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absolutely keep the roads shrinking machines doing this is a money machine it's a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. in the headlines this 9th of march vaccination blame game the chief says she's tired of being a scapegoat and blames presented care for supply failures which is 10 percent of orders delivered. while mainstream media fixate on accusations meantime by prince harry and his wife meghan markle against britain's royals coming up today we ask if it's actually masking deeper issues about the queen and her family. elsewhere update for you this morning switzerland becomes the latest stated europe to face covering such as the burka in public drawing criticism from muslim communities who put it all up for debate. and they feel.
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like. most of the people who are extrem why have you chosen to come to switzerland knowing very well it's a christian country which even wears the cross in this flag. warning for moscow the shoes to me kevin 0 in 30 minutes of our latest for you 1st of all them the head of the european commission the saying she's a scapegoat for the blocks extremely slow inoculation rate and laid the blame on vaccine makers astra zeneca let's go live 1st off to peter all over europe morning papers what's the latest in the smalling on the brussels astra zeneca standoff. the e.u. commission is not happy with the vaccine manufacturer astra zeneca there's
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a huge shortfall in the amount of doses of the covert 19 job that they were promised and what they've received they were told that for the 1st quarter of 2021 they'd receive 100000000 doses they have received 10000000 doses even i can do the mathematics there 90 percent is the shortfall the e.u. commission has come in for a lot of criticism over failures in logistics and planning in its vaccine program on the line the e.u. commission president though is saying that astra zeneca needs to bear some of the responsibility as well we see after zanuck is delivering below 10 percent of what has been contracted for the 1st quarter where tires have been diskeeper goat. well as the lyon also said that the export control mechanism could well be used again in the future this is a system that allows the e.u.
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to stop the export of vaccines from e.u. territory when contracts haven't been fulfilled by a vaccine manufacturer it was used to the 1st time last week when italy stopped 250000 vaccines heading for australia the australians were fairly understanding about the whole situation but there is the potential that this could end up through it's in a similar case as what we saw this time last year with regards to mosques and a vast scramble for who can get ahold of what there's also huge issues around vaccines of course when it comes to getting them but there's also issues with astra zeneca elsewhere in austria they've stopped using a certain bunch of the astra zeneca vaccine that's after one woman died and another woman was to another person was taken ill after being injected with a particular batch. and woman date as a result of severe disorders and another woman who developed upon their embolism is
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on the way to recovery currently there is no evidence of a casual relationship with vaccination to be on the safe side their main in stocks of the affected astra zeneca vaccine bash will no longer be distributed it when it comes to trying to fill in that shortfall for astra zeneca vaccines the european union's even saying they may well look to the united states to try and import astra zeneca jobs from there that though would rule require the e.u. convincing the us to lift its own ban on the export of vaccines as europe looks elsewhere to try and fill in its vaccine short for. a year or more early pizzas have been talking about this whole. there's no been a long drug. well choose to the marking a year since it's really became the 1st to be state to bring in a nationwide law later in the program we assess how the blokes handled the disease
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12. months on. who stay with vaccines as pete was talking about moscow's dismiss claims of spreading disinformation about us shops is nonsense after the state department reported on 4 russian websites supposedly trying to discredit the. jobs in favor of the skid taylor's got the story the world changed big time over the last year but some things stay the same remember russia madeleine as well that our global engagement center has identified 4 russian online platforms that are directed by russian intelligence services and spread disinformation about 2 of the vaccines that have now been approved by the f.d.a. in this country back to just in time to wage vaccine war because while hacking the
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bit passe in electing foreign presidents is a bit wild being that down not vaccines are where it's at 2021 and when it became clear that american scientists might now vaccine the russian ones the kremlin bolts had no choice but to raise that disinform in head again. the emphasis on denigrating pfizer is likely due to its status as the 1st besides it wouldn't be to see mass use resulting in a greater potential threat to sputniks market dominance who said a global pandemic couldn't be politicized now some would say these madness a bit late to the game i mean sputnik freeze already registered in around 40 countries many of which didn't even consider pfizer not because they'd been brainwashed by mean anti pfizer notes left by undercover agents but because pfizer is logistically a much trickier vaccine it used to fall apart if it wasn't kept in specialized
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freezers minus 17 degrees celsius that's now been improved to minus 25 while sputnik v chills out to plus 8 and is around hof the price and then there are countries like iran which on exactly buddy buddy with the us so why buy their fraxinus when there's another $1.00 on the market without the political trauma logical right well unfortunately political games and logic on friends and paranoia is alive and well it's nonsense russian special services have nothing to do with any criticism against vaccines if we treat every negative publication against the sputnik v. vaccine as a result of efforts by american special services then we will go crazy because we see it every day every hour and in every anglo-saxon media the wall street journal's resurrected disinform ation for the sake of a few critical articles but just imagine what all means over madly as it would have
