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the last 4 years it was the fact we had this transformational president with really grand aspirations that were broadly supported by the american people in the most populous present in the country's recent history were matched by the appointments that were made in the administration i think maybe with his background in business he might have underestimated the importance of personality but having worked in the white house in the executive branch of government so much rests on personnel. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't tailed. into the us. because for me from the go.
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to me on the bus at us as me they would have that i wish that this incursion which we know. of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption i don't know a lot about eve as the other. fellow men to this day mothers still search for grown children while looking in hope for their parents. seems he said draconian but since he said he wanted to search through to get the bridge. into the crease. the door justice was me we're looking for. love.
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and the like you know they've got to get on the most well i want to get on with i've got it going from i think i'll a good night you know over court and so yes i mark one will be sent up 3 teaching me keep the smooth in the court and by 3 margin can move fitted into that one seat you've got to go or not is beyond me. but almost get the whole pickings to intreat means richard boucher. whom when you hear. me in the bus the way i'm what do. you do if you are of me get this done and i could you know boards keep 3 wards leave boy corey and me well but. i think the words with me and what new friends.
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come up with i'm saying no one with. comedian mum barbara would cry so move more than one more. not only should we keep. was that right now full machine oh. my god i will call her hopeless she. fos not much. i'll soon be on the. afraid narrative great the one with the new but its cover even more. spoke to judith brett and there are always 30. 2 weeks just. to get away it's either we give up or produce a new book now she'll go out get to the king and get things up from you and i'm going to come to you. boss and if you feel blocked from. you should look away
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straight kids up on. a fake you discover what he did right and see to keep up or that he's more things for. her. to get the help she. got from i'm. a nameless come with me to. do with me who needs us and i get a. good idea that she night and throw them on the beach while still local stuff to its. lowest a few of us rule what's good for the right efforts. very
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much if you look at the. commune with constituents it took. to bring you my 1st thought if your you noticed i was ill of more. one store for us to roost from. from. away from. the new movie. the most people. on. earth. from still. in the dust with drug loser executives from shooting. shish. them go enough. label and. look
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at the night and then you would do it but they end up with no idea which of those 2 are. there now do it when your own. feet. do do in your. mood or the muffles reason. if
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if you don't learn if you go. to. sleep does your. to which to put it would be to simply not. disclose. prado it used. in the setting for good often from the. anonymous on the bus or in the film not in a profit which. proves i would even want you to think what piece of dreck technology. he is if. he. could as he would does he see new places that he felt should be sure. people use to get what. he didn't say i'm not.
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sure what it all this can look to reboot. but i would. have been doing more to of course to. listen to the. child he he types look closer at. who is supposed to do the deed to those are the types of. nothing that i mean did anybody at all little girl was afraid any. the it was a good idea what bust think of me do it so. i'm already in so should those of bags of. and there are 30 door where who would fuss really. to the bone you don't know you
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don't know some and that's the florida. courts just your bully plus a girl so. even you leave us to someone. most shit day it's that watson that's dead girls who succumbed lots and. lots to love with all that it also must. easters 3 of them the rolaids the privilege and. the what was the spark when isn't it what. he was really the you know. see you better listen religion. class. the guys who are great the poor do you good is what you spend. that. you think you're. not. really won't serve no more you more.
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worry only hurts you. know months. put it that that bought the. slightest clue this morning that the. hindu. god of you don't really think he needs you to what is that one thing the details. of the publisher put a halt. to the. good news which i'm sure. we didn't buy differently. zelie plan was the one. he. will most look. got to. look
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up alongside the lest the only disgust look. mr richard is the. first this kind of research in this area. because that us here in time but something only to see. the greatest appreciation right here. because there isn't. a. number of things you could do you have earth with. it so you should. hold on to the smoke through the you know. from the 1st piece
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no more 1st number of reasons much. smoother and a little clearer all. trickle through the stuff. from bronze for you for me. to come to cards and enjoy your cool still. turn left. early would just for me. machine the. thing slowly look traversal among the men going to get him but then the boy teenage girl double slim roomy sure. but.
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just one. dollar bill. and i don't. want to be a little sneaky but you may miss a trick by jewish. god you know why do you. think he could do. message. from cordless union. humor in the. early years you might. think. oh.
