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tv   News  RT  February 26, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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divisions deepened then what opponents of the prime minister is spending a 2nd night outside parliament demanding his resignation. but the classified u.s. intelligence report claims the saudi crown prince approved the murder of. 28 seed and what may become a game changer for u.s. saudi relations on the job by. british doctors come out against plans to make coronavirus vaccinations obligatory for frontline workers. and the head of the e.u. clashes with german. claims of the possible to have to be used by old member states . this is the international i'm calling brian's just to midnight here in moscow now
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saturday the 27th of february welcome to the program. with the latest developments in the south caucasus the opposition in armenia is continuing to hold a mass rally in the capital opponents of the prime minister a government camped out for a 2nd night in front of the parliament building and yerevan they vowed to stay there until resigned constantine is there for us. the biggest news of the last couple of hours in armenia is the outcome of the meeting between the opposition leaders and the country's president now why this meeting is so important well for one there is a pretty intense standoff between the armenian political leader prime minister. and he's top military command army generals called on pasha down to resign accusing him of being incompetent the prime minister fired back accuse a military in an attempted coup that's the story that's been playing out since yesterday now partially now wanted to give blood to the chief of the general staff of the armenian armed forces furby. political and disloyal and that would have been
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a show of force for the prime minister but he can not follow through with this until the president of the country signs off on that order and that's when the latest meeting of the presidential office came into play at 1st it seemed like the opposition has one over there president convincing him to send the order of back to the prime minister's office however those claims weren't officially approved later on and as for now it's more likely that the negotiations are still underway we should not forget though that the prime minister over media still has more political power according to the local constitution and the sacking of the chief of the general staff can still happen even without president's approval is just going to take more time anyway how that signaled that be ongoing power struggle in armenia moving from the streets towards big political offices although protesters are still present in the capital but right now where you can see several hundreds
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of people that are still demonstrating in front of the national parliament put on music putting on some passive mood to boost their spirit as some of them are going to stay here overnight and the opposition a vow that they are not going anywhere from this place until they called pushing down steps down so let's hear from the people we met here earlier so that of the newness of the shoe and you mean you know some of the moons haven't changed we call in the prime minister to step down we will make him quits but only through public trust show through the constitution will seeking decision by force of islam general stuff simply called him a passion and to create it he decided to be branded an attempt at mill to recruit but there was the last straw as well if it's it was like you working today we had to get to the trade fight to the end the enemy must leave our country to restore our homeland. passion and has faced protest and calls to resign after what his critics say was the disaster is he. handling of
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a bloody 6 week conflict between his service john and ethnic armenian forces over their region of last year that conflict ended in significant territory losses for armenian side and as you can see the country is still reeling from that bitter defeat. of a force that message home opposition supporters blocked the streets in iran on thursday paralyzing traffic there rushing out himself also marched through the streets of the capital with his supporters who had this to say. we came to the square answering the call from our prime minister we stand with him to the end he must put an end to all this there of course failing is that this form of governmental throne's issues is definitely not acceptable to me the government should be challenged to elections in which only the people have the decisive vote we came to see our prime minister of the republic square so the whole world knows that the people support him and an attempt at a military coup in such difficult times seems an acceptable to me. much of the
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current volatility has been fueled by a top level dispute over weaponry the prime minister earlier claimed that russian made as can the missile systems had failed during last autumn's brief war with azerbaijan but the russian defense ministry says didn't use that weapon in the conflict. why the iskenderun that fired did not explode or only exploded 10 percent off. the prime minister and the. able to make adequate decisions in this fateful and critical situation for the armenian people given the current situation.
