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tv   News  RT  February 14, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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the 2nd impeachment trial ends with a 2nd acquittal as the u.s. senate votes to clear him of inciting the riots that capitol hill. and review of the week no bad on foreign social media unless absolutely necessary to keep one tackled by president putin as he met with the heads of russia's media. and the british government threatens to jail people for up to 10 years if a law about traveling from covert hotspots we put the issue up for debate. on the big issues that we've suffered from people.
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from moscow thanks for joining us on the weekly on r.t. international i'm daniel hawkins welcome to the program. after days of angry debate the former u.s. president has been acquitted by the senate in his 2nd impeachment trial however his successor joe biden said even though trump was cleared he still thinks he's guilty well the final vote did not lead to a conviction the substance of the charge is not in dispute all 43 senators voted against impeachment with 574 that was 10 short of the 2 thirds majority needed to convict trump of inciting last month's riot at the capitol building with more details here's caleb moore put. well it takes 2 thirds of the u.s. senate to convict a president in impeachment proceedings so now that donald trump has been acquitted
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they failed to get the motes necessary to convict him we've actually heard this statement from the former us president about the proceedings here's what he said it is a sad commentary in our times that one political party in america is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law defame law enforcement cheer mobs excuse rioters and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance and persecute blacklist cancel and suppress all people in viewpoints with whom or which they disagree is certainly been a colorful few days during the impeachment proceedings a lot of very emotional and heated words were exchanged many looked on it kind of the shocking theatrical that took place from both sides as the debate went on here's some of what we've seen over the past few days during the proceedings on capitol hill this cannot be the future of america as one senator said they could have killed all of us with this trial you will open up new and bigger wounds across
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the nation he didn't just tell them to fight like hell. he told them how where and when the majority in the house of representatives does not want to face donald trump as our political rival in the future donald trump surrendered his role as commander in chief and became the insider in chief $75000000.00 americans voted for donald trump and throughout the proceedings donald trump's attorneys made the point that the results of this trial are ultimately going to be the further do usually of the country the country is going to be much more polarized with trump supporters feeling that the establishment is out to get them and not allowing their voice to be heard here is some of the points we heard from trump's attorney they tell us that we have to have this impeachment trial such as it is to bring about unity but they don't want unity and they know this so-called trial will tear the country in half leaving tens of millions of americans feeling left out of the
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nation's agenda. as dictated by one political party that now holds the power in the white house and in our national legislature this trial will tear this country apart perhaps like we've only seen once before in our history now many republicans are saying that this was essentially a show trial this wasn't so much about actually convicting donald trump actually taking office action against donald trump to prevent him from running for office but more about the democrats trying to run donald trump's name through the mud and trying to put on a show of the fact that they are now in power they do have the majority in the senate and the house and they do control the white house and this was the democrats are making clear that they're in charge now and many are looking on at this and saying this is only going to inflame donald trump supporters only going to reinforce the notion that trump was fighting for them against the status quo and so the divisions in the united states remain thoroughly intact donald trump is
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acquitted he will be allowed to run for office once again he is banned from social media that's pretty clear he's not on twitter now the statement he gave did not announce a new presidential run but there was an interesting line towards the end about trump having a vision for the future of the united states not exactly clear what that means but it appears that we haven't heard the last from donald trump the trial evidence started on tuesday with a video montage of the riots on trump speaking pro-democrat pundits were quick to voice their shock at seeing the footage. was. remarkable video by the house managers powerful an expletive laced video timeline disturbing and compelling video staggered like the rest of us by the presentation of the house managers with their video it stopped everyone in their tracks there was silence in the chamber in response trumps the
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fence team also presented a series of videos showing democratic officials calling for his impeachment eclipse they back to the former president's 1st year in office designed to show they were trying to force him out long before any of the current accusations what reaction on the trial from legal and media analyst law and also from attorney sol book who's also former chairman of the u.s. libertarian party national committee. the evidence showed you would never know this from the particular evidence that was presented by the democrats but that these folks many of them were already there completely adorned some of them in almost a choir as i military apparel was zip ties ready for rats and helmets already anticipating what they were going to do prior to donald trump saying anything this is a political exercise this is political theater this is not subject to any court reviewing what happens this isn't an animal it's shown this impeachment trial the
