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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 1, 2021 9:30am-10:01am EST

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full victim to bombs dropped decades ago is the u.s. making amends for that tragedy and what help to the people need in that little land on my. pillow in welcome across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle on the campaign trail joe biden said nothing would fundamentally changed he was right washington is again illegally bombing syria and why trump ism will not go away anytime soon.
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to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's a historian analyst and author of the new book arise rossiya the return of russia to world politics and in budapest we have george said well he's a podcast directly gabble which can be found on you to rumble right gentlemen crossed out rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate his go to marcus 1st i'm having a lot of enjoyment watching all of the people that criticize donald trump for bombing syria which i did at the time and the early part of his administration but the same people that criticize trump for doing that are praising joe biden for doing exactly the same thing that's probably the only value that twitter has it's a record to look at people's hypocrisy go ahead mark. well hater it didn't take long for joe biden to violate senate flagrantly violates international law so the
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1st time as u.s. president when he ordered the american military to strike syria and specifically iranian forces in syria which i should add are legally in syria and i should also add have played a vitally important low in the low back of the whole lot so i says and out ita now wouldn't it be interesting for joe biden to explain to the rest of the rose as to why he didn't alter the american military to attack out qaida in it live i put it so you that if america and britain had. journalists not comprised of the creatures who currently occupy those positions then that question could be put to joe biden and i believe that would put him in a very good position but what does his attack on syria demonstrates it demonstrates
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that irrespective of who is in the white house a republican or a democrat america remains the same old america the cool objects of american foreign policy remains the same namely to safeguard an american global mastery and strengthen an american global mastery i would also say that his attack on syria was a message to iran that under game america will continue with its policy of seeking to destroy the iranian revolution and to return to violence how it was during the days of shock namely a facile states of america of america and i believe it's also joe biden's way of telling it to ron that america will not be written in to the. a c.p.i. . you know it's an insurgent interesting norge number one in the western publics
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are never explain what iran is doing in syria as marcus rightly points out they're invited there and they're fighting jihad it's violent terrorist groups ok and that is never explained to the it's the western publics and number 2 i guess you know joe's right america is back back bombing and it in and i would use slightly different terminology the mark as you know maintaining american hegemony they're making they're saying no we will challenge and even though they have no answers for the quagmire that they've created for themselves in the region go ahead george that's exactly right that quagmire was in large part created by the obama and biden the administration when they cynically and ruthlessly tried to exploit the arab spring in 2011 to bring about a series of regime changes in the arab world. it started it was in libya and then
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it moved into syria and it's becoming increasingly clear that the by not ministration many of whose members are alone of the obama administration want to resume the war in syria they've been pouring troops into syria from iraq now or. ever since biden came into office yeah i'm the game of his or not he writes not exactly and now they're building another military base that and i believe that this attack on syria because this happens on syrian soil for all the talk about oh this was an attack on a u.s. air base in iraq nonetheless the united states chose to respond by an attack on syrian soil was laying down a marker. that we are about to resume our regime change operation i mean this this was repeatedly said by anthony blinken and if you look through.
