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profiting from the pandemic to sydney a german politicians are quitting in a major scandal for allegedly earning hundreds of thousands of euros after brokering deals for face masks. meanwhile the u.k. government faces claims of financial mismanagement during the pandemic after offering frontline health workers a pay rise of just one percent while it spends millions on a new media briefing room we gauge reaction in london. to the story here is about these i mean trick people save. for the problem is when i'm going in to hospital table i think the nurse is in a suit for me then. president biden's long awaited covert relief bill finally passes through think u.s. senate but people face getting less money than they did under donald trump.
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hello bear with global news and international inside this is a scene from moscow my name is khalid bright welcome to the program 1st for you german m.p.'s a standing down over claims they made hundreds of thousands of euros from brokering deals for face masks with more on the scandal here's our europe correspondent peter all of. make no bones about it this is a big scandal here in germany pandemic profiteering isn't a look any party wants to be tarnished with in this is part of the ruling coalition here including angela merkel's christian democratic union party the representative of the party nicolas lobel has said he's going to step down at the next election this is after his company allegedly made around a quarter of a 1000000 euro from being the middleman in deals when it came to pee pee and masks
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during this pandemic that may not be good enough for some sort of said he needs to go right now and no wait until the election in the autumn however he said he is sorry for what he's done so far but he isn't the only one that's been involved in this scandal we've also heard. from the very insistent party the c s u is facing a corruption probe after he's understood to have taken away a 6 figure sum for being the middle man again in deals involving masks he's already said he's not going to run in september he has stood down from his position as the deputy leader of the union parliamentary group but he's denied any wrongdoing what this is prompted is well senior figures including members of angela merkel's cabinet coming out and saying there's no way this can be tolerated in condemning
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those 2 politicians to collect a commission that it's again money stream mediation in emergency situations is not possible that destroys trust in our democracy those who fill their own pockets with essential goods such as masks do not represent the people but the lowest interests it's understandable why the center right block is circling the wagons there's obviously a bundestag election coming up in september but before that just next sunday there's 2. regional elections as well and they want the candidates involved not to be as distant from this particular scandal as possible there's also a want to know more fuel to a fire of frustration that is seen people demonstrate against the way the government has handled the pandemic here in germany and it's not just a german issue we've also seen those protests taking place across europe.
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to. the level of hopes it will surely only be added to when it starts coming out that m.p.'s that politicians were enriching themselves personally during this pandemic german journalist thomas fassbender says public anger over the issue will damage the ruling party. i think that definitely the christian democrats as a party at the forthcoming for coming elections will take a hit there's no question there is anger about this the interesting thing here is that mr lube it just last year was the subject of a completely unrelated corruption or misbehavior commercial misbehavior case within his own party that man has been known for a sort of potentially shady behavior is there where allegations and nevertheless
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the party sort of shut their eyes and that is of course the dangerous thing it's not just a matter of the law as such of the letter of the law but also. 'd about the way it is applied. running streets being criticized for spending millions of pounds on refer michelin's to hold white house style media briefings and in another echo from across the pond british prime minister boris johnson is setting up a charity so the donors can fund renovations of the premier's official residence but for many in the u.k. all of this money will be better spent on health care staff working on the covert front line. should forces interest to is the story here is about is this i mean trick could be a poll for us will call for it to still be a poll look after all nurses and doctors and everybody that works in australia people saving lives that's in the public good is the answer peter spoke about how
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to from the people look at the budget benefits from health workers then at 3 to something where you can often repeat terrible things that had that terrible i'm not sure we do they would be for you over 2600000 but i figure a lot of other things like to be more more with the local asians out making sure the whole population is properly covered but what can you do if they say they said it has to be necessary course but you know when you when when when i'm lying in a hospital table i think the nurse is an essay for me then you know that's what would be necessary for me to make sure you can have enough pay and they've got enough motivation to work on lies are important decoration in the u.k. government insists difficult economic circumstances mean that it can only afford a one percent pay hike for national health service stuff but with inflation predicted to reach 100 percent this year that would likely mean a pay cut in real terms and this is union says that they deserve more than is
