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the 20th right now there are roughly 7000 guard troops providing security that number is expected to be reduced to some 5000 come march and now according to an internal e-mail it leaks to the press troops could stay through the fall of 2021 the e-mail also reveals a meeting on feb 17th or question the department of defense to engage with capitol police were guarding post march 12th support according to pentagon spokesman john kirby the defense secretary is directing commanding officers across the military to select a date for a one day stand down to discuss military extremism he understands that a one day stand across a force isn't going to miss you know when the solve everything but it might bring to light concerns and experiences that were otherwise not aware and he was informed by his own experience in the mid ninety's about stuff that was going on in his in his command shortly after the inauguration several states ordered for their service members to return home this came after troops decided poor food and being forced to take rest breaks in
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a capitol hill garage department of defense says the conditions were improved shortly after this extra security hasn't come without a hefty price tag according to the pentagon the cost of deploying thousands of national guard troops in d.c. alone or run about $483000000.00 through mid march were pouring from his views hughes natasha's sweet r t. ok so if i'm only going to devote one segment to the impeachment analysis i want to do it with the experts know dr c.e.o. of american majority and tobin smith c.e.o. of term forward to research they join us now for one the one and only 360 view i hope to have on the 2nd impeachment of donald trump thank you gentlemen for joining us. so we with you scottie great to see you guys after 10 months of back in studio i had to start off my shows with you too because i know we decided after the end of the 1st impeachment tobit come on did you expect any other difference any other outcome of this trial then what happened. no of course not but i the news flash was
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7 senators actually had a spine but i thought it was surreal that the same senators particularly. cruz guys who were as culpable as trump has been are sitting back there playing today winks and you know a smoking cigs and having a beer during this case i mean that to me was just as an american a shocking disrespect for what the heck went on but maybe that's just me oh well i have a feeling that she's a little bit different but i have to bring it to you ned you know republicans don't have much to brag about i know there was a lot of rejoicing that happened immediately after but one look at this phone in the boat they looked anything but unified this just confirms there is a divide amongst the republican party what do you feel is going to be the effects of that isn't any moving forward. well i think the word in this situation is not unity but clarity scotty i think this is really been a clarifying moment moving forward as to who is on board with america 1st and who
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isn't so i think the 10 house republicans in the south and senators for self identifying for primary challenges next time they're on the ballot i mean they've shown house out of step they actually are with the base and trying to impeach on bogus charges on a big lie scotty i mean even the new york times is now updated and in the real world he called retracted their story about officers. and the fire extinguisher and it's a big lie that somehow incited sedition and insurrection when in fact they edited their own video they manipulated evidence in the trial so of course this is this is a clarifying moment for people to understand who's going to side with america 1st and who's going to side with the corporatist globalist approach and i think it's actually been hot to really see where people are coming down. thank god we got the guy we got the globalists any other ists that i mishear it's always it's the globalists it's the people who hate the real people in america or people who hate
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you know they don't agree corporate thank you very much thank you thank you very much well i've been a globalist corporatist my whole life i happen to love america i have to love all americans equally some last some days but the idea that this insurrection just came out of nowhere it's just sort of a spontaneous combustion that happened when guys all dressed in a heavy military suit they had clubs i had bats they had guns they had you know come on man this was if you look at the record if you look at the transcripts on social media hang on if you look at the social media they've been talking about exactly what they're going to do they had a layout of the congress they knew where the offices were if that just happened miraculously then you know i've got some land in florida the subway but that mean that i want to play they tell me to that point i think i am relating your complaint may be completely ok then hold those people accountable. where does that have to go with donald trump and that's my question i'm all for holding those people accountable if they put that on social media but now to that point it was easy to
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aim it at donald trump wired the republicans are saying fine let's write it on those people that probably did put that out there let's make sure that they're held in conviction for what they did that you know that i will probably say to me you know we're having evidence come out now hold on we're having evidence now come out that this was preplanned months ahead of time we know the pipeline for you know end of the day before the r n c and the d.n.c. had nothing to do with anything that donald trump said on january 6th they were trying to pen all of that and quite frankly scottie trying to frame the nearly 75000000 trunk voters as though that behavior reflected them when in fact i think very little of it actually had anything to do with anybody that was actually a trump supporter i mean this was really about trying to figure out how they could disqualify donald trump for running for office again in the future you know it is open i mean even talking about the amendment which was used against confederates to try and deny that running for office back in the day now this is trying to disqualify donald trump and shut down dissent from any of the trump supporters