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the wiki leaks correspondence of jake sullivan during the obama years they say quite clearly that they are very happy to be aligned with al-qaeda in syria in order to topple the government of bashar al assad so i do think that this is a very. sinister development because i think that for the syrian people who have been. through. or is now for about 10 years in large part inflicted by the united states another to get even more as as the u.s. resumes its regime change operation and i think that's a very ominous not just for syria but for the middle east and for the world as a whole mark is it but this is you know putting a marker down is in like that description there because essentially what the biden
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ministration is saying is that there we will continue to attempt regime change forcibly illegally and as a french to and to damascus is allies in turn around and in moscow but we've been turned has made it very clear that damascus government will not fall and is clear they have drawn a line here so i guess we have to draw the conclusion is that the biden ministration lincoln and others are willing to start a regional war way when we know they're in the of course the united states can bring to bear unbelievable military power but the people that it's targeting have amazing. different ways to to react ok symmetrical ways to react if i'm not mistaken or. ran is very near the that they the straits of hormuz ok i mean then it becomes like just a regional issue it's
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a global issue but everybody knows that in washington but they continue this this sleep walk into more conflicts go ahead i believe best to purposes for washington to continue and it's illegal military presence in syria fast it's a way of maintaining a threat to the syrian government that perhaps one day america might be in a position to game to try and topple the right of the syrian government through the use of terrorist proxies in syria specifically outside that and isis and the americans are not folks they know that go is exceedingly unlikely to materialize why because of the russian military presence in syria but nonetheless the americans will look to the future and and frank that may be that they could come when there is another opportunity but i believe as a 2nd reason and i think the 2nd reason is more important than the 1st reason as
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a result of russia's legal military intervention in the syria in the syrian conflict and emphatically successful military intervention an unofficial alliance has emerged in the middle eighty's comprising of russia syria iran and i would also add to that as a law that is going to face off against another unofficial alliance in the middle east comprising america britain israel and saudi arabia now because of the unofficial alliance between moscow damascus to iran and has a lot that means that the americans the british israelis and the saudis do not have the room for maneuver which they once enjoyed but with an. can military presence in syria which is russia's eisen is not just in the middle east and north africa i
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believe the americans look to military presence in syria as a way of intentionally weakening russia's position in syria but also limiting the influence and power of the unofficial alliance between russia syria iran and has a lot of that is why i believe the americans will look to continuing to increase illegal military presence in syria i think that and i think there's another theory of the case at the same time george is that there is no real policy there really wasn't it really was incoherent from the get go and it is just to be a spoiler to make sure that no one else can make some have a settlement ok so in lieu of a strategy presence is the strategy ok and that is wasteful creates tensions it creates an possibilities for confrontation that are not completely unnecessary and it's just putting up flying in the sand and saying we're here and
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there's nothing you can do about it which is you know not a policy ok and it's more of a reaction to the inability to to move events in the way that you want go ahead george you know that's exactly right i mean it would just simply say that the policy is. to make life miserable for all of us of the syrian people it is to thwart russia do to get them bogged down and lose money personal resources in russia and probably with a view to weakening was who gives position at home because then there's a game of putin got us into a quagmire where we going. it is just a matter of being spun as early as though they were it will never happen. that even if we haven't been able to get rid of him he will never pay. be able to const solid it is government in syria because we will always have a presence there we will always deny him his own oil we will always deny him is
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agricultural produce so long as he's the syrian people are going to be miserable so sure it is a kind of a spoiler is just to make life for everybody miserable and the markets like yeah we can do this and we're just going to go on doing this you know when mark isn't needed if you can't continue with george's point here and it looks like it doesn't really matter then in the whiteman's well i guess it didn't matter because from want to get out so i do does the him but i mean other than not use it and let him up until there is a black why over damascus there are going to continue these machinations which is insane. yes absolutely and i believe that the americans today more than ever before are absolutely intent on taken all means necessary to safeguard basic premise seem to me to waste why because russia is back in focus in the middle east in the arab world and because there is
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a strategic partnership between russia and iran the americans and the british do not have the room for maneuver which they want in joint in the middle east it's not to say the west and 6 from a seat in the middle east is going to collapse in the forseeable future it will remain for me to indefinitely but it just means that there is a very serious challenge to the americans and british in to me to waste and that i believe that well should rejoice ok gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news day archy. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and obviously to get us out of the world of politics or business and show business i'll see that.
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world is driven by shaped by. the day there's things. we dare to ask. for spring carmen's this. fall. in the early nineties seventies how much can a psychologist fix all just proposed to the west but incentive to social experiment wanted to live paedophiles and top down care for neglected boys experiment was approved. it was used to model.
