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the. government slams facebook for abusing its power after the social media join. in the country. millions of texans are still without power and he struggled. with just. this is. the 1st 2000. years roll lifted its blockade on the ship.
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live from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here in our to international welcome to the program. the australian government has accused facebook of abusing its power that's all for the social media. in the country. talked through the story. rough start to the day if you are a news junkie or a millennial and facebook is the open in the morning because on sunday all of a stray a wake up to find that it's go to news platform how to pull the plug on any and all roekel and international stories not obviously sparked shock but also outrage now this is all because mogs are not a fan of proposed legislation in the country which would force attack and social media companies to pay news publishers to repose that content facebook says this is on fat i'm not willing to negotiate and so on this really bold blanket ban a move which has infuriated the government for facebook. sections were
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unnecessary that way heavy handed and they will damage it's reputation here in australia their decision to block the strains access to government sites were completely unrelated to the media code which is yet to pass through the senate facebook's actions to unfriend australia today cutting off essential information services on health and emergency services were as they were disappointing i am in regular contact with the leaders of other nations on these issues we will not be intimidated by big seeking to pressure our parliaments as he votes on our important news media bargaining code so what we just heard that and this is what's really got people tugging on facebook now the proposed legislation is about news but facebook has gone beyond the meetest here and it's blocked pages that really can and do affect people's lives so the bureau of meteorology blocked far and much and the
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services which post updates about deadly bushfires they've been taken down to charities including women's shelters or legal services for aboriginal people as well as very crucially state health departments which pay a really big role of course in the ongoing pandemic now some of those pages have been restored but it's too little too late straight out like all this is preparing its codes of 19 facts in roll out and now hospitals are worried that they will not be able to get out information to the people extremely concerning to find this morning that since vincents melbourne's facebook page has been blocked these during the pandemic and on the eve of crucial covert vaccine distribution we hope this situation can be rectified very shortly now a facebook spokesperson said that the banning of no news organizations was a mistake but some would argue that the reputational damage has been done already this is just one example we've seen recently over the past few months governments and big tech facing off again and again but is this just sort. adding fuel to the
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fire well absolutely particularly stateside how many times have we seen mark zuckerberg being pulled into those endless hearings and facing accusations that his platform doesn't tackle harmful content enough that it's in gaijin censorship that it doesn't react quickly to allegations of abuse facebook in these circumstances often raises its hands and says you know what it's easier said than done it's a very difficult almost impossible task well the astray and situation now shows that actually it is that easy whereas apparently removing the live stream of the christ church massacre in new zealand wasn't for many this was the icing on top of the cake for a long time big tech face says allegations that it wields too much power the banning of course of the democratically elected president of the united states donald trump being the latest case in point so this latest situation just another example of silicon valley overreach and these actions will only confirm the
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concerns that an increasing number of countries are expressing about the behavior of big tech companies who think they are bigger than governments and that the rules should not apply to them they may be changing the world but that doesn't mean they run it for what today's events do confirm for australians is the immense market. of these media digital giants these digital giants loom very very large. in our economy. and on the digital landscape the hash tag delete facebook trending people are asking is it compatible with to more chrissy some thought that facebook was too big to fail but looking at the anchor reactions it might well have triggered its own downfall here. millions of americans are still without power days off the crippling winter storm swept across southern states seen records broken. was planning to
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minus 18 for the 1st time in more than 3 decades and led to vost blackouts an extensive damage to. this is this is a. theory . it is. oh it's good to go to regular pay and be here for the birds. despite the cold texas senator ted cruz is feeling the heat and so after photos of mars online claiming to show him flying to the mexican resort of can coons during the crisis cruz hasn't commented on the pictures yet but they've caused a massive backlash on social media and he's not the only politician in hot water a local mayor was forced to step down after his response to police for help from
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locals no one knows you or your family anything nor is it the local government's responsibility to support you drink trying times like this sink or swim it's your choice the city and county along with power providers or any other service owes you nothing it's pretty bad that you know it's texans you just came here for a whole other part of the country this would have been a huge issue in the league we'd see much more this action i like. to call the all. over you got all the blankets out would try to sleep together to keep us warm and then today when we got up there was no water we have no real update of when it's going to come on our phones bear we were. and what authorities in texas struggles to get the power grid back online some are blaming the wind turbines for the disaster they frozen to hold others there while laying the blame squarely on the local governments and the morgan has more details. without electricity texas
