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to keep. the. child trafficking forced labor allegations in a lawsuit against some of the world's largest producers here disturbing testimony. were not given any food visible. coming up on the program for the government's curfew. we're going to. miss you heard some hours. i. over the.
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he's been hit with a 9 month sentence for insulting the royal family. independence in his tweets. israel's prime minister. to. the country's going and occupation campaign a move that many say violates privacy rights. people like you forced him to violate human rights to protect his people. wherever you're chiming in from across the globe this hour welcome to moscow and to our team to rationalize. the alleged unsavory business. this is of some of
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the world's biggest chocolate producers placed under the spotlight international rights advocates have filed a lawsuit claiming that snuck giants including nestle mars and cargo use children as young as 11 to make their products and the epa trying to has been looking into the not so sweet story behind your favorite treat. one chocolate cannot get more dark i'm not talking about the percentage of milk but rather how much child labor is used in production human rights activists are suing a number of food giants on the u.s. market including the likes of mars the reason claims of knowingly benefiting from selling cheap cocoa harvested by child slaves these companies are working together through the world cocoa federation these companies are profiting handsomely from the very cheap cocoa that they get from using trial of slaves children who were kidnapped from mali and brought to go to war and floors to work. they came to
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duvall are between the ages of 11 and 14 and each of them ended up working for several years before they managed to escape so the activist are sounding the alarm over ivory coast a fact to think of the country exports more cocoa than anyone else on the planet now providing about 2 thirds of the world's supply which makes it very likely that the regular chocolate bar you eat tastes of illegal child labor while you're chilling just picture what slavery is like here's what the activists heard from kids who escaped after years of misery ease of was told he would be fed and paid his wages at the end of the season he cleared brush with a machete apply pesticides and herbicides without any safety instructions or protective gear he slept on the plantation alone and a ragged top he was exposed to in 6 in snakes he was given very little food and was
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often hungry at the end of the year he was not paid repeated stories of disastrous safety food work and living conditions all to end up being fooled with pay. whose main tara and his suv baguio co was about 6 to 7 hours to the small isolated village of samara duca they were not given any food and they were only able to drink water down to the river they did everything on the plantation without any protective gear but they have visible scars from machete accidents an american government study found the number of children harvesting cocoa in west africa has gone up year on year and is now about $1600000.00 war then 95 per cent are engaged in hazardous work companies in the big chocolate business admit there's an issue with child labor and pretty much all claim they're doing their best to tackle it but in their defense they're trying to tell the critics how hard
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it is to monitor such a massive industry some businesses have built schools in africa many have come up with programs to avoid child abuse the activists however claim the programs could actually be used as schemes to create a positive image but hide the scale of slavery horrors good arrests and they roll out these fake programs that sound good on paper the cocoa action plan the nestle cocoa plan and it's all just a lie what they're actually doing is continuing to change nothing except they create a small model program that monitors a tiny fraction of their supply chain so they can convince some consumers at least that they're making progress according to the lawsuit only 30 percent of the plantations are subject to scrutiny the rest are the so-called free zones where there is claimed to be 0 monitoring so even if the food giants efforts are indeed
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and at the right thing the reality of the cocoa business is darker than the darkest chocolate bar you've ever tasted. in the train code taking us through the other way nestle mars and cargo are yet to respond to our request for comment on the allegations. a court in the hague has ruled that the dutch government's controversial covert curfew is a legal. authorities have misused emergency powers the curfew will however remain in place until the government's appeal on friday our europe correspondent peter all over as more. well there's 9 pm curfew that's been in place in the netherlands to try and stop the spread of covert nineteen's been one of the most controversial measures that's been put in across the european continent on tuesday a court in the hague said it was illegal the curfew is
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a far reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and previously and indirectly limits among other things the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration the curfew is based on a law for emergency situations where there's no time for debate with parliament there was no such pressing need in this case no such pressing need seems to be one of the key phrases in the ruling it relates directly to the fact that the number of covert cases in the netherlands has been declining steadily since mid december we did see demonstrations against this curfew demonstrations that turned violent clashes between protesters and police bordering on full blown riot in cities like amsterdam and rotterdam earlier this year but despite the court ruling on tuesday that curfew remains in place the reason for that is markedly to the dutch prime minister and his government they applied for an emergency injunction against the court ruling to allow the the curfew to remain in place so it could be debated
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further that injunction was granted mark routers says the curfew is necessary to get covert numbers down and keep them down a little the curfew is a means not a girl i can't emphasize that often enough the aim is to bring the virus under control so we can regain all our freedoms the reason the curfew was introduced and thus not changed. well mr it is government working on ways to put in place new laws that would essentially allow the few to be rendered legal what we are seeing though when it comes to people on the streets in the netherlands is there's a fairly mixed opinion right now to whether this curfew needs to be gotten rid of or whether it needs to stay. that curfew makes absolutely no sense what they've done now they try to keep those students in that if those students go somewhere before 9 pm and only go out again in the morning that's fine too the curfew was no
