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2 up. and 2 will be what catalan people has declared time after time and that is that we are ready to be an independent state so if he wants to unite. which actually does not major problems unless they instigate a police and they do this is the system this confrontation but if not they only need to sit down and negotiate the terms of need and is it a bit of a mother isn't it because we've only got 30 seconds left but catalonia is spain's wealthiest region whoa how can madrid ever consider giving it up how far are you supporters of independence willing to take this we have a 32nd. economy cannot be a problem we offer and he said we don't want the spanish state we will help as we are doing now the only thing is that it would be so brain to decide about all of
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the other aspects that run the country bad. we don't have any interest in having spain in bankruptcy and so we will do all what is necessary in the dance or cattle and up and it's a benefit for cattle and for europeans and i just went for the spanish state thank you very much for coming on the program and sharing your views on the r.k. from the international commission of european citizens thank you very much for a deeper dive into this our stories and perhaps why not even leave a comment or 2 with your thoughts r.t. facebook page hers you covered i'm going to have to cut you again at the top. max geyser financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not so i get. angry some banks have to fight well
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street fraud thank you for. destroying 6 that's right. slavery. started my interest i should say black americans in the soviet union in the thirty's was finding this portrait even though i had gone to grad school of a master's degree in russian literature and speak russian and i had lived over there in the late eighties finding this portrait was was a stunning development for me how did i not know about this. i didn't know that this was a phenomenon that there were many. african-americans who went to russia in the in
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the thirty's. in the 19th twenty's and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of the descendants still live in russia. name at the. mo not washed up at the. russians they meet here the 1st day like hey you're part of that i want to speak russian and then. wait to mash it all. back home black american something from racism. and a complete lack of prospects. is that the lump a small deal and not be a losing should still remain. smothered them be a losing issue and one by else. but by doing. so they decided to leave
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everything behind and start a new life in the country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the are asking to rear troops who were too stupid to know to keep your ground grid. lulay if you go boom too cold. you. know as much in a significant crystal meth from the comfort of you you grew up and now almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time went to russia. on poverty the worst time to go anywhere why not mean. when i come here. my above be authentic something that will be like odd oil available
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to the couple often i get it i need some of them up but somebody in the addition of my about bush which is this is this. dealing deal with. i need a gun so pulling a slick on the team i don't wish to win you posting at the boucher misled by me ticket mixed race couples or such an issue in the united states i think rarely because of the jim crow laws of that intense. hatred of african-americans so this notion that you could mix. was was absolutely. you know impossible for many whites to accept that it was illegal in many states but you all my. know what the etiquette the most on your children meeting is not. so much of
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a thought or. bullshits that i knew. or i see as much below it's incredibly that this isn't a new country being since it has a constitution they're actually. close to racial and gender and all different kinds of discrimination my grandfather george titan's. is from. virginia. and he ended up in russian the most peculiar way he was able to land an amazing contract with the ministry of agriculture in russia and he. got in a boat and then in the soviet union in 1930 s. it's important to remember that this was the period of the great depression and it was also a period in which the soviet government was during
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a massive recruitment people with turkey who killed. he graduated a diversity as agriculturists there's no career moves there's no jobs and there's so much discrimination what he's supposed to do he went to a country where. he had no clue what was going on and you watch russia on the news soviet union communism why would you want to go there george times had a dream. and he found a solution and see. history for some of the african-americans who went to school reunion in the 1930 s. . looking at. cern james patterson. james patterson became
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a national icon. of famous film circuit. the movie circus has an extraordinary story behind it i think it was said to be stalin's favorite. as you see in the opening scene there's a woman running from a an angry crowd and frightening her and throwing rocks at her and at the bundle says been carrying is her black child. this german impresario at the climax of the film reveals the truth to the audience in the
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circus that she has a black child and of course the soviet response is so what do we care we don't care if he's purple polka dotted. and then he goes yearly is passed. to various members of the audience policing him a lawyer by one of the languages of research. i mean it couldn't be more. saccharine and more propaganda stick by it but it hit all the right nerves at the time as explain credibly popular even the song. was even a sort of a defacto anthem of the soviet union. it's
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definitely fear to say that those who appeared yunior were the crown and leader and anti-racism. government. and if you. think. you're right. i think michael that we. all look. at a little black boy from the circus movie is now $87.00 he was born and raised in the soviet union he served in the navy as a submarine then he became an also he went short stories in the early 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed. to the usa to his father lloyd patterson's homeland to translate his work into english he now lives alone in
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a social apartment in washington. or mina. moon they. want to go. there live. through. through their. baby boom. now so real do. they believe there. could be. jim's father going to patterson like many other african-americans moved to the u.s.s.r. to work on a contract basis but he loved the country so much he stayed and started a family here. travelled in circles in the soviet union and moscow that he would not have in the united states had a wife. 'd 3 sons career he was busy all the time as wife with.