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preparing for strikes political commentator anthony webber says the government's priorities are completely wrong. but the media companies are judged she needs these. facilities one of those issue which is. the fines are witnesses shortage of finance money should go into. the very. sudden schools are absolutely correct she was. giving a late start but it also got. rather a pool message the government's proposed to spend money on promoting it certainly didn't for. we're not prepared to spend money on people who've been looking after people who are leaving the hospital and sort of people who well are. even nurses and so on that said the government has extended its furlough scheme
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until september which pays 80 percent of people who ages for hours they can't work during the pandemic but the latest predicting that the cash should get the economy back on track but talking to r.t. is going underground british economic historian robert skidelsky questions the numbers. they think there's a lot of pent up demand that there are a lot of savings that people haven't been able to spend and that as the shops and entertainment places reopened people will flock to these places with their extra spending power and that'll make the whole thing revived but if you look at it realistically i'm very skeptical about this because national income has fall it's fallen by 10 percent cent in 2020 that means savings of all their own you know some people will have extra savings but what about all those whose incomes have fall they're not going to have extra spending power we're talking about people who are
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being made unemployed because small businesses are closing going bankrupt and or cutting down on their start and rather than keeping that population on 1st. then i would try and provide work for them and especially young people. italy set to become the 1st nation to produce russia's sputnik very covert vaccine the 2 countries have signed a deal following a months long to go see asians production will kick off in june with 10000000 doses expected to be made by the end of the year meantime adelaide health minister says where he's favors the russians are. in my opinion if the vaccine works in the safe i do not recant about the nationality of the scientists who developed it therefore i am open to sputnik v. as well as to other vaccines should the european medicines agency in the italian medicines agency give their approval we are ready to cooperate with russia even
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very soon. sputnik gray's already been approved in 2 e.u. countries hungary and slovakia it comes as the blocs criticized for the slow pace of coronavirus and occupation in member state the italian the let's see a region's health chief has been telling us about the approval process for sputnik very. it's necessary to produce vaccines in house in order to be self-reliant and avoid the problems we've recently faced including the difficulties with job supplies and on time deliveries autonomy will benefit everyone in this case we've always treated the sputnik vaccine with great respect paying particular attention to the scientific evidence behind it therefore we had no reservations about it of we saw the explanations of its validity in the medical journal the lancet and by the laws there as well as the only national institute for infectious diseases in row we've
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always said that the efficacy and safety of vaccines are the main thing whereas the origin doesn't matter to us. unfortunately we can't see decisions absolutely independently and always have to wait for the approval by regulators will so hope for a fast track process so that it doesn't get bogged down in excessive red tape because we are in emergency and in great need of doses in italy we don't expect to see any disputes around the sputnik vaccine because we believe it will contribute to the common good and protect the health of our citizens. joe biden's covert relief bill has finally passed through the u.s. senate after last but it may go see asians but while $1.00 trillion dollars sounds like a lot of money people may actually get less than they did under donald trump we've been delving into why it may just be a drop in the ocean for the american taxpayer. bunker in america especially for children has soared to historic levels unexpected medical bills have created
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a surge of families desperate for in america the richest country in all the world we have incredible hunger what how this is possible as the u.s. continues its brutal battle with one invisible enemy an old one house of ram just poverty but for those one in 10 americans who lost that job and same bell never recovered all those 3 in 10 low income families who worry whether the next meal is coming from good news joe biden promised you a helping hand no one should work 40 hours a week to live in poverty and it wasn't just higher wages no buy dimmable so going to rip open the government's wallet and hand out those support checks the american rescue plan is going to keep the commitment of $2000.60 already gone out $1400.00 checks to people who need it. this is money directly in people's pockets
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and with control of the house of representatives the senate and the white house the only trinity nothing could stop the democrats puffing that kind of bill no out of touch little greedy republicans not even trump no it was a done deal right but we obviously are now alternately sending. money to less people in the administration this is not the promise that we need. conservative democrats have fossil divides in the admin sense fewer and less generous relief checks than the transfer of men did so not a done deal biden promised one thing with has $1.00 trillion dollar aid package the house then took a stab at it and the senate's now taken a not the stab at it and it's a wounded form almost $12000000.00 fewer adults will get the relief biden pledged unemployment benefits are finishing a month earlier than planned and as for raising minimum wage to $15.00 well
