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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 23, 2021 2:30am-3:00am EST

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but i want to use the. robot as a feeling that to this day is still search for grown children well adults look in hope that their us. greetings and sal you take. welcome to 2020 season 2 or 2022 k one your video game player. yes it appears the 2021 is looking to build on the roller coaster of tragedy and brutal strangeness of 2020 with a host of new plot twists and villains and one of those villains is wonder storm
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yuri who decimated a majority of united states last week most notably in the great state of texas where freezing rain snow and frozen temperatures expose the citizens of the lone star state to the grim meat hook reality of u.s. infrastructure you see in texas a staggering mix of deregulation hubris and greed combined with mother nature's freezing temperatures led to the large scale failure of the state's power grid strain gas fired nuclear power plants and frozen wind turbines left more than $4000000.00 without power in the storm's immediate aftermath including some who had been in the dark for more than 24 hours. and now with pipes still bursting water gushing power fluctuating and more than 50 to 70 dead and counting many citizens of texas are now facing true insult to injury no i'm not talking about their political leaders from senators to mayors ducking out to old can coon or declaring that
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texans need to stop asking for bush was the handouts like well you know running water or electricity no i'm talking about that most american of insults receiving a bill for your tragedy yes the new york times vox and others are now reporting that quote some texans have been hit with power bills totaling as much as $17000.00 for only a few days of electricity but thankfully while the people of texas and the rest of the united states were desperately trying to stay warm one news organization was there to keep them informed with one of the most important political news stories and facts of our day president joe biden's dog. take it away greg kelly of newsmax t.v. see the dog lecky i want to show you something i noticed there's the look a little a little rough i love dogs but this stud needs a bath and
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a comb and all kinds of love and care i've never seen a dog in the white house like this i remember buddy i remember millie i remember lots of dogs but not a dog who seems i don't know i don't know how much love and kerry is getting let's bring in the historian. wow so while americans are freezing to. gas and electric companies are raping and pillaging we get a story about the white house dog and we wonder why we are so ill informed about our failing infrastructure and failed state of modern capitalism. i think it's time to start watching the whole. nice. letter so let's see if this joyce state. strays see this least systemic just says so much. so that
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you'll. read welcome everybody to watching the hawks i am i wrote to her and i don't need to cross that so major this is pretty incredible looking at all what what went down this last week i mean this really is a dire testament to the failed state of our infrastructure and no you're absolutely correct it's also a testament to the failed state of people believing or not believing it. in a system that has been show tried and true when it comes to wind when energy wind turbines but also how a state could basically have its own grid system. like just like we talked about this earlier with what happened with new orleans after katrina there have been so many papers written so much research done by the army corps of engineers letting people know 101518 years ahead of time that because of what we were seeing with a lot of the natural disasters the potential was going to be deadly a lot of that same thing happened in texas and the leaders just would not listen
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that seems to be the case over and over and over again when you combine that kind of we're not going to listen to the warnings about the potential failures of our just collapsing infrastructure systems we're going to allow you know we're going to deregulate allow these companies to put greed before safety and security of the people using these companies you know when you see that kind of thing happen over and over again there's a certain point we just have to say ok when is enough when is enough enough what are people really going to stand up and say we don't want to be treated like this anymore we have basic rights to you know elect. city and warmth well part of the issue was that texas has for you know ever stood as the state that wants to be anti-government and they want to be a state that doesn't want to have any level of government control it's all about individual freedoms and liberty good things in theory but when it comes to something like this when it comes to putting private sector interests above people because that's what happened they created this deal they knew going into it with
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the potential just might be we know that because natural disasters and these weather patterns are only going to get more harsh over the next few years we're seeing it so kudos to everyone who has been knocking down that door and that wall for the past 2030 years letting elected officials know that this was coming it's fresh training that we still haven't seen texas legislative leaders actually sit back and say they could have done something different we don't see that move at all they actually blame this on the green new deal the wind energy they have blamed it on so many things other than what actually happened and it's really sad because then when you couple that just adequacy years leaders and failed leadership really across the board with you don't know the greed of these electrical companies and when when you go you know 63 year old army veteran scott willoughby was highlighted in the media over the weekend lives on social security payments he got hit according to new york times with a $16000.00 electric bill because he's on what they call like the he buys like
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their electricity wholesale in the deregulated market of texas i mean that's $60000.00 you've got nicholas' mulattoes over receive the $3000.00 bill he told the media quote everyone in texas is about deregulation and greedy as a whole so the company as a whole sole actressy provider is the most deregulated you can get and this just goes to show why regulation is important because sure in the short term it's great but them's the situations like this arise where it gets out of control and he i think brought up a good point as a customer saying look we love the romanticism of the deregulated perfectly running market but we know that. that doesn't exist no they don't these markets are built on profit share and that's the end of the story and i think that democrats really need to push harder against this deregulation theory that has a lot of support actually until you see crises like this because those bills are not going to go away people are getting bills higher than that in the hundreds of thousands over the next few days many of which you know we've seen on twitter who actually post that there be a that's just ridiculous they have no means of paying this money back but the