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asking questions about a highly unusual election but also moving forward of actually saying no we don't believe any of the narrative coming out of the media we don't believe the narrative coming out of the democrats including the big lie of insurrection and sedition one that the things have been so so far you know i want to add i mean i don't they're born. well the other the other of course the other big lie that somehow you always seem to miss every day is that for starting i don't know last march last april and numbers are sort of go higher the president of the united states actively said over 100 times that if we lose it's because this election was stolen from us now just let me ask you as a human being if the president of your country is telling you that if he loses the election that it's the full of people who are stealing the election from the if you heard that what would you think john. actually. weeks
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ago in which they laid out very clearly in that time article by molly ball how they actually rigged a manipulator the election in 2020 i think there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered and they were self identifying in that time article so forget what trump had to say they actually came out and tell told us what they did very specifically in that time article toben i think we have to actually start to look at those people what they did and have strong questions about their behavior and what they did to manipulate the process in 2020 well and have an idea what i would tell you about what i would do and ask you thinking of this about the when is this because this was very surprising to a lot of people on saturday originally they voted hey we're going to call for witnesses and everybody got ready to hear the witnesses and then 2 hours later no no witnesses told me what was that all about. well i think you know you have many sources like i do they during the recess they basically said look at we have 2 additional senators so that we're going to we would have the largest vote. in any
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of these ever happened and so if we can you give us those 2 in essentially of 2 stood up and say yes i'm going to vote for conviction then let's not waste our time and the people's plight for something that we know we would not win because of the intransigence of the republicans because they believe it's a technical error but then of course right after it's all done mitch mcconnell comes out and says exactly what i've been saying for the last fricken 12 months it looks people in the eye and says this guy is a danger this guy is a fraud this guy incited this and he should go to jail oh but i voted for a quote on a technical because you can't do this how come i mean that was the lamest lamest i've ever heard never a lot of lame stuff out of the public got to give tobin credit there on that point make mcconnell shot republican in the foot when he came out with his post speech because he did look like he had a total double standard to what he voted for and what he actually believes. you think but. when when lindsey graham is calling out mitch mcconnell you know that
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there are problems because lindsey graham said we're going to come back and bite senators in their primaries in 2022 and in their elections in 2022 i think mitch mcconnell just couldn't stand it anymore because again he was never fully onboard with trump i mean we know that behind the scenes and he thought this was a shot pulled back as you realize the political calculation but i was one of the dumbest most insane asinine speeches i've ever seen given because of the double standard what you just voted to not convict and then you came out and said we should continue pursue i mean it really looks like mitch mcconnell started to lose and quite frankly scottie if the republicans come back to the majority in the senate i think it's questionable whether mitch mcconnell would be majority leader and that's that now i mean you. you know look at i remember when i was a member of the grand old party i remember that above all else there was morality above all else we hold ourselves to a higher level who's obviously
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a mag our right winger is now telling us that you know the height of the you know the really bad thing the mco that he told the truth but he really is going to screw up the 2022 election but that is moral if it gets to the moral as well oh and then your defense said go for it moral to manipulate how is it moral to manipulate evidence scotty if democrats think they have some moral high ground when they're editing out 3 very key words patriotic and peaceful from the video as though those words were never said i mean i actually like to have a conversation with the house democrat managers and how did you manipulate suppose it's evidence in a trial i mean is that right is that wrong is that the moral thing to do and if we want to talk about morality way we could start talking about the lincoln project all freakin day and that you're right it could be a whole other segment that real quick get this accomplished what the democrats want did this actually take trump out of calling for the future or does in baltimore tell then from a democrat perspective no he's no donald trump is the world's greatest grafter of
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all time he now has another way to go after people and say. please send me $25.00 every month so i think god can save america again i mean this is just play right into trump's b.s. and guess what democrats gave him that gift maybe it was the best party and you guys are my party get for joining me on the show thank you so much ned untethered we'll talk soon. now just on the other side we're going to take a look at the ongoing game stop saga and how france is reacting to the cancel polter stating. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of their descendants still live in russia. looking at the post because i know nobody but us the upper stuff. will stick on things. back home but i can merican suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. of the real.
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one by elsa store but by doing. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the groups who were through during the night. around great crowd. the moon if you want to go you. know almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time i went to russia. probable worst time to go anywhere why not me. when i come here. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your edge of doubt. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain.
