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in a u. turn brussels now calls to stop vaccine wars amid chronic job shortages the e.u.'s pushing to approve russia's shot which a top western study has found to be more than 90 percent effective. elsewhere though south africa puts its rollout of the astra zeneca vaccine on hold after trials point to its lower fact if an us against a fast spreading local mutation of covert 90. 8 in new york finally releases data revealing an almost doubling of coronavirus deaths in care homes. also ahead r.c. visits a russian i help us social media network politics stay online after bans by google apple and amazon following the capitol riots. the best you can of liberty freedom
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of speech and democracy is actually working on a mechanism to shut down whatever they want and we've basically seen no the great american fire wall emerging. there were ever in the world are watching welcome to r.t. international good to have you with a smile names column brian these are the stories where across for you this hour 1st the european commission president is calling on countries to stop competing and work together to tackle covert 90 it's after a row with britain over supplies for vaccines and also while the e.u. considers authorizing russia's sputnik the shells which are leading western study has shown to be more than 90 percent effective. the old confrontational mindset has arrived i think for instance about could 916th some countries see the quest for a vixen as a race amounts global power is like this piece race in the 1960 s.
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this is an illusion the only race is against the virus and the virus is spreading faster than every before there's a little on the lion has being keen and in a recent comments to stress and of voidness of vaccine nationalism saying that the european union russia china and the united states need to work together not against one another when it comes to developing a real vaccine program a real global vaccine program it's a bit of a different change in tone from a slip from the lion than what we heard from her just over a week ago when she was very much at the center of a lot to shambles of a conflict between the e.u. the u.k. and the vaccine manufacturer astra zeneca that was over the delivery of the astra zeneca job to the european union that almost resulted in or at least threats all were made of a potential ban on exports manufactured for or within the e.u. to anywhere else in the world and there was talk even of invoking article 16 of the
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breaks that treaty doubt would have put in place a hard border on the island of ireland. well put at risk peace in northern ireland that's prompted some to say they glad to hear the fund the line taking a different tack now these are sensible words and i agree but i hope that means no more aggressive or pitch bullying tactics over the northern irish border or of the threats to block exports but there are big problems with the vaccine procurement here in the european union we've already seen france portugal and spain have to suspend vaccine programs due to simply not having the jobs to give out while here in germany angler merkel has said that the country still on track in order to live up to the promise of offering a job to everyone that wants one by the end of the summer they have. minister yen spawn is also you said this germany is months behind where it wants to be that has seen sputnik v. the russian vaccine come forward as a potential aid to helping the european union's ailing vaccine program the medical
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journal the lancet recently published a study in which it said the covert 1000 vaccine was over 90 percent effective against the virus so far sputnik v has been approved for use in 21 different nations it's expected that it will get the green light for use in the european union very soon and now i am hoping that to be in a medical agency will be able to certify the efficiency of these vaccine you know that could be useful szell into being union state he would be good news because as you know we are facing a shortage of vaccine. the accidents are all about effect of nisei ft in the bail ability to not do political struggles it's about getting the safest back since quickly as possible regardless of who developed them any vaccine that's ready and meet the safety and efficacy conditions is welcome in europe we're interested in
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getting as many vaccines of theories types as we can there's been a big change in tone when it comes to media coverage of the russian sputnik v vaccine it's set to get the green light for approval very soon in the european union is currently being reviewed by the european medicines agency there is a chance that it could even be manufactured inside the european union while france and germany have both said that it would be a useful addition to the e.u.'s vaccine arsenal hungary got a head start on the e.u. member states they approved that unilaterally away from brussels as one for all and all for one vaccine program and 5 budapest has already received the 1st tranche of doses of the 2000000 that it ordered it's understood that the czech republic could well be the next you member state to follow hungary's lead the russian sputnik the vaccine is set for approval by the european medicines agency here in the e.u.