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had twin vent if had got the onslaught of doubt criticism hate the sputnik the god back in the day the speed of the rollout is a concern for some health professionals it's a new kind of global race. russia wants to leave there are concerns about its safety with questions over how much of it russia can produce now timing is everything the e.u. struggling with this vaccine rollout paid by production delays and shortages ready to help sputnik be so to block started the approval process now 5 in the us who obviously love healthy competition in a way that twitter labs pile up or trump loves music is probably looking at bot and seeing a chunk of that money party just fall away never mind that it's for the good of humanity the sputnik vaccine will not go back to russia it will save lives in
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slovakia i would never give it up our country is a fundamental part of the european union but i cannot turn down a quality vaccine that will save our people because it's made in russia i'm not a murderer you're here for your good news is that 280000 doses of the vaccine a rose from russia we need vaccination as fast as possible and evolving more people so yes the pandemic might hope of change the world but some things never change madness and disinfo mation back in the game did you miss. so britain the world waking up into more accusations by prince harry's wife meghan markle against britain's royals dominated world headlines today but is not is nicaea reports next they've also had the effect of masking wider questions about the queen and her family. while you're worrying about home schooling how to pay your mortgage and how to survive in the far reaching misery of the pandemic the witnesses are at war it
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was one bombshell after another and his family. feud charles not taking his. time and he sent his relationship with the now. this was bigger than almost everything on american television one royal bombshell after another sprinkled with plenty of commentary to make sure you don't lose perspective . just that relationship between that you saw. and before you even have time to switch your gaze the insteps the queen queen oprah that is with the interview of the decade which i know you've watched hartsburg for magen as she bravely held back tears when she spoke of how stressful it was to stay up late googling royal protocols i just wanted to make them proud and there were no pats on the back for meghan who claims that in return she was bullied by the racist
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royal family to the extent that she contemplated suicide i just didn't want to be alive anymore and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born and one can't help but think it's an excellent piece of pay are not just for meghan and harry with hash tag team meghan receiving a die hard following on the former actress becoming an icon of resistance to the racist outdated and downright oppressive royals' see there are reasons the royal family might be grateful for the destruction to put it this way now nobody's really talking about that little news item about the queen lobbying for a change in law to hide public wealth that's right government memos found in the national archives revealed that the queen's private lawyer pressured ministers to alter. proposed legislation to prevent her majesty shareholding from being disclosed to the comatose otherwise known as the public he justifies this not only
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because of the risk of inadvertent or indiscreet leaking to other people but more basically because disclosure to any person would be embarrassing. and what happens all the news stories about prince andrew who allegedly even lobbied the u.s. government on behalf of paedophile jeffrey epstein well the newspapers might have moved on the f.b.i. hasn't will definitely department wants to talk to prince andrew that's why the southern district has been making efforts to communicate and to arrange interview and i can think of one other person who might be relieved to be out of the spotlight the british prime minister with a 1000000 spends on a brand new media briefing room and attempt to attract donor money to finance the 200 grand restyle of his official residence it's thanks very much for your hard work and putting your lives at risk and all that and his staff but it's just the one percent pay rise for you it's all we can afford so as the queen celebrates
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unity and her commonwealth day speech and her grandson across the pond pull scorn on the royal family in front of an audience of tens of millions while still claiming he just wants the media to leave him alone is seems that it's business as usual in day old blighty just keep that stiff upper lip turn a blind eye stay calm and think of england. nic here on this morning so it's a lose voted to face covering such as the burqa and niqab in public places the referendum promoted by the right wing people's party was held at the weekend but it passed by a wafer thin margin with 51 percent voting for the ban there are several exemptions to the new rule as well allowing face coverings for security weather and health reasons the proposal didn't mention islam directly officially saying it was to stop rioters from where it was but a top islamic groups already called the vote a dark day for muslims. so this is you know opens old wounds further expose the
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principle of legal inequality and sends a clear signal of exclusion to the muslim minority this is my life so i would like to someone to force it out or else he. or in this way that obviously they. vote no we have religious freedom we have freedom of expression you can say we have freedom and then not give it. being free has been able to show our face respect and women's dignity heaven our own identity and therefore i do not understand the discourse of people who want to imprison women behind this veil with the north i said no to this initiative because feminist ideas are being used for something which on the contrary obstructs liberty of choice this is also borderline center for being so this goes against my will your spares was there also i think of switzerland. indeed some other european countries already have a full or partial bans on veils in public places including belgium and austria the
