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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 8, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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range of people but also the government because they should set the example. the editor of a brazilian news site told us the president must take the blame for the worsening situation i think it's. strategy. all the time trying to prove to brazilian book relations that he has this situation control over. these completely out of control i don't presume he's going to have back the situation before may or june because we have a very. good lay of. the nation we don't have any more. to protect. them to stay and 'd i think the next 30. days i'm going to be even worse than the situation
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levy who at this moment. brazilian that does it for me actually this hour i'll be back with a look at your headlines let's say 29 minutes this is arch international stay with us. to inconvenient truth that you just can't actually get that innovation in the u.s. anymore because all the corporations that are in a position to innovate our shareholders and the taxpayers and using financial leisure domain on wall street to line their pockets. there's a signal which will you know. which you are going to give us more that you are.
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now arguing your idea. that i think up will come 2nd so figuring out the guilt about some somebody. who can. say that we're going to get this. thing in which you know brush will know it so we're going to see that there's a big and beautiful. person can put according to god's will for us you go on from here it's as newsroom or no saying so it's almost all to the porch and post about it but i was. sure it was done was going to be a great. riches ulysses be it the middle east because it's just that you know that all god dominated the standard of nor. yet. with
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a bit of that was us. that if you have got that the digital social. little doesn't live with the way you thought that you'd all look. at the needle quickly so before shooting it off. and if you want me to read this of course. but even if there is something. about on through your own that is your wish because i. lost interest. there was another huge disaster in the field nurse that i was to let them go today it has rules but i tell them with a cd to. be the i said. do i deal. with this mommy is that always somebody by you me the principal only i knew that in the press but i was that we didn't like essentially built them from going to. i think hearing someone other than what i could but of what that was not look i was watching it was funny it was. sure. nobody
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there probably by this time invited back that is what i thought in them when it does it then is when you go quickly back to the problem my own is that it was the levite of. done that to them then you only prevented this morning i mean you know which inform people michel it's not. for you who number one wake up would simply have to believe. the an inability to see it i didn't enough to know it was from the. north but only stored symbol and single soul in the west end when i was done graduate school with the most just got out of those numbers but he has it's and you're going to knock on wood even federal law. he didn't was not believe it's. theirs but not the critics or even more. so previously said i'm sure i'm with him in love with
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the sheer. her body is coated with anybody to get the things and the wiser and the child the clothes from the. bushel that we should look at but it's all the. quality of the truth so personal flaws are mere. grades of locals it's a little bit yeah. that some silly dates and i leave that to. be . but i was the i was the buck i would pick you up and that's made the shit in the noise. right boot no knots it shouldn't a young arsehole. in the b.b.c. . what you call a video of india but the decent violinist done sued a glass. he made by the machine will not go anymore with the deal it's.
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introducing a little you know scopolamine else. you've got. the boys that are dying of those decisions but i don't know which are you. the white star the i just love the business today you know if it was over 3 days and i didn't use them we sued them with a publisher because i don't but a little piece of it was a new york you've got a decent. doc know when you're not going to show the whole. lives i'll just write natural down i've got. yes you got these from your office that i've done there's no it's. well there's a woman. i don't. know have a voice in 3 pts. he. would speed up and you're off with one of the new doses did it with the. what the premier and they did with the output of the biased
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in the subway the god of what's that and if that movie. 330. we go to the other here. i do not wish this was withdrawn sealed the c.c.c. deal to do. a little bit up and emerge to believe now that you spoke of the play deal that could. be. which minute just time particularly. into your model of. not distributed. you by shows getting. justice but if you notice where you were senior grandmother. was from my church. but the more you are but you forget about. your. church which were 3 of the another great shoes of. this invalid this you lose this right for the world will look at what. we didn't
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buy it. at it's a great at least initiative to do this by leading a few choice in the least interest he chased those that i'm sure it is politically ask. us. in the showing of the union it i just got us nowhere and i was right here but it was more the strictly pride in the let's look at the universe more sister but i wish them the best mother. you have a feeling you would just are going to be ok but from the stories was it as most of us. with you are going to give us more the situation. by saying it's a pity that us if see a range there was one you just publish me about the ablest church but. who sleep with your daughter in a storm years obviously but that misty near the ability to sleep with your daughter by them or when you're staying there for them with the littlest you he will always when you do chill. you just give him one more licking it was more than this is
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stored in. i mean it seems to me these are the leaders to be is this what you just said is we invited these 2 dozen. dozen pretty connected to believe george this is echoed the movie the police and we're all just a little smart enough but when they. see us making it a privilege music i thought you got told me to be a political pawn we should be ladies of those bitterly about ourselves who was us the one putting us in the ground the least bond that idea them see deal. family politics she was still good ol cast most of the you want but i still got all of them annoyed. delish. put it on my body but. yes what they do in peace you get it you're going to be your future with your county is that if the. yes lets me and. years of need an insidious. little school. it was never to create a seed it would be as you put it. at the edges that it was ok with the seed all who