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she was a. fairly well known designer stations what he saw at that time and 132 . in stalin's moscow however strange it might sound now he saw lots of opportunity there. are tears. a lot. of the big guns little. more and since early the. old souls but he says that only got the. dog but at the gun time miltie can own steam also oceanography. must fit in the studio going yeltsin's could last article. if skin to just said.
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i was a little dog let me know what you will be very nice you will mr shelby i mean you mustn't be decked out all over him are still in a middling at. some of the most. good over. at the. ines are ross the daughter of servia director robert ross was born and raised in russia and now lives with her son james near moscow in a big country house. james was a talented athlete as a boy. in the late 1980 s. he played for the reserve team of one of the country's leading football clubs spartak moscow could anybody come. to little.
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little. service. so did racism exist in the serbia of the union. with the mildest of my own body one year nobody in the i would be at this level but what's a reporter up asked what happened after the iron curtain fell when the descendants of those african americans could return to america their ancestral homeland. to deal with and why now 100 years later is russia again attracting african-americans for skin. but the choice in the 20th was a kind of war for the proud. ethical idea.
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but there's a new machine the sort of the mood beach where a storm of the lower street view or restroom. when you go to the movie way of window to move video it appears. that it. is the soul of the. family to choose to keep the home.
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child's name wrong but all roles just don't call. to. get to shape out this day to come to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. no it's just the slush. that was felt. in modern russia or it would be hard to find anyone who hasn't heard of yelena hunger she's worked on television since the late 1990 s. boosting several popular talk shows including russia's 1st t.v.
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show to discuss sex. the british the spy that people should understand that after you have every t.v. show he is a. better deal less from. the movie. that nico when you. are. a 1000000 times his father george times moved to the soviet union in the 930 s. along with many other african-americans and settled in the back soviet republic where he helps develop cattle breeding on collective. that's where a 1000000 spent childhood.
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new with. the deal is that there might be you must prove. he says through the. big. illusion of it that i don't see here that i see is in the way medicare. is by me to get the bill and that i see is an order bill chest. at the bill with. the need. to go. old and new my mama just lee. but it living in that i see is my own you will probably but that washed on you i made it cuts me i did all that needed to win you published in your brain a little but it's a service for sales. they knew there was racism throughout europe. but if they work or london or paris think you read in the very best you
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know we're going to know what the experience you know mirrored the. daily life for an african-american in the thirty's was. you know frustrating there would be parts of town that you would not be able to go to or you would only be allowed to go to certain stores there were accommodations were black there would be separate correlates for example of white it would be separate water. and they were usually of the lower quality i thought about this many times i don't even i don't know why more african-americans didn't. try to go. there his other places maybe it doesn't occur to them. to go in there will be a season to be sniffling meeting to push their nests you. know when your ex that has said this to you i was because i still would stop with the cup the poor you know of them i was freezing you know to slow the sally is
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a story that still to be done to deal with the book to be there to work. when the soviet union collapsed the descendants of those african-americans had the chance to travel and to see their ancestral homeland for the 1st time george tines his grandson yogi tynes was one of the few who went to the u.s. in the early 1990 s. where pitched into both the queer would be a terrific strain to a community or 1st so school so you. cooked up sure some was a boy or assumed not of his or the. we did see in the school. because you know just more than that i'm not sure but you could be forgiven that says consumers are born in the. streets in the course of the born years or the year we do a storm no but sure enough to do is that that idea mushroom you know read about them still short of the word your stocks cause superior to adore and keep it as
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more than a burger cost to produce but she was told a year ago put the work was about they started screwing up so that i would be with them while you were going to tape it build us to with the woods into the woods or the war you know with them yes that is it's you know the new style so is it better to preach in new porno soaps dark with stars that would deal with it sure i do with nischelle sweats and theater with the tomato and support your story shows i should think you know what i see the show so screwed me gotta go out at parties kick up the rich need to bestow your score let me take you and you folks into court this machine lean more should quit with has no business so perfect it says i'm for it i mean you in tediously bust we're going to be yeah but just 1st i'm your show take you know what a good dog she gave me what i see what i'm super. unlike you don't you times his own 15000000 times moved to the usa and became an american citizen she's lived there for the last 10 years. still exists it was she will do all the lives that
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loses is going to add. what you do admit. then use the you know what i see and i may be consequent to the janjaweed simply my. thought of what you can discuss. us leave new war the old yes we should leave usual and use the d.v.d. in your store what they see is one beast. of. america. that is there so that they may feel some way of. the witness themes that there is a now little need of doing good at the correct teachers in the bus was that. those doubles their value may dispute you know what is over in their system so use it to show sport not. such a waste of my school's commenced which will probably. be as a corn show him a b.