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1st to introduce the move 10 years ago and i was france which has since repeatedly fall under a wave of criticism for violating personal liberties earlier we discussed the potential impact then of this new law. it is always the same it's always this threat issue of this extremist party you lost muslims and islam behind you know similar laws but when we look at death it's very very bad for us why they are continuing to use this strategy to put outside of the society and to divide the citizens between the 2 but if one does who don't believe if we imagine that we had a similar referendum in and i slam a country like in pakistan or like in saudi arabia the question would be would you allow would you like to allow people or women wearing a bikini in public beaches for example i'm pretty sure that 95 percent or even
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1009 percent of the people would vote against it we know what is democracy and we're not using emotion on rhetorical i don't know. a lot of people vote against but there is a lot of chits where people have never seen a woman listening. and not with. that don't exist. dave all that for. people also in the villages of switzerland they are advocating they read the news and they know what is going on in other parts of the word and so they have just decided to set those limits to the cultural development off immigrants from muslim background and this is not hostile and also i think you should even consider it something which sets a useful limits to radical islamists and there are some who force their women
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behind veils we are always hearing this. very very close to rescue and. it's not a low fuel used to get people to lose their. country all of the and deal that you have and. they feel very free but i don't like to be. close to each of the people who are expressing what is the radical shift from religion already get it from. where you can live your religion freely and the question also is why have you chosen to come to switzerland knowing very well that it's a christian country which even wears the cross in this flag in its national flag so i think you were quite clear about that when you came to switzerland.
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but i want switzerland to be. good for diversity it's a richness you are making the mind at the moment but that is the. people. well over the border. italy is past $100000.00 deaths is it marks a year now of national lockdowns artesia depends looks a growing frustration across europe and what many see as the botched response to the virus. it was about to sign a decree that we can describe it said home with the flu like of a pen the life changed forever more than 60000000 people placed into lockdown as imagine see measures were taken to try and stop covert 19 from spreading.
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if. she went and i thought surely i never experienced or imagined i'd lived through something like that especially in the 1st stages there was uncertainty i didn't know what i was allowed to do or not we did not know the enemy or how to fight it but after a few weeks the whole of italy was united we were very scared because we saw really warring images especially in the news so we thought it was right to do the lockdown as rigorously as possible scenes from hospitals could have been pulled from horror movies as medical stuff desperately trying to cope with a virus that no one knew how to battle it's only may have been the 1st epicenter in
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europe but soon curve it was everywhere one by one countries closed their borders their shops schools parks measures were brought in at 1st it was simple things like being told essentially distance to water hearns but certainly these became more and more draconian. the. isolation and anger in marriage just governmental and for change direction like the wind across the continent citizens have demanded their freedoms.
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we were very scared because we saw really worrying images especially in the news so we thought it was right to do to look down as rigorously as possible everything the government tells us is the opposite of its contradictory instructions so it's a little bit complicated in the end we don't believe what they tell us. we can't do anything we need a revolution french people don't want to wake up we are like little dogs that are being taken for a walk we cannot live like this anymore that malays has grown even in health so
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governments and certain police state control they form and. you know they were constrained to pressures from not so much but somehow from from the family trauma from. their going on the sex earth from from outer earth use they have drafted you know to retreat to demands strong people through regionals former mentor for instance cho because of the economy and because he was getting tired they have succumbed to notion of months they should have stayed more firm. of course. but 12 months old there was no sign of abating parts of italy back could look down here in france as a nationwide could if you were doing 6 pm and 6 am it's been in place for months
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well many terms and cities are now also on we can look down and cases a surgeon again. we do not want to lock down it was very difficult financially above all we're suffering we lack work the ability to go out no more restaurants we're isolated at home everything is changed europe has failed i am a dog down and i've suffered from the likes of freedom we have completely lost confidence in our government even as vaccines are approved and rolled out across the book there are massive issues trust has been lost i. see. but trust. for the rest made. even. in a time of the stress and be the. norm even on monday deterioration we're just more than and more than. people.