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use they have to ground those planes so that people can't travel because as long as people continue to travel they will continue to travel or i notice that people who don't have much to do with it have less trouble with karana i've had khurana myself so i know how bad it can be my mother died of it recently we also noticed that there are fewer flu symptoms if you're cold complaints also because people have less contact and stick to the rules in a better manner i think the responsibility should lie with every individual i mean i didn't like the curfew myself but i didn't think they had to protest against it either it doesn't bother me personally because i'm not coming out of work after 9 pm anyway but i mean it matters for people like my brother who come back from work at a 9 while this is all very messy legally it may well have huge repercussions for the more than 50000 people who've already been 100 fines for breaching the curfew by
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the police we are expecting more to come on 'd this it's up for debate on friday in the netherlands will see whether that curfew remains whether it goes or whether it comes back in some different type of for you know a little bit more on this a sociologist we spoke to believes the standoff between the government and the court is a result of deeper issues. i think it is a serious political crisis but it's a political crisis that started many months ago when the government was forced to resign after the so-called benefits scandal when they hear a few measures were announced back in january we got some of the wall street riots we have seen in the netherlands for many years that was not exactly full but your few sites there were vioxx against the government for many many decades he's dismantling. much of the health care infrastructure to the kountry and now
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the meds and see it and then we the government basically doesn't have an effective enough health care system to call. the situation and they don't even the only been able to fix in 8 fast enough the population so alter gives or. i think of the court is equating look of disappointment of many people with the government and this doesn't have to do only with the care through very. welcoming but because followed policies and how it impacts on large parts of the population negative impact. there is unrest in may dread following the jailing of a rapper a pub no house cell on cheese there this is a live now from the spanish capital as you can see a lot of people in a major square in central and madrid clock card saying justice lots of people have been constantly streaming onto the streets from the metro there
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a sizeable police presence or earlier we saw well at public himself is facing a 9 month sentence over insults towards they spawn a trial family and glorifying terrorist groups and his tweets and lyrics. i. was he was arrested in barcelona where protests were reported in cities across the region and valencia as we've just seen there as well a big presence in madrid around 2000 people rallied in the capital on capital alone where they were met with a strong police presence demonstrators held banners reading free pablo. 32 year old. was taken to prison and choose the after barricading himself in a castle and university with his supporters to avoid arrest police in full riot gear entered university and removed the barricades from where he had locked himself
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away detaining him now back in 2018 he was convicted for glorifying terrorism and insulting state institutions he had been given until last friday night to turn himself in and begin serving his sentence before his arrest the robber claimed he was resisting the authorities over his right to freedom of expression. and we spoke to a member of the catalan national assembly who sees that suppressing freedom of speech is inexcusable there is a need for change in society. this bunny over many is. fundamental rights activist their right to free speech and create 3 creation croom government is they call themselves the most progressive government and in the history of for spain also for them the case of hospital has been wrong because isn't
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a clear sign that this is not true or not this is one of the reasons why we only bend is not because we want to build a new a new contract with a more open and free loss we want to know more open system the system which accept. the killed. creation like the one i sell or others like. so of course we need this this change so we are fighting for this for a more free. 3. moving the program on is really is refusing to get across in a virus job may soon find their names on a government watch list it's what the country's prime minister has suggested raising concerns over possible privacy violations and discrimination israel has a world leading vaccination program but
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a recent loss of momentum as worried prime minister benjamin netanyahu the state is now considering rolling out a series of measures to boost optic among the population including launching a campaign against this information introducing new legislation giving immunity passports to the inoculated. the reason to go get vaccinated is that we are now launching the green passport plan being vaccinated will be able to go enjoy the stats of the cinema sports events flights abroad restaurants and more. the new measure sparked protests outside the p.m.'s residence in jerusalem with hundreds demanding his resignation accusing him of mishandling the pandemic and also of corruption the proposal to share the names of on vaccinated people with authorities has raised concerns over privacy violations and possible discrimination
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here's what israelis themselves that. the government should. convince the people about not liking force them to do that this matter you have to be very vigilant for the. privacy of the citizens but over public health all measures should be taken of course you can't force someone to be vaccinated because that you paid. for beat him to enter to enter into closed places. close areas where he can infect other people it's ok to do it to protect the safety and health of all the people around violating one right to protect all the others people. what is really authorities are using the current as well as the stick to encourage people to get vaccinated a food truck scene center in tel aviv has been giving out free pastries to make the experience of getting inoculated more palatable. a.
