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russia accuses the e.u. of meddling in its entirety as the block imposes sanctions over the trading of opposition take i say no follow me through solving time for freule. infiltrating russian language media and leaked documents suggest the british government saw to boost negative coverage and we couldn't russia. while in england prime minister boris johnson hopes it's time lucky with a step plan to lifting the latest lockdown to schools next month despite persistently high davey new infections. and there were down to tidy and all
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pressing against the sputnik the job while on tour and will scope that as a thud russian covert vaccine is registered in the country. working hard to make sure you never miss a story again this is our national as always thanks for choosing a. while stop to all fall but it's in the most newly imposed sanctions as an attempt to interfere in russia as the bloke is demanding the release of kremlin critic objects a deval me who is in jail time for breaching the tums of a suspended sentence for fraud. to revenge around a situation of means to not only. we reach a political ribbon to impose grist to give measures against those
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crisp principle for hits of rest and sentencing and persecution. and for doing that for the 1st time ever remake usual due to being union global human gretsch regime to descend well we know that there will be sanctions we don't know exactly what they'll be your who will be the target of them we expect that it will be focusing on both related to the the jailing of kremlin critic alexei in the valley or expect any investigative committee the national guard the prosecutor general's office as well as the federal penitentiary service to all be the targets of the sanctions that have been promised on monday what we heard from those that brought out the high representative for foreign affairs of the european union was that this came following a meeting between the foreign ministers of the 27 member states of the e.u. they were also joined by u.s.
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secretary of state anthony blinken at one point down the live from washington that they were all in agreement that russia had been acting as an adversary we also wanted to do. more support to all those engagement a country and russia in defending the political and civil freedoms. and at the same time we must define a moderate be the end it to avoid to permanent confrontation with a neighbor who unfortunately seems to have decided to act as senator sorry. unfortunately some of those statements from high representative could well be interpreted in moscow as a change in the e.u. attitude towards russia suggesting they may well be actively get involved in russian domestic issues that is very unlikely to go down well in russia we've heard earlier from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov who was talking about the
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relationship between brussels and moscow and the state that it currently finds it self in just a lover of says that is all down to the european union but that russia is willing to make amends if the european union also wants to do the same with the framework of the relations between russia and the youth has been deliberately destroyed by brussels we must be in the developments it's up to the e.u. to choose if they decide that relations must be rebuilt or burst will also be ready for it well this latest developments all off the back of the jailing of kremlin critic alexei no violently he's looking at 2 and a half years in a penal colony for breaching the terms of a suspended sentence that was handed down to him in 2014 when he was found guilty of having to fraud to a french cosmetics company we are expecting to find out in about
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a week's time according to yossi but al exactly who will be the targets of the sanctions and what those sanctions will directly and tail while being sounding out some eve based political analyst asked whether they think the late functions well 'd hit the mark backfire. well of course it's an interference into russian affairs we have to see that. there are other allegations in russia being dealt in the court concerning the fraudulent use of money and that had been donated to the organization of need and i think it's hard for the e.u. to determine whether these allegations are wrong or whether they are justified and of course the behavior that the european union is showing at the moment is clearly an interference through sanctions which are illegitimate according to chapter 7 of
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the u.n. charter and if they are not based on a u.n. security council decision and this is obviously not the case that they will have no ill effects no i don't think that those who are imposing these sanctions they expect them to have an effect the effect that they're looking for is not in russian effect that they're looking for this in the united states i think that it's entirely appropriate that lincoln was here in brussels to participate in the polish to witness the decisions being taken by thier being union because they were entirely in line with the overall foreign policy. of the biden administration it is a kind of holding pattern treading water. hoping that feeling better times sounding like the e.u. has consensus and unanimity when nothing of the sort really exists within the e.u. . british government appears to be behind
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a multi-million pound push to quote weaken the russian state leaked documents allege that the u.k. hopes to boost negative coverage of russia by seeking journalists and contractors to infiltrate the country where it can scale as the story the plan was or it is simple enough the british government and its agencies recruit independent media sometimes even desired and direct their programming manage that in order to and i quote weaken the russian state it's all in the leaked papers the foreign and commonwealth office is looking for an implementor or consortium to scope a design deliver an evaluative program of interventions that will enhanced the skills and capacity or for us and journalists this project will support a wider regional her majesty's government program to counter the russian government's narrative and domination of the media and information space so there's