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when we see the moment some of this is unwritten it's a blank canvas and what's gone before us never has to hold us back if we take in really from 0 mistakes but is anyone really listening so what do you. see paris yeah that's the very question isn't it will as we all muddle through this together comfort maybe for people living here to hear that compared to other european cup. moscow's enjoyed less strict restrictions spoken to moscow's deputy mayor about why russia's capital did relatively well as it stands as the city eases out a lot and this is iraq over with the latest on the inoculation campaign here that. well it's and we're back in a sort of the let's get straight to the main point to vaccinations in moscow sort
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of how is it going. at the moment it's going very well or what exactly is going so well we have vaccinated more than 700000 people in moscow since the beginning of the campaign that this means that approximately 121-5000 are vaccinated every day depending on the day of the week we always have free slots we have made the widest range of possibilities for muscovites in order to choose a vaccination point for everyone out of this total number 300000 are elderly we have vaccinated 93 percent of all nursing home residents within the 1st year and the 2nd dose is about let's go back than to when it all started when matter year ago when corby was already in moscow how did we 1st understand that the big epidemic would begin in moscow when it was clear from the middle of february last year that it would be not only chinese but the whole world this year despite the fact that we have the longest border with china we were not the 2nd country which was infected it was clear from the middle of february last year that it would be
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not only a chinese but the whole world issue despite the fact that we have the longest border with china we were not the 2nd country which was infected our turn was later italy and spain were the 1st new york next so we could observe how the situation might develop i thought we did have a time lag so we can make the best sees of this time therefore from the beginning of march what we apply to 1st restrictive measures it is clear that moscow is a huge hope with a high population density and that we would not be able to ignore the situation where the only question was when and to what extent we would be ready for their arrival of the pandemic can it compare moscow with some metropolis for the better or for the worse it's just that if we take comparable things then it could be new york you can compare us with new york city do we do better or worse than new york's liabilities we did well enough compared to new york and to greece trick to. measures on time in the starting lockdown in march we imposed a lockdown in march with $1200.00 cases the day when you your close and $20000.00
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infected per day but basically it did not make sense because it's not only about introducing a lockdown or it's important to make it on time has to operate why did they close why did they choose to put these tactic or a mask on russia's chose a different one yes many countries are doing lock dance but the problem is that they did not open during lockdown many european countries have chosen a tactic in which they have been close for a 2nd year and therefore any attempt to open up to reduce restrictive measures was medically leads to an explosive increase in cases we had looked at last year one is praying after that there were no locked as in moscow there have been certain reasonable restrictions but despite the whole of europe from september moscow has lived a full life everything worked everything was open and gradually over these 6 months i said population immunity was formed a lot of people have already been ill do you think the 3rd wave will come. when not
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making predictions for the 1st 2nd or 3rd wave at all i understand that today we are ready for any scenario. for me how this morning a special 3 d. masks providing a hope for a young girl whose face was severely burned at a palestinian refugee camp the family of 8 year old mara is now counting on her recovery. we were in school my mom picked us up and we went to the market 1st there were stones then there was fire that we got separated we didn't know where will work. this out.
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of the 4 months of therapy and doctors without borders they made this mask we call it a 3 d. most that makes the skin soft and use it up to 70 percent. but when i wear the mask of feel better the doctors made it for me i used to go to the doctors to have my dressings changed then they made a mask for me now my words are almost healed. i have this. at home i wear the mask but i don't like to wear it when i go out i feel shy when i wear it because everyone starts looking at me but the doctors told me to wear it at least 6 hours a day. to wake up one day and see their faces back to normal because it's really affecting them both psychologically a pretty good for the full recovery. not
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a lot to go through so young i wish you well if you want to see more about what we're talking about this tuesday check it out see dot com or of our social media but for now here in moscow it terms it was exactly 30 minutes past the hour now if you've got to go and watch the clock and go to do so that they have a good day and maybe catch again later. curius least one of the 2 homicide detectives talking about her journey into. you leave that up. i just said you want your client 5 minutes. you're not going home tonight i can guarantee that.


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