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only reason this is being done is to prevent donald trump from running again and why is that because many people suspect that internal polling indicate that the democrats realize that he might be stronger again if he were to run in 2024 the very problem that we have of the division in the country is that not only were those senators jurors witnesses they were also victims of the insurrection on january 6th and still voted not to can. diktat least 43 of them voted not to convict and that i think that's the irony of this trial and does explained earlier highlight the division in the country that is a testament to the fact that this is a mix of both a legal and a political process and there is no trial in which jurors could be helping one side or the other with their arguments during breaks but in impeachment it is it's
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a normal part of the process because it is that makes process which is why the 6th amendment doesn't apply to impeachment trials because there is no opportunity to lose your liberty. but i'm a person has said that russia will not bound foreign social media but added he would act if western tech shots were guilty of hostile actions the russian president also believes the country should aim to have its own alternatives in place the comments came as he laid out national policy at a meeting with the heads of russian media earlier this week he was thought of has more on what was said. it was like a very high profile top tier media conference with editors in chief after all but the issue of social media and the social media restrictions well it's hot in russia so of lattimer putin touched upon that an essentially he said that well the kremlin is not looking to ban anything just for the sake of banning it because it would make any sense but he's made a point that if foreign social media institutes were to sort of engage in
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information warfare promotes information hostile to the to russia's national interests then well most will have no other choice but to somehow restrict their actions and also made another disclaimer saying that. a reason for that and it will only be done in case only if russia develops its own alternative. we will not shut down anything until we have our own social media and when we have our own what we do will be based on the specific situation when our partners see that there is an alternative that they don't enjoy a monopoly in the market they will behave differently i have no desire to change anything manually but if hostile actions are carried out i do not exclude it hostile actions against our country are unacceptable so when it comes to these
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hostile actions that the russian president is talking about this subject didn't come out of thin air because i'm really know that russia has seen some very large scale demonstrations or pro opposition demonstrations speaking of scale that tens of thousands of people showed up the russian government did not sanction and did not arise any of those rallies so the russian government from the russian government's standpoint those protests were illegal but those protests will who would eat it and kind of promoted and p. are marketed for in social media so the. this is this is what it is all about right now obviously on the subject of these protests that were branded as in support of the election of a prominent kremlin critic but from vladimir putin's standpoint they weren't really motivated by the personal support he enjoys as a person as a wannabe politician but rather by a general frustration of the russian public due to well the decreasing living
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conditions and they stem from the nomic hardships that russia is facing due to the pandemic because russia has been affected by covert 19 like literally any other country in the world and. throughout russia's modern history for example during the 1st world war our opponents have always relied on people who are very ambitious and hungry for power and it's the scene right now in the situation with it is happening at the very moment when in all countries of the world including in russia people are tired and irritated so essentially according to the russian president the west exploiting the hungry for power people like the valley to undermine russia and to bring russia down because at the end of the day other nations they have their interests their interests at hand as a priority and only russia wants a strong and diplomatically and politically and geo politically independent russia
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a kind of elaborating on that the russian president has said that well the stronger the more independent russia becomes the more pressure its partners will rather rivals will exert. as soon as the situation in the country began to stabilize and as we were getting up on our feet that was it the containment policy immediately began why don't you understand that why don't you see that's how it was banks in little by little step by step more and more. and the stronger we got the stronger this containment policy was so this kind of falls on top of what russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said earlier this week in a more harsh in a more blatant you know terms when he had said that if if the west if europe if the e.u. were to look to cripple russia's economy through sanctions and world to cripple russia
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that this is what was and is saying here russia would have to look into the possibility of cutting ties with the e.u. altogether and there are plenty of examples other than sanctions as to how this how this plays out how europe is world just ridiculing all russia's will successes like we look at this but it could be vaccine it was really ridiculed from the get go we didn't get any benefit of the doubt at all at the beginning i think completely critics completely brushed aside all the stories all the positive experiences of those who pioneered and got the job even before the phase tree of phase 3 excuse me of trials was completed and they kept ridiculing the vet with the russians putting the vaccine up until the very last moment when it just became undeniable that sputnik up there among the top 3 of the most effective vaccines in the world. still to come on the weekly the world health organization probably was the origins
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of the coronavirus we hear from one of the team that's just visited was on that someone asked laurie's after the break.