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almost one or. go to the believe that sex with older men would help with the boys socialization over 30 years many children were handed paedophiles to raise. new questions a little heard more than blogs and news over those forward looking for them but we can look at most of it with courtrooms or should not just hope all good person is one to go to. welcome at a crosswalk where all things are considered on people beltre mind you we're talking months of real news. here is go back to george in blew past i went into. guessing what we would discuss
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on this program you see i suggested to me that we talk about how. it will be very difficult to get rid of trump ism and i think in the in the subtext is that the more you fester and complain and hunted down the more it will thrive but i get the thrust of your idea correct go ahead george serve them out right ya need a remarkable comeback donald trump is stunning. we're only just a few days are on a new 2nd impeachment trial just a few days nah. saturn republican senators voting to convict him including mitt romney reza the guy who won't read all the voting voted twice to convict the president of his own party and for mitch mcconnell's extraordinary. as are today. it would be he will be making his appearance at the seat back and he
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will receive hearer's welker. and you know this is not an extremist party this is pretty much the kind of mainstream conservative movement in the united states and everyone all ringback of the presidential contenders for 2020 brawl or just slowly ted cruz everybody that has sat the potty is donald trump you know is this is this this who our leader it's. and these are people who have ambition for their own you know they would also like to see you know back from because they want to clear the problems out nonetheless none of them dance say anything other than you know we will follow trying to keep the engine interesting thing is that mcconnell has flipped i mean i mean it it's almost an inexplicable and then you have mitt romney the only republican to twice when won with the impeachment he even said that he would support him if he was the nominee for 2024. i mean wow you know what marcus
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what i think is interesting about this is that i think that the g.o.p. is that they're not really brainy people they're not they just you know don't have that history that pedigree unfortunately i always say that democrats and liberals they're ideologues you know and but b. the g.o.p. just isn't really they're not geniuses but i think that one thing they're smart enough to understand is if you look at mainstream media academia hollywood big jack now they're there did they trying to corral people that supported donald trump and they're they're coming out with pitchforks it's really nasty the rhetoric is nasty investigations. surveillance the platforming of people getting book deals torpedoed i mean they're beginning to realize is that you know there's the you know we've been in the when i do we stick together are there going to paris all down and i think that that's a real fear and i think that's why you see a lot of these quote corporatism the bad guys saying whoa i mean that at least they
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like they are the base likes one guy and we need to start getting around to my reading this right because i think it's more out of a defensive position ok i have to initial observations about stunning trunk firstly today and during his 2 presidential campaigns and so fast and $162020.00 it was unseemly clear that the man enjoys supposed phone cost slaves of the american population including african-americans and hispanics secondly i believe that the distinction needs to be made. but it may talk about the republican party there is a difference between the grassroots of the republican party and the leadership of the republican party the leadership of the republican party in my estimation is.
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very much a part of the american a status runs the grassroots of the republican party is quite different there in lies a problem for the leadership of the republican party because y.o.l.o. donald trump is not ocular amongst the latest of the republican party he enjoys very considerable so coked the grassroots so that is why it's taken such a hostile stance on him and that is why i've laid that they could try and reason so i have a suspension from the article or expel him from the republican party i do draw a comparison with what happens in britain consent in germany caught up in the latest ship of the labor party has a long bay has so it could be an apostle the british establishment the grassroots of the labor party adore jeremy corbett what happened after he lost the general elections we fastened 19 and he said that it's labor later the current labor
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leadership found a reason to suspend him from the labor party said jerry cope now sits as an independence m.p. in the house of commons he's no longer a labor member he's no longer labor m.p. i believe it is well within the space and the mindsets of the leadership of the republican party soup replicates what happens jervy coping. don't try. i don't know george how do you think about that because it seems to me and it went where we're experiencing right now and i think there's a lot of moving pieces right now is that there is a recognition that the base wants trump to be in it in the mix ok we don't know as like some kind of godfather figure that you know will anoint people's support you know or oregonians people and help them be primary. i think that the ownership of the republican party is actually terrified of donald trump i mean really terrifying because everything you throw at him and all it does is it in any. it gives it gives
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his base more oxygen and makes him even more angry and they're seeing this ok again you know when you know this you know putting the fence was wall around the capitol what is the threat you know it's it's trump supporters beating that goes all the way back to the poor people moment when bill or clinton you know it was what we you know you need we can't even visit the people's house now you're afraid of us you know i mean we're not talking about you know you know cells you know the mysterious cells underground and then you know they're they're saying it's 75000000 people they're the enemy right that that's it and barack obama this raises a very interesting question because i'm sure that mitch mcconnell and probably kevin mccarthy the minority leader would love to see drunk pick at least me on this cheney and they would love to see trump get done about it but they were already been warned and trump has made it clear that if you attempt to do anything