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want to go must lead i see will delusions go that way you could tell by people to slow to get out because when you get out the video we're still going to go to d.c. for stealing yeah when i was little. business there that would be a given by the abuser i am i support of the property of people got to the goodies easy so your simple justice system is designed to before them if ya would be to just you just keep the gifts that you know i knew we were i was dumb i did water. so that people have wives eat enough to see a way to dispose of the as little which is about those to finish them should i choose to use it for us to live with just to steer you in the ground why do you. want with the idea of the idea that guns are going to actually. be able to come advent. by the hope of all i get but i want to list it as a very much but a way very much of a battle that i also with. near the should be able to work in both of the conflict with this is the least of the part that wants to do because this is good. that it
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was not going to go that far to work with the embassy or actually go mosque and listen to me see. this villagers who mistook i mean to me that's cool and the small it's a very pretty much anymore with anybody at the insuperable at boston will abbas not any more than putting additional police on the by the national team but on top of her you should see that i know them see bubbles can move me i might add this is where the ball knew if you will be screwed to proceed to you can be and you could not go but at least i thought it was because i lost one that was smart will. never be able to get into your best that or that you thought it couldn't be is not correct nobody does anything when you read we only on the canal you what wish you had your sponsors or not or how any package will give up whatever numbers are quite literally it again i know my dealing you know but in essence back with yep it's what i seek asylum call it what they're for. if you store them 10.
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there you are able to cross that card in them or you could be who steve mcqueen you're going to use not mala to war your history doesn't but what do the rest of us with no room. to put about the wishful no wish to could now let's move on you know because when you there's not going to. help it is a wide. bed. these still some of them not just in the stuff they did the stuff on was and started out the got off here's the thing you got the miniature today's meeting and waste. just that line you know. what your answer that line you know was wrong is now going to. do you much good to us but i shall just. get away just as if i was the idea to.
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do more than the last blip in your speech when you're young before you do me and that's when you can see little scope of new. up i see a bus but not the us to go and you. know what that knows who the bus but you're somebody that's done this if you don't want to do it but there's the business the wealthiest and you know you're my 1st quarter with the yard the blue what if to approach it nobody. would look at my son but he had to believe. that the new rule young people would. look at this place just know you have to be proceeding stay with us hold. the thought of what do you do there so we don't have a good bye that's a good. you have to work for you we've got to do worse who recently lost many in the way that. i will miss what little don't get them some mobile in the car
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let me go look at the. cyclical lecky i would only observe this where they also go over the shoulder points difficult because it's. in what commuter school a little hard on the will teach because i'm in a little bit annoyed that i am so glad golly please can we get about 2 words that are saying just all i need legitimate problem seems to teach me that it would be about the moral code short there seems to me that it's been don't know yet any book report even a stable job and will bite them when your sleep is milky along who exactly would that be at them yet you played the political thing no business of me seems. like they would know that i shouldn't have.
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one of the worst mass shootings in america was in less vegas in 2017 the tragedy exposed a little of the real last vegas where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners the vegas shooting reveal where d l g m p d really is and now it's partly because finishing 1st in the american public barely remembers that happened i just shows you the power of money on las vegas the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades and then you have a mayor who doesn't care so here's care i goodman offering the lives of the vegas residents to the control group to the shiny facades concealed deep indifference to the people could have been saved if they were taken action absolutely keep the roads shrinking get a slot machines doing in vegas is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives
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being lost. the binding ministration is still young but its foreign policy particularly in the middle east is an echo of past failures this ministration simply does not have a learning curve also does washington really support democracy in the world ukraine's crackdown on independent media should give us pause. over the what's on the where you were going north if it was the only list or the very near it. seriously. you just put aside some all. the but they don't feel like when you. call. you
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a sudden little guy that's just going. to get. to see what you do we just feel like you're. not a little bit. you. know not a contract of you thing you know we can bring the. daughter mary think losing her daughter but she is a pretty much identical. with somebody. going for the political class 4th q. yeah. but it's just a lot of. times that there's something in there is there. there
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is either but i wouldn't even for people. to notice me just about that if you had a little bit you know. you would have been but. you could be i just got nobody to do. it to become what it was you most should just. start and i. just saw. what memphis i got for the special supposed to. give so you do the mo putting do. you see it's needed small meetings to. try. and. change things. it's.
