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very critical part of the virus the part reporting runs which is needed for the virus to establish in fiction what you call the deceptive mining dumain has a particular mutation or to particular position which is of course of course the viruses not the trick and now this isn't a selective advantage for it's just the effect of previous in fiction and the vaccine how's your country more generally coping and it's really unfortunate this particular strain this twisted strains come out where you are and there's 0 particular reason for that i suppose it could have happened in any country in the world couldn't it just a twist of fate how's your country coping. you know i look at the moment our 2nd row has come down quite markedly so we had a fairly low level of transit of transmission now our big question is can we immunize enough people who are at risk in particular healthcare workers before our winter season or our cold river because that's really exploiting our food well you know it's going to come probably the latter part of april into may maybe into june and that's what we need to do you know we are getting vaccines with next week which
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are we starting our only out the next couple of weeks. here we've got to leave here now barry thank you very much press a very showbiz south africa's minister advisory committee on kovacs it's very best to take a selfie thank you very much no only for these pictures redrum attic pictures don't see me see the pictures the massive explosion that leveled a supermarket look at that in southern russia this morning blamed on a gas leak thankfully it was earlier on so not many people were caught in it huge blast invalid it have cats the capital of the republic in the caucuses there but 2000 kilometers south of moscow big plumes of smoke but then we go to the pictures as well of what left afterwards coming up in a 2nd you can see just how massive devastating that explosion was it was a supermarket there's literally nothing left of it all over those pictures will come it leveled the building fortunately no casualties there we go we'll leave you with that scene i can say a bit of good news from all the bad there nobody seriously hurt we think and
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certainly we think nobody killed we'll keep you posted here on our. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm sorry montecito in washington coming up leaders from the world's 2 largest economies finally spoke over the phone on wednesday night we have an update on what that hollande hailed wrinkled love and joy into that big plane jumped again to a new record high past $40000.00 the nation's oldest bank also announced it's the 1st thing to buy integrated service for digital assets we have a panel. of
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a lot to get to so let's get started. the white house announced wednesday night that president biden has had his 1st official phone call with chinese president xi jinping will how did it go and how are the past tensions still playing politics artie's rachel blevins joins me to discuss rachel we've been waiting for this moment for a long time they finally had a phone conversation what do we know about that call well so far we're hearing a lot of positive comments from both the u.s. and china on this one they're saying that it was a chance for the cheerleaders to come together we know that they spoke for around 2 hours and they said that this was really an opportunity for them to look at strengthening their relationship moving forward now we did get a portion of the transcript from that call and i want to know what president xi jinping had to say as was reported by chinese to. oh micou operation between china and the us serves the interests of the 2 countries and conflict can only hurt it is the only correct choice for both sides it can lead to major achievements that benefit both and the world while confrontation will be
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a disaster to the world. now in a statement the white house that president biden also voiced his concerns about what he called beijing's cold worse of an unfair economic practices their involvement in hong kong reports of human rights abuses targeting weaker minorities and assertive actions against u.s. involvement in taiwan now in response to those concerns beijing has been quick to say that these are issues of china's national sovereignty and to say that the u.s. should proceed cautiously moving forward well now that there's a new administration we know how president trumped up with china and a lot of people agree been on both sides of the political aisle do we know exactly where the relationship stands now well there still is a lot of tension right now and we've watched beijing proceed with a lot of caution themselves waiting to see what it was going to be like when biden got in office what he was going to do in terms of those relations between the u.s. and china and what we've seen so far is that right now biden is still following terms lead on a number of major issues for example we've got the south china sea where biden has
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continued the enhanced drills and military presence that trump introduced on taiwan biden has continued close ties with officials despite warnings from beijing and has issued his own share of warnings right back on the trade war biden has yet to declare an end to it or even to pull back or cancel trumps tariffs against the country now what we know right now is that the 2 leaders have said they plan to work together on countering the coronavirus pandemic global health security climate change and preventing weapons proliferation so let's really ought to work through a good sign that there's a lot of dialogue at least and a lot that they're cordoning to try to come together and in the middle of things need to be combated around the world. what are still some of the main concerns and sticking points between the world's 2 largest economies well it's interesting because even though these 2 leaders are talking at the same time the department of defense is moving to change their focus to china and russia as the 2 major threats