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sometime this month. south africa's halted its rollout of the oxford astra zeneca covert vaccine after a trial showed only minimal protection against a local strain of the virus. astra zeneca novak's trials in south africa have shown that the clinical efficacies diminish substantially the astra zeneca vaccine rollout needs to be put in temporary hold. drug makers now working to adapt its vaccine to tackle the highly infectious south african mutation of covert 19 in the meantime south africa's inoculation campaign will rely on the pfizer bio on tech and also johnson and johnson jabs they will be delivered in the coming weeks ahead of a center for health care journalism in south africa says the long delays in deploying the vaccine to be allowed new strains to develop so that everyone in the country's 1st straight it of course because the scene doesn't prove to be so effective against the new they are eons and that is essentially
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a frustration with the science of viruses that we can do anything about because that is how virus which they evolve in order to be disinvited and that's why we see these interrogations and we do see more mutations around the wolves in populations that haven't been that's a nice route of quickly because if we don't that's a nice quick to be good time for mutations to develop so yes there's big frustration in south africa that our vaccination campaign was likely to start later this week and now we can't and the best thing we can do is to seyne data to see if any good desperate tick tick in severe disease if he doesn't then we need to change our plan and go with added the scenes in the state of new york or avail the nursing home deaths from cobe it is almost double the number previously reported new data shows more than 13000 residents have died from covert since march but includes those who were taken to hospital and died the statistics are far worse than those
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published in november i'm already released by the health department after a court order or we spoke to the daughter of one nursing home residents who died during the pandemic she's now started a campaign to protect c.d.'s from the virus. we were at a loss as to how could this happen to my mother who was about to go home that morning and we didn't know she was having trouble breathing the facility lacked transparency they did not tell us my mother had contracted the virus did they not stylista she was having difficulty breathing they kept reassuring us that she was fine it looked like a very safe place we never thought about doing the research about past history past the violations any any lawsuits against this particular facility ultimately the shutdown has assassinated the death because when family can't get in an advocate for their loved one. there's more there's more incidence of neglect. before the
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court ruling the new york attorney general posted her own report suggesting governor cowen those administration misled the public and undercounted deaths associated with nursing homes by at least 50 percent however health officials claimed they always made it clear that the numbers only included those who died. not later in all spittle on the months it took to provide cumulative days were spent on order to. the new york health department also insists the deaths rank well below the national average vivian's a s again claims that the governor's office deliberately had the real numbers. we were trying to figure out if this happened to my mother by herself or did this happen to other seniors and at that time the media was not discussing it we were reaching out to the media to see if they had heard of anything we wanted to tell our stories to see of other families with step up our governor andrew cuomo came out with a book in which he talks about how his success handling the. so i don't think he wanted negative press so basically he figured if he if he stalls
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a little longer he could basically it would be swept under the rug and hoping that the good thing that comes out of this sad situation tragically is that we can look at our nursing homes again and say what can we do you to protect our senior so then nothing like this happens again and the senior community could be safe and not be afraid. british queen is being accused of lobbying the government to hide her vast private wealth in a scheme that run for several decades the revelations come from national archives documents uncovered by the guardian newspaper the date back to 973 back then queen elizabeth the 2nd persuaded the government to enact a legal change allowing companies used by heads of state to be exempt from transparency procedures of the paper so she was then able to use a shell company to conceal her finances up until at least 2011 mcqueen's net worth
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is still of no but it's believed to run into the hundreds of millions of pounds. according to the files the buckingham palace legal team used an obscure procedure called queen's consent to get the changes through parliament and allows the moment to see bills in advance and withhold approval if the content affects the interests of the crowd marking a balance as rebuff the allegations saying the use of queen's consent was standard practice. consent is always granted by the monarch when requested by government and he says that the sovereign has blocked legislation is simply incorrect whether crean's consent is required is decided by parliament independently in matters that would affect crown interests i spoke with former british home office minister norman baker that led he thinks the secrecy surrounding the royal finances has no place in a democracy the queen should be treated as any other citizen is treated and to exempt herself from a distillation which is embarrassing but to allow others to be chopped up but it
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will just ration is created to benefit herself the fact of the matter is you have to ask where the money is come from. where the average really impounds it is not come from 0 but in the lottery it's come from tax breaks all from beneficial changes legislation the so-called private property which a queen has for example sending him was actually born queen victoria because she paid the amount of money she did she want to take her gigi's victorian times the royal finances are shrouded in mystery quite deliberately so but what we do know is that they are hugely beneficial for the queen and her family and that's both improper and insulting to democracy in my view but it's also which is a danger to the royal family where they're all found we would be well advised to amend these sort of situations before they're forced to do so by parliament. and democrats in the us congress are locked into an unlikely fiend of
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a metal detectors and that's left some wondering if they'll know all about absolutely anything. yesterday approximately 90 9 am multiple members observe the speaker of the house and 2 in the house chamber without completing security screening. pay the fine speaker pelosi.
