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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 8, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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the most expensive health care system for your taxpayers in the wild. and h s here in britain you have so correct i myself currently do not have health care as the as of february 1st and so i understand fully what's going on as you continue to look through and to see how things work you know the term i don't know for you it is amazing the term deductible it's almost it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard in your life that in fact you have to pay out of pocket expenses whether it's $6000.12 'd 1000 dollars 18000 dollars in order to actually be able to get health care you have to pay out of pocket so sir you're a 100 percent correct and i can only say basic right now that it is absolutely under ceci in the midst of the worst demick that we've had probably in a 100 years is extraordinary important that we have a health care that guarantees health care to every man woman child but out of pocket expenses you know biden changes his mind you think he still thinks in his
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head that it's too onerous for the u.s. taxpayer to have a universal healthcare system even joining a coronavirus pandemic which exposes the injustices of healthcare in the united states. the problem with me have is that you know joe biden hangs out with a lot of lobbyists and the reality is i think psychologically with even understand the full extent of what what's going on in terms of the country and that's and that's you know expects that that's a sad reality and i think that we need to do as you know we have a situation as you know we have a democratic congress you know so you know in missouri we have we don't really have an excuse not to have a medicare for all single payer health care system there has to be tremendous pressure by the progressive caucus and a lot of people to say joe that the wealthiest country in the history of the world everybody should be entitled to health care yeah but your solutions and activism pressuring congress. as the democrats have done well in this recent election how
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can that compete with 100. 1000000 or more than donald trump had let alone the fact that. these big lobbyists always you do not want a universal healthcare system because it benefits the current status quo benefits in summer and you make a great point because here's the bottom line but i want to. know many folks we have right now that you know whether 7475000000 supporters a vast majority these folks are not racist sexist xenophobia homophobes these are people ultimately who are desperately in need of a solution so their problems so they thought their truck provided a solution so now we have an opportunity to reach out to these folks and really just to say that you know you're hurting we understand a lot of people do not have health care or partially in short and we can bring all these folks together and we need to have a progressive media empire if you look directly in terms of twitter or facebook instagram
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a whole similar selfie my father 'd alexandra costa cortez we have so many folks that desperately wat a medicare for all single payer health care system as i talk to people i say you know there's not a democrat or republican problem this is an extraordinary situation that when you talk to folks who are not the donald trumps of the world they can no longer afford their high co-payments deductibles for yams and out of pocket expenses. yeah i mean in a sense your dad was saying all this in the primaries what is the point of all this opposition given that given the mobius so there i mean there's not going to be a wall street transaction tax even to mitigate against this so-called middle class massive hike for universal health care what is the point what has been the point of electing joe biden well obviously you know you and your garden because you know a truck truck was an absolute and unmitigated disaster and somebody who who was just you know everybody understood that we had to get him out of office just so
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with joe biden we can work on issues in terms of tuition for public colleges and universities paid equity for women paid family and medical leave a $15.00 minimum wage as well as dealing with the issue of the income and wealth inequality should we have half of america living paycheck to paycheck joe biden is not at all sean he's a reasonable guy i mean i want to get to that to the that all important working class base that you're referring to but so far something in foreign policy terms he's assembled what's been called a who's who of neo con neo liberalism susan rice at the u.n. every hanes at the d.n.i. and lincoln of course and raytheon 4 were a thier own person lloyd austin. how is how is it you know donald trump because because donald trump as as you're probably aware is they're looking at converting dollars from for impeachment and joe biden was having
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a lot of problems is not that reactionary is not that conservative is not somebody you ultimate doesn't believe in the rule of law and in and it done in the democratic process. i mean obviously a lot of people might be screaming at the t.v. set that knowing the bidens record is a mass incarceration of filling the senate foreign relations committee with able maybe iraq war and i don't disagree with you on that at all but the point is we have to store in terms of you know small steps we have to basically understand that effective joe biden is going to support a $15.00 minimum wage that's not something that donald trump is going we will and he and he will definitely do that absolutely. republicans universities i mean these are these are huge issues right we have right now as you're probably aware of very small percentage of people who actually go to college and well these countries history work we need to have the folks that are the most educated that's
