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press conference from the new state department auditorium march 23rd 1961. i want to make a brief statement about laos. it is i think important 'd for all americans. to understand this difficult and potentially dangerous problem. these 3 maps show the area of effective communist domination as it was last august and from december 20th now to the present day or the end of march the communist control a much wider section of the country. the position of this administration has been carefully considered. and we have sought to make it just as clear as we know how to the government's concern 1st we strongly and undeservedly support the goals of a neutral and independent layo. to no outside. group of powers threatening
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no one and free from any domination. by fellow americans they are far away from america but the world and. the security of southeast asia will be in danger if playoffs loses its neutral independence i want to make it clear to the american people and all the world that all we want in layoffs. and. i. know. that you have been the one and. him jump through hoops.
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i'm known as going to my movie you know means and not have died on the bill could know a real couldn't live. for me when you're hungry we should note that i mean that would i. would molineux all. my money. they're not exactly. in on it. and then i knew thankee and i think so myself. from june 1060 point to mind making 73 in the us it is true 1000000 tons of bombs on. the southeast asian country in what would become the largest bombing campaign in history until one plane load every minutes 24 hours a day or night a 1000000 years more than were trapped in germany japan during world war 2.
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that obviously it was done and reached the danger of. iran. to go out and respect them and your job you have and the. president handed over the war effort in laos to the cia. the way it. has made it to the entire peninsula is threatened by red military takeover as it was last may. merit this intervention here at loews. to the american people. the people love those who suffered tremendously from. the lives of those who. littered with this many years 80000000 bondy's or bomblets based small signs bombs found inside cluster bombs. do you
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believe that these files to dismantle just one percent of them are pretty clear. that a man out of bombs that we're talking about that were dropped on this tiny country . these days today is that they want to put the war behind and move and they want soon grow in the future and they would love the help of the united states government and to.
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will need to be poison to me. in the hope that one that we could buy. the mall didn't someone in a bit of a clue would say. so publicly on to. the course. i'm going to hope that you can. get me. up here all night it need to end so if you. want me to know. me please let me i eat all you know.
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in the early ninety's. mixologist proposed to the west but an experiment. paedophiles an. experiment was a. group . that sex with men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were paedophiles to raise. money mr holder.
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tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession a stake in the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that isn't. just when the united states is gradually pulling out of vietnam there is a rush of concern that laos may become another vietnam not so says the administration and says. well the president will let it happen that's one. reason we learned one lesson that is we're not going to avoid the. major major wars. mainland of asia again we're not going to send american troops there and we
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certainly are going to do it must be of the american public in the congress behind this there are no american combat forces involved we have been providing logistical support of some training for the new government in order to avoid a lot of those falling under communist domination as far as american manpower in the us is concerned there are none there at the present time on a combat base. the last song from show low not. me and no not. some of my. new men men men you know long men.
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or. the men and. it's. now let's go ahead and i'm not. let me down on it. or you don't your bottom man but if you would have been on my watch. when you're making a 1000000 play my mother. came to shower during hard getting hot hot tired any. minute downtown i would have known i'm in good order and i.
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mean women want to. go on and on are. people not just 3 pm. and nakota one when bob right here at that time driving i mean an hour. he can be he can make. i sat. on the client regrets i sat nav i can move from what would be pretty. and a poll like i don't know i know how many younger nearly 300. 90 comedy lightspeed in a. guide
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on how. many of. you wouldn't mind a little bit no. idea why. oh you know i don't. want to i am just going to kind of a chapter thing. what now with china but now i like.
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that when. you look. at those the polls and say you know i will not mind you it's. not that i'm a morning. and i. know.
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guy that turned him on that bus was going to put on a cd now and then as he. and i left but a man might let you name it he'd laugh. at the content of his. as to the general view on these matters of great concern to us united states is anxious that there be established in laos a peaceful country. a country an independent country not dominated by either
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side but concerned with the. life of the people within the country. we are. anxious that that their situation their coming forward in the united states is using its influence to see if that independent country he spoke country uncommitted country can be established under the present very difficult circumstances. fe had been in i've been man i know. a man behind him i hang. my heart i thought he could. be so unbecoming and he knew. and when i see my many. more who are you a land of corn carde candy you know they had me at their 92 corn. to move i had
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here now crowd you about how good a level that my. mom got had bad dad got angry at all i wound. up in. no i won't be laying on when i step on my burden. on my man young man my i mean my mind never. had been well now i had the land not the millers yes and by lousy staff now he and elect next big boned. would more than i how he in the thick of. it their money. i met and i was going to come my. son in time and see if i.
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will have to. commend a man at a time as an army mental foreign and. i mean. i. am now a felon and that he hadn't. heard about. peace in the. us i. hit.
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her. i was going on in kindle or does she don't kiss and tell you that is i can do a little joke in there with this hangup on the little song in that other equal distance as i was on the way it was just as me going on in. his little redone to tell him to the way that devotional would seem you know this is this is. metabolized small molecule that our bodies make or earn from it and make less of it as we get older. one of the things i work on is called. because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that
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19 to sars could be $21.00 of its ways of attacking the body to deplete the body even more of that chemical which we need to fight infections. and of nations being bombed into democracy biden's administration says no more u.s. backed regime change we ask whether old habits may die hard. still criminal court launches a probe into alleged israeli war crimes in palestine that israel hits back. they call it the i.c.c. i view it the international circus of clouds. so the discontinuation of books by famous children's author dr seuss over her full stereotypes takes them to the top of the bestsellers on amazon. the poll finds 64 percent of americans believe cancel culture poses
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a threat to freedoms and put the issue up for debate.


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