investigation of cases of flu bullock events is ongoing. live now to epidemiology professor marcelo for other denali who is also founder of the swedish doctors for human rights professor welcome to r.t. do you think countries have been too swift in suspending the use of the astra zeneca vaccine given how many people have already had it and its potential to save thousands of lives. well i think that their decision to put in hold their. programs they use in
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this us in our. general i think that. they have taken by professionals free agency in norway and denmark which have the right court all. or you see an adequate or strategies to do to fight to cooperate and demick if you have a difference between no discount crist's and neighbor sweden please show us professor decided not to just spend there and after a cynic but then you can also compare these countries and you can see that in norway they have. cases and if the least absolutely they seem to be gently necessary in norway and that is incident so we have to do how the secretarial credibility because they are sunni for the state in those decisions to the emma. when they have said actually is that there is no firm
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evidence of a link between the of us seem. to have brought is in and so. these that recently divisional term evidence of some air indications they may say stand there studying that so in doubt i think that is why student who. are pretty he says you know one hot air that i think it's not it's not only norway and iceland and we got excited. it's other countries as well that they have the stopping the use of certain batches of us in they can look similar italy starting out their new 20 i don't know if you have mentioned that china is a new computer. and only place we have india which she said market out of the rules will. just ended. a little sore because the 1st next year yes and given that the european medicines agency and
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also the w.h.o. say that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine far outweigh the risks should these cautious countries be listening more to those agencies and i believe i mean my firm and british that we should listen to 120 so you shouldn't mean all those decisions that are taken on scientific basis not there when there are i heard. from person under issues we might be. compromising that it isn't like very intense economic interest of them different companies then i think that we should be more cautious. i believe that as i said already that their decision to pollute the. determination of the us you don't hold it is some decision and way to want is for him to come out from from from senator trials and testing and let's see where he's going to be. when it decides who would be the case where an
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equivocation would exist or not. in the u.k. more than 11000000 people have received the astra zeneca shot most of them are elderly in the case of these norwegian cases all the individuals are under the age of 50 why are we only hearing about side effects in europe. well it could be that could be i said directly could be that there are different branches of the scenes that are coming to europe to certain countries in europe for instance. there isn't a study or division may. have authority in the caribbean countries and they do studies and there is a different but she's coming to them and those loosen even when you look at britain so that might be one reason. i'm speculating ok the it ok lation program in the e.u. has been beset with problems to what extent might these astra zeneca suspensions in
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paid getting those numbers out. well they're a good compromise. because. you know it's not the only direction from from a. storage use probably heard some stories so when we saw the reaction of the public they might get more and more conscious and. it's basically i mean especially if they're not they're going to be you're right informant on their show there is a reaction from the authorities station reaction from the public to compromise their their numbers in their actions programs. 5 e.u. leaders have a pail to get the distribution of the vaccine sent out more evenly per capita in each of the member states why hasn't that already been happening do you think. well
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listen a lot of their faces are going to the initial sudden. within their political decision of their opinion and you know. if you know that might be related to that also some countries are. asking the european union to go how very the european missions agency who are there to study all of divination all they still need to be messy and i think that those things are related in several sectors in the several of them regions in any chile for instance in india. in one place there in the border and also a minute or form and 2 or 2 were to simply get there they split
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us into myself i wrote a letter to the minister of foreign affairs of each other in december last year. while i was pointing out if i thought that there is there a solution a jim baker a p as you know long time ago we would allow countries individually getting medicines for emergency or persists in distaste. for various things did. that provision in order to get. this to nuclear also it that it would do that you know. in several countries if they were not ever since program some of the infusion at all and in them in this is that they're late and. finally it's because of us the senate and i think you sort of them. ok maybe if they're in there in their.