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residents are resorting to some rather desperate measures in the hopes of staying warm they're firing up the grill and the generators and some of the even tried to use their cars to heat their homes resulting in several deaths and over 300 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning people are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning we have had so many calls in so many incidents that we can't even track them all the major oil refineries of the state has shut down due to freezing weather that bright new future of green energy isn't working out so well in the present the wind turbines that accounted for almost a quarter of texas' energy last year have frozen to a standstill every source of power the state of texas has has been compromised whether it be renewable power such as wind or solar but also as i mentioned today. access to coal generated power access to gas generator power also have been
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compromised alternative energy sources have been a key aspect of the democrats' push for ecofriendly policies a key plank of our build back better recovery plan is building a modern resilient climate infrastructure and clean energy future that will create millions of good paid union jobs critics are blaming joe biden and the democrats saying that they pushed climate friendly policies a bit too hard and branding the outcome catastrophic shows how the green new deal would be a deadly deal for the united states of america in the last few days if proven and the thing that we need oil and gas relying solely on renewable energy would be catastrophic many of these sources have proven to be unreliable the united states may be a global superpower but at home it's a lacking power quite literally all of this critics say are symptoms of america in decline caleb are seeing new york thing in the united states and it's been confirmed around 5000 national guard troops are expected to remain in washington
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till the middle of next month i mean station there in the wake of the capitol hill riots america's far on from zach has more. one of the places that i actually lived in was a news anchor was an el paso texas where you had fort bliss that is the 2nd largest army post in the country when we pulled up to the gates here this morning it looks like i was walking into fort bliss there is a there's a whole street that's blocked off here that goes right into a checkpoint you'll see that these cars they go in they get checkpoint by police by national guard and you see this is all happening literally just you know maybe 2 football fields away from our u.s. capitol you can also see to the left of the capitol here in our life that we have almost like these little trailers that have been put on we have a lot of these members where they're actually staying there was 26000 troops here during the inauguration the numbers starting to go down but they want to have 5000 troops here scheduled again like you said till march 4th because you have
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a lot of cuban members talking underground and in sub right it's in you know you have a lot of these different you know social media other outlets and they're going to talking about possibly coming back again on march 4th believing that trump will be reinstated as the president again the fence looks like it goes down for miles now it goes all the way to the reflection pool in front of the capitol you know this is the people's house kids come here on their snow days to slide down the hill and now it's completely occupied by the national guard here i want you to look at the fencing right now normally you have barbed wire fencing you have barbed wire fencing outside of federal prisons this is razor wire this will kill you if you try to breach this fence here ok that fence that goes all the way around the perimeter of the capital $50000000.00 now again there's talks of having the national guard stay here until the early fall it's it's going to cost american taxpayers $2650000.00 per day to have $5000.00 troops here.
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and as they're off in gaza israel has been preventing the shipment from getting to the medical facilities in the region the national 2000 shots were intended for people in poor health medical personnel book and intensive care units across the emotions the services the following is a translated report from also is the shuttle. after coming under international criticism israel has allowed the shipment of the 1st batch of the russian vaccine sputnik v into the gaza strip through the qur'an border crossing any. day the 1st batch of the russian vaccine has arrived it will be great help for all citizens certainly all of us will take the shot other badges or arrive in gaza as well otherwise the street will simply crack under the pressure of the wind damage. according to the health ministry the 2000 doses which have been shipped are intended for individuals in poor health and medical personnel dealing with
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coronavirus infected patients in intensive care units and emergency services staff but a lot of the programme will get underway on sunday morning into centers in order to cover all the provinces of girls the vaccination campaign will go on until one of jabs the health ministry affirms that the russian vaccine is one of the best and most effective among international analogs the russian vaccine will help cope with the consequences of the pandemic affecting medical facilities due to a lack of capacity. receive other batches of the vaccine in the near future which will allow us to inoculate the whole population express our deepest gratitude to russia to its president government and people what they did for palestine. the shipment comes after israel prohibited vaccine supplies to medical facilities in gaza the reversal of the ban opens up the prospect for future shipments of the facts into gaza yes or for more. people in gaza call israel's decision to hamper