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facing the united states right now and even just hours before this phone call biden announced that the pentagon has created its own special task force specifically on china looking at the military buildup in the end up with civic to close no he had to say about. today i was briefed on new d.o.d. why china task force answer to your sort of standing up to look at our strategy and operational concepts technology and force posture and so much more the task force will work quickly drawn on civilian and military experts across the department to provide with the next she wants to recommendations to senator alston. so there still are a lot of concerns here that this china challenges biden calls it is going to lead to continued increase tensions between the u.s. and china moving forward but we've certainly heard a lot from president biden just this week alone on china we've been waiting to hear since he took office finally they spoke so i guess that's a good sign we still don't know how the details will end up as far as when it comes
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to technology especially with the always recent lawsuit but we'll continue to follow this we have our eyes on the world's 2 largest economies as always r t correspondent rachel evans thank you for breaking it down for us thank you. saw another big jump on thursday things to tesla c.e.o. ilan musk and more tweets that seem to encourage buying the digital asset in fact the price of big point jumped by as much as 7 percent after musk posted a big tweet with a reference to doj point an image of a crypto theme ring all the digital assets rose by $4000.00 to trade around $48000.00 after it was stuck around 43100 the previous day joining me now to discuss boomers coho. analyst from swan and. the c.e.o. of smart retailer let's start with you what do you make of these continued jumps by big quiet they kind of seem to coincide with either tweets by musk or announcements
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from his company or from tesla. yeah as it's true you know in fact this is nothing new for big guy and as you know sarah you are on a trip to currency exchange here out of switzerland and what you see is actually you know is that there are kind of like 2 groups of people so on one side there are millions of traders that trade every day and they're hungry for good news so whenever something like this comes out you know as this is a by trade sign right so message do you get see on all sides markets option markets intrudes on the other side you know there are people not warm enough to sit here to get exposure to digital essence which is going and they're kind of like a lot of them will watch and see and the region because this perfect moment to buy and hope into another deep you know winds of prose goes back but each of this news must car as this week was amazing great tersely. is considering
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option investment treasury money into it quite so was each of those news those people prepared to buy for as it was time going to free my speed was that it was not come in maybe it's going to be too late so they start to buy and this is we're drives a big grand prize. specially with of that we can weakening dollar all that you don't mention mastercard and i want to ask you about that note that's now going to be again allowing card holders to transact in certain cryptocurrency is on its network it's at the latest company to embrace these digital assets what do you make of the earth what do we know. yeah it feels like it's 2017 all over again right everything is going to the moon everybody's getting involved mastercard as you mentioned is now a part of this they were already working by the way with the wire exhibit pay but mastercard now says they're going to allow digital currencies to be purchased directly it used to be that they had to be converted over to those currencies to feel currencies before they were processed payments they're saying you're not going
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to have to do that anymore it's really not surprising look the bottom line is financial service industries were going to move this way at some point the question is and i think this is what's really important for those you know not the institutional investors but the retail investors who want to be involved in it is that these big companies are all getting into big coin now that doesn't mean that that's the only coin that's going to emerge ultimately but that is the one that is going to continue to climb and so there i think is right when she says there's a bit of foam oh right now this fear of missing out for those retail investors who say wait a minute everybody's going there i got to get into and that's why you're seeing that jump up as much as as it is but there is a lot of excitement around a lot of different projects right now in a lot of different points and so it's not just big coin but certainly as big going goes so goes the world and it is and it sounds like it went much like you're saying a lot of companies are jumping on this bandwagon so to speak do we know the details of how it's actually going to work though. well in terms of mastercard essentially
