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the head of the u.k.'s parliamentary health committee admits mishandling the response while prime minister boris johnson reveals that the country will need it to vaccinate all over again in the autumn. germany extends its lock down to march amid fears of new viral strains while the government admits it was too slow in its response to the 2nd wave of the pandemic. and china bans b.b.c. world news accusing the t.v. channel of false reporting on that muslims a week after british regulators revoked a chinese network's license.
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of broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us new mutations of a covert 19 are likely to require a complete revamp the nation of the british population later this year that is the warning coming from prime minister boris johnson. i think we're going to have to get used to the idea that a rebound today can. as we as we come to a place where it's. almost 4000000 coated cases have been confirmed in the u.k. since the start of the pandemic and nearly 115000 people have died the worst toll in europe the country is now accelerating its track and trace scheme with volunteers going door to door to check whether people have the disease as studies show the u.k.'s astra zeneca jab offers only limited protection against new coronavirus variants but some researchers want to continue use of the shot arguing
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it helps protect against the worst effects of the mutations. now this comes after the head of the parliamentary health committee said the code response had been mishandled jeremy hunt added that above all the government should have reacted quicker as a country we have not got everything right in our pandemic handling we need to learn lessons and the biggest lesson of all is that in a pandemic you have to act faster than the virus. are despite the occupation push one covert vaccine center in london has shut early due to a low uptake and the u.k.'s nursing chief says ethnic minority communities in particularly have fallen for anti vaccine myths artie's kate partridge has details . the u.k. has the highest coronavirus death toll in europe and research says ethnic minorities are up to 3 times more likely to die but this vaccination harbin the
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multicultural area of happening in east london had to reduce its opening hours because minorities are more reluctant to get the job due to mistrust of the government i was kind of unasur with them out of this is the only thing so called. for go away or be. plenty of statistics reflects the mistrust a report on behalf of n.h.s. england claims that almost twice as many white over 8 years have had their 1st injection compared to elderly black britons while an overwhelming majority of black people said they were are likely to get a vaccine if offered want a race equality think tank says the lower numbers aren't about vaccine refusal that fear is often based on past experiences whether incidence of simple misunderstanding cultural confusion or in the case of some patients now trade fear of perceived hostility and racism but concern is also fueled by just information circulating online yet people were not keen to have it various reasons what they've
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seen in social media you know they believe that this vaccine was made too quickly. too quickly not enough to try them to really test the vaccine some believe officials have been too slow to shut down myths i can send you at least 10 videos of my whatsapp that have been circulated from since about last march with doctors other professionals you don't know where they've come from but all you can say about them is they're clearly and vaccine is and they claim to be protecting the minority community from something that will harm them and the u.k.'s medical chiefs say they're committed to combat ing misinformation and admits it's not community could do rail only if it's in the fight against the pandemic if one particular community remains vaccinated the virus will seek them out and it will go through their community like wildfire that's not something any of us wish to see which is why we're spending a lot of time and
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a lot of resources in this area. the big message i have for everyone is this virus just doesn't care what ethnic background you're from it just doesn't care about the color of your skin or where you live in the world the virus does not discriminate the u.k. has made significant progress with its vaccine rollout which has been faster than most other countries but to see the program completed a key obstacle needs to be overcome convincing the most vulnerable communities to take the job of b.c. you see a continuing nation of the existence of the virus that people are already disproportionately affected by gas by this fire is so if i clean cotton at least in the communities only dressed to make sure that they do get vaccinated days to stay safe to get them to the telling i think simply telling it this is even your own best healthy jessi's not a not because it was doesn't take account of dish huge history