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of the prime minister and the government. because. national tensions escalated in november after the signing of that pay still with media and azerbaijan over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region the government had vowed victory in that war but the agreement was seen as a humiliating defeat back then demonstrators reacted to the truce by storming the government building out of an they strongly oppose the prime minister's decision to end the fighting and said that they were willing to give up the territories ceded under that dale had agreed to let as i shall hold on to key parts of the area many
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armenians though say they'll never forgive him for that last. we discussed the situation with an armenian army officer the vice president of the country's national assembly. but presume that for 30 years the military has been poorly managed in terms of equipment and maintenance this led to the army becoming weed it isn't the army used to be and punching and came to power without a team all experience the prime minister was an absolute 0 in military affairs as well as in economics and politics and this management disorganization noncompliance with the mobilization plan the destruction of command and control systems and the dismissal of military officers all this led to the fact that the general staff lost all patience and demanded the supreme commanders resignation as he was destroying the army this destruction resulted in the loss of 5000 soldiers and tens of thousands of wounded. communion. it's post-war turbulence
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when the military makes political statements it can only be called a military coup the military must carry out its immediate task of protecting the borders of the republic politics is not a military matter our colleagues from other countries are emphasizing that this is unacceptable the prime minister has problems with a few military officials following the war and i must say the authorities and the prime minister are in control of the situation putting the blame on one person is wrong it's not fair and there are millions understand we all have our share of the blame it's. ok release within the past couple of hours a long awaited and now declassified u.s. intel report is directly implicated the saudi crown prince over the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in 2018 and what could set the tone for the biden government's relations with what should be a strategic partner the big question now is that will the new president go all out
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with a punishing rebuke of the united states' biggest gulf ally let's go live to our correspondent kerobokan for more on this hi there kaleb just 4 pages but pretty unequivocal isn't it. indeed well this is the report finally released and it's from the office of the director of national intelligence and it basically has the assessment of the u.s. intelligence community which is that the crown prince of saudi arabia approved a plan to kill or capture jamal khashoggi take a listen at the time of the khashoggi murder the crown prince probably forced it on environments in which aides were afraid that failure to complete assigned tasks might result in him firing or arresting them this suggests that the aides were unlikely to question my hamad bin soman soldiers or undertake sensitive actions without his consent. now the report cites the fact that there is a central control over decision making in the kingdom and the crown prince has
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effectively taken over directing the intelligence agencies and the security services of the kingdom of saudi arabia furthermore it goes on to cite the fact that one of the personal security detail of the crown prince was involved in the killing now there is no smoking gun the report says that it is basically saying that it is highly likely that the crown prince approved the killing for these reasons they're not saying they have absolute concrete proof but based on their assessment of the situation it looks pretty clear according to american intelligence that the crown prince was involved and did approve the plan to kill or capture jamal khashoggi now it's important to note that this report is basically being seen as something that will strain u.s. saudi relations there was a phone call between joe biden and the saudi king that took place prior to the release of the report and the report was mandated by congress they did mandate that
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the report be released that was because of the u.s. congress's mandate that we now have this highly redacted piece of information this report that is now available to the public 76 individuals have now been listed as by the u.s. state department as having a visa ban because they are believed to have been involved in the plot to kill jamal khashoggi furthermore we now have sanctions against 17 individuals from the u.s. department of treasury and these 17 individuals are being sanctioned as a result of their alleged involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi so quite a development we see this is certainly a shift after the killing of jamal khashoggi the way u.s. leaders have reacted to it has evolved over time and this is a new move from the by administration let's review quickly. president's intention as is the intention of this government is to. to recalibrate are engaged with saudi arabia and to have counterparts communicate with counterparts of course this is
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a crime as i said before shock the conscience i expects. that we will be in a position. before long to speak to steps to promote accountability going forward for this horrific crime. in our viewers will recall that at 1st saudi arabia denied involvement in the killing but then we had the crown prince coming forward and taking responsibility the position of saudi arabia regarding the killing of jamal khashoggi which this new report says was probably approved directly by the crown prince of saudi arabia's position is certainly shifted over time let's review what has been said.
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now the killing of jamal khashoggi in the very brutal way in which it was carried out certainly shocked the world many look at this and say this could be a point that is remembered by historians as a rather negative turning point in the relationship between the united states and its a long time ally the kingdom of saudi arabia you're going to get some. new york kind of moment thanks for the. well let's go live from the long running news and opinion website called good to have you back on the program. mr biden spoke to the saudi king before this declassified report came out how would you expect the u.s.