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what it allows you to do is they'll process your payments if you have big coin and you can utilize bitcoins so what you don't have to do is you don't have to take your big coin cash it out and turn it into what the currency in order for something to be processed through mastercard bill directly process it is similar to what you had this conversation the other day about tesla and being used to purchase a tesla right rather than say oh i a big point i want to buy a tesla i'm going to go to the bank i want to convert it into u.s. dollars and i use those u.s. dollars buy a tesla. instead of doing that tesla just says give us your bitcoin and you can pay for it that way it's the same idea here where mastercard says rather than having to convert to a fee our currency will just accept it directly from well it's interesting because there is a lot of volatility with that coin especially these days surging and then some people think that it might go down even though we're seeing record highs that we didn't even expect to see until later this year although i want to get to the latest of bank of new york mellon this is the nation's oldest bank it's making a leap here also introducing. a market for crypto currencies and thus the banks
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that there is a it will hold transfer and issue and other crypto currencies on behalf of its assets management clients is this a step forward for a big coin. yes indeed it's a huge step forward in fact and you know it's not because. bank you your mail on is it just bank to offers this service but it's basically due to the fact that it's the will largest custodian cults wrong what you truly have assets and it's also a huge investment bank was to true and. it's under management and now imagines those suits really and assets like just think about it if was in several years 2 straight years one percent of their clients are going to hold $2.00 or buy one percent of their assets that will be all of the thank you 1000000000 assets so what does it mean for such
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a small and young it's huge and also interest in you know is that well it's investment being created and the surplus is going to be offered to. asset management clients rates as this is people whereas you know quite a significant amount of money invested so this is not retail people and so what is interesting here is that we see now says. you know mass abduction of cryptocurrency is coming from 2 sites right on one side companies like. the mall and square and now as you know as a side those message can message investment banks get into is being so it means a lot and that happened once is that now you think other banks are going to follow . absolutely is this just you know kind of create and like each each new banks that announce some kind of activity in the sector this is crazy and you know be a pressure whereas aborts of us the banks are like what i'll be doing was digital
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assets what's your plan and not everybody needs to come up was a blown this is where i think you know time to market is that it could go here and you know well this is also the place is a place where you play a role. in construction for thanks to all for cryptocurrency services and we mentioned amazon a little bit ben i want to get amazon before we. brought out of time it looks like at the pairing to come up for the currency next what the e-commerce giant preparing to launch a digital currency project in mexico and the similar to facebook with libor a project. yes sounds like it could be pretty similar to that basically amazon is putting up job postings looking for developers who can help them to develop some kind of digital currency it looks like they would be using it primarily in mexico and in other countries around the world not the united states it indicates it's like libra in that respect because the reason libor hasn't lost in the united states is that violates banking laws so that's why he has not been able to launch
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here whether or not amazon actually does it or not i think they probably will i would warn people not as investment advice that's not what this is but just stay away from from companies like facebook and amazon the try to create digital currencies because the power of digital currencies is indeed centralization it is not in some big company now issuing its own digital currency and lastly on the bank issue the promise a bit coin is to become peer to peer banking not to be owned by banks so i would hope that that remains even though banks are going to be buying it up very much so oh gosh elmiron c.e.o. of digital at exchange mark vaile are the most co-host and investigative journalist pence one thank you both for breaking this down for us. german pharmaceutical company bayer has reached a $2000000000.00 settlement over claims its weed killer roundup causes cancer what part of that deal also covers future claims and the future of the product here now with more is legal analyst molly barrows contributor with america's lawyer molly good that actually is covered by the settlement. well this is been
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a sticking point is about those future claims sarah and so the future claims that this will cover are those people who have been diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma the one that's directly connected to started some studies say to this particular glass of guys of faith which is our glyphosate i should say which is the active ingredient in round up the weed killer so those people who have been diagnosed with that and we're exposed to round up as well as those who develop cancer in the future the same type of cancer we're also exposed to round up so if you're a member there you know they are settled the majority of their 125000 current lawsuits that they face last year with 2 different settlements to the tune of about 20000000000 so the real sticking point has been these future claims they've been going back and forth trying to make this happen and this is like this $2000000000.00 deal as the result of that and so any future claims they could potentially get up to $200000.00 well we know that they've been trying to eliminate round up to life to say from the shelves take it off the shelves in several countries how how is are they going to stay in the market we know a lot of countries have been doing so the latest is is germany who's trying to ban