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a lack of trust of the communities in the state and that's why they need to work with the leaders on the ground shit she's holden isolations movements in communities on the ground who are credible alternative and trusted by communities. they will follow. germany is extending its lock down to march amid concerns over new strains of covert 19 this comes after chancellor merkel admitted that the government was too slow in its response to the 2nd wave of the pandemic. that is the only image for if we were not careful enough and not fussed enough we didn't shut down public life early and consistent enough and that science has a 2nd wave and warnings from various scientists it has been a year of learning together how is the virus what's and what works against it and then in means not always doing everything right from the start but correcting our assessment. germany's shutdown was due to expire on feb 14th but will
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now run an extra 3 weeks but there are some exceptions schools and to daycare centers can gradually reopen depending on decisions by local authorities restaurants will remain closed but hairdressers can open their doors for march 1st opposition groups have branded the measures inconsistent and urged the government to present a plan for leaving the lockdown meanwhile a german newspaper has dropped a bombshell veld is claiming that the government hired scientists to come up with research that would justify harsh coronavirus measures which had already been decided by its ministers it decided hundreds of pages of correspondence between the interior ministry and a research group dating back to last march journalist and political commentator thomas fassbender thinks the story highlights the lack of clarity in the way policies are being decided. these reports concern last year's decision and
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obviously to this date the government prefers to be hiding behind scientists and there is a very little willingness and courage on the side of the government as the general perception when it comes to decision making after even now we have not yet had say a crisis comedy we are not up to dealing with the crisis and this is the responsibility of top politicians we certainly did not do our job on the 2nd wave as the chancellor rightly admitted the vaccination does not go ahead at the necessary speed at the same time we are prolonging the lockdown which in many respects does not make sense for many people but because why is the hadrosaur open in a small shop is not. the b.b.c.'s global t.v. news channel has been blocked in china it comes a week after british regulators took china's english language channel c g t n off the air as our police report. that announcement by chinese
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authorities that b.b.c. was not be allowed to continue their service within chinese territory coming in the wake of our reporting on how china has held a corona virus pandemic in the country saying that they dispute how the b.b.c. of covered the issue and that they simply do not tolerate fake. and it follows in the wake of the u.k.'s costing regulator taking away the license for c.t.f. and the chinese broadcaster and saying that they've taken up my sins away because the channel when the editorial line dictated by the chinese government we are unable to approve the application to transfer the license to the china global television network corporation because it's all. some of the controlled by the chinese communist party which is not permitted under u.k.
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broadcasting law we provide a c.g. t.n. with numerous opportunities to come into compliance but it has not done so we now consider it appropriate to withdraw the license for c g t n to broadcast in the u.k. now the chinese decision to be received well may not have many messages consequences that is the channel that isn't great to be watched around china over in chinese hosts it's a channel that may need broadcast or watched by businesses in hotels but it just goes to show that even in the wake of donald trump leaving the white house in the hopes that many have the west in general and china may begin to rebuild their relationship with this type of tit for tat action when it comes to the opposing sides media outlets as certainly doesn't build confidence for the future. british based politics lecturer dr park no one told us how the moves that reflect waning relations between china and the u.k. . i think from
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a kind of strategic point of view of. the hope it will information we'll all in on the british side be trying to pick on the chinese side. and on the chinese side on various things that affect me was annoyed but also pick on hong kong and other kind of british representation of china in general and aspect off the wall was already. foretold i think when the call no bias and of course this is a continuation of the trying to retreat and after china sign these you wrote china investment deal last year it looks like the relationship between china and google has significance improved but because the press it. was the fall of the euro and the u.k. has to find a way to all work with that by the administration and salt china would naturally see a side of the u.s. from now on. still to come in the program celebrity psychologist in jordan peterson
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is locked in a bitter feud with a leading british newspaper story and much more when we come back this is r.t. international.