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yeah. 2 2 2 0 god. oh. oh oh. oh. i love. the beginning of the changing of the guard you know we're handing the baton off to china as the number one economy in the 21st century the numbers are there the statistics are there the relationships in your here. are there the relationship
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with russia and iran is there you know there are. shipped all over africa. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and. need. to learn the simple look poses new smears to. someone. from the no small it is to you mess a q. came from the most very miracle from somebody with almost anything more than
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a 3rd. in the middle of the nothingness was the best of them honestly who. were better me i was not going to see it done christian. hall of fame and well mr bush who won the cold a period. of. the whole with marxist school. the truth nothing nothing at. all now but at least somebody among also copeland if i'm.
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not. here what does it almost paralysed their leg up long. enough to. move the sword in and then be left. the. question. of course not a good method message in the window so you would. get no 0 but. to no question shows night yes like you give bush that which you would. call me with months. of solutions is. the name of.
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the book and if you do take a. few minutes for a few minutes the units for you. in the book problem. give it to those in this neighborhood or other milkmen is how most are generally we're. told it was to become a political. look closely. you'll see if you go for the. building. of little. use that a little bit of to get at is go to a local movie. you do all. you.
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there. in the ghetto and in mali and for a 1000000000. but it's one. of the things the most fun uses. for those least. of. that is the she'd have you flimsy a twitter but it is. under more threatening with weakness and. eba donnelly but the value of c. is that. he would steal it kill it that if he did it that's. if you could tell it can be used almost 10 years ago so you nonplused. the time was not the
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question did you please or. someone somebodies cluster. or something where he's with him. to hear. from others who would not only be scott was there look he sub a couple of north. and the models raised what the lay was a little sleeve will. more than the only. 200000000 play for all of them but still with. there was a series of them i could scream at their wives the king of the rights throw them with 3 at the oslo arcturus he writes occasionally.
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and ugh can you. not 0 at the same way my dear and there are supposed to do more with on them according to own our own we as humans then you have please all of the coal and wood i need my current can use a new museum meaning of a new study done i do and all done and you. were you will remember you colonel if you were lucky you don't cure it. supposed to basically store. me tunnel nonunion with the 3rd. family from under her and asked me to keep a tricky tooth. still. look keep. it but i would. stress the mood of the way and. my watch it's been saturday night.
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the dually in me all the more not supposed to feel nice leave me. collectivists go go several more hours in the coming. week. is supposed to be. you. know the most for. some. issue as it was for a lot of. solution a more subtle. and less once you. move for the moment to. discuss that is commercializing ideal. to
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sell. citizen and another vision for the same 70 mm. to what we've each show it's cooked showplace hold you to chill with jesuit clearly show some of that interest at that mission to show both what just. in the shlash will mean it is so much to share with me but it is a shit to pull such that it on the show you just wish. those that.
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he could face. so. he. would. stick to.
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she know that in the. minute. when you go to the movie lingo it in with video. that is still. on the and we. get. it the.
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name. that was to my own me as a kid as a new. sound. because i knew that the sound just at. the start of. the. week. a move to be famous for. them which made. the song.
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imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job it was my fear of dealing with my savings i have nothing i have nothing that is not like i look for resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. in oil of doing is. the road to the american dream paved with did refuse it's this very idealized image of. americans look pasta the deaths that happen every single day this is a history of the usa america. is
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the news any truth issue see in the last 4 years it was the fact you know we had this transformational president with really grand aspirations that were broadly supported by the american people in the most populous present in the country's recent history were matched by the appointments that were made in the administration i think maybe with his background in business he might have underestimated the importance of personality but having worked in the white house in the executive branch of government so much rests on personnel . were more politicized than ever or more polarized than ever the 21st century when
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speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd in the middle so they're still on the record these. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information. wise to freedom of speech and social media bent censorship of double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience now totals almost 4500000000 people most all of them are active social network users put one wrong move on their pages deleted digital. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if he from heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to hold virtual power. but i will have reasonable way.
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in the stories that shape the week moscow warns. against the pandemic as the kremlin it's controversial comments from the head of the european union. coming up. to a boycott facebook news form in the country the tech giant made the move over a proposed law to make social networks pay for news. of the issue or. should facebook profit on someone else's work without giving them some up biggest problem facebook is that they're utterly controlling that narrative i think media. ecosystem has really spun out.


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