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the most well i want to get on with i got a call in from i think i'll a good night him for court and so yes i mark and will be. smooth in the courtroom but for emergency and we'll see didn't get that one seat you've got to go or not is beyond me. but on the whole get the local pickens to treatments richard boucher. whom when you hear. me heard the busway him do. you do if you get the. card you know boards keep 3 words leave boy corey in the. well but. i think the words brought new friends.
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can meet him barbara would cry. some will more than one will. not only. buy that right now for machine oh. my god and i will call her hopeless. fos not much. i'll soon be on the keep the. afraid narrative krypto on with a new but it's cause we are. stuck with boldness due to judy's death and the little girl is thrown through the reach of oratory just. for it's either we get that i produce and you block my shield what could be the king and vietnam's up from you and them come to me who are lost and if you feel blocked from. you shoot their way straight is up to. they will be here to ride and
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see to keep up or that is more fun for. her. to get there and hope she pushed god from them on a nameless come with me to. do it make when it's a sin to get it. good bloody. much united several of them on a beach while still in the local star and the. crew from. the street below us rule what's good for the order of course. was. very much of a look at the for birth. giving him with consentual 50. 2 but you might
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feel if your due north of the village more than 4 for us to lift feet. away from the sunni community. alone but are both the most people. from still burned out this. just goes drugs agree with them. shooting them. szish. them enough. label and. yet they're not going to. then you would do it but now i don't.
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and i do it when you're on. the doing your. reason. if. nothing don't learn if you don't. read
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does your. to push them too pretty when you get a slim hope you just pull up. no excuse yes. mr hayes you can get us through from. one of us on the bus or in the film the nipple so much because. it's only me and what could that be would be said to look old and. he's it got. cut what does this mean you play it. again but i. am not sure. if.
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that keep people around the yard the road to. the doing more to they of course the purpose of the. child pee pee types are closer. to. me do a dieter's or 2 types. nothing that me did anybody to do was immediately booed. he was really i want bust to pink a me do it so i. cannot move in. that bags are. only a meth addict or would 5 say. don't play don't go somewhere that's the florida. courts just to put it in passing
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girls. even you leave us to sell my tomorrows shit. that's dead girls was on the outs and. was even platitude some last. hole that it also must. easter 3 of them the holy trinity incredibly suppressive the lots of. it what. was really on the you. see you better listen religion. class. like the guys who were it was a great big board you good what. would. that mean to. you that you're. not. really rooted no morning. glory and you quit you. know months.
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put it back that bought the phone because it looks like it's still the slightest clue this morning that. he did. not just know that although. you don't believe. he sat like anything else. the publisher put a halt. to the jihad. which i'm sure. we didn't buy differently can the more zelie put on was the one true look. he. most looked. got a. book. the only
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discussed look. mr richard is the. first of this kind of research in this everything. because that us here in time but something someone who knows. the greatest appeal is right here. because there isn't. a. number of things you could do you have rights with. it so you should. hold on to the smoke through the you know. from your 1st piece no more 1st numbers than from. moving into.
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trickle through. from brownies for you to. come to cards and enjoy your cool still. on the street journal's. heard he would just truly. machine the. thing slowly look traversal among the mill guarded getting bitten boy teenage girl double slim roomy sure. but.
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just. trying to be a little sneaky but you may miss a trick by jewish. god you know why do you. think he could do. cordless union. scale so you may. say yes. yes
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2. oh. look. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. in the coming of the times when infamous. because so many from your . own freedom are good people mr bowen. on the bus at the 6 mean older than just in the same clothes which we know. of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and
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given away and forced adoption the only. feast the little known role is a feeling i'll mention to this day mothers still search for grown children while adults look in hope for their birth parents.
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in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of their descendants still live in russia. looking at the risk of long no rush but also up of stuff yes they've got a cyclone things on their way. back home black american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. is that lump us mud the real. one by else a store or by doing. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all and some of the african americans who were to sylvia here in the united. around great crowd. to moulay it going if you want to call close you. know almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time
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went to russia. on probable wars try to go anywhere why not me. why don't i come here. need. to learn the simple look both of these new smears to. someone. from the un the us more do you feel you must say you came from the most very miracle from somebody with almost anything more than a 3rd. in the middle of the nothingness one. of the best of them honestly who.