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or c. cook a dinner out of milk resist rubberstamp as i know for to school. with the. company of qatar yesterday said name is a story of this president to write this article. for the city of new business to stop the spread of them or both of them are never really going to. go as my friend of mine used to compress even much from the cut of the period when you go or. only know most christians he's premier and it's a from seeing that it is not on that show are now going to do us must be we'll horseless way mom we said no no starts with their own personal correctives kids who swears as much as you would such as that issue we would also want to see. why did i make up my mind to move to russia i wanted to leave a country where i was space and scream a nation racism. have
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we are all the racial problems from the 1930 no not at all if you look at the recent events. it's all too frustratingly similar to. decades past. it was a situation i remember it was yesterday i aks for help from the police where i was like an emergency and then i became the victim i had 3 police officers. grab me and just throw me down on the ground. and i had a bruise on my hand on my arm. i thought they were going to kill me. that they were going to shoot me and it was by because peace in the series was the worst experience of my life that i have to not want to ever ever live again.
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because i grew up in a normal or orthodox family you know we're not gangsters. you know no one has a gun and we don't have any hoodies at the police officer to help me why aren't they helping me. it's history that's repeated over and over and over again and it hasn't been fixed my great grandfather george time spearing so that. you know in the great depression sorites movement it's the same thing just a different version. of what. i've been living in moscow for one year exactly i teach english i'm a teacher. i feel free and living in russia because in russia the
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matter what time it is i can walk outside and i'm say. we're standing outside the metro area and with the police officers too close ups is walking towards us and my heart's beating fast like. why because you know living in america. you traumatized and i was like talk i'm scared and then my friend just moved here from america and she's russian he's like really just 5 minutes later that same police opera comes back with the biggest bouquet of flowers a stranger and tells me welcome to russia you belong here. i do want to hear it's a piece of me and the more i had the more i'm here the more it i see that i'm not going anywhere and the russians that i meet here 1st they're like ok you're
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a foreigner that i have when i speak russian and then wait we wait. the national at least. the scene will. speak at the toast of the iliad to deal with in this way you. know. would you go into the worship with zeal of. the a little bit below. because with the with just a better deal less might do which is pretty vicious in that the bell of things i'm not sure will fit always to. be a good idea lesa do the skills and much of. it you buy. which is. why you. use it. in new york. because.
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i knew. mama put a lot of trees and a book up on me as leisure will sit by in the war talk about my yeah. with this it's the. second skin stein of the. live it's him struggling with. literals in the newbie and it's saying niggas in the me but at the noon eastern us promise of the skulls. and the. good to see. the civil news with the. small ball do. this or believe me it's just no no no don't.
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it's a. sudden screw stopping. this is a speculative attack that he must is making on the fan right so he's already going to the f.c.c. he's already gone to war and he's shown them to be. captured now he's going to war with fish and say i'm not going to back my own stock i'm going to take your cheap money i'm going to buy it quite like michael saylor. and now 500 other c.e.o.'s in
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the s. and p. 500 like you know what that's a darn good. china . u.s. washington questions the findings of a world health organization probe into the origins of the. we've got live reaction coming right up. also on the program with more measures firmly in place in the u.k. . from some 30 read list countries to quarantine for 10 days on their own experience in selected hotels but concerns remain over of it's going to be implemented. on the price or free speech approach journalist has harassed tell a soul to she covers up blocked logs from other protests we get her take on what life is like for a reporter in the fight in america.


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