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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 10, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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stop bills in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated ok let's go to came 1st in los angeles on this very early morning for her kim what is authorized and unauthorized speech in our environment here because there is a we have a progressive and we have a conservative on this panel and both of us are getting screwed by you too ok so what is authorized an unauthorized according to the powers that be. well we can only guess and my guess would be that the authorized speech just whatever fits the establishment's narrative at that point that's what it seems to be i mean people who are being to platform to end censored are the ones that are speaking out maybe critical of the government i mean i don't know what kind of world we're living in right now but this is not the america i was led to believe would be the america of my adulthood that's for sure waiting same question to you i mean because you know we never know when and we never know when you step over the line that is in vogue community standards and you know and help people feel to help people feel how they
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think why we should be having a debate go ahead. i agree but i also think it has some to do with advertising dollars. a lot of these companies come out and they are afraid. when their brand is attached to certain speech whether it's on the left or right like you say. but mostly on the right because. those individuals bring. another value. in from being informed me in money then what people are usually even to hear but when you but when those companies hear these things you know you well people want to buy our stuff and stuff so we're going to tag you so what happens is you tube and these other. well. it's going to i don't know we caught him we got them to go on you know and they still get their money so you know i mean that of that also
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wayne is people it's their way to buy off for the time being the family with the 23230 cutout that i think that has a lot to do with it let me go to you graham gregg you've had some turbulent times can you tell our audience what has happened to you because you have a very popular podcast from what i understand i saw your appearance on jimmy door. you've been completely demonetized yeah thank you peter you know i woke up february 1st and i just got an i logged into my you tube and it said you've been d. monetized and the only thing they said was harmful cons not in the i clicked in their guidelines for her book content are completely vague and i didn't you know i'm i'm i'm against i i'm not a gun owner i didn't advocate for anybody to community acts of violence or anything like that me just give me these bagan terms and they said i can appeal it on march
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3rd of month a month of not making any revenue at all and not only do they not allow me to have any ads on any current videos i can't make it in because i go live for 5 days a week i can't have any super chat money which the audience might not know. when people are watching somebody live they can do super checks they can pay to have questions answered that's a big portion of my revenue and my i've been doing my show for over 4 years i have in some of the neighborhood of 2500 videos no ads are running on any of them but all wait a minute they're still making money on my content and it's just there's no one to talk to you can't i mean you're just it's dealing with this monolith and you know i've been seeing this actually for several years now any video i did that had talked about the war in yemen or syria just having the word yemen or syria in the title that video would either get limited ads or sometimes ads no ads altogether
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so they've really just said. you can't talk about anything we don't we don't want you to talk about and i mean you know you and i have very different politics with many each other i do we have a lot of same goals for how to get there we differ a lot here and i you know my sense is that you have never ever ever said anything good about donald trump and you've been do you monetize i mean that's really an amazing feat that's an amazing. here you know yeah let's yeah a lot of time to figure i have been buried him because i have my own podcast the gaggle and we've been the same thing has happened to us and this this deadline that is being set for firm for graham i think applies to everyone basically that is code is get your content down and move it someplace else or you're going to lose it that's how i interpret this show because you know we're violating community centers how you don't tell me how i'm doing it ok it is something it's an impossible thing to figure out and i think they're telling you get lost go ahead jim yeah i agree i
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think what's happening is what we're what is happening to you tube is what we saw happen to cable if you remember back in the day when cable 1st came out and they had all these kinds of salacious channels mean howard stern was on cable talking about all the things he was talking about cinemax was a certain way that it isn't that the cinemax of today and so cable had to sanitize itself and become more family friendly when more and more people were getting cable into their homes when it became mainstream getting cable when it became the norm and i think now that's more and more people are turning to you tube and you tube has launched you tube t.v. that their goal is to become like cable where they're sanitizing their network essentially and telling anyone who's not affiliated with a corporation to get lost i think you're absolutely right on that yeah well that's you know one of the reasons why cable the you tube in these other platforms are popular is because they allow dissent and now they're going to say the ties that you know when one of the things that's really interesting i think it's what a problem for all of us including our t.v.