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saudi relations to be impacted by. well i hope they are less and i hope they're not as close as i hope the us stops supplying weapons to murder people in yemen the british should stop doing that as well i think the saudi government is a is a pretty brutal approve pretty brutal affair on the other hand. to show he was apparently connected to the cia was a cia asset i'm told by friends in washington in a position to know that so that doesn't mean he was it was right to kill him let alone in that brutal way that they did but who's going to hold biden to account for the people he just killed in syria that's of course just fine that's just what the us does they murder people you can't say boo so like to see all these governments stop killing people one of they just mind their own business stay in their own countries and if somebody escapes like a show you then that's that you know that's it. certainly biden should be trying to to jail and maybe kill as well certainly torture a son just like
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a trump did so these governments are a terrible terrible bunch they live by theft that is by taxation they live by murder that is wars and all other kinds of killings. we need less of that in this world so i think of the us does is no longer an ally of saudi arabia just by their oil and that's it that would be a very good thing but this is the problem isn't it of lucrative. business in the background that even if they're also may be token gestures of sanctioning individuals like our correspondent just said there's no direct sanctions all the crown prince there is that 10 year 350000000000 dollar deal between the united states and saudi arabia that suddenly likely to be undermined by this is an. too bad too bad the u.s. should not be selling arms to anybody it's the worst supplier arms in the entire
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world it supplies wars sometimes wars on both sides and it's a it's a it's a rotten business the us military industrial complex so i think that you know would be great if they'd stop supplying arms to saudi arabia and let them just take care of themselves and also again stop supporting their war in yemen it's been a very brutal monstrous affair so many submissives so many civilians killed so many soldiers killed is not a good it's not it's not ok to kill soldiers by the way either anymore than it is civilians and. i think that we need we need a change we need governments that don't just murder people the u.s. of course feels you can murder anybody anywhere in the world inside the us or outside the us if it decides to do so that it's in the national interests of call and we have organizations like the cia and the 16 other intelligence agencies that kill people that's one of the things they do they live they steal they also murder people and we're supposed to think that of course oh well they told us that this
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report must be true we have to believe it so maybe it's 6 my guess it is but the who who really knows that is tell them stop killing people stop aligning yourself with killer government and just mind their own business here at home we've got plenty of problems here at home to address and so how far do you think mr biden might take any repeat for saudi arabia bearing in mind that the powerful friends in that part of the world are few and far between. well my guess is he's not going to do any more than has happened so far and i know he told the king the this was going to happen is that as far as this report it's a very vague report there's no evidence in it again i probably think this is what happened but we don't actually know and the these intelligence agencies one of the things they do professionally is lie they're all trained liars as well as well as trained killers and many other horrible things so we're supposed to believe these lawyers this is all true my guess is that for once there they are telling the truth but how can we know so i think that we just should no longer have any relations
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with saudi arabia in terms of supplying weapons to them and we should not supply troops to them we should let them handle themselves we should be balmy people shouldn't be making war in syria and all some any other country should be surrounding russia and trying to start a war with russia. biden is even worse than trump on these things so it's it's very alarming what the us government does in the world and i hope to goodness they would at least cut back on some of it i would appreciate your time good so if you've got a new roll call thanks a lot thank you. need to head for europe looks to vaccination possible to get the confidence back on the move but not everyone thinks they'll kill the travel woes it's one of the stories we go ahead.
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when a trauma changes us literally it causes a chemical change. and this changes the way our genes function. sometimes for generations.