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lot of promise to protect the country's upcoming parliamentary elections from foreign interference the russian president made the comment while addressing the state dimiss party leaders constantine roscoff picks up the story. lattimer putin touched on a number of topics both in foreign and domestic politics but of course since it was a meeting with members of the russian parliament one was front and center at the integrity of the upcoming election in russia's lower chambre that is scheduled for september this year the russian president specifically mentioned that it's important to make sure there is no foreign interference in the electoral process even though i need to give it up people will decide the outcome of the vote and this choice must be protected from any attempts of foreign interference she will not allow any blues to its sovereignty or its people's right to be the musters of
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their own law and also refer to the latest developments involving us social media giants i mean we all remember the removing of donald trump from twitter silencing the voices of conservative commentators online and so latimer putin made a point that those i.t. giants sometimes can disregard the law of a certain nation and impose their own policies in such a sensitive issue as freedom of speech. talking about so-called platforms i t companies this is a serious challenge not only for us as we've seen what's happened in the us this division is happening around the world it's an ideological division this is clear if that's the way they behave in their own country how will they treat the seen as they consider themselves to be exceptional the russian president and members of the parliament also discuss the several foreign policy topics including the ricin shutdown of 3 russian speaking t.v. channels in ukraine which made it harder for millions of ukrainians who speak
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russian to access information in their own native language and that was done simply under the direct order of the ukrainian president and so putin is sad that this was another example of a double standard approach because the west that otherwise life stupid drama over freedom of speech issues in russia. was for some reason pretty much silent this time lattimer putin also touched on the north stream to gas pipeline that is still facing enormous opposition from the us and washington relentlessly pushing germany the country that is supposed to receive natural resources over that pipeline to back away from the project which would. why is everything revolving around north stream 2 they want to force russia to pay for this so-called ukraine geopolitical project that sits in fact it's all quite simple after the meeting lair putin also plans to see each of the parliamentary party leaders in person. a
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wide ranging new poll has shown that support for a 3rd major american political force reached an all time high according to the study around 2 thirds of americans support the idea and that's the most since the question 1st started being us by the gallup polling group 18 years ago within the big parties themselves 46 percent of democrats say a 3rd way is needed done from 52 percent in september but a record high of republicans favor the creation of another party no from supporters however are still urging him to unite the ranks and i said mr president this maggot movement needs to continue we need to unite the party trunk plus's the way back in 2022 earlier i discussed the current state of u.s. political parties with a number of guests. i think that in the republican party you have 2 factions you have a conservative pro trump faction and then you have the establishment side yes doubtless from inside has really not been favorable to conservatives who see what's going on
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right now legislatively in america tantamount to basically having a you know party you basically have 2 progressive parties that are for big government they're for reckless spending and growing the size of government and all of these things that conservatives and libertarians have traditionally been against so i think the president's trumps basically his explanation if you want to call it that from the mainstream g.o.p. used the system is rigged against libertarians and green party and others the democratic and republican party do collude they do share the same philosophy they're both part of the same warfare welfare state they scare the same view toward our the real problem is that government that politics has playing too big of a role in the lives of americans has become our national sport the democrats often the green new deal that's a green party policy. universal health care those are green party policies free
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college tuition those are great and probably party policies but they get co-opted by the democrats but the democrats really can't implement those policies because of their allegiance to their donors and that's the problem with both parties that whether or not a 3rd party is actually good for their cause is debatable because generally 3rd parties are seeing mostly as a spoiler in america building a movement of people who are non partisan who are beyond partisan what transpires and the best way to break up the monopoly that's held and shared by the republicans and democrats who are completely completely corrupt state parties governor governor races even here locally city council mayor races so we're going to start from the bottom up we also have some lobbying. we have to do it i'm not there parties don't want to do that but there is legislation that needs to be changed to make you make us elections more clear for everybody and if voters more choices at their brother.