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electric company did offer them deferred payments like we know you can do it now so maybe maybe later this summer $17.00 and put you know you i was. libya is back in the news as the country's minister of the interior barely escapes an assassination attempt and information is released on blackwater's role in a play and a government overthrow party's alex milledge has the story. it's been called a hit and run military campaign in 2011 a needle led regime change operation helped dismantle libya's government leading to the brutal killing of the country's leader moammar gadhafi. after that many say the country was a bad did by the western military coalition dividing libya and leading to a civil war between 2 factions both declaring themselves the legitimate government of the nation but 2 groups use local militias and foreign powers to their advantage of perpetuating the chaos in libya however earlier this month the geneva un
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brokered compromise saw the political rivals agree to form an interim government which includes representation from both sides by the. power great libyan people her victory today goes beyond the issue of a standalone victory to something greater than that it has it represents a symbol of the victory of national unity reunification peace building can achieve the desired democracy although many see the accord as a breakthrough militia groups sometimes backed by sympathetic politicians continue to plague the nation this has led to some leaders being skeptical. about just how unified the government is here's fatty bashara the interior minister for libya's un backed government a month before the agreement was signed but this is the biggest problem for me it's not the militias which are weak and easily broken apart but the problem is that some of the parts institutions of the state provide support to the members of these militias and on sunday bashar has motorcade came under heavy fire on
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a highway on the outskirts of libya's capital tripoli the interior minister was the target of what is being called oh well planned assassination attempt one of his guards died in the shoot out as for the assailants one was killed and 2 were taken into custody the government have not been identified and a recently revealed confidential u.n. report brings up the question were they under the control of foreign or domestic powers according to the report in 2019 the infamous u.s. security firm blackwater violated the united nations arms embargo on libya twice when erik prince blackwater's founder said foreign mercenaries and weapons to support libyan warlord khalifa haftar are against the tripoli based government described as a well funded private military company operation the plan was for mercenaries to track down and kill libyan leaders and it would be fair to assume that the attacks could have resembled what happened to libya's interior minister on sunday
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a spokesperson for prince denied the accusations at the annual u.n. report the report will be officially released to the public next month for watching the hawks i'm alex model of each. fascinating report being released but not when i am sorry not surprising look in my humble opinion erik prince you know mr mercenary mr blackwater best friend of the bush administration best friend of the trumpet ministration to me he's one of the most notorious and. worst figures of the early 21st century at this point so it's crazy because i haven't heard you know the blackwater name. in news in a while you know so the theme of this and you know to know just how deep they go and how strategic they are in planning not only overthrows but also being shady when it comes to ever actually being investigated for their meddling in wrongdoing if i don't know where we go from here if things like blackwater as it were going in there will never be dismantled they have a ton of covert operations and they try to keep hands off of them and he's not even
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from what i understand not even directly in charge of it anymore because of all the controversy and things like that he brought but you know just because he's not officially in charge doesn't mean that you can you know i'm sure people could still find the connections or still find his influences over these i mean when you look back and stuff but the bigger picture of this is you know mercenaries like blackwater and all that essentially came out of the failed 2nd gulf war under bush it's one our u.s. military decided to suddenly start no longer having the military do jobs and you know essentially saying well we're going to put it in the hands of private industry as opposed to having our guys do this and this is what you have is the rise of these kind of mercenary corporations that are going on controlled unchecked and run rampant around the world and that begs the question how do you any is there a method of controlling them because clearly there is no there is no regulatory faction for them they are basically free to do what they want sometimes that directed by other governments oftentimes not there happens there has to be what is
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there what is their motive for these actions because they pick and choose very strategically who they're going to get involved with and when but also they don't really fall under any if they don't they fall outside of regular jurisdiction i think that's one of the most pressure dating parts it truly is because it's hard to track you know because they get all the rights of a private corporation and they're generally people with high security clearances who get into these things i mean they become some of the most shadowy organizations on the planet and you know to me it whenever you look at like everywhere erik prince is career is gone you know destruction has followed you know it's kind of a you know that's good. again my opinion but i mean it's hard to disagree with that when you look at him i mean you saw him with this you know fingers in the trumpet ministration and all of that was the cousin or brother or whatever but see the boss right right already we have you know i mean you see this guy still coming up in u.s. politics and to me is one of those people that we need to get as far away from blackwater you saw trump pardon the blackwater guys who killed those people in iraq and it was
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nasser square i mean you know you see this company keep rising it's ugly head up it's like the hydra you it's like once you think ok we finally got rid of blackwater x e or whatever it's changed its name to suddenly it's back again now that quiet for a minute and actually i think it's just that we're not really paying attention because they're always drumming up something somewhere you know and again their political interest or whatever their interns happen to be at the time or always star about what they're doing and there's no way no way not only not tracking but also holding them accountable for basically assisting and overthrows creating shadow governments and then up and leaving and disappearing for the next 3 or 4 years until they pop up in the news again for something heinous they don't know stuff about coming up the trump united states immigration policy is slowly being dismantled dismantled in this just dismembered and asylum seekers are finally finally the. united states of the 1st 34 joins us to discuss the stay tuned for watching the.