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distributional but also of course all. organization this year certainly still very much a lot of work to do professor we really appreciate your time and expertise the sebring on r.t. thanks for joining us and you very much. next volunteers at a food bank in london seeing a record influx of families no longer able to feed themselves after months of pandemic restrictions are to you katie sally went along to find out more. the execution has to be equivalent to a military style operation 0 margin for error you can imagine with the numbers that were facing this community center in northwest london functions as a place of support for homeless people even supporting victims of domestic violence but it's its use as a food bank providing seriously much needed food support for families across london which is caught in the headlines and those volunteers and the people running
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this food bank say that since the covert pandemic began they've been almost overwhelmed by the numbers of families who need support this with each of thousands of people queuing for over 2 kilometers to get access to food bank support went viral simply highlighting the desperate situation that thousands if not millions of people across the country are currently in one photo became job loss for many just with the increase of ever since and we've been seeing attempts on increase every single week we've been doing this for 7 years but we haven't seen this nobody's seen the scale of this just in memory alone we have a queue for 2 kilometers every single saturday the government should take a lot more responsibility. for these communities already people are losing their jobs more shops are closing this is on the increase and if it's not a government initiative is going to be a big problem so that's released at the end of last year shows that since the
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pandemic began the use of food banks has increased by over 100 percent and it's volunteers such as these who approved it ensuring that people's vital basic needs are being met this saturday is a new initiative this is the week 12 and we started we thought that 50 people tent at me and just 200 and now it up to 800 families so that probably is a half 1000 people so while these volunteers are crucial. ensuring people's needs are met those within the charity sector calling on the government to support them and their work with increased funding to ensure that no families and no children go hungry as this pandemic continues. thanks to the 1st ultra fast 5 g. mobile that work in russia has been launched a popular gathering places in moscow trying to fight up his phone to see if he could surf at lightning speed. mobile operators keen to sell more services users
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who want smoother online gaming and video streaming are more than ready for the 5th network generation the good news for them is that 5 g. is becoming available and more and more locations around the world moscow has just joined the club but remember how the appearance of 5 g. transmitters blew the mind of conspiracy theorists some even thought they were the reason cold and spread around the planet. i think. 5 g. o. both what we're going through is the fact of radiation 5 g. launched in china nov 1st 2019 people top 10 i don't think condi gives you come
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in 19 i think it can confuse a slow the budget down healing process. maybe that's the reason why one of the 1st transmitters in the russian capital was put on a roof the mobile operator said that's not the case but asked us not to give away the exact location so they are a bit worried anyway they're saying that ultra fast mobile internet has just become available for their clients and several of the most popular spots on the moscow map the only way to prove that 5 g. actually works and is available for anyone in the street with a phone that's advanced enough is a proper speed test. for steve he said to me a good discipline. let's see how long it will take to download a video game. and that's about 2 gigabytes.
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still there you have it 100 percent and that was about 35 seconds which is impressive compared to the previous generations will anyone around me be worried if they find out you know what we. knew it was lead to store. but that doesn't the most a couple of you know says and you know this person is standing next to the bit. on you so nice to them in their book or name you wish they had the store at the new cuomo because i'm going to show your body if i talk to much of the. day but the more you can probably in the 10 years or so we're way too far for mass paranoia at least in the streets of moscow anyway an expert has told me there really aren't any health hazards to worry about in russia regulations regarding electromagnetic
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radiation and much stricter than in europe and the us about 10 times stricter some people think that the more transmitters of bills the more dangerous it gets but in actual fact the more transmission is there are the lower the level of electromagnetic radiation each one of them admits how can the public be sure especially those who are afraid the best way would be to look at research published on the internet by credible entities there are plenty of publications out there but as far as i understand it's a breakthrough or is it really the breakthrough is that 5 g. has at last become available to ordinary people in layman's terms what does it mean for them you can easily watch videos in ultra h.d. and even some new formats on your mobile phone you won't have any trouble doing a live stream from a packed venue during it calms it even if everyone around is doing that he said he with 5 g. that a fully autonomous transport system can work what are we talking about here we're talking about unmanned. drones as in delivery services as far as i can see there is
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no turning back right well 5 g. is the only way we can make sure mobile networks keep developing so whether you're worried or not a new generation transmitter has either already appeared or will sooner or later appear near to where you live or work if you're from a city in the meantime i'll check with the stuff that i can download much quicker right here. i said i had this saturday troubling numbers from the u.k. where a study shows that many how if a 1000000 patients with heart problems have been left untreated due to the focus on the pandemic it's all next story when we come back. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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all over again a man in the russian city of some petersburg has come back from the brink of death after a coronavirus infection set off a potentially deadly underlying condition his doctors say that is recovery is nothing short of miraculous. there goes my took a shower a hot shower and after that it all started i became breathless i couldn't breathe normally after waiting for a while i got cold my lips one blew and my legs were paler i called my mother and she called an ambulance they did something then took me to hospital.