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speaker pelosi full of her own 5 k. a metal detector find in the house chamber of the mall my friend louis go most went through security later went to the restroom immediately adjacent security but didn't return through the metal detectors and was fined $5000.00 by speak about lucy i have not received any unusual incident reports from the u s c p concerning the speaker of the house.
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this is also from moscow on the way we're going to go behind the scenes in a russian text come to the rest. the paula social media platform off topic tech boy called special report on that coming up for you in just over a minute from now. u.s. president joe biden has formally presented his ministrations foreign policy mission it's a mixed bag for sure here on this edition of rostock we break it all down the good the bad and. let's discuss what happens from way head on a stoppable source tries to move an object this sounds interesting.
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the world is driven by shaped by. military thinks. we dare to ask. the social media platform taken offline by the tech giants off the capital riots is big given a lifeline by a russian auntie's constantine rushkoff has been having a look around. this could be so you don't want to film the screens over there with
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the turned off from shooting peter b. facility what are you those mysterious russian hackers in the how much do i scare you. but if you used to work while in general if you're getting pressure from the tech giants is it possible to resist. you close by to. give them a little black hole on your b.s. and who was threatened by the company because you were supporting parlor defeating the great american filed wall of merging. this is raw stuff undone most americans have probably never heard of the city in southern russia but if you happen to be a hardware user well you should probably learn the name there was a small digital firm in this city that helped to restore the ill fated platform that was ripped off the internet after the angry mob ransacked the capitol building
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in d.c. . parlors been especially popular among conservatives and strong supporters and it was accused of harboring radicals and conspiracy theories which the ladley led to the january 6th violence and so apple google and amazon pulled the plug on a service that many saw as an alternative to the well established social media like twitter and facebook google has just removed parlor pulling the plug on parlors parlors suspended parlor was forced to shut down parlor was america's most downloaded out during the west russian week the number of users soared from less than a 1000000 to over 15000000 in 2020 and just won a lot of people thought that the platform was gone for good parlor has made a surprising comeback with the help of russians.
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the russian company that has thrown parlor a lifeline was immediately labeled as dodgy in the us media while surprisingly they have agreed to host our film crew at their office so let's find out who this people are and where did they get the courage to play this game against the us big task. it's. just how many of are you those mysterious russian hackers or internet freedom fighters and it's neither of us that we're not fond of any thinking group and it's also a news and we don't do any hacking it must be one information security service we provide global content protection. what i say right off the bat some other place really doesn't look like a secret bunker adds some shady k.g.b.
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facility i mean just you know look at that high tea style office humor. is a whole areas question how did he end up working with parlor in providing services for them doing it wasn't a decision we didn't really ask them to work with us we had no previous contact with that social media platform but we met them when they became our customers and what it shows us is yes i guess they researched all similar services working globally and decided to hire us currently we met the criteria. we want to use this is our main facility where we service our network succeed to russia to sort of. on the one of them let's not film everything's too but you can see the scale of our operation from a nest of more snow can with film show us a little far from this angle and that's enough to just. so you don't want us to film the screens over there what a way to get turned off and what kind of important and secret information on the
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screens should be hidden from outsiders. potential attackers might be interested in the way our network is set up. when you wouldn't want them to see it. as a parlor facing. google and apple stopped working with them. of course they're facing numerous threats that must be neutralized and we're helping them do that. bottle or poison so logically one parlor uses your services your company receives the dot millions of american users which can be accessed by russian special services and some of. this is complete nonsense that has nothing to do with reality the traffic is encrypted in most cases so you can't read the massive jews are part of our users even we come see you. first bar was blocked completely but then they managed to restore the web page it
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was a static page that our side of the parlor c.e.o. said the platform would be back and fully operational see what i'm up all in the studio. so how did you manage to do that but i knew. we gave them the opportunity to distribute their content is that your precious thing it's a well yes it's a small page but any u.s. based companies will have a hard time trying to block it because it's located on a russian based platform. completely independent from us based on big tech than from the us government or any other government for that matter. right i mean it's not a real company if they don't have video games in their recreate so this is either a by the way he is one of the senior employees here at the dos guard and we're going to play some soccer right now. to see what beautiful and your whole world was surprised to see parlors impressive
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comeback thanks to the russians never once sat right away are there are russian hackers or there's a witch hunt of sorts under way a witch hunt or there's like if you're russian you have to be our current you must be bad and sure it's possible that it's all about competition and competition was a mortal possibly the global market is huge. and if there's a chance to remove some competition why not take it. the 1st time i heard of was when our support team started to get anonymous threats . and who was threatened by the company your company when you guess because you were supporting parlor yes could you just read it out loud for us. give them your. you know there's no matter if it's not just on you guys out there that means that they're threatening to try and take down our network through some provider.