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well the pandemic no certainly no border is just blind to nationalities. has emerged we don't have a turkey we don't have the facts in the whole world needs to be the chief. judge of. common every crisis what is the sentence. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing each in our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges crave the response has been
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masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information i mean me and my misery wife the freedom of speech and social media bent censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience now totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social
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network users put one wrong move on their pages deleted digital annihilation who don't exist anymore. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if even heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to hold that virtual. nudist but i will have reasonable way. on the campaign trail then u.s.
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democratic presidential nominee joe biden promised to reform our immigration system and in the human rights violations trump championed under president biden's directives the 1st of 26000 people who have pending cases in the u.s. immigration courts and have been waiting in mexico are now being processed the migrant protection protocols program or in p.p.t. change everything we know about asylum in the u.s. a marquee program for the trumpet ministration used to further his america 1st agenda promote isolationism and deter migrants from latin america from seeking refuge in the u.s. last month biden palls the program from adding any new asylum seekers but for those already waiting in mexico the restrictions were still in play now the state department is making good on drawing down the number of undocumented immigrants left in limbo biden's promise to restore justice and humanity to immigration was unveiled friday with the 353 page citizenship act biden said quote donald trump's
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misguided policies have exacerbated the already broken immigration system and highlighted the critical need for reform as he announced his wide ranging immigration legislation. the u.s. citizenship act proposes a set of reforms with an 8 year path to citizenship this would impact roughly $11000000.00 immigrants key components of the legislation include a 5 year temporary legal status for immigrants expediting green card eligibility for migrant farm workers young people who arrive to the u.s. as children immigrants with temporary protected status. the proposal also provides more funding for immigration judges and legal assistance to address the backlog of asylum cases. but the changes aren't being met with excitement by all accounts former senior adviser and white supremacist extraordinary steven miller went on a year mongering tirade on fox news miller called immigration plan madness he said releasing illegal immigrants with criminal records back into u.s.
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cities will cost lives and it's a public safety calamity which is happening in real time now a common republican law here to break this all down for us is immigration attorney eleanor welcome alan. well alan asylum laws in america will radically change under the top administration we talked about this on the show several times but particularly in starkly for asylum seekers from black and brown countries the ongoing legacy of child cruelty is a backlog of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in the remain in mexico program who are eligible for protections in the u.s. can you explain the state department's goals in processing return either the draw down and what asylum seekers and their advocates can expect. so it still is there really have been some people have been released from the plan that we're waiting for or that have been allowed and. everyone who was in the plan was actually brought in with me into the program and then other people are going to just the
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regular process which causes 2 different minds in the united states unwinding the problem that was created by the last administration that was there are probably drugs by the administration former that are going to be very complex because the answer is always there someone coming to get you and to be afraid of these women and children which is part of the problem that we see them as threat rather than allies or human beings and that's also why did you remove the word alien and replaces it with nonresident citizens are non-citizens sort of have a better conversation about individual. issue is exactly how we're going to be able to prosecute individuals and for me as an immigration attorney and that's it many times on the show we process thousands of people at the other ports of entry every day we can process these individuals within a very short period of time if that were the goal as we know it just froze over in texas and it didn't stop at the border those very same condition reached across the border and these individuals who've been waiting for
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a year or for 6 months was caught or caught up outside in that condition in the makeshift areas where there are no water so therefore you sort of humanitarian sort of thing even if every individual is no out to stay they are able to process and the biggest of all of this it was talking about is an open border 30 something odd days and nowhere has anyone seen an open border no where is the influx of individuals coming here of these criminals that they still call and there's never been that way report after report both liberal and conservative side of the foreign nationals are less likely than americans to commit or even be involved in any crime . you know eleanor it's interesting because texas and northern mexico were obviously really mentioned were ravaged by this harsh weather you saw power outages water shortages freezing rain freezing weather and last week causing as you mentioned further issues for the overcrowded and poor conditions migrants have been held and it also we had also saw texans actually jumping the border going into