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going to help our economy in innumerable ways right so usually digitally people it's going to be different and people recognize that well i mean that shows then that biden is has somehow succeeded against what the lobbyist might want when it comes to minimum wage but you just mentioned small steps i mean you know obviously biden famously came out for fracking in the presidential campaign but i no doubt believe you'll uphold his executive orders hours after he took office what is this about biden saying blinken and others will identify steps when it comes to clean energy they will develop strategies and plans i mean what would the democrats doing during the 4 years of trump if now they're going to start developing the steps given that you know a lot of people say that the earth will be uninhabitable maybe you no matter what decade of 6 years ago probably 6 to 12 years across america yes that's
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a great point you've got induced let me let me just if folks remember by did intro were arguing in terms of who is going to be a greater frac. you're right your 100 percent right and that's where it comes to the point of bringing in a lot of strong environmental progressive groups to talk about those issues to talk about what's going on in macao county west virginia where 206079 percent of people voted for donald trump and yet they have water that they can't drink in east l.a. we have a very serious problem we're darting past. but the point is this is you continue to put pressure on joe biden in these areas and as we continue to understand that we have such a divided government at the end of day we all to we know that we need to have clean air and clean water i think we may make significant except in terms of taking on joe biden because the ended a base the democrats don't have a lot of excuse as you know biden says a lot of things all the time he says he wants clean air and clean water obviously
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another thing that's bad for the environment is war he's taken power and there's been bombing of syria there's been a reported u.s. troop deployments back to syria a return to the old obama era of war i mean why why is he sent the u.s.s. united missile destroyer to china china sea why is he saying his friend secretary of state nomination anthony blinken saying where a long way from there when it comes to meeting sanctions on iran during coronavirus and i don't know he wants what the white know is president of venezuela. well you know i we're you when we're talking we're talking about yemen as well but what's going on yeah. you know you know well what can i say i mean i'm not going to i'm not really going to speak for you know joe biden tours or i sure sure i mean do you trust them on yemen do you trust them on the world's worst humanitarian crisis because in fairness to blink and he says we're going to stop weapon sales to saudi
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arabia this is the guy who 2015 said we have to send weapons to saudi to ball me summon me back to me so i do that you're know that it was a bipartisan effort in the past whatever to deal with yemen and as and as a result of trump stopping it we had a real opportunity to do both republicans and democrats coming together of folks like row corners was bernard sanders so i think there's over $200.00 introduced the war powers act i know that you know roll call ins on board you know you were at sanders internally to talk directly about these issues but the reality is basically is this is it yes i mean is the forgotten war before these people don't know what's going on in yemen right now so i agree with you all really at the end of the day basically that we need to bring progressive together and say that it's absolutely and accept about what's going on and we need to have radical changes in yemen or where you have so many men women children or are dying you see. to some around the
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world the fact that your father has not been appointed to a position when he came so close to being the democratic contender for the presidency and maybe the democrat president is a signal to the rest of the world that he has no interest in the politics or hardly has no interest and no go for the famous the in the primary talking about american coups in iran. and his team they don't like his foreign policy is not alone has almost universal healthcare while while the why else not appoint him to any major position. well i think as you're presently you know where right now he is that is a short of a strong position now in terms of the budget committee so i think that you know as you know it was a very complicated dynamic tell me about that tell me about the opposition is just it's just an extraordinary part of it it allows you to do with you know the budget and deal with these that right now we have a scenario where you know if you're in terms of the $1400.00 that they need needs
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to be dealt with in terms of folks in terms of stimulus packages either of us $2000.00. i don't know who some if we can find a $600.00 nissho in there for $200.00 which will total $2000.00 right that's what you are so ultimate there's a real opportunity now you know my father has a lot of power to really talk about the issues that low income and working class folks face every day of life and it's going to be there's a lot of pushback but i feel you know surely confident in fact that there can be significant changes in terms in terms of what's going on about it regarding the economy. ok i haven't heard him much talking about universal health care. since biden was biden became president i guess it's just i guess you want me to talk about i you know i mean i began writing to treat it as you know as you know he does talk radio if you look on his twitter page he talks directly that he's actually
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imperative that we have a medicare for all single payer health your taking a very clear in terms of the presidential race that he had serious concerns disagreements with joe biden on almost that he has thank you after the break we'll be speaking to an israeli no expert on whether international law is of any concern to israel. financial survival today with all the money laundering 1st to visit this cash into 3 different. is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or the cayman islands or the rio all of these banks are complicit in their tough talk or say we just have to give him a call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey all beautiful jewelry and how about.
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luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be a fraud watch has a record. seemed wrong. to me. to shape out just because the educated and indeed trained equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. no it's true it would seem that there could be. good.