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more of a headline news now and health attorneys have warned against reported u.k. plans to make jabs mandatory for some workers pointing out that it could be illegal england's chief medical officer has already told health stuff that getting it is their duty and the state run national health service is reportedly considering making it obligatory for certain employees but on a chest dr bob guild told us that some medical workers see it as an attack on their autonomy. the idea of making x. a nation compulsory is very shortsighted we need to understand that damn if there has been done to the trust of the medical profession even the government's already
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chaotic and much criticized handling of the endemic we've already lost a 1000 health and social. work force due to the pandemic people have been working exhaustingly long hours have witnessed tragic scenes and to attack their professional judgment and autonomy by making this compulsory i think is another straw to break the camel's back when a separate development u.k. medical chiefs say the number of coronavirus patients has dropped and pressure on the n.h.s. is easing officials suggest that the country's cope at a lower level should be downgraded without a mind boggler again says that mandatory inoculation could backfire if you make vaccination part of your terms of employment then what does a doctor do if it erode their risk losing their job losing their profession that they've studied and worked so hard for or they comply so it's quite a big stick to beat the profession with. i don't think anybody could argue against
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the evidence for vaccination and what the government should try to do is understand if there is significant reluctance why that is so all those will provide the more information but not to coerce them it was the 3rd early on in the which showed the vast majority or doctors certainly felt that the government had completely with. the krona virus and derek and that confidence nothing has really happened to improve the government. also in the u.k. over 200000 people have signed a petition urging the government not to introduce vaccine passports meaning the issue could be debated in parliament but with travel across europe heavily restricted many are putting their hopes they could get things moving again including the german chancellor that's let's start with respect to digital vaccination bass all member states agree that when he says
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a thing the technical preparations were done by the european commission as well as member states in january now when he simple man that's said that there's compatibility among different national passes we in germany have decided that it will develop such a vaccination that the key data that has digital past mass contain had been defined by the european commission and member states. some southern e.u. states like greece and spain which are heavily dependent on tourism are pushing to adopt the inoculations certificate quickly but the idea is facing high level resistance as well on the vaccine certificates. indeed we discussed this topic as you know there are still in a number of open question political question the 1st one is of course what these certificates will be used for but they're also scientific questions that are still open. meantime the vaccination programs encountered some severe setbacks including shortages of doses and supply delays we heard about some of the possible drawbacks
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of vaccine certificates from a member of germany's at the left party and also a specialist in emergency medicine from the u.k. the solution is not a little one. to cause problems. can become someone last time can access. passport but to. really unique problem you see people who want to see a young person for example who's probably just as difficult a time or someone totally who is not likely to get seen before the end of that your age issue learned you can go not all of it because you don't hold the passport. really and so those young people everyone can decide on their all when they want to vaccinate and everyone has to decide on their own which of the vaccinations they want we need vaccine charts because as it currently stands in many european
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countries we do not have that charts in germany for example we only have western bank scenes young people younger than 6 years of age cannot get any kind of explanation at the moment so the discrimination there would follow if your borders only pro people who have chosen to get vaccinated would be immense it would be the kind of the kind of discrimination that we haven't seen for over 70 years in europe . there's a buzz phrase doing the rounds in the white house once again joe biden has revived a critical race theory it's a concept which aims to highlight and address racism and inequality in the us institutions of former president donald trump are described as racist and toxic propaganda banned it with an executive order which some communities agreed with. critical race theory is a hateful divisive manipulative fraud hate groups with allies in politics the press and education past critical race theory own eyes and see racism and diversity
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equity and inclusion but critical race theory is exactly the opposite a move in 3008 primaries directed against asian americans been reported since the covert pandemic hit some lay the blame of the former us president who calls cold the covert 19 the china virus and we discussed the issue with phil long the presidents of the chinese american citizens alliance it is now schools is in colleges and universities it is in our jobs and nowadays that people are judged by their race and only by the race you e-cards to biden there were several discrimination lawsuits filed this is leading to a lot of a lot of our society's getting destroyed publications taken with joy on. college admissions re sin on line presence wiped out people's jobs
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get terminated business relationships gets ended on all this because off race there's not just about blacks and whites we have like us asians you have latinos and then yes you have people without studs one from a interracial marriages where they work and then being in the excluded from this battle all from this movement i'm not sure r.t.d. a trap for this hour i'm calling by moscow back with your next update in 33 minutes also see that.
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we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever in the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. listed on the views in your local shelters and of course he's in him at a tronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information i mean when my military nationalized freedom of speech and social media bends censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online.
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the internet audience know totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social network users but one wrong move from the pages deleted digital annihilation don't exist anymore. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if even heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to hold that virtual power. reasonable for a middle east but i was reading one way. others financials a lot of guys i don't buy any i because i'm a features. face the friday as of last summer buying from the future tracker watch kaiser.
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hello and welcome to cross for all things are considered i'm peter level of course . came to a new gallup poll over 60 percent of those asked are dissatisfied with the 2 major parties the country is divided politically but the parties themselves are divided within add to this the fact most voters do not belong to either party is it finally time to move on from this diwali. to discuss.


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