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even more there since what these papers paint is a picture of the british government perverting independent media twisting their reporting to suit britain's needs and wants they are getting those with we call will or opinions the young and using them to subvert older generations get them to turn on the kremlin or on russian values by capitalizing on close family ties among russian speakers and revoking the spirit of the baltic way we will use young russian speakers as agents of change to influence their parents and grandparents generations and amplify the distance you are able to identity through family centers direct outreach events. propaganda by air land and sea a number of russian language outlets were mentioned specifically some radically adze government and whose claim to credibility has been their independence claim that
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will be now much harder to make if indeed they pocketed british money that came with strings attached and judging by these papers they weren't so much strings as cables we are currently deliver an audience segmentation and target in support for 2 of russia's lead in independent media outlets madieu than media zona and the range of independent investigative journalists in conjunction with data analysts and king's college london the british government allegedly adjusting the independent media's editorial and commercial strategies imagine russia was caught devising and directing independent media in britain the scandal would have been deafening naturally moscow ones aren't. the foreign office documents leaked to the internet reveal that the british government financial support and directly manages various informational outlets as worse created and network of influencers
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and russian social media there are hundreds of documents revealing the london propaganda machine we are regent and waited for london's reaction maybe it is all lies the documents detail dozens of potential programs and strategies it is impossible to verify how many were brought to live our many journalists were drafted into this propaganda offensive and how deep this corruption goof out much damage has been done what is clear is that combined with other recent revelations linking russian language media outlets to foreign governments hostile governments the title independent media and independent journalist is going to spawn much more skepticism than trust. stang with the u.k. schools and england could reopen as early as next month despite
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a new covert cases hovering around the $10000.00 mark prime minister boris johnson told m.p.'s that all of the restrictions could hopefully be phased out by late june reporting from westminster. dashti. well according to boris johnson the prime minister this 3rd lockdown is going to be the last he's just announced his route. out of this lock down and he says he has described it as a one way road to freedom and has essentially said that the united kingdom be cautious but this policy is irreversible go through a stunt show with enormous hospital. beginning to fall below the peak of the 1st wave. but were able to take these steps because of the resort the british public. success of already. in battle more than 70500000 people across the u.k. well the united kingdom has been in this 3rd full scale national lockdown for some
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2 months now so it's a hugely welcome to move on boris johnson says much of it is to do with the success of the government's vaccination rollout scheme of course we're now looking at $17700000.00 people have been vaccinated up and down the country and that's one of the motivating factors to lifting the lockdown scenario what's being proposed is a 4 step process with 5 weeks in between each process for the government to pause and reflect and analyze the data before moving on to the next step so the 1st key date is march the 8th that's when all schools will reopen and outdoor socialising will also be permitted with one other person depending on how all of that then goes we will move through the other phases as well with non-essential shops pubs bars and restaurants and things like the gym cinemas hair and beauty all of those such things will begin their reopening to step 4 is the final step it won't happen till at least the end of june and that will see a removal of all limits of social contact as i say no earlier than the end of june
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but that is basically the goal that is basically the return to normality with people being able to go about their lives as freely as they wish but the united kingdom is not alone in lift. it's lockdown measures we only have to look to other countries across europe like germany which is also following suit despite case numbers still being incredibly high despite that grim fact the statistics remain at the high level many regions across the country have begun the process of reopening their schools causing a lot of worry and panic among education and science unions who fear that the process is being rushed through far too soon for my boy and a few you can't keep the school soap and when it becomes clear that the infection risk is rising considerably the regions that are now opening the nurseries and schools are running high risk for covert 19 has gripped the world for the last 12 months or so and while it is safe to say that everybody is incredibly desperate to
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see lockdown ending the key question is whether or not it's really safe to end these lockdowns considering case numbers are so high. a renowned italian opera singer has been inoculated with the sputnik the covert job while on top here in the capital moscow and ahead of her performance at the bolshoi theater she told us why. but you know since i am in moscow to work at the bolshoi theater i had an opportunity to take this politically short term took it in europe's putting me it's considered one of the most effective it is amazing that russia made its vaccine available to whoever wants to get it as a foreigner i had the opportunity to get inoculated for free so many people even asked me whether they can come to russia and get vaccinated it won well for me i didn't experience any side effects the vaccine has helped to bring down the number of day new covert cases in russia and i'll stop today