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is that you know when you look at you tube in particular i mean it is a vast platform they make. money but the amount of revenue they earn from dissenting political speech if i can put it that way is really quite small they don't care they don't care about us ok they don't care about their reputation because the people that criticize. yes well we'll praise them for censoring us like i can see the thing is that i think that you know something like you tube is that you know they don't they don't like a lot of this content but you know the consequences of it staying at such little income it's not worth it you know so you know take a hike what do you think wayne. well the little lab rats in their laboratory i mean you know they eat like my gum graham said earlier he lost his you tube monetization i think was nice we lost mine last week and i had and stop broadcasting on you tube reform about 2 weeks. they said they found some stuff but
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. but when you look at my account i follow all the rules since i talk about politics i check the box not for children we don't curse on you don't curse we don't put any pornography so we follow all the rules but then they say well you know we found some stuff. and you can't and march march beginning of march you can you can reapply well we know usually google you tube is 9.9 percent chance money taken away is gone but like kim said kim. family friendly. with the you tube that goes back to when i was saying with. these corporations he put money in the you tube now you tube is like well you know we have a little sob as not country but we don't need this so we don't need that one and we
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don't need to tell him my records we just come off because they don't mean nothing . if we can just think specifically with you 2 is that you tube gets to control the public square so it's their terms of service is replacing the constitution and the 1st amendment. and they don't give a hoot because they have become a more powerful every day people complain about them but guess what they're driving people to you tube because people are complaining about it. but then you do have some you major people even but still some people still go on you tube now is sound enough. you know they're not losing anything that's wrong from him a little bit you know but graham i mean let's face it i mean i use you tube
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a lot to watch you and jimmy dork and kim and when i think about it yeah i got you all in there. but you know but you know when when you turn it on you know there's puppies and kittens and recipes and trial bowling made up and a lot of junk ok which people want to i you know that it's i think that you know people should make their choices here but you know they they choose not to have a. a discourse that questions power and when you're not questioning power and it's always a minority questioning power when you start changing positive change to come about ok you know and the end of the day unpopular speech needs protection best a very definition of speech protecting what's not popular because god knows puppies and kittens are popular i don't have a problem with that go ahead well i mean there's a lot there's another thing were more that needs to be added this discussion is so
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what's also been happening last couple years wayne's touch not a 2 in terms of they've they've really been leaning more into advertisers big advertisers and using sort of as kim said like a cable model and what we've seen all of us you tube or is it seen all of a sudden my videos weren't getting recommended as much m.s.n. b.c.'s videos were getting recommended to cnn's getting recommended and you're talking about you know they're taking away dissent and they're there. it's like so the only people who get to push any sort of narrative are the big corporate media outlets and their views and who there's no way there's no way you can tell me m s n b c is getting more viewers because they're the average age of their network is something like 68 or 70 years. sold i mean and people are coming to you tube and it should be the town square and they're going to use the excuse of i and when the capitol attack happened i'm like oh they're going to use this as an excuse because it's so it's all offensive to me because all the things that happened at the capitol that were against the law those laws are already on the books people are being d.o.j.
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and the f.b.i. prosecuted several 100 people which is like those laws are on the books and there's protected speech and i'm protected speech and you know anyone that says i don't like you that's protected speech i want to hurt you that's not protected or hey hey group of people go hurt that's it's those laws are already on the books so you don't need to then censor and as you said i'm no trump fan i better than soak i'm so left it's crazy. god forbid i talk antiwar or even had a lection integrity people on my show just to give them a chance to talk and i debated them and said i don't think donald trump wrist cheated i think this is russia gate 2.0 and that's probably i don't know why it's been great you know you're a progressive and i'm a conservative but you know what we both are in lockstep unity when it comes to these war and wars ok when is when when is a video been pro or ever been censored can you think of one case. non non it's never happened i mean that's that's it's it's like they they if you push
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the narrative of a war's ok and everything like that. you're not going to get take you're not going to take a jet i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break and continue our discussion on internet censorship stay with archie. the. world is driven by.
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saying. we dare to ask. a new gold rush is underway and going up thousands of ill equipped workers a flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich. as. children are torn between gold. was very poor i thought i was doing my best get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal.