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and bad in a can matter. and a bad national. that offers him a label. and. it is out. of. this out of. you know good feel good. solid and know it when i'm. in my name you have the. new gold rush is underway and gonna. flocking to the goldfields hoping to strike it
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rich is a good. as. those that work children are torn between goals. from me was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. welcome back in the wake of us special interview with iconic palestinian leader activists in. which viewers can watch it on you tube channel this to the. estrin marking over israel's position of vaccinating a fraction of the population they occupy now to hear from the israeli side of the argument i'm joined by the c.e.o. of honest reporting daniel pomeranz joins me now from jerusalem daniel thanks so much very coming on just start by asking you whether you've been vaccinated and you
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think it's justified that the whole world's media especially may join me here to be joking about the success of israel in battling coronavirus i asked him what thanks for having me i'm a fan of the show i followed you ever since your al-jazeera press t.v. dates and yes i think you know every positive story we can go to support we want to see more people getting vaccinated people gave facts need more efficiently and if there's anything israel is doing that other countries can replicate that can make the world a better place for everyone then we absolutely should do as much as we can. ok which all begs the question what about palestine that other country on your doorstep is it or in sin side your a doorway i don't know how you describe it 5000 vaccines have been offered who 5000000 people you know think that's my lation of the 4 geneva convention has been implied by the united nations and or can remember shah in recent days on this show
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no no no and you have to understand the full situation 1st of all israel's population is 20 percent arab israeli many of them so identify spell experience $540000.00 have been vaccinated everyone in israel has the same access to vaccinations regardless were most recent legion national origin and regardless of income which is something that israel has already even a lot of other modern western democracies where all care is dependent on the ability to afford it but of course as you point out there is another entity there which is the palestinian authority government and it has its own population and it has its own high elation that it serves israel's 1st shipment of $5000.00 vaccinations which is only a beginning makes israel the. the 1st country in the world to start getting vaccinations to people outside of its own population there are some $124.00 territorial disputes in the world including hostile occupations and even among those countries israel 'd stands out is the only one to begin vaccinating anyone
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outside of its own citizens and permanent residents but in addition to that the palestinian authority and you correctly surmise that palestinians do need to have access to vaccines and they should have more access the palestinian authority government under international law has the autonomy to decide whether to accept help or not and now mongo a high level palestinian official announced in a jerusalem cos article written by it's really a journalist powered up which on a we are not a department within the israel defense forces we have our own ministry of health we provide our own vaccines and working 'd with other countries to get it the palestinian authority government has consistently been turning down help from israel despite our efforts except that's because that's before coronavirus i should just say rather than russia and china have been russia and china have been sending vaccines i think. half
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a 1000000 is it from china i know but what about gaza hang on to the 5000 vaccines israel is given i mean it's being called the or blood as open air prison camp in the world is israel giving coronavirus vaccines to the hamas government in gaza israel is allowed under international law by the palestinian authorities on rules to suit treat only with the sole representative of the palestinian people and that's the palestinian authority government israel is not allowed to interact directly with gaza only with the palestinian authority government i can't speak to where president abbas of the palestinian a right why is it why is that allowed why is it not allowed to talk to the democratically elected hamas government in gaza well because the hamas government and. as it was not democratically elected the only government that was democratically elected with the palestinian authority with mahmoud abbas the president is the only entity that israel is allowed to interact with or really any other country in the world half every time i have my who follow that i will allow
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allow who are allowed by the palestinian authority oslo accords and the rules of international law that recognize only one palestinian government buy back your original point which is that the vaccines from russia and russia is doing a fantastic job the sputnik vaccine is producing 4000000 doses just to the palestinians it's working closely with israel to make sure that the logistics work to get their russian sources have said that the hold up in those 4000000 doses is related to a technical issue but they are on their way but in the meantime 10000 doses from russia have already made their way to the palestinian authority with israeli logistical assistance and also the. they will world health organization vaccine 37000 doses are expecting to come in within a couple days so the moment the palestinian authority finally began opening its doors and actually asking for help the help began coming immediately. you see the great success of israel in combat ing coronavirus especially has compared to here
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in britain obviously with a much worse death rate than israel is surely in the fact that if it's not allowed to give vaccinations to garza israel itself will be threatened because as we know you're only as strong as the weakest link in coronavirus but i absolutely if you don't have engineers start giving them to be billing gaza it will cross through the checkpoints and come back maybe mutated into israel absolutely actually it's a real problem and the people in gaza suffer terribly from this there are people in gaza who are being given permission by israel to come to israeli hospitals for cancer treatments and other lifesaving help who aren't being allowed through by the palestinian authority for political reasons and israel cannot let them cross through not just with respect to covertly extremes but any health issue everything actually go through the power stream where would she be letting them through if they haven't been vaccinated and you're going to get 100 percent vaccination where