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the delivery of sputnik vivax into gaza blackmail that's amid thousands of sick people including children who need to be vaccinated urgently. for goldman sachs banker richard sharp as officially begun a family as the new chairman of the b.b.c. is known as i am. just man with an impressive list of contacts sharp as a background in finance and has worked for some notable into share sions in the sector is also known for backing the ruling conservatives by donating quite a hefty sums besides that he's also been an unpaid adviser to the u.k.'s finance minister during the pandemic and worked for current prime minister boris johnson when he was on them now the chairman of the b.b.c. is a position appointed by the queen on the recommendation of the government with a shot will take home $160000.00 pounds per year that's around $220000.00 for 3 or 4 working days per week british journalist and author francis burkett gave us his
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thoughts on the important position you see is the. one who. tries to maintain its independence and claims and prides itself. it has to animate so its relationship with governments that continually compromise its independence and tries to pretend on no new former prime minister has used the power of control. of control of the german in court actually overtly political weight boris johnson has just used it the trouble with the appointment i think is not that it is a planter but that it is a banker with close ties to the conservative party i'm the banker. can at least be a jew all of having of having a political agenda that she is in line with the comments that appointed. still to
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come mass protests continue in spain in support of the arrested cast about to wrap up a cell he's been convicted of slandering the crown and glorifying terrorism or not to offer a short break. israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or inmate in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back large protests continue in spain over the arrest of catherine rapper pub or oversell who's been jailed for slandering the crown and glorifying terrorism the musician was arrested on tuesday at the university of leader where he and his supporters had barricaded themselves inside hundreds of public figures have spoken
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out in support of the artist while amnesty international described his attention as an excessive restriction on his freedom of expression protests in support of the 32 year old had been taking place across the country resulting in riots and clashes with police. i. i i. back in 2018 problems cell was convicted by a spanish court over tweets calling the former king matthew a boss he also accused the police of torturing and killing demonstrators and migrants ourself fell foul of legislation covering spiny and right to freedom of expression dubbed the gaggle by critics a court ruled spanish law prohibited such expressions of opinion. or
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a member of the cast of our national assembly told the suppressing free speech is inexcusable. this bunny over many is their secret being the fundamental rights act is their right to free speech and create 3 creation through government and is they call themselves the most progressive government in the history for spain also for them and the case of the has been wrong because it is a clear sign that this is not true not this is one of the reasons why we want independence not because we want to build a new a new on through with a more open and free laws we were no more open system no system which. killed your creation
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like the one i sell or others like. so of course we need this this change so we are fighting for this for a more free. 3. let's go now to the fallout from last month's trading frenzy of a game stop the american gaming company one of the key players in that story keith gill has testified to u.s. congress about the jaw dropping surge of the wreath at a shed that's off a lawsuit was filed against him cues in the investor avani think numerous industry rules he laid out the fence the idea that i use social media to promote game stop stock to unwitting investors is preposterous i was abundantly clear that my channel was for educational purposes only and that my aggressive style of investing was unlikely to be suitable for most folks checking out the channel. well the lawsuit against gill was filed in massachusetts earlier this week it claims he hid behind
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this that shoe of an amateur while having license security credentials furthermore the suit accuses him of many political contacts harming the integrity of the market the trading frenzy around game stop erupted in mid january the company was having a tough time because of the pandemic that sorta additional investors betting on it stocks dropping however i'm sure traders on social media instead the interest in the company selling its share price soaring our very own financial guru max kaiser thinks the whole story shows what's been wrong with wall street for years. what keith gill may or may not be involved with allegedly involved whether wall street bets that that's a symptom of a much bigger problem the collusion between the central bank had funs citadel capital which is a big fund with major players connected to the federal reserve bank and they're engaged in massive fraud so this is a bit of a show trial with keith gill to distract and deflect attention from the massive
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fraud that's ongoing citadel central bank can griffith and others are involved in a racket and they are defrauding the american public they're manipulating stock prices and they're undermining the american economy which is why so many people find themselves in such dire straits why the infrastructure in texas as and been built and people are freezing to death because the money's been stolen and given it can griffith who has just bought a 250000000 dollars apartment in park avenue where that money come from comes from ben bernanke he sits on his board former fed chairman feeding him inside information it's not debate it's no debate about it it's clear we can see through the trading track record this is exactly what's going on. level many are mourning the death and on wednesday of 70 year old conservative shock jock or rush limbaugh some left leaning celebrities and twitter users are celebrating insults have been
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trending on twitter never speak ill of the dead the poet tells us but the truth demands of recognition of some fux besides murdoch there's be no more destructive a practitioner of the big life of profits in us history cancer to the cancer r.i.p. rush rottenberg terry i would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the point of all who will know don't have to spend the rest of eternity with rush limbaugh. meanwhile many conservative politicians and pundits have been paying tribute to the board cost there with many calling him a legend and hero rush limbaugh who had a strong influence in republican political and media circles and was heavily criticized by liberals for his controversial views he was best known as the radio host of the rush limbaugh show and was awarded the medal of freedom by former president. well let's now bring in pentagon less than radios they fuckin say