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i started to choke and went into the panic and that was it i fell into darkness them i opened my eyes in the intensive care unit. the signals to a young decent arrived with severe spirits or failure we started intensive therapy the patient does survive the cardiac arrest. born in about 12 hours depletions blood circulation stopped 10 times. we restored to active cardio connectivity within a short period of time it killed the decent to survive and saved him from brain damage this is a miracle for us. to. study
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for a veil that half a 1000000 people in the u.k. have missed out on vital heart medication since the start of the pandemic researchers found that doctors who've been overloaded with covert patients have prescribed 25 percent less medicine for heart conditions and that carried out 100000 fewer operations the more needed it's led to tens of thousands of cases of heart failure being missed a medical expert says people of misinterpreted the government's appeal to stay. what has happened is due to the pandemic the message to people the message that people interpreted and under stude is. the national health service is very busy it is full of patients with disease and therefore don't knock on our door and that is not what the message was but that is what people understood as this is a clear case of mixed messaging unfortunately many people especially the old and
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the one rouble and not saw assertive people decided that that meant don't bother the doctors they're too busy for your current illness. words mother and father are potentially offensive if you believe the latest guidelines from a top british university stuff a manchester university have been told that they should opt for gender neutral words when communicating with students for example people should be referred to with the pronoun they rather than he or her husband or wife should be called a partner a sister a brother should be referred to as a sibling and words like mankind or manpower are also out of favor here's how the university explains the move the way we're right for in the bad people can help to promote equality diversity inclusion and provide the same opportunities for all this guide outlined solti's inclusive language to avoid bias or slang or
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expressions that exclude certain groups we put the issue of a debate with tend to get from the christian concern advocacy group and human rights activist peter tatchell. here we are the day before mother's day and much the universe says whatever you do don't say mother don't you know obviously we shouldn't send cards saying happy mother's day shouldn't say happy mother's day to my mother all that kind of language is banned is this discourages i please don't use this language somebody could get upset and this is really an attempt to sort of enforce language they are only guidelines only suggestions nobody is going to be punished by the university of manchester it is never suggested that mother's day should be banned the universe just talking about wording and language within its own confines between staff and students so i don't think it's draconian to makes out the fact is that we are made created male and female and they're trying to avoid that trying to sort of avoid a raise that clear distinction that we're made with that we are male and female and
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there are that we have mothers that we have fathers we have brothers we have sisters all of that what's wrong with using that ordinary language and why are we trying to police it what do you have to look at the intention intention is to make everyone feel included so that intention is very very good and i think to make somewhat of a cations in language to ensure that it's not be guards this guy is just not say be careful because some things you might say might be offensive it says watch out because mother and father you shouldn't use and brother and sister you shouldn't use and he and she you shouldn't news and that's where it's going too far because it's now saying ordinary language that we use every day to refer to our parents and our brothers and sisters and all that kind of stuff shouldn't be used line which has evolved all the time you know we don't use language today that we used many generations ago you know the form of english itself has changed and certain expressions like the n.
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word to describe black people are no longer acceptable and this is just really a continuation of that process how are they going to teach biology and medicine if they're not. allowed to talk about he or she your parents or fathers gender is very much involved and some diseases are gender specific can i don't think we should avoid that i don't think we should try and deny that all pretend that that doesn't happen and so you know why not refer to people according to their normal gender that's that's the way we should do it's where we've done it for centuries and people it's crazy to say that the world of offensive language should now extend to mother and father this is this is going too far yes clearly some terms are offensive but mother and father is not should never be regarded as offensive and i thought i looked for moscow so far this weekend thanks for checking in with us feed news this hour on call in bright back with the next update in less than half an hour.


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