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welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm hearing about remind you we're talking about internet censorship. go back to kim in l.a. you know we were talking about in the 1st segment you know we're m.s.m. b.c. and c.n.n. are are you know suggested much more often which is really odd because it's interest to their viewership when people watch it so i don't have a problem with that kim that's their platform my problem is is that they not only do they not don't want us to participate they platform as i can can we find some kind of peaceful coexistence i mean i want to watch your show i have no problem typing in your name i have no problem doing that i want to be able to see that if they want. give preference to you know disney or or you know
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a brian stelter god forbid over at c.n.n. let it do that but my problem is is that there is no denying this is a choice when they are the public square go ahead jim well i actually have a problem with the suggested video algorithm for me i mean adopt i have not been to monetise but i've essentially benjy monetized in a way my income is now down to one 3rd or one 4th of what it was because i was growing my china was going at a rate of 15220000 subscribers per month and then suddenly in april of last year 10 months ago it stopped i got 0 subscribers it didn't just slow it stopped they completely stopped the subscriber base and i didn't receive a single subscriber not one subscriber i mean how what are the chances of this from april may and june finally one weekend july it was like their algorithm messed up and suddenly i was allowed out of my my jail noticed that you know what happened right and i was i was unsubscribed. subscribe
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a couple of times but yeah. yeah and so there was one week where i received 20000 subscribers in a single week and then and that was one we can july and i've received nonsense not a single subscriber sense so there suggested algorithms also are hindering and censoring certain content from maybe becoming too popular with the mainstream and so they push all of these establishment corporate narratives on people and they don't want to allow other alternative viewpoints or ideas from becoming popular they're just it just showcasing that the united states is a corporatocracy and it's not just the war stuff that they are censoring you know we're all you know i'm also an anti-war person but when i 1st launched my channels years ago the the strangest thing was that of course my war in terror stuff was due monetise i expected it whatever the weird thing was when my criticisms of nancy police. lo c. or d. monetized i mean every video i posted that was critical of nancy pelosi was de
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monetized and that right there showed that the establishments that these corporatocracy out there the powers that be are protecting one another in the protecting their investment which is their bought off politicians. it seems to me these thoughts aren't served for privileged people that. challenge power that will go along to get along with their neoliberal ideology and it's for the da sile once it just want to be mildly entertained to pass the time and that you know politics in a meaningful sense has no place in the public square because it's all been decided somebody else decided it but it's been decided go ahead been oh yeah yeah i mean it's it's maybe inside you specially you talking about the capital tax a couple weeks ago we broadcast it we broadcast it trump speech we gave you ripping
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in we listened to it and then now we're used to c.-span and feed our broadcast no we are using fox 7 value c.b.s. you reuse c.-span st even our pinion rashomon everything looks ok companies later. you to come back we have to spend you for a week for broadcast to c.-span and continue to broadcast with no problem just like you know. a couple years ago not now maybe you now have to go i can't tell my radio audience i was like. we are the only people that have been. taken down on you tube i've seen foodies taken down. not taken down but be monetized graham did monetized we aren't i mean it's it's it's a it's a thing where you tubers like. like him shit you're going to popular we're
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still in charge we conduct these things you complain all you want to end this matter fact means in your complaint were laughing at him when we're well we have fallen out laughing because your can. use delaying idea you know and it's like it leaves all of us are acting like you know we're on. a rope trying from wouldn't we what are we supposed to do. to protest on his platform when we aren't doing anything wrong or we're following your rules and you're cutting us off well maybe but then again maybe what we need to genoa is like in the title of our art are our videos we should put in praise of nancy pelosi but that's not not ok so maybe i don't pick out the the algorithm or something like that ok she won't she already i have seen people do this on facebook is that they'll they'll they'll
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screw around with the spelling where you can easily identified it perfectly yeah yeah i mean this is what it's gotten down to you know you're out i mean maybe you should just have a channel say in praise of nancy pelosi and just put all the stuff you want anyway and everybody all know that's the right place to go because you know they're fake you got everybody graham let's get going this is serious stuff and i know it's very serious for you. it seems to me that their reaction to us is they're afraid in their week at least in their mindset i mean we're not a threat i mean i really don't think we are i think what we do is we at a healthy add to the healthy way to talk about politics because i stress every time you're on the program and i'm really happy that you're here today is that you and i share a very different viewpoints but the only way we're going to achieve something is it both viewpoints are out there not pertaining to the other one isn't there go ahead graham well yeah that's just they just don't want any dissenting viewpoints from