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a thought national shot was registered rather scheduled for distribution in that one unaware curie compared the situation with the european union and she hopes the sputnik fear will get to the blog too. when it comes to europe it is a huge problem that it is failing to vaccinate all citizens as quickly as possible should hamper their return to work however here in moscow everything is up and running on quite a regular basis shops theaters everything is open we musicians feel shocks to have all of the theatres as well as other cultural facilities closed i can't understand why there is the slowdown in europe mightily in france are very preoccupied afraid that it will complicate a post code recovery i am in favor of sending sputnik the supplies to europe and elsewhere if it helps overcome the problem of vaccine shortages and allows everyone to get vaccinated. facebook has by mistake been blocking messages from public authorities promoting vaccination against covert calling into
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question the platforms effectiveness and helping awareness campaigns of want to tout what is. the restrictions made it very difficult for the township in our efforts to inform our residents about important information regarding covered 1000 registration and updates this is very unfair. well in september messages from 110 groups and institutions in the u.s. and europe began being removed from power to retain an answer to a register of political messages since that facebook has acknowledged the mistake and restored the posts from a few of those organizations well we have temporarily paused as about social issues and actions to report excess we continue to allow as about cover the promote vaccine africa see and have made their guidance to advertisers on how to run them publicly available we spoke to a specialist in into law who believes the issue is part of a broader problem. there is of course no suggestion that
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dislocation this is a liberal act by facebook globally suggesting this however or we can know facebook by know deliberately be varying certain. certain campaigns in order to suit its own political agenda we know now that facebook is a political player and he could be it could certainly be that one day facebook will decide to promote an agenda that is promoting chaos there are plenty of political groups and ideologies that drive a chaos. did the problem of course now for facebook is that once facebook has declared itself is a political player once facebook is said to it has got people who are
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varying certain political ads were varying so set of political opinions and views we are always going to look at facebook in a very very suspicious ariz. the family of a boy who allegedly froze to death in texas are suing power companies for a $100000000.00 tragedy struck after temperatures dropped dramatically last week in the lone star state the 11 year old died on tuesday at his family's mobile home he was sharing a bed with his younger brother under saddle blanket trying to stay warm the home had reportedly been without power 3 days just like many others amid the snowstorm investigators are still looking into the cause of death but the family north it says the boy died of hypothermia. despite having knowledge of the dial weather forecasts for at least a week in advance and the knowledge that the system was not prepared for more than a decade electric reliability council of texas failed to take any action that could
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have averted the crisis and were wholly unprepared to deal with the crisis at hand but even those who do have access to heat and power in texas are directing serious questions at energy companies after electricity prices saw what i am pretty much 9 dollars a kilo what electricity but i was very conservative with my electricity so i have no idea exactly why but it's really so much that early going that i absolutely cannot afford it i'm not exactly sure you know who can go to the point where some people have totally turned up their power because they can't. they just can't afford it it's a basic necessity for living but you think utilities should not correspond. what over $4000000.00 power outages were reported as the blizzard tore through texas and there's been an estimated $18000000000.00 worth of damage inflicted throughout the region $15000000.00 people have also reported disruption to the move to supply and
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nearly 70 have died across the u.s. from the i usually cold conditions meanwhile the governor of texas has pledged to bring the spiraling energy bills under control we're moving quickly to alleviate this problem and we'll continue to work collaboratively through this week and solutions to help texas families and issues they do not get stuck with skyrocketing energy bills all of the politicians are also stepping in to help congresswoman sheila jackson lee delivered. to residents in houston a killer scott imus again said ordinary people should not be picking up the tab for the failures of the government and power companies. of course this was a natural disaster for texas because they don't have the infrastructure and they're not ready and prepared for this type of thing but again why should the working class where the middle class have to pay for that this needs to be deregulated
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because the government needs to step in bills my way they should be monopolized so that they can charge whatever it is that they want to everyone as far as the employer structure and preparing they've had time they've known i have but they chose not to invest in it and so this is what happens is the perfect storm. has been a backlash against coca-cola to an employee rothfield it's training workers to be less white. as the details. club soda flavors caffeine and ton of sugar it's a well guarded secret for sure but there can't be much more to bring up an iconic coke but how can we make it even better coca-cola thought well how about we make our white employees a less white but put down your stones at least for now this has nothing to do with blackface but rather a training course for workers the video circulating on social media is from