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this is a speculative attack that he must is making on the right so he's already going to the f.c.c. he's already going to. show them to be. captured now he's going to war with it and sound like a buy back stock i'm going to take your cheap money i'm going to buy like michael saylor. and now 500 other c.e.o.'s in the s. and p. 500 like you know it that's a darn good idea. mutating strains of the coronavirus could mean that britain's will have to get vaccinated all over again this year at least that's the warning from the u.k.'s prime minister . i think we're going to have to get used to the idea that rebound in the autumn as we as we come to place these new variants well more than 4000000
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people have been of infected in the u.k. and with nearly 117000 deaths it has one of the highest mortality rates in europe adding to the concern are studies that show britain's astra zeneca job offers only limited protection against new variants of the virus or thirty's and now extending doorstep testing across the country to check whether people have the disease over some experts say it's still important to use it as a protect against the worst effects of the mutations. this comes after the head of the parliamentary health committee said the u.k.'s code response had been mishandled jeremy hunt added that above all the government should have reacted quicker as a country we have not got everything right in our pandemic handling we need to learn lessons and the biggest lesson of all is that in a pandemic you have to act faster than the virus while tough new measures for travelers entering britain will come into force on monday but legal experts including top judges have heavily criticized the government's move to jail arrivals
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who lie about their travel history or plans health secretary mike hancock and else the controversial regulations in parliament. anyone who lies on the passenger locator form and tries to conceal that they've been in the country on the red list in the 10 days before arrival here will face a prison sentence of up to 10 years actually a ridiculous thing for the secretary of state for health to say we're really going to lock people up to 10 years for being dishonest about the fact that they've been to portugal by all means give them a shine does mr hancock really thing that nondisclosure over a visit to portugal is worse than the large number of violent firearms offenses or sexual offenses involving minors for which the maximum is 70 years. red list refers to $33.00 covert swats including brazil and south america which as were just that a highly infectious new strain of the virus british nationals returning from any
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state on the red list will have the quarantine government approved hotels at significant expense to themselves for 10 days and put the new measures up for debate. i think one of the big issues that we've suffered from is people coming into the united kingdom from hostile countries we've not had the proper testing at the airports and we've not had the proper current aid but now we've got to do is absolutely guarantee that it would not conditionals our borders we absolutely have to make sure that people are all this this less i did recover from our current. $33.00 so who would rather come true it's where if you look at lists you could argue there are some machines and though you could always go to some proteins which should be only or x. we have to expect people when they come to our borders to be all east about where they've been and to make a genuine declaration i think that's a legitimate request and in this case we're requesting that people should simply say where they've been joining that foreign basics i don't think that's the
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reasonable thing stated he wrote a paper to be almost it's probably is probably government and not all of us are critics that. we've had just a very astute sense of this whole estate the government they were going to rule katzenberg is wrong at all many other things which are actually going to wearing those of us that are turning round and saying that school should go back that people should be what have failed to persuade the british government what annoys me at the moment is the only thing that's not locked down is the borders the government's constantly changing the rules because the reality is very hard to try to clean her. story which they should never who were soon in march last year will they know locked down countries in the world who talk a lot faster because they focus only on the medical measures we in this country have given up our democracy giving up our freedom we are now grown by medical
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experts and the only way for getting out of that is stopping people coming to the country from red zones and quarantining them properly thank goodness made explorers worth their weight. well cheap 3 pixar countries no hotels we're going to go through times going to your soap so good to be getting it was perfect i'm going you full you want to suit me and spoke there were a lot of people who the only way we could stop you variations from outside because trade east you've shot the obvious this does not. actually with respect we have found in the arguments of persuading people to go back to normal business they're not going to do it a member of the world health organization has told r.t. that if the kona virus did originate in bats it was lucky transmitted to humans via another animal scientist only or did cough was part of a team that's been investigating the source of the pandemic in china.