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more on this they thanks for joining us kids have in the program today. undoubtedly rush limbaugh was hated by liberals is that really a cause though off celebrating someone's death regardless of that political standing on the spectrum well 1st let me set the the circumstances properly for you rush limbaugh was a defender of traditional america as the founders saw it a defender of the constitution and rugged individualism and left wingers in america want progressivism and collectivism and the founders and rugged individualism are the exact opposite of what they've been trying to achieve for longer than my lifetime so when an articulate and compelling defender of the founders the constitution and rugged individualism and the american spirit came to the floor and became enormously popular that was a big problem for them they called him the most dangerous man in america from the very beginning because he was dangerous to them so rush limbaugh is a good man
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a giant in the broadcasting industry and a traditional america fan and supporter and explainer in an age when very few people could find that explanation in the media he did not say things that were new to people he said things that people already believed and were kind of desperate for other people to say in public and the media so they could say yes yes that's me they flock to him because he said what they believe then as through the idea of dancing on his grave and celebrating his death that to me is a side effect of this collectivism that when you want groups to prosper and when you care about groups and you're all of a group you must necessarily want to divest yourself of concern for individuals because individuals standing out is always a problem to the collective and so what we have now is a country where people step up publicly say publicly right on social me. media things like he's getting the tour of hell as we speak not
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a minute too soon i'm going to get punished for this but my 1st thought was thank god rush limbaugh is dead it's awful and if you ask me it displays the destructive power of collectivism to a culture and we've gone so far down that road now so many people are so willing to abandon respect for the individual and speak ill of the dead as quickly and loudly as possible i'm a little concerned this culture has gone off a slope that we're not going to be able to come back from yet someone say the response to rush limbaugh is that his pop symbolic of the of the political divides in america joe biden has said america is not divided let's take a quick listen to what he had to say. the nation is not divided it's not nearly as divided as we make it out to be. that's one takes do you think this whole mockery of limbaugh tells a different story though. the nation is more divided than it ever has been and it may not recover from this level of division we have adult functioning adults in
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society who hate each other's guts and at least on one side we show the other side would die and are glad when they're dead let me give an example of what happens on the right when a powerful important left wing person dies ruth bader ginsburg a few years ago supreme court justice was a powerful force for liberalism and the left wing throughout her life she was brilliant and she used every bit of energy at her command to advance or issues and when ruth bader ginsburg died she was celebrated across the board republicans and democrats right wingers and left wingers just talked about what a great force for change in america she was and how well she should be remembered there was nobody on the right saying oh thank god ruth bader ginsburg is dead but we're getting that from the left about rush limbaugh as we will for every other important right wing spokesman and articulate compelling figure that will come along in the future it only goes one way in america the left decries in demeans and
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diminishes the right and the right doesn't do that to the left you can tell by observing this political reality about people dying and how they are responded to in public you can tell the left and the right are completely different animals in this regard dave we were out of tom ford said labor thanks for your time today you have a political analyst and radio as they've blackens that. i'll get in touch them now we do have the attic some a show coming up next with the future all the wild off the krona virus pandemic and that what i see when i was in holland house time when the latest headlines join us again that.
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest what you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific. this is how one doctor his theories well digitally used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation the method of psychological interrogation psychological courtroom the cia disseminated within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years and how the victims say they still live with the consequences today.
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welcome to the alex salmond show from scotland where today we look at the long term health impact of the pandemic the impact of individual patients on the health impact on society as a whole i guess today professor humans got money and they did make possession to just is professor out of intensive care at university college london and also practice as a consultant in the whittington hospital today he has some haas words for the u.k. failure in public health even with the national health service reform example a fashion over the cute of the recent success of the vaccination program the scent of you coming up soon but 1st at this minute with your tweet should e-mails and your messages thank you alex and another 2 men disappoints last week on the storming of the capital in the u.s.
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and we of course featured professedly davis is out well tonight on to politics to give us his views.


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