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there like big you know kleptocracy oligarchy narrative i mean it's insane like that stuff and here wayne talk about you know anyone gets to monetise and so we're not even allowed to ask questions so even just questioning like i've the whole week prior to me getting the monetized i was calling out janet yellen. to all the money she got and how she was part of the you know shutting down all come. but he's embarrassed to be secretary of treasury i don't know miss that you miss that yet you do it at me. and i and i showed how gentle zaki would not answer the question you know. there was that it was like and i called it out and i was like oh great we got rid of the blonde liar for trump and now we've got a redhead liar. saki is that give the keys on giving. you something that you don't have that i mean like nightlights tries to be
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funny they're not funny but it's out is polarity as to what sort of chairman have to let some go back. circle back to where i've been i don't want to inject so much levity into this because it's a i'm at a point of despair because i am i mean essentially what they're doing is their anxiety means they're telling us that we have no place in the public square and you know and that is again about equal to an american understanding of what the moments where that one point in time in american history abolition was not a popular thing it was the right thing and it was the moral thing but they thought they and they fought against people that were against how to listen and then finally the moment came where everyone understood the obvious that abolition is the only way forward if you want this country to survive and you know so again same question to you i mean oh he's such a threat are they such their arguments so weak that they have to cut out all
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dissent go ahead. yeah i mean my take on it is i don't think we necessarily have a right to be monetized and to make money off of our contat i don't know if that's a right i just think that we have a right to transparency as to why they decide to cut off monetize ation but i do think that you know so on one hand they're doing this and they're still at least allowing us to continue our platforms but the issue that i have the the bigger issue right for now the big issue that i. it is these algorithms because what they're essentially saying when they do monetize a chattel and when they do this sort of soft censoring like they like what they've done in my channel is there they're limiting the crowd size so if you match in a public square and somebody speaking and they're gaining momentum and people are really liking what they have to say and they're starting to agree with that person and the crowd gets larger and larger and larger and more people are saying hey check this out yeah i agree i agree what they're essentially doing on their platform by doing monetizing and stop censoring is limiting that crowd size and
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saying we're not going to allow more and more people to hear this message we're not going to promote it we're not going to allow people in and instead you know if maybe if they heard about it somewhere else and they can find it but we're not going to allow organic popularity to continue to grow on the job but that answers my question there are they that big that that means they have a weak argument against us again against conservatives against progressives against libertarians ok well you know way we you know this point correct me if i'm wrong that you tube is still making money off of you know you're not allowed to make money off of your own content so if they're going to make money off of you then i think you have a right to the money to you know to monetize you be we know rated for your content way what do you think about you can't have it both. going to get it intuitively it seems unfair go ahead no i agree if you haven't but their annual servers or their server servers you're going to get and you going to get on your material whether
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you're a mounted or not people if you're going to get and so in in a way that you're right humans talking about. the be organic. crowd in something like that with twitter. in august i was at. 511000 followers. in september it was 511000 followers october it was 511000 pounds in november it was 500 in tin 1000 followers for months it didn't move for much i mean that. like like she said it's unheard of in listening to to graham and kim after come up with this that these these are
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these platforms are protected just stop informed decisions it's not human sanction to 30 because section 230 has allowed them to morph into where they are now and the they are the gods above the constitution. decide who can speak in the u.k. so what has happened to grant i guess it has happened to left the scene we used to direct even though graham talked about saki something but. they are being protected to stop i have run out of time here wage yeah they're protecting them and their bottom line but they're being just honest with the public they are not the 1st amendment that's in the constitution not in their terms of service if that's all the time we have i want to thank my guests in los angeles and in baltimore i want to thank our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. next time remember.
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had lines a world health organization scientist investigating the origins of covert 19 questions the reliability of u.s. intelligence after washington says it wants to conduct its own probe in china. european commission president admits the block was too late in authorizing cope with vaccines as the e.u. states struggled with supply shortages we hear from a w.h.o. advisor. so not a matter of between countries who should get 1st and which block should get to earlier countries and the european union need to plan for a forest population to be covered by a certain period of time. donald trump senate impeachment trial enters day 2 democrats are now trying to bolster their case that the former.


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