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do you watch kaiser report. israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. thyssen nation full community. are you going the right way or are you being. direct. what is true what is great. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. birds
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do you. suppose these. look but. some of the beach. lower street view are strewn on. the movie way of. it. that still has the soul of the bees and how many to choose to believe. i think there could be a real debate about who hates outsiders more the political class or wall street
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well if there was any doubt just look at the clear message which has been sent by the elite in both groups over the last few months. you know for those in politics don't try to run unless you commit yourself to not upsetting the status quo of your own party because if you do and just happen to get elected by the people they will quickly limited constrain your actions and you might also face public humiliation with little distance from your fellow party representatives for wall street there is never been a more obvious exposure of how the market can be manipulated than the events of a january 28th when robin hood restricted buying on 13 stocks as members were on a buying frenzy fueled by another group of members of a red as a wall street bets for now for those of you still unfamiliar with robin hood it is billed as a trading platform on being transparent and giving power to individual traders rather than those large hedge funds and firms when our robin hood c.e.o. of lattimer tentative is saying his company they didn't do anything wrong when they
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blocked purchases of a certain stocks this is in order to meet deposit requirements from clearinghouse registered with the security and exchange commission but is violence reason pass the truth or is it just damage control joining us now is rebecca wiser of a wall for wealth management thank you so much for joining us rebecca thank you and we've got a ok so we're almost 2 weeks since this initial event is kind of i think surprised everybody but it's specially those on wall street it's been a very strong message to them the story says it has been buried by the mainstream but i know there is action that has been going on in wall st paul boardrooms to make sure this never happened again what are you seeing and has there been any changes made in the short term. well i think right now people are just still in shock that you know there could actually be you know the whole thing with robin hood is that it's a democracy is ation of trading right and so what you have kind of coming together is this free kind of platform that came together with you know basically social
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media chat room reddit right and you had 3000000 people on wall street that's a group that basically said hey let's beat these hedge fund that their own game and their own game is the short ok so it's called a short squeeze and not to get too technical but what happens when you are shorting a stock when hedge funds are shorty they're borrowing positions that they think will go down they're selling them as at the current higher rate and then as they go down they basically buy them back at a lower price make a profit or replace them so they're really truly betting against the stock so basically what happened was this chat room group said hey let's all buy these particular stocks and specifically game stop and answer because you bet yes and let's make we call a short squeeze on these hedge funds and it did cost a certain had fun over $2000000000.00 so then you saw that was in the 27th you know really starting at the 27th was really the culmination of it and then the 28th is when they shut down trading on specific as you said 13 positions and it really
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said wow and they didn't use the reason as they needed to obviously need capital requirements but they were able to raise those capital requirements very quickly so that's the problem and that's the question is what really happened here if you look behind the scenes there are there is some smoke well there is definitely have so but you know what this is the thing is there's are some ethical disclosures and then we also there are legal disclosures and iraq would have you feel like that they actually needed to disclose their relationship with these other trading houses that we're now finding out about to basically those who use their services. yeah unfortunately i haven't had a chance to actually look at their legal disclosure when you found but they probably are in there you know sigh that they outsourced trading on to certain platforms and that's where they're broadcom then right because what is going on is robin has outsourcing about 65 percent of their trade to a group called citadel securities which is a clearinghouse but they are an affiliate of citadel the hedge funds which have
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a position in the short and was affected and also they mellon capital which is never had on that short that basically took a few 1000000000 are lost they sure they short of their short earlier part of the week and then all of sudden trading stocks and then you had it out that you had fun affiliate series with the trade for robin hood sure shoring it up on the $28.00 or after the post closing only physician in other words being squeezed out of being able to buy the stock any further well and then there's a lot of conversation right now going on because robin hood was basically free per se to those that use it sort of like social media do you think it was kind of naïve for those and nothing against the robin hood those a user service but it was a kind of naive for them to not know than the fine print that robin hood has to make their money somewhere they have to pay their bills and they're big mega mansions they probably have some of the their corporate c.e.o.'s have that there were collecting something and making money somewhere even if it wasn't on that specific person and their trade they did was it naive of those robin-hood users to
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not read the fine print and realize that basically their data and their formation just like social media and being sold to other people that was using that to go up against them. that it does then that's just i this is this is data and information is the new currency right so if you can aggregate a bunch of independent retail investors onto your platform accurate all their trees are free have all these you know no minimum been all these crazy things low margin requirements all this stuff and yet there it you know you have people come to you and drop it now what you have you have all of the data you know millions and millions of retail traders that you can then battle selling their trade orders to an affiliate just curious specifically 65 percent increase and you know here is using that data for and so you know the question that is has been or isn't about front running which is basically using aggregated nonpublic data for you know insider trading and it is a problem and this is what i think people are most upset about is that hedge funds