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like this i will run as a 3rd party now probably count when are just running on a 3rd party but he can ensure that the republicans all lose so this would if i could be the dream come true for the democrats who are extremely unpopular they know they are very unpopular but they love to see the republicans fighting among themselves and hope you don't pray that there will be a search party run by trump and to ensure the democrats are to much as happened in 1902 with ross perot's it campaign in morocco got about 20 percent of the vote but ensured it didn't get very much but it did sure that george h.w. bush would be defeated the same thing would happen if truck would win trying to do better than ross perot he probably carry some states but he wouldn't win the election as a whole and so the democrats would be en route but going back to your point about the attack on the. deferrals there's no question this thing is is escalating
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the investigation of january the 2nd just getting bigger and bigger and bigger not just everybody who attended the rally is being is somehow under suspicion i mean the other day they were the f.b.i. published a photograph of a very cute. girl next door this is a person of interest they were trying to look at person of interest a future looks like she's just you know after you know the at the mall with her friends the bison burgers and fries i mean it's it's not in this opera loose or. you know seriously making us now back to what happened on january 6th nobody's telling us what how exactly was an insurrection i mean what exactly happened ok they're not wanted now was that or going to be using let me go back to marc as we're rapidly running out you know what the you know what when when george had to say about what the democrats want and you know and trump is their nightmare and
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their dream at the same time that's what makes him such an interesting political figure but they need donald trump also that's they need to know as you talk about him and. because that's what that's the only thing that keeps their coalition together because you know you know joe biden well i guess you know there will be $15.00 an hour you know oh we can't do one student loans we can't do that you know do this not because we're biting drunk and they and the trumpets and the movement you know we have to poke a certain fee there because what it is is that it's basically you know her shrugging off the progressive becomes the base and aggressive you both chorus you know you'll get when you walk you know this time around well the usual thing with the democratic party is is that once they get power they show the progressive's are what they need trauma to keep that to gather and it's a very sinister when but it meant politically it makes sense go ahead it's case and there's not much in politics which is why it's which is she. straightforwards here
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is an example where i believe there is a very straight forward situation and a very straightforward solution to this situation if the grassroots of the republican party wants to save america if they want to preserve american culture if they want to preserve the american national identity if they want soo safeguards women's rights if they want to safeguard children's rights if they want to go back the mo degeneracy of hollywood's then they have to carry out a revolution within the republican party they need to relieve the republican party of its current leadership because if the current leadership of the republican party are not relieved if they are not front out then this will simply play into the hands of the democrats and women's rights will be in further pambo children's
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rights will be in further peril under biden and under a democratic successor i believe that is the solution and i didn't. think that and i think this is your absolute that's the stakes here lately george tenet outlet last minute here and it's really not about the base not really about the leadership it's about the donor class that's what needs to be decided ok don't take their money we don't want your money we don't want your dirty filthy money for your agenda because i think the party has to make a decision to stay poor producing globalist or go working class there's not you have to decide 30 seconds george yeah that's right and as the base contemplates leave biden administration team which is up a picture war open borders. boys in girls locker rooms. kind of a $50.00 minimum wage combined with mass of. on employment all
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of this is just simply kind of obama on steroids and that will you know it's the worst possible outcome for the night i mean. and that's what i and that's why we know it was a failure in why truck was elected in the 1st place and he doesn't succeed the same this year i want to thank my guessing budapest and in london i want to thank our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. next time remember us uk rules. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being.
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direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or i'm a going to shallow. they are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the
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difference between a good confession and one that isn't. in the headlines this hour protesters stormed government buildings in armenia as the heat is turned up on the political unrest in the country. guilty as charged former french president nicolas sarkozy is convicted of corruption and handed a year behind bars it gives him the dubious honor of becoming the 1st former president in the country to get a jail term and also coming up. lashing out at lockdowns of violence erupts in several countries around europe as people fight back against coronavirus kurds.


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