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just it's even. more of a. rush from which not very many of the. comedian with. the comedian result. when we can begin is all you could. give up on us was all for me but you could. just be with us and. yeah yeah we're going to talk to young. boys about that. i'm sure. but the more. but he may use them to push them over the great shelves of the new year with those and put them on this very go audience on the very news normally able to normally get the most media idealists of sleep with this economy to save
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not for me and all of them but in the piece i get every minute of it there are. some stories against a steward watchable thought of in the in a fit of 40 sort of forgotten what you did there's new stuff you do will go towards the thing you want to do normally. talk with a good response you about thank you piers chimp on which interest to choke bring it on would you look at that was pretty. this interim was not born raised but is all the stupid the number does but that he's ponder. upon this it. means that the deal of christianity in communion lives across the muslim with his does not look at the motion of the. ebook at that but he leaves the guitars to be the minute propaganda diggity another is used over the students was to get the school to finance but impossible jewish community where you could have water you need to sort out your bill. and your business to. put it to the starting value them.
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and i get an invalid. and it's a good technique thesis ability to actually act on. the idea. and it's all. connected to newsnight from you know you get a new teacher you are good. at attention i should be. getting a bus i've been in the i'm not a blind bit of the rules of the 30 years true because they just said you know so brought a new so simple it's better because it was the north koreans are getting used to have been for far chica the good news the last of them just used the teeth of our things nice to fit we did hear you say get involved in the leave an estate investor simply division but he did most of for the middle of he knew. bring t.d.'s an assistant to bring him out or going to get what it was we should sleep with the gas which was full of option really the wouldn't of that doesn't look good for modern britain was going to need a few thoughts to using the money bubbles could get really not let us know and we
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think it isn't them sit with them it's got into it of nice people get difficult thing you give your money he get a diet usually used to be a. doc went on because they thought separated and it is here bill cuban a nice to talk would probably get to that issue from up to the store still more than a shot at the monster truck at the police radios movies of the sort of kilogram rough . you feel when you get a new blue the we have before the deceased brought. you could not come to her through the 3rd of the korea and skim your chairs you met us in the post office got a little go through the. other border were kids. we got in she said yes. but on. the road there was just sort of like it was.
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my leaving was hard not to do it not. that he's probably going to disappoint. the. shadowy groupies just did what i was born to. the girl doesn't want to. look to be able to deal with them. both a. lot of it got to funny when somebody who i don't know what he's just got the job for years just feel free to move up to the point that if. you have to chose a secret. who. don't assume you were previously i mean the police i will doesn't make any peace to release those below the only thing that you wish it were still got that was not going to when i did this because the person. it was no earthly good or him. to stop was anybody thinks it was insidious i'm going to put up. with
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a get the dog there's a new piece don't you but some think about it today nobody but i could be shown coming across a cock sure what i do is going to cause i'll stop. and they're going to dine you on the outfield normal at least look at that i'm going to go into but i'm going to be shifted i was on special mobile put out lights and i said tom stoppard's but he's a lock you deep us with only an ideal if you want but i want the cocks maccie them are dead it was going to be a don't see don't be a wreath and meet with the bites of because that's it isn't yours and we get the keepers on the other wished with the numbers to put in the can i say he wasn't going to put him in the pool but i did but i will. actually was looking a little. bit with you what are.
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you. going to. go her shoes with with a with this or if there you go. yeah it's who. you know you. used to bloke is it now you have to see about me someone you've got all of their part of the room but after that we just raced through people showed up which were the worst for me personally you could say that about the ritual of the. little bit where that line secures the church from the one of what you are you're got that will signal that i'm going to get settled in school with i'm going to and i'm going to sleep criminal gets in the order and i was the only thing that. we said when there are things. in the film yet if the queue. starts be wrong for him cos a lot of. young the dude in particular for sure. would do better with
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you know it's a combatant or seeing the door when you know it should be. steaming up a local gnome with national she little to my fears of course. but you. know what on the 13 year old kid you might like because like women it's mr wish yes but . the way student could go to the gym again and so most of the you know i list keep it going that's a clinic i was. always dreaming. for . i said to. the other the. people on the. beat did you. fail.
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he know me well enough those acute only it. fears and. yet. you know i push more for safety if you can so much occludes the unique ability and once they did so much needed but i must because there is complete there's no coolness. of the 1st person will sit with them you. know somewhere in that democrats because we can all use that since i'm open to the story through with that he meant us and with the army you have thought me if i let up with another one of those i would.
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the or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to you the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that isn't. to be inconvenient truth that you just can't actually get that innovation in the us anymore because all the corporations that are in a position to innovate are shareholders and the taxpayers and using financial leisure to mean on wall street to line their pockets.
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profiting from the pandemic to see their german politicians are putting in a major scandal for allegedly earning hundreds of thousands of euros after brokering deals for face masks. meanwhile the u.k. government faces claims of financial mismanagement during the pandemic after offering frontline health workers a pay raise of just one percent while it spends millions on a new media briefing room we've got reaction in london. through the sort of theories about these i mean train people saving lives just for the public when i'm going to hospital table i think the nurse is in a safe for me then. and president biden's long awaited covert relief bill finally passes through the u.s. senate but people face it good.


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