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know what smart individuals are doing and smart corporations are doing and increasingly now smart countries are doing is stockpiling because by using flaring gas tricks to convert it into the hardest money ever known ministry that is the big quite. welcome back this is archie international now the japanese government has said millions of coded vaccine doses are likely to go to waste to due to a lack of specialized syringes the health minister explained the problem which relates to the pfizer biotech shot. the syringe is used in japan can only draw 5 doses we will use all the syringe is we have that can draw 60 he says but that will
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of course not be enough as more shots are administered the government is requesting medical equipment manufacturers step up production of the special syringe is. well japan has bought enough of the pfizer shots to inoculate $72000000.00 people that assumes that the medics can administer the entire contents of each vial which requires so-called dead space syringes with out those the country will only be able to vaccinate 60000000 people jacqueline vulgar spoke with lawrence young a professor of molecular oncology he thinks the syringe problem should have been anticipated. in a way this isn't a surprise but it's a terrible thing if it's going to end up in wasting doses of that precious vaccine those calls some problem here in japan and it's also causing problems in europe we know there are going to be shoes about the supply of syringes and deede of the. other aspects of the scenes that we're going to need to to roll out the very exciting across the world as are coming out earlier the same problem is being
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reported in many countries not just ended in japan do you think the manufacturer should have anticipated this problem or is this something that just came about i think you should have doubts about it in a way it's not unlike the problem we all had at the beginning of the pandemic weed p p e with personal protective equipment there were not enough face masks gloves suitable suitable plastics for cover for covering covering yourself and i think this isn't an issue that came up because we just what expecting that the pandemic and p.p. now in terms of manufacturer around the world has increased enormously in an enormously i guess we should have predicted. the german foreign minister has hit back at critics of a major gas pipeline project with russia. muscle war nevada scrapping nord stream 2 which is nearly complete would have severe implications. very nordstrom's why
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wouldn't it anyone who fundamentally questions north stream to you and you can certainly advocate that opinion must also consider the geo strategic consequences that will have and what that means for europe's ability to influence russia they're driving russia and china closer together they created the largest economic military alliance there is and i do not think that should be the strategy of the west in this dispute so i'm against burning bridges with russia in this context. germany has so far resisted long running u.s. pressure to halt nord stream to it is the 2nd leg of a pipeline network running under the baltic sea bed and is now 94 percent complete once finished it will double the amount of natural gas pumped from russia to germany within europe calls to end of the project have intensified since the arrest of russian opposition figure alexina volley last month homburg state m.p. martin says scrapping nord stream too would be
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a total disaster for germany that could be on one side and on the other so. low on the. energy situation in germany we are or dependent on oil and gas we caught in logs. we don't want because of the problem so much more so it will be a total disaster why should we stop something which at $94.00 and i would like. instrumental year and say ok let's finish. but on the other maybe some of us angels i think that is not at all. like that german government. place a rule in the interest of the population of interests of the population of europe and the interest of the population in germany is to have enough energy and
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to have good relation to the population in russia because we all living in europe at a peaceful europe would be the best. that is it from me on thomas i'll see you again at the top of the hour with our next update but i will leave you with news about canadian psychology guru jordan peterson he has canceled a string of media appearances after accusing a british paper of distorting his words in an interview with that here is our tease public. put yourself in jordan peterson's shoes you also did an interview in none other than the times and you've got a book coming out soon so your publishers suggest that you do it your commissioning editor sells it to you as an article that celebrates your life and even office to clear up any factual inaccuracy as that may have been doing the rounds while you've
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struggled through a harrowing near death health crisis wait i can even read a bit of the letter from the times offering pietersen the interview i like to think retail difficult stories with generous space time and objectivity we run long form features telling the whole story rather than short flashy headlines so you pour out your heart and soul to a nice lady on the result you get a hit piece that topped with a new and flashy headline does lifted with factual inaccuracy this story was written by this woman. in the head she's the chief interview at the sunday times and judging by this article she's not a fan of jordan peterson or his daughter mchale or the peterson's have been so good by the article that they've hosted the audio of the entire interview online as well as a transcript of the interview with katie at peterson's done
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a reaction video to the article as well they are certainly differences between the recording and the resulting article take for example the sensationalist claim in the paragraph where. it is daughters words it is like a horror movie a movie in which her father gets hooked on benzodiazepines becomes suicidal is hospitalized for his own safety and then diagnosed with schizophrenia dad. is not just to be clear and has never had schizophrenia he had. which is a very deadly and severe side effect of some psych medications and originally started with benzodiazepines used to treat insomnia and depression associated with an auto immune disorder his make a living in the preinterview telling a kid ahead about the the zia. suffering is
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a crawling sensation that makes you not want to stop moving and so it's commonly misdiagnoses schizophrenia because they don't know what it is and in order to treat schizophrenia you get put on psych meds and that causes worsening our confusion and by the way the interview makes absolutely no attempt to expand on this topic of. which jordan advocate of peace and trying to raise awareness about so he was misdiagnosed multiple times mis diagnosed when we finally found a competent doctor he was diagnosed with that which is what i tried to make clear in the interview because lots of people with a good future are misdiagnosed and it kills them there are some videos of what looks like on line and i have to warn you you may find what you're about to see distressing.