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mexico to try to find power and water you know in an interesting apocryphally what is the lasting legacy do you believe of troublous migrant protection protocols and are these asylum seekers and documented immigrants hopeful about the new administration's directions can they be or is this kind of more just talk from the new administration but we'll never really see any real change implemented. i think this is the great oblique of the conversation that happens around every black history month the policy of immigration in general is very much linked to racism and undercurrents of this national sort of broad that we have in this country and what the trumpet ministration did was exacerbate the issue so it was already there in the beginning it's just been exacerbated it is not just people from latin america or south america there are people from out of the nations as well as people who are in the caribbean who've been waiting there for 6 months or more who are now in hell caught now in mexico and they don't speak the language and they're not getting treated fairly there and they're sort of caught in between 2 worlds in
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a very stressful situation and i think that is something that needs to be addressed from an experience or condition to say listen in addition to recognizing these individuals that they are in understanding that asylum is valid and any other visa to the united states we will address the factors that we should be doing here with texas realizes that there is a climate issue that happens even in texas and in worsley in texas pushed back towards let's go back to work for 2 weeks while they sort of bought out but understanding the climate control the gangs and the balance in with the united states of the history in latin america in addressing those issues will keep people from the border and the concern that 11. or 20 many 1000011 belden or 20000 people at any port aventura is a problem for the you know they just should be unfounded just last week we landed on mars we can land on mars we can address the immigration issues that have not been addressed for 30 years and they're eager managerial way at alland that was put
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very strongly and very i think it was barry good point to make we know that biden recently announced the u.s. citizenship that it is a very sweeping immigration reform package $353.00 pages basically unraveling from anti immigration agenda freezing construction of the border wall suspending several deportations revoking 0 tolerance and prosecuting migrants meanwhile providing an 8 year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants do you think that goes far enough and are there blind spots. that will blunt there has been a conversation in 30 years and what this bill that the dream of a lot of things that aren't included in the bill but you know we're willing to say let's have the conversation and. it's time to treat the people who have been here for 30 year paying a tax the following tax is going to $99.00 participate in our society paying local taxes browsers and never ever having a word or just about voting living in the shadow because that's not who we are the nation and i think that we could push it further and it's already
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a very progressive bill there are many things that were left out there just positions we need some of our positions in the coming year and that address issues there's also a little bit removed some of the things like today we'll know that the supreme court will hear about the public charge but it leaves a lot of discretion to opposite any time to say we're going to immigration because we feel like there aren't enough jobs it has a selfie that there are a bucket of jobs and once those jobs are safe and there's nothing else i don't think that. we america in this country with properly then people are going to say well there's a limited number of jobs that we're going to those jobs they build the industry which makes jobs and that's what the reverse is about about people come here and they create opportunity they don't take. the way opportunity now is the that we're living after the jump or you're going to stay when immigration everybody's coming to make something everybody that rich doesn't look like all those things are there and all those things are so patently false at the end of the day alan i want to thank you as always for you know for educating our viewers and keeping up the good
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fight over there and fighting for those people's rights that have every right to cross our border and become and become a part of this great rich country always a pleasure having you on sort of thank you so much. thank you both for having me. and a lot of i like that equation of the mars landing if we can land on mars we can figure out our border troubles exactly i mean we've happened for decades now and at this point i think it's bubbled up to a to a point where we can no longer ignore that we have to do something and i'm hopeful about this new piece of legislation this new bill but i'm not sure what we're going to see from that we've seen backtracking more than we've seen progress that we have all right everybody that is our show for you today and remember in this world we are most definitely told we are not so i tell you all i love you i am a robot inter and i'm a nice across keep one watching all those hawks out there a great day and night everybody.
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6 guys are financial survival. when customers go by you're just trying. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests or you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to end to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific means this is how one doctor his theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture. disseminated within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years and how
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the victims say they still live with the consequences today. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led. away. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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israelis can now be banned from most public places and even jobs unless they've been vaccinated. but the so-called passes are raising rights concerns and the growth in forged documents. choice has a consequence and. because some people make a bad choice i think it's sort of i think it's ridiculous the basic human rights are being ignored you. sure accuses the e.u. of meddling in its internal affairs as the block imposes sanctions over the jailing of opposition figure a leg for parole violation.


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