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people over the age of 16 by march but my point is shouldn't israel urgently instead of dropping bombs on gaza and land invasions using danks shouldn't be air dropping vaccines well i'm not sure what well invasions you're referring to but there haven't been any in quite some time but i was an the united nations relief and works agency said there were tanks in gaza only in the past few days i'm sorry i know that story is not true and i haven't heard it reported not evolution in r.t.c. . i don't know maybe it was on going underground but my point is far from dropping bombs as israel has been doing during this pandemic why not for its own national security advisor nations. well as a realist have been dropping bombs during this pandemic but what's important and you are correct that israel has to be dropping bombs on in the past few days not in
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the past few days there have been a number of incidents in the past year in which is a real bomb rocket launching equipment in order to stop rocket fire from happening but it's been very limited in only defensive and responsive but you're absolutely right that israel and the world and united nations and our team the media and everyone have to urgently urge president abbas and the palestinian authority to let the health care through let those vaccines through except all the help that's being offered it's a humanitarian issue how it ticks and agendas should not be getting in the way of this well in fairness to dr ashrawi on our show she did say it's time for a new car drive leadership in the balance in authority but presumably you don't agree with her allegation that your country is comparable to south african apartheid i mean i should just add to that i've interviewed nelson mandela don't know whether you want to have an interview and he compared the and to apartheid struggle to the palestinian struggle against israel israel's
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a country where arab israeli service supreme court justices and lawyers and doctors and movie stars and everything you can name this is a model for the world to follow and when we allow agendas political agendas to interfere with telling of goods story we missed the opportunity to share a positive way of doing things with countries all over the world who couldn't stand to improve and one well as i say i'm focusing more though on not on arab israelis but on the occupation do you think it's time to rip up the oslo accords given that some of said that the the oslo accords that mean that israel can't have medical help to the occupied west bank and to gaza that will threaten not only indians but threaten israel with coronavirus absolutely no. i think i actually agree with dr strauss we want to wrap up the current palestinian government their original refusal to accept that he was actually understandable it was based on pride it was
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based on an idea that we can provide for our own people we're not depending on some outside power and we want to show that unfortunately it turns out it may not have been the best decision they quit. the public image they wanted in politics of caring for their own people we have to change that priority within the framework beyond words. what about water shall we were saying as regards the abraham accords in that the so-called arab street is now even more misaligned with the autocratic rulers of arab countries do you believe israel is on the great national security threats precisely because autocrats have diplomatically recognize israel in the wake of a cushion from a course absolutely not not many brantley problems including many journalists and then back to work to buy and buy grain and been involved in this process groundswell of support by the rank and file ordinary people from papeete riders the
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business people is tremendous i think we can all agree that movie toward more peace in the middle east is better than we were left the and i think. palestinian because the not new leaders and the cost of the palestinian people is becoming increasingly isolated in terms of the problems in the world to isolate and meatiness aid or even the arab world no longer has for that and there are numerous palestinian activists and opposition leaders who are really pushing to bring the greatest benefit to the palestinian people including finally agreed peace in the present and for world cooperation between israel the arab world and the forthcoming. so you're ignoring what the arab league's parliament said by condemning the diplomatic recognition we are we believe that matter. we. refuse to condemn the arabs who refuse to condemn the recognition and well already government made some very long
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and very hostile statement. which shows just how i read it and i wouldn't touch that bell any government not just with the wider world not just with the arab world but we need their own policy. well just very briefly with iran still in the headlines by being criticized by his own. followers on the progressive left him in washington do you agree with the mossad or the i.d.f. on iran because apparently. he has come under requests as a remark over attempts to ramp up or its rhetoric against iran well you know there's an old expression that really you can quote the other expressions that we have 9 or even prime ministers that number one thinks they're right but what is really important is that the. publicly denounce me are not really experts were making any moves and they're not going to gauge iran's will that they see iran is
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included i mean gauging. the world community it's not the nuclear i think in fact the concern about i really is much of what has right here 'd and israel together in a positive way and when you have israel in the air need anything you know it's time for was not noticed and into the by any means you can be. done your pomerantz thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday to speak to martin luther king jr his daughter about what's next for civil rights movement all of the memory of a father who destroyed the racial injustices of our age until then join me on the ground and neutral twitter soundtrack instagram things were going to alabama. u.s. president joe biden has formally presented his new ministrations foreign policy vision
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it's a mixed bag for sure here on this edition of crossfire we break it all down the good the bad and. that's geysers financial survival they say most of the delegates close to jesus this is a central plank support diatom is going to call them right now it's a stop to. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the streets many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles there we're going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades.
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on your. headlining now on r t n a q to brussels now calls to stop vaccine was a make chronic job shortages the e.u. is pushing to improve russia's shop with western studies found to be more than 90 percent efficient. for a court ruling the state of new york finally releases data revealing an almost doubling of coronavirus deaths in care homes. dottie visits the russian i.t. company helping us social media network powerless they all live up to balance by google apple and amazon following the capital alliance. the best unit liberty freedom of speech and democracy is actually working on a mechanism to shut down whatever they want and we're basically seeing now the great american file.


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