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we know from past epidemics for example sars covert and maersk of that bat are the source of the epidemic moreover they contain genetic cells close to the ones that caused the pandemic but we also know that the transmission of the virus did not occur directly from the bat the previous time sars was transferred from a civet cat mers from a camel so there must be some other intermediate animal it is the most likely have participated in our knowledge. lizzie's was 1st detected in the city of war heart in december 29th teen. shows initial findings the bunk claims that it originated in a laboratory over the u.s. believes that beijing is not telling the whole story. science needs to lead us out of this pandemic and in preventing the next 2 and geo political battling has already made that path harder is to learn to trust in the global systems we set up
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after world war 2 and give them a chance china gave them very controlled and limited access and got a report that was inconclusive and supports narrative we asked dr that cough how much access his team had in what you said he found that beijing had been transparent. how successful was our mission i believe that we have fulfilled our program this was only the 1st part of our investigation and we didn't expect to determine the origin of the pandemic already w.h.o. team and chinese specialists work together as scientists it was something like a huge conference where we shared opinions and information analyzed scientific literature that already exists discussed hypotheses and assessed possibilities i see no reason for the chinese side to hide anything they probably didn't do that because in the scientific world it is very difficult to conceal something
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information could be hidden from the public but it is more difficult if it's people who really understand the issue. there are 2 hypotheses about how the virus appeared the 1st is that the virus may have been induced the suspicions have already been refuted says we're not even considering this the 2nd is that a natural virus came from the lab we were at the institute of uralla ji observing the work with viruses and concluded that everything meets safety standards and leakage could not have occurred this lab is far enough from the market if there was a leak we'd see signs of it there for such a leak is practically impossible we looked at hypotheses in the probability category it is likely that the virus came from space so it's impossible. for disney's thought them to so-called council culture on friday when she was
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sacked for social media posts that failed to tell you a pro-democrat line with reports many who demanded her farming work themselves caught sending similar provocative messages. disney's finally realizing that life's no fairy tale it couldn't stick to downs and nights and calls and pumpkins no doubt it hat take out political and its funds switching off i'm canceling my disney plus subscription right now they want to cancel us i will cancel them. i don't know many posts but if you find those qur'an the for her freedom of speech i promise i will cancel my disney plus subscription council culture is going to far cancels disney plus if you were ever tricked into giving them money in the 1st place why instantly now face a backlash not a bunch of happy smiling kids saying i'm going to let it go oh well
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a film company it owns of crumbled under the pressure of whoa laureus a 5 g. to corrado that's the start of the disney plus so the mountain noria. no place for a child apparently because of her apart and unacceptable social media posts which include being skeptical of mustering thinking that trumps impeachment is well out a bit of a hoax refusing to put her pronouns in her twitter handle the most recently comparing the prosecution of republicans in today's america with out over the jews in nazi germany which was one of the doctors to pages and human history obviously whoa it was not a hit because i mean you want to go around calling people fascists and nazis but if you voted for trump you voted for the person who claims supported you voted for the
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person who nazis supported by the jews. and we are ready is to say nothing. is happening here is the republican party as a personalized power like we haven't seen it's a cut deal it's a caesar it's a furor and it's also entirely inappropriate to combat genocides to current political tensions right on the same we've seen it in bosnia we've seen it in rwanda where radio was telling people do you know who jews are telling the radio list. ners that were cockroaches and you see them in these videos also did you know missed this memo about bunch healing and unity and something top supporters to count i don't think we go to extremes of a terrorist the way we do actual terrorists i think we need to consider all all right possibilities i'm not against sending these people to get mouth and that i'm a democratically elected former presidents from speaking out their own impeachment
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trial hearings of our free speech of the 1st amendment to allow for those jobs to see approves of the constitution so passing anyway so you are disney on the rocks the people who are against council culture want to cancel disney from time to canceled gina who believes that she had other michael peeps are being counseled by society it's all very cool but matter of the probably should have stuck to the fairy tales. x. our documentary makes the families still seeking justice after last year's explosion in beirut we're back in half an hour join us again that. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking together for the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there. knowing through the woods that it. was. good. and your own body and it can matter. and about nationality. and i mean i. just thought. that a human level. and. doesn't know how to set the computer and into it all small so what is.
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there. missed out on a. limb and get a feel good. shot and know it when i'm not. in my name a few. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often scaring dramatic development the only place i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. like most of the united states prostitution is illegal in california.
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merely 5 kilometers from hollywood's tourist back boulevards a dark industry comes to life each night dozens of young women are selling their bodies on the street. in the hollywood vice squad surgeon who knows and his men are gearing up for a major operation western. on the way back raven to us want to. right. their mission tonight take down the prostitutes customers in a rush their pimps. that will confirm a prostitution violation with the suspect in when violation has been obtained you see outrage will get a pre-determined signal. the police officers are going to do something that would be think.


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