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services already i just. don't know what we can see that this message was sent from the united states if you would say yes this message was sent by someone in the usa . but if you use the filing generally if you're getting fresh air from a tag giant such as apple or amazon was on is it possible to resist it but also say technically it will stay as. well they can make it really hard for us that's for sure but on the upside they don't own the entire internet yet if we see governments implementing measures to control information flow on this that they control and internet traffic. will be done with and right now we see how the united states is doing it the best you can of the liberty and freedom of speech and democracy is actually working on a mechanism. shutdown i was wondering whatever they want and we're basically saying no the great american fire wall emerging. saying this should be.
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at the end of the day guys 3 a party it's really hard to tell what's coming their way now after they came into the spotlight working with a client like parlor is not a cry technically but it definitely means you're taking on the risk you know and by the way you know they have a message for those mysterious users who keep sending them threats. not coming in to better focus on your problems at home. to see you know how much do i scare you. now it's much easier to find us online at all the social networks and. that's it for me sean thomas is going to be here in about 34 minutes to update you again on the news from r.t. international from.
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the new gold rush is underway in ghana thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich. as. children are torn between gold. my family was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job it was my bill it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing that is not. aloof or resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this. doing this. the road to the american dream paved with did refuse it's this very idealized.
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americans look pasta the deaths happen every single day this is a history of the usa america. i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground for novolog down edition of the u.s. u.k. you armed israeli air strikes on syria in part 2 we'll hear from the israeli side after last week's weschler interview with iconic palestinian leader's scholar and activist dr. but 1st a leading u.s.
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voice on coronavirus doctrine to be found she makes an address today on the lessons learned from kuwait 19 joining me now from claremont in new hampshire is never he saunders some of 2020 democratic presidential candidate but he sounded thank you so much levy for coming on i'm going to ask you 1st of all obviously any chance of universal health care in your country to combat virus well that's a fantastic question as you're presently aware you have 70 percent of the american public who supports a medicare for all single payer healthcare system we would have 52 percent of republicans and 85 percent of democrats so i think you asked the fundamental question i talk to folks throughout the country even in eastern kentucky. mcdowell county west virginia where 79 percent of the people voted for donald trump i think it's absolutely sestak and the way it's going to happen is. through the grassroots if we can get millions of folks the march on washington it's very complicated as
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a result of the coronavirus but i do think we could have a medicare for all cigar health care system i mean just to be paid off on the supported one no job for him in the biden cabinet that's group i mean you see by his own the record for wanting to the tow universal health care saying 35 trillion dollars that's too much. going to significantly raise taxes on the middle class was too expensive i mean i know for our international viewers obviously you have one of the most expensive maybe the most expensive health care system for your taxpayers in the wild. and h.s. here in britain you have so correct i myself currently do not have health care as the as of february 1st and so i understand fully what's going on to get you to look through and to see how things work you know the term i don't know for you it is amazing the term deductible it's it's almost it's the most ridiculous thing you
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ever heard in your life that in fact you have to pay out of pocket expenses whether it's $6000.12 'd 1000 dollars 18000 dollars in order to actually be able to get health care you have to pay out of pocket so sir your 100 percent correct and i can only say this there right now that it is absolutely under ceci the limits of the worst demick that we've had probably in a 100 years is extraordinary important that we have a health care that guarantees health care to every man woman child but out of pocket expenses the you know biden changes his mind you think he still thinks in his head that it's too well onerous for the u.s. taxpayer to have a universal health care system even joining a coronavirus pandemic which exposes the injustice of health care in the united states and the problem ultimately have is that you know joe biden hangs out with a lot of lobbyists and the reality is i think psychologically with even understand the full extent of what what's going on in terms of the country and in our next you
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know expects that.


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