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courtesy of some democrat senators who vetoed debt that won't be happening and if you're wondering what an elected official laughing in the face of the people they saw it looks like well hey you go. listen to his cinema. no i'm sure go it's a big thumbs up from have for $174000.00 annual salary but if you thought biden himself was brain child this bill was as devastated by this well think again he is comfortable with where the negotiations stand he is controversial and knows there will be tweaks at the margin so if these tweaks mean that americans struggling to stay afloat amid the biggest recession in the u.s. in decades aren't getting the money who is what national democrats particularly nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have chosen to do is crimes through a 1.9 trillion package that includes things like funding on the national endowment
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for the arts and national endowment of humanities and the subway in silicon valley to help nancy pelosi constituents and while the washington elite did eventually realize that splashing $100000000.00 on a subway in the richest town in america wouldn't sit well with those people standing in line to food banks when will it realize that it works for we the people and not me myself and i. much of the mainstream media were delighted by the bill with the washington post initially branding it a defining move by biden but for the paper come in for quite a bit of mockery online it since changed the headline showers money on americans could washington post exaggerated by density of months in the mockridge desk way probably not shameful. well who make it rain with a check that still doesn't cover a whole month's rent soak up all of the money shallots my fellow pulls the amounts
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are being paid are just a drop in the end of the bucket the payments are proof that their faith and they bite administration was well founded and the reality is of course that much more of the covert relief bill is going to other causes no other interest groups in the us you know we have a constitution and the government has grown by leaps and bounds beyond what the original intentions were at this point the number in the duties of the american federal government have. the number of duties a targeted to a job are laughable you know the last coded stimulus package had billions and billions being sent to foreign countries this one has everything from money for amtrak which is a perennial loser of public money. 3000000000 in aid to aircraft manufacturers almost 300000000 for the national government for the arts and all while people are suffering and i would add why there are clear signs that the global appetite for u.s. treasuries which is u.s. debt seems to be waning this is a heck of a time to be incurring
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a lot more debt. still without say on the way has brazil reports disturbing new covert figures the president also narrow tells the country to stop whining about the disease is just one of the stories still ahead after this. when i was so seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me i'll get to see palin this day become educated and it against me because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by
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a dream shaped by one person those. things . we dare to ask. face coverings in public or about to be banned in switzerland a referendum at the weekend promoted by the right wing swiss peoples party so voters now really support the initiative that would include the career old nick
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outboard by muslim women there are several exemptions to the new rule it allows face covering for security climate and health reasons the proposal for the ban didn't mention islam directly officially saying it was aimed at stopping violent street protesters from wearing masks but the leading swiss islamic group has already called the vote a dark day for muslims. this is my my life so i wouldn't like to get someone to force me he told or else he could put on this what the hell because i give my vote no we have religious freedom we have freedom of expression you can say we have freedom and then not give it but it's being free he's been able to show our face respects in women's dignity have in our own identity and therefore i do not understand the discourse of people who want to imprison women behind this veil if you. the north i said no to this initiative
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because feminist i.d.'s are being used for something which on the contrary obstructs liberty of choice this is also borderline center for big so this goes against my values as well as still so i think of switzerland. or some other european countries already have full or partial bans on veils in public places including belgium and austria the 1st to introduce the move 10 years ago was france which has since repeatedly fallen under a wave of criticism for violating personal liberties early here on our way discuss the potential impact for switzerland i think that the majority of the of this was people who have voted for the ban of face coverings has decided so not specially trying to hurt muslim people living in their country but rather thinking of their own cultural identity and preserving it in the long run it is always the same it's always this threat of this extremist party
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you lost muslims and. you know all civil laws but when we're not at death it's very very bad for us why they are continuing to use this strategy to put outside of the society and to divide their citizens between. if we imagine that we had a similar referendum in and i-slam a country like in pakistan or like in saudi arabia the question would be would you allow would you like to allow people or women wearing a bikini in public beaches for example i'm pretty sure that 95 percent or even 1009 percent of the people would vote against it we know what is democracy and we're not using emotional rhetoric i don't know that a lot of people vote against but it's there is