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the former u.s. president might have been acquitted but his supporters may not be off the hook that's after democrats announced plans for a $911.00 style commission to investigate the capitol riots artie's double quarter asked if a mccarthy era witch hunt is on the horizon. repression want to one you got to know how to tell friend from foe back in the mccarthy era when people accused of being a communist were being arrested left and right cold war conservatives had a system for how to find a red under the bed if a person defends the activity of the communist nations well consistently attacking the domestic and foreign policy of the united states she may be a communist now it seems the descendants of those hunters have become the hunted the democrats may have failed to impeach donald trump for a 2nd time but they are far from giving up their crusade against the former president and anyone who dares to support him our next step will be to establish an outside independent $911.00 type commission to investigate and report in fact and
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cost us relating to the january 6th 2021 domestic terrorist attack upon the united states capitol complex a $911.00 type commission what does that mean that the same torture program an arbitrary detentions that washington deployed in response to that terrible attack it's still not clear but some democrats are suggesting that a commission is just not enough and they're going to i believe in the department of justice they want nationalism or some make sure that they are understanding that the earliest of ages out or be radicalized because after all the democrats see no difference between the people who stormed the capitol building and members of al qaida or the islamic state the threat of domestic terrorism preceded that terrible day the biggest terror threat in this country comes from radicals on the far right primarily white men threats of violence from homegrown extremists are growing in the wake of the insurrectionist attack on the capital sound familiar when
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a great democracies destroyed it will not be from enemies from without but rather because of enemies from within the democrats are saying this is only the beginning this impeachment trial was just the start of holding donald trump accountable but that we need to make sure that we're doing accountability of anyone who incited encourage or committed acts of violence we haven't even gotten into the thick. it already some conservatives feel that they are in danger. children to a secret location. we are armed guards. or polices with a democrat controlled government dead set on bulldozing its opposition many are having a hard time imagining a future that doesn't resemble the political paranoia of 1950 s. america i think we're coming out of a very divisive time where the president of the united states stoked a lot of those flames liberals and conservatives took took up those banners and their own ways and now we have to see how the dust settles and if the dust settles
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in squelching speech i think we really need to be really concerned that we're not overreacting and in an emotional need react that silences people simply because we don't like what they have to say i think both on the right and the left there's concern about can i really express how i feel about things can i put things in my email signatures is there going to be you know pushback from my employer i think that we have to be concerned as very moving forward how we're really going to be reacting to this and if you know you're dragging us through january event one more time through an ideological battle rather than the facts of what happened that day has if that's going to help us or not i don't know. around tough the employees at the new york times don't feel comfortable expressing their views freely at the newspaper according to a recent survey 49 percent said they didn't feel able to speak their mind out the paper it follows
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a series of allegations that employees with more moderate views are being forced out daily's has admitted the situation could be better. although the majority of us feel well informed many indicated the differing viewpoints aren't sought or valued in our work related lee we saw some negative responses on whether there's a free exchange of views in the company and scored below the benchmark on this question of the times has not yet responded to our request for a comment earlier i got the take of new yorker and legal and media a list like oh wait a minute it's a white it's a respected you mean he used to be a respected that was the heralded xian kid in new york god bless the employees of the new york times it's not a factory it's not a hospital it's not a sports team it's a celebrated again vaunted bastion of free speech you can speak
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up you can speak as a loudly and his vociferous lee as you want at any stratum in any industry so long as it comports with that which the radical left believes we live in a world this country right no particular no matter where you go is not somebody saying i disagree with you but i disagree with you and shut up and if you continue i'm not going to merely ask for your job but i won't because of this cancel culture i want you to be obliterated and removed from every aspect of your existence it's not just president trump it's not just people he worked with it's everywhere it's seca feeding frenzy it's like this this in gorged tick that is just sucking the blood and free speech it's a it just can't get enough it's everywhere i've never seen anything like this at every single level not the thought police thought vigilantes.
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a reminder for up to the minute developments our twitter page as you coverage just 2 letters are until i find it for you i mean anyone this is r.t. international. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job it was my bill it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing that is not true i look for resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. and all i end up doing is. the road to the american dream paved with did refuse it's this very idealized. americans look pasta the
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depths that happen every single day this is a history of the usa america. i'm after it had seen you're watching another lot beneficial going underground 18 years since the largest peace demonstration in history when up to 30000000 people in 600 cities worldwide protested against the nato nation war in iraq orchestrated in this country by labor prime minister tony blair and but you will hear from the rapper looking to replace arguable iraq war supporter city as london mayor in may but 1st let's speak to the award winning author of a new book on political lying peter oborne is the author of the assault on truth boris johnson donald trump and the emergence of
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a new moral barbarism and he joins me now from wilcher peter thanks so much for.


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