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the woman in this video committed suicide from the relentlessness of the symptoms play has this thing about inaccuracy in reporting when 8 can head to peterson's misdiagnosis of schizophrenia as a bonafide diagnosis in the times article it doesn't just cement that error in one newspaper article because of the way we on the list. stories that won the era. of all the news stories after the daily mail published jordan peterson claims he was suicidal and hooked on friends or die as a plane. after that. new york post publishes jordan peterson says he was suicidal addicted to bed zones and has schizophrenia. join peaks and displayed some real vulnerability and that candid interview the recording
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feels lol he says if you're going to. listen. some of the only that you feel like you're being. used to situation and that's certainly how it appears grotesque for sure. and you feel incredibly still conscious embarrassed. after a while i just like being self-conscious being so the problem of being self-conscious so we don't know the if you're in enough pain you no longer song and yet the overall tone of the. generous to say the least there's an obsession with likening the peterson family to the trunks and simple tamia sleek how this comment about mikhail is a pair and. i've been recognisable from the ordinary looking brunette from photos just a few years ago today is a glossy pouting barbie blonde and talks with
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a zealous spiky conviction of a president trump press spokeswoman his response to that by the way i can't believe how. there are lip injections woman you can get them to. the offical continues to trump trophy with analogy then she compares him to donald trump because why not parallels with donald trump come to mind another unhappy man closed off from his emotions projecting strongman mythology while hunkered down in a bunker with his family against the world jordan peterson closed off from his emotions a man loves nothing back and a good cry harry is crying in a previous interview. it is only the individual after all who suffers so overwhelming. there's been no. depression in her school.
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question the trucks close to the bone no beetle given current and people need so little in current who's makes me i mean harry is crying during the times interview just 10 minutes into it and fact. i haven't done it. we've even had him crying on our tape well if you heard it to. bring you to tears the sad truth is that the times cynical and biased all tickle will have no effect whatsoever on what is probably one of the world's biggest newspapers it can go on printing lies with absolutely no consequences and did all still get to interview the biggest stars because that's just how the universe works but the triple pronged crap back from the peterson's the order of the interview they let is
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to run from the times and mchale is reaction video to the article scored an equaliser for the canadiens moreover with this story it is quite clear whose side the audience is on. the reason for doing this study and the reason it's. those controversial and still important is that it demonstrates the power of social situations and playing. that can lead to see good ordinary people to do really bad things. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the street many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal
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a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles there we're going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight 6 trade. is you'll be d. a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation will community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or
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a maid in the shallows. knowing from the woods that in the. body of the bud i'll blog good. i'm young but in a can matter i can add wa. s. and a bad national. shall not many. hills on miles on a pull on them the has human level ai. and. a number. must know how to set the clear and into but out of that all small lot of the soul what it. must be in the not given by the end of the sound all of
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you in the nose you know how to me get a feel good. persona and know it and when i'm. in my name you're either. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see you than. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm sarah montecito there in washington coming up leaders from the world's 2 largest economies finally spoke over the phone on wednesday night we have an update on what
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that hollande killed in cold blood and joins a. big jump again to a new record high priced $40000.00 and all this bank also announced it's the 1st thing to buy integrated service for digital assets we have a little. lot to get to so let's get started. the white house announced wednesday night that president biden has had his 1st official phone call with chinese president xi jinping will how did it go and how are the past tensions still playing politics artie's rachel blevins joins me to discuss rachel we've been waiting for this moment for a long time they finally had a phone conversation what do we know about that call well so far we're hearing a lot of positive comments from both the u.s. and china on this one they're saying that it was a chance for the 2 leaders to come together we know that they spoke for around 2 hours and they said that this was really an opportunity for them to look at strengthening their relationship moving forward now we did get a portion of the transcript from that call and i want to take
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a listen to what president xi jinping had to say as was a report.


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