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a lot of it it shifts where people have never seen a woman up. not with. that don't exist. dave hall for this a lot of people also in the villages of switzerland they are advocating they read the news and they know what is going on in other parts of the world and so they have just decided to set those limits to the cultural development of immigrants from muslim background and this is not hostile and also i think you should even consider it something which sets a useful limits to radical islamists and there are some who force their women behind veils who we are all is hearing. very very close to. that. it's not a low fuel used to get people to you lose their. freedom
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switzerland is the country of the and did it you have 3 and. and i feel very wary in this country but i don't like to be. a stage of the people who are extrem what if the radical left from the region already got it from . where you can live your religion freely and the question also is why have you chosen to come to switzerland knowing very well that it's a christian country which even wears the cross in its flag in its national flag so i think you were quite clear about that 3 when you came to switzerland. but i want switzerland to be more and more a more open minded it's good for diversity is a richness you are making narrow the mind at the moment but that is the of the
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people. they personally i'm president has called on people to quote stop whining about the country's covert catastrophe despite brazil registering its highest daily covert death rate last week it also has the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world with more than 260000 victims. sugared you for this quarter do you mean enough with the pretentiousness enough with the whining how long are people going to carry on crying for you for we have to confront the problems obviously we need to respect the elderly those with conditions but where is brazil heading to if we live in fear. meanwhile health authorities say that just over $7000000.00 have so far received at least one vaccine dose the asses brazilian hospitals struggle to find room for the sick and the health systems overloaded to highlight the point this is a container that's been placed outside a clinic in the north of the country to store victims' bodies here's what nearby residents think of the move. but after that i think people are panicking and this
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container shouldn't be out in the open here this doesn't have. that it has a huge impact i think it makes you more careful and more inclined to protect yourself it's only when you actually see it that it has any impact when you realize that i mean their lost loved ones were all to blame good people but also the government because they should set the example. the editor of a brazilian news site told us the president must take the blame for the worsening situation. i think it's. a strategy. old applied trying to prove to the brazilian book relations that he has this situation the control over food the situation is completely out of control i don't see that brazil is going to have that the situation before may or june because we have a very. do lay of the best the nation we don't have anymore.
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to protect people and to unload them to stay at home 'd i think the next 30 and over 60 days i going to be even warmer than the situation levy through the at this moment. ok that's it for made science for watching sean thomas is going to have your next update softer we've met the russian former soldier who has turned a life changing injury into paralympic medal winning inspiration it's next on alt. the binding ministration is still young but its foreign policy particularly in the
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middle east is an echo of past failures this ministration simply does not have a learning curve also does washington really support democracy in the world ukraine's crackdown on independent media to give this cause. some control for a middle class to who most of the night most of them are very hardworking people who want to get ahead that it either have some some health issues or have some of it out of strict about luck the whole time joel moon told me he's paying for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be poll in the world's richest country.
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it's as newsroom or no saying so it's almost all to the porch and cost about it but as. it was done was going to be a great. ulysse be it the middle east true or is it just that you know that old guard dominated the standard nor. yet today but what bit of that was us know. that if you are correct that the digital social. doesn't live with the way you thought it a little work for you. with weight loss i will force you to get off. and if you'll let me read this article. but you will not throw something out of course. i don't do your in the least little bit because i. lost interest. there was another huge disaster in the field nurse that i was to let them carry they had rules but there them with. c. did it for you from r. e the i see very like that just look at you do i deal. with
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this my way is that oh it's only by you me each other pretty. you that your breath but i was so dead and yet like essentially built no point in talking about you know no one thing here and so one of the. bit of work that was not given to us was the it was for me it was going to go and. should. be appalled by this dividing the fact that is what i thought it is and what it is it is when you cope with it be a problem my own is that it was to live out of. town and then to the man you mean people didn't. mean you know which inform continue to mature and mature. for you number one we've got good.


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