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a publicly available linked in learning series and there's not a focus of a company's curriculum better together global learning curriculum is possible learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace in the program and almost step by step guide on how to get the vice of whiteness out of you be less arrogant be less oppressive be more humble well let me sum this up for you real quick just quit acting like a jerk would jump and generally speaking it's great advice to follow while navigating through life all together but when the public found out some weren't happy that all those negative traits had been dumped on one particular race sadly the irony of confronting racism by telling you to be less of your skin color will be lost on many i don't know about q. but i can do in coca-cola products any more emergent cook telling employees to be
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less black or be less jewish is the except to bill and unethical to tell anyone to be less of their race religion ethnicity 6 you orientation etc i'm ashamed to have coca-cola on my resume however some users pushed back and hailed coca-cola of its efforts they should have changed this to talk specifically about whiteness and not be less white but good in coca-cola for doing this work. only bigots sematic coca-cola for the less whites training they're the only ones who won't even examine what else is there because they said to themselves in white the pity proving the training's very premise the majority of that content looks to be on point it's that last slight which is an issue because of the rigidity of corporate america coca-cola is just the latest in a host of companies to help on the world bandwagon from changing profile pictures to show support for the black lives matter movement to rebranding the whole product lines deemed to be well behind the times.
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to eat healthy used to be all about carbs fats and proteins not anymore though racism bigotry and intolerance literally on the menu and you better watch out after all you are what you eat.
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democratic republic of congo has been killed while traveling in a u.n. convoy in the east of the african country new cut to nasiriyah was reportedly having told the school as part of the wild food program initial reports claimed the assailants were attempting to kidnap diplomatic staff and italian police officer protecting me and 4 and that congolese tried. also killed in the incident. meanwhile over in haiti anti government demonstrators clashed with police the on rest has been ongoing for weeks now off to the country's president refused to step down claiming his top ends and for every 2022 that demonstrates a safe president has already overstayed his time and are accusing him of being a dictator they also want the u.s. ambassador out of the country as washington has supported the president's claim to
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power spain's catalonia whiny it region is entering a 7th consecutive night of one dressed riot police saw facing off with activists who are protesting the recent jailing of. popular a so arrested last tuesday the musician was found guilty of insulting the spanish world family and glorifying terrorism in his lyrics and tweets protests have been ongoing embossed of a sentence with people saying the rock has prosecution is it old with freedom of expression. while dads are out from os for this hour thanks for sticking with us as our coming your way now boom bust so don't go anywhere you.
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there are already strong signs the bybee ministration is returning to the foreign policy of the obama years obama's foreign policies were hardly a success indeed this was the time of war will divide the industry should repeat the mistakes committed and grow calm. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. in the times when you and. me from you know. it when we suppose to meet you in the bush at the source me noted with interest and they seem to know cells of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption the only. feast the little known role is a feeling i'll mention to this day mothers still search for grown children while looking
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in hope for their birth parents. this is really the beginning of the changing of the guard in our now handing the baton off to china as the number one economy in the 21st century the numbers are there that's the test ticks for their their relationships and near here or there the relationship with russia and iran is their you know their and their relationship all over africa is off all their. shots seemed wrong. roles just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests what you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture of the cia disseminated from within the us intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years and the victims say they still live with the consequences today.
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this is boom bust one business so you can't afford to miss i'm rachel of levin's in washington coming up the price of that now dropping 10 per cent off your week of record high can we expect it to keep making history and what countries are looking at taking digital currency of mainstream all the stuff but following is taking yet another hit after footage of an indian captain fired mid flight for such company to the spend more than $100.00 planes and further notice that could a loyal prices for a rebound thinner than expect it will tell you why some analysts are saying a pre-code rally could be right around the corner we have a lot to get through for let's get started to save a bit coin is having a record year would be an understatement the world's largest curb their currency nearly doubled its year to date value over the weekend as its market capitalization
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reached one.


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