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guy for say a lot of other countries have pledged to ban it completely or have someone banned it in recent years what does this mean for the future of the use of the killer like roundup. you know that's a great question because really it's the most popular glyphosate based weed killers or the most popular herbicides in the world certainly in the u.s. the relationship between the environmental protection agency and some of these chemical companies like bear essentially you know you're seeing some countries like you mentioned germany recently passed a ban they want to phase it out by 2024 about 15 other countries plus some 7 are doing the same thing their process of banning or pulling out but the united states is continuing to use it now you know berra said for years when they bought you know this product from monsanto in their deal a few years ago basically they said studies show that it's not a problem for humans that glyphosate is not potentially a carcinogen and that the e.p.a. is gone along with that so the only deal that they've made they've changed it last year the e.p.a. said you've got to have you know proper warning labels on there that if it's used
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in accordance with the label that it potentially won't be a problem for people so now roundup is going to continue to be able to be sold in the united states but they've got to meet that recently added requirement you know having their label marked properly including links to their scientific studies so it's almost like saying use your own risk i think they know that you know conservationist have been after this for a while they've been successful it's been a slow and steady climb getting glyphosate base herbicides off the market but it's such a moneymaker ceremony even roundup is expected to make 12000000000 by 2024 so it's not going to go away anytime soon till they make till they make it they make them do it doesn't sound like it but how is this litigation affected they are financially. they are rock n roll and i think probably for that same reason that we just mentioned you know they bought montana for what $6360.00 verses to $5000000000.00 and they've already paid out like 40 some odd 1000000000 so far you know just to settle these claims and they're projected to make billions more on these products and many others so
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they're doing just fine there might have been a little wobbly here and there when they were you know news reports came over last year into this year of how talks were going to negotiate these settlements but now that they're starting the majority have been resolved and they've solved the sticking point of future claims stocks rose with this final deal announcement about 3 percent of those 'd shares and bear so they're expected to do just fine well it sounds like in a lot of countries who plan to ban it i mean they probably will still use it. because much like you're saying this product is the best one for them to you to kill these pesticides so unfortunately though continue to use that as long as they have that warning i guess that's what they need legal journalist your own risk right molly thank you so much for breaking this down for us. thank you. but when we come back a government proposal. but airlines are pushing back we're going to discuss what.
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are the.
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how do you define the word reality something like this the state of things as they actually exist as opposed to an idealist or notional ideal for say believes this is the philosophical definition let's throw into politics is there one political reality cheerleader should one be forced with this in the end the ministry of truth . a u.s. government proposal is considering require negative kovan 1000 test results for
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domestic air travel transportation secretary who to judge said there in conversations with the c.d.c. regarding the implementation airline executives are responding strongly against that proposal southwest c.e.o. gary kelly sent a letter stating such a mandate would be counterproductive costly and have serious unintended consequences delta c.e.o. an echo the sentiment while the allied pilots association also finds domestic flight testing unwarranted logistically unpractical and wasteful for more on this than airlines who want. me chairman of the allied pilots association captain dennis tahj or captain tator thank you for joining us it seems no one in the airline industry is behind this proposal to mandate testing for all of these domestic flights as kelly said it would put jobs at risk how so. well more importantly i mean we're a centrally the canary in a coal mine we're flying and this proposal as discussed would essentially be
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a shotgun pointed directly at us it's it's taking away from very important testing nick goes on across the country you know there's 1600000 tests performed in the u.s. daily we have 850000 passengers flying much less than we used to have but how in the world is it going to be able to accommodate this request in a time when actually determine an aircraft that it is safe to fly through that mass wearing the air flow and cleaning we've not had one incident where there's been any type of contamination are in aircraft so while we appreciate the gesture we understand on the international side to take care of that virus variant domestically it would completely undermine all the investment already made it's estimated there's a report done by the air currents courtney miller an analyst and estimated it would cost about $2000000000.00 per month of lost revenue just because people couldn't get tested let alone the psychological effect on net for something that is really not a threat and believe me we've been very strong when we needed conditions the mess