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were better me than i was not to see it done christian the whole of the. well mr bush who won the cold a period. of. who was worth most of all just. one and. only but at least put some blame on also co-plaintiff i'm. not. sure what that is it almost paralysed their leg up on. the. movie sword and then we left. karen if. push the city to. school sniggler meth mess in the
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window so you would. get no 0 but now you know shows night yes like you give bush that which you would. include. he's at. home with months which. is. the name of. the book if you do take a. few minutes for a few minutes the unit knows already
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a. book problem. if you get to visit him in this neighborhood or out of milk or have him both are generally. a little fellow. was to become a political. look closely. you'll see if you go feel. guilty. plea. that so little bit of a bit of his go until you. do all. you . day is. in the ghetto and in mali and for a 1000000. bullfight it's one.
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of the things that the news just. this was. it who puts it. yes. under both but anyone with a weakness. dba donnelly but the us. he would steal a few of those but it would be adults. if you could tell it can be used almost 10 years ago so you nonplused. the time was not the question did you please of. some disability claim. or sitting where he's let him.
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appear to. be models who would not only be scum was the look he ignored. in the mother's eyes corkey lay was closely will. more than the only. 200000000 playful of them but still with. her was serious and i could scream at their wives the king of the rights throw them with syria at the oslo oracular he tried to conditionally from the 1st try and ugh can you. not 0 at the same way my dear and remember this post. mortem acquitting shall not go on we as humans then you have please all of our coal and wood i need my current can use a new museum meaning that on its own you see don i do it all done and you put you.
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where you had to lure him and you credit if he were lucky you don't cure it. supposed to basically store. some markham eternal nonunion with the purity. family come on very early and asked me to get a cookie tooth idea of a duck. still. lord keep the shameless a buck he could die would go through a member of mothers or he would that's going. to stress the mood of the way and school of the got. we all my life it's been saturday night. you have to time you. only had to delete any of them or not supposed to feel nice leave me history selective go go settlement didn't come ever in my bush was nothing to eat real food is supposed to be. you.
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know the most craziest and some you were told to she was a risky issue as it was for a lot of. salumi sure name will still. to share with us from a strip. mall to. discuss that is the most ace in the deal. to sell. then we. really should. get. some way. just.
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to show. there are. those that. you can. pull mr bush. rich. of the. faith. so.
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he. sticks to the. overall it's. much.
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less than they've been thinking took a few days acts. in the become. clear in the. political. lingo it in with. still. but. in. the. us because they knew that the senate just. the start of.
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the. week. before.
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests or you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific. this is how one doctor his theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological courtroom. disseminated within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years and how the victims say they still live with the consequences today. max keiser financial survival guide stacey let's learn us out fill out let's say i'm a strike at. the fight 'd wall street fought thank you for. the
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story that's right if the debt slavery. the post trauma era has begun or has it what role will the former president play within the republican party by all accounts trump intends to remain relevant if this is the case what is the future of the populist wing of the party and fortunately if indeed the g.o.p. is now the party of the working class will the party leadership in phrase this new direction. we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever in the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. just on their views in human terms and of course he's in him electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite
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possibilities for exchanging information i mean me and miss greyish my misery nationalized freedom of speech and social media bends censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online something i already planned but i want to. come down to the internet audience now totals almost 4500000000 more most all of them are active social network users put one wrong move on their pages deleted digital annihilation don't exist anymore. it's not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if he from heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to hold that virtual power. reasonable for a nudist but i was a reasonable way. to
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. moscow warrensburg brussels is publicist still is in the fight against the pandemic as the kremlin it's about the controversial comments from the head of the. casting delegates over russia's covert vaccine. we discussed the use ongoing criticism of sputnik 3 with russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman. how can address some of the exact things going well not without hiding it making it too expensive of the. meeting with it. on the campaign to boycott facebook gains momentum industry and your. blog posts in the country on the platform something called use of power the issue or debates.


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