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all the time have all kinds of aggregated data because they're so large they know the type of large transactions that they're acting alone could affect the market and there's nothing like on the retail side and show you get a robin hood combined with the public chat room with millions of users and now all this and you have a massive group of people that can make a difference in the market and can you know impact it which is exactly what happened here and this is why it's a problem because the 2nd that happened they shut it down and now it's not going to work and i think that is something that maybe possibly behind the scenes was part of the goal was to expose that robin hood was not just this free and transparent corporation as they're being sold thank you so much for joining us as we're back and we will continue to follow the things already. so now as americans try to debate how wolk they want to be under this new administration this new time we're living in those outside of the country are starting to get more and more upset as their intellectual cultural heritage are also beginning to come under
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attack you know do other countries have a reason to be upset at this new social science theories which are finding themselves being imported from the united states joins us to talk about how france is telling the threat of awoke america and their ideas. it's not unusual for an idea to strive to have been the united states and to be exported all over the world heck that's exactly what hollywood was designed to do it was a little bit more unusual is just quite how upset french intellectuals and politicians are said to be over ringback some of the most recent exports pointing question would be black likes matter and only 2 movements now the french have bristled at the idea of americans telling them that they are racist all that racism in france is systemic now is not is a that there are not programs hable what i mean by it is one example somebody
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saying to me that when african-americans was still in chains in the us cross all the 1st black person being elected to the parliament so in their mind they were way ahead of the curve considering the state of race relations in america right now it doesn't look like their solutions work so well so i'm not sure we need them really but the other thing is that there's this whole speech and discussion about half colonialist it is to impose a different culture on on on unsuspecting populations and the french are saying well you are imposing something that may or may not work for your country but it's not working for from now if i say the word france about 3 things are going to come to mind once again teach as one and of course 11 or luck because you doesn't have carrots on that top or that romantic destination getaways list so when the need to movement flooded over the atlantic and suddenly the french were being told normal they didn't like it so much so that even hardcore french feminists like the actress
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bridget i don't signed a letter describing the need to movement is being ridiculous and hypocritical and essentially said that this was a witch hunt against men now the so-called cancer culture has really. he had that blood boiling and one of the biggest newspapers in france see more and even took offense when a new director of the paris opera issued a diktats saying that if she wanted to diversify so often and blackface the 1st of all france doesn't collate figures when it comes to race and religion because essentially it says that these things are irrelevant because everybody in france is considered to be equal so the editor in chief of the royal sense something along the lines of cancel culture being a continental sport in america which aimed to wipe off the map the works that symbolize the domination of the white man that others including president michael
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of france are taking aim at the us press particularly in the wake of a spate of islam is terror attacks that took place draws the end of 2020 at present matters quite the coverage in the us press has been biased and said that it legitimized the violence this lack of solidarity as he saw right when packing as others or it came after t.j. here for us it was a head it in is a mess terror attack talk about being pretty close to the bone others say this problem is much deeper it's a threat to its political identity as a threat to the republic and to french democracy and to the functioning of the state it's not a matter of cultural identity in france there is no simple left right divide like you've got with the democrats and the republicans in the united states the specter of what happened in the aftermath of last month's election in us left the french
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troops belief oh god how could people be so divided they support or whatever happened to get through problems listening to each other efforts to get along is tree of intellectual estimates of course the country in want me to say yes when donald trump jr treats even the french are radical or yes who gives an. rollo. well that is all for it they've woke show follow me on twitter i've got to hear that hash tag here in v.a. with you tomorrow. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of
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their descendants still live in russia. again you. know no rush but also up the stuff. on things on their way. back home like american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. in the real. one by else a store. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the rear groups who were to through during the night. around the crowd. to move the few you're going to call you. know almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time went through russia. probable worst time to go anywhere why not me.
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when i come here. this is a speculative attack that must is making on the bed right so he's already going to the s.e.c. is already going to. show them to be in capture now he's gone to war with spit and say look i buy back my own stock i'm going. so if you're cheap money going to buy it quite like michael saylor stock and now 500 other c.e.o.'s and the s. and p. 500 like you know it that's a darn good idea. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings homelessness 1st it was my job it was my bill it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing that is not. aloof or
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resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. doing. the road to the american dream paved with good refugees this very idealized image of. americans look past the deaths that happen every single day this is a modern history of the usa america. headlines
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this hour russian scientists developed the world's 1st test for the deadly strain of the coronavirus many countries to close their borders we hear from the head of the russian aboard. while developing the new testing system we kept in mind that if we need to detect other strains we could do it in a short period of time. to come a u. turn in minneapolis after a push to defund the police the city gives room for millions of dollars to tackle a spike in violent crime and the blame game continues as china hits back at washington for questioning the findings of the show's investigation into the origins of the corona virus pandemic and stuck in a hotel room for 10 days that is the new reality facing people.


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