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the cleaning and screening i know i've been on your show but we're good to go we're safe to fly and while good intentions perhaps this could undermine the recovery that we've so strongly fought for well that's what's interesting as you do have a. volume of passengers as it is can't know the details or has anything with that that if it is implemented what would this look like in terms of actual testing on the airlines going to provide rapid tests are passengers going to find their own way testing site what do we know about the details. there is the uncertainty but the certainty is that they're not able to do it even on the lowest level the federal government and our airlines we've even tried to get testing for for our flight crews and it's been challenging so to bring this in is only going to undermine the ability to be there for the recovery and it's again well intended but you can see every airline every you know out there for all the workers and we're
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out there are saying this is not the solution this will only undermine the progress that we've made and will handicap us when we get to the recovery which is just before us so we're hopeful that they review this you know secretary boo to judge said that this has to be based on common sense and a science based cision with a common sense and a science say this is not the time for this thing like it's the way to do it either with a lot of details missing on how even to be implemented doubts i want to talk about the airline the only airline to recently announced it's going to maintain its middle seat blog for at least one more month until the end of april a lot of other airlines are already selling out does blocking a middle seat actually make a difference in consumer confidence or in terms of health a fee if some studies have shown that obviously proximity helps but what do you make of this. well there are actually studies that show that on an aircraft because of the air flow and the message you're wearing that while distance certainly helps
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the amount of distance on an aircraft because of all of those those enhanced moments that that extra space is really not going to contribute that much to the contamination spread because you have all those protections but if delta and uniquely delta as we all have about another month to the end of march we're p.s.p. basically the federal government bank for employees salaries and we're grateful for that delta flight for american but delta is going to continue this is kind of a marketing campaign good for them but on american airlines we have flown on airplanes where we have a very light boat plenty of room and others where it's nearly full and everyone is comfortable they're safe and i as captain would not have people on my airplane whether it be full or nearly full unless i believed that it was safe for them to travel and we're going to maintain that and as long as we stick to these rules and the mass mandatory requirement we're going to make it through this whole captain
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tator delta has been a lot has seen a lot of losses actually and one of the bigger ones from the airline industry now and sector the travel sector still traveling due to less demand obviously from the pandemic american airlines announced it's going to furlough more than a 1000 workers in philadelphia beginning in april this was after last week's announcement that it would issue $13000.00 in for low notices before it much like you said the government aid expires at the end of march are going to see other airlines follow through here. naturally i know united has announced some 14000 layoffs uniquely in american we have over 800 pilots that have been notified that they may be laid off and nearly 5000 flight attendants this is this is a heavy human toll and it's hitting across the country not just the airlines but uniquely near allies as i mentioned canary in the coal mine where the flight to recovery and uniquely for pilots it takes many months once you're laid off to get back up and current and trained to fly again so if this recovery comes as many are
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suspecting they'll perhaps slightly muted but it comes in the summer you're not going to have the pilots available to fly the recovery across the industry and you're going to be an anchor on the recovery and we can't have then that's why we're so strong advocates of the next p.s.p. to get us fully across this river so that we can fly the recovery effort and more stimulus for airlines that needed captain dennis painter it with great having you as always thank you for your comments and expertise. thank you so. at that for the time catch on but on the man on the portable t.v.'s and we'll see an extra. reason to go in this study and the reason it's. controversial and still important is that it demonstrates the power of social situations and
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playing roles that can lead to see good ordinary people to do really bad takes. a new gold rush is underway and gonna thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich here's a good. cause that you know by those that work children are torn between gold. my family was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. seems wrong why don't we all just all. get to shape out just to become active. and engaged because the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground. breaking news in r.t. russia's foreign minister warns moscow is ready to end ties with the european union but only if he imposes new sanctions on key sectors of the country's economy. we don't want to distance ourselves from the international community but we need to be ready for this if you want peace prepare to war also become a member of the world health organization just back from the virus the center in china tells us that if bats cause the disease when it came to humans through other animals 1st hand outrage in france. american values being forced on the country that is the renowned parasol to diversify performances after complaints from black
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dances we hear from a french.


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