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it's all attention is the what's the situation in this in the middle ages and then justice to north africa and in particular we talk. about the. israeli conflict of pursuit and so we share the same approach what if there is a little bit of xiu the work all the. quite that of international mediators and from what we understand the new administration in washington is also think along the same lines and we also understand this as you use those so there's nowhere to go to create the preconditions to meet on the missed stars of the wreck dialogue which when stylist in the end made a leap to help the hardiest to come up with a solution be part of the 2 state solution that was a rip by the un and will be a part of the arab league and the issue which we have altered back to our other critical points recently including with matters of syria and libya when kurdistan
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and since the lady and if there is the successor is as a negative influence on the situation in europe and stuff out of action in the inflexible of refuges of my friends in union city not a member states we think that these matters most is the problem that go on to try to overcome just problems but you must get wise that happened before it stopped is that we would based on the much smaller and problems of this of you but if you just go with your bag and many countries so european union. there was a marshal some acting political like that in those areas who if you knew working together when and if you find something has a plan of action to settle them with. iranian nuclear program now we are and drinks they become of age and be told at these areas on the american administration and the party that if you go to the chalice with but doesn't halt and negotiate scored
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. i knew one of the. singers in a way so i'll leave a good victim turned to this newport an international top human at was hailed as big a challenge for the international diplomacy and i think you noticed it was an example to our consciences must be all brits out there and good friends bad and an example of how nonproliferation to action. and we are ready to cooperate on the number one political agent angela regarding some regional issues for the in general and we are going to continue to keep up with it's not there updated regarding to approaches. if you know if assad has i'd be in the european union russian federation and they would like to express our regret during the pandemic a big run up when it's a deliberate suppose to get united the work together. all the countries in the
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world few with because of the viva so uses some forces in the european union let me put it this way though if the pay use you pay is tough subject matter to blame but it's russia and. obama's information campaigns i think russia with some cred actions said russia is right to help out with less abby wind including countries from europe and union to scabies fight her but a centrist fire is if you and soon believe that we want to give up its information or preserve the old days insinuations i think it should be a bit much to agree to start one more channel with the european union souls at all this conversations without information emerge to have some ground swell but we discussed this concern at the professional level of souls because it's. is separate proposal is still on the table and we are ready to discuss all but matter it's
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about what they ideas all the european union and regard to. comprehends i'm talking about caucus states and at central asia states that the european union so much interested in and with because they didn't sell pulliam and its interests of russian federation regarding how we're close neighbors and allies will be taken into consideration by b. you're in the union when a deal with our policy is spears out there and i think that it's it would be right for principle should it be that it's that you should include the i'm. not. good to eat colonel up there it's all sovereign states be it the us solved it countries or all can stay in a obert part of the world it's just a disclosure and i think we have had an nice discussion and we didn't hide our work and from. the goal of discussion was to talk to the. predictions not to hide and it
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being a shrum chopper and that vests and climbed trees are a context where it is both parties we are ready and we heard from be here in union your bad day your people come in the same opinion i thank those that are l. and. it's good we have thank you thank you need to level off for that invitation the whole foot importunity. to have a frank and open discussion you have had it has been an intense discussion and i still not finished we will continue talking about other issues off to this press conference. the purpose of my visit today is to the east cost challenges we're facing he including issues where they verge on to listen to each other concerns. we have to recognize that. over the
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last years our relations have the mark by from the mental differences and my lack of trust. we are seeing huge other more than a competitor or rival. rather than a partner. but yet to be an union is the 1st trading partner dupion union is russia greatest source of foreign and direct direct investment. russian students on among the largest group of beneath the series of it are the most produced program and university exchanges and most of the european union visas. to russian citizens. russia is our biggest neighbor is part of europe and engagement with russia is therefore of game potence
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for debian union. however events both the toman abroad. it's a difficult thing. to have a relationship that we dreamt in the ninety's when we talk about europe from lisbon to radical stuck this is today much more difficult than 20 years ago or 30 years ago. my visit going side with your arrest and sentencing of a legacy. under arrest of sadness and with the most rigorous. that you can expect i have to convey to minister lavrov our deep concern and great to rated our appeal to his release on the launch of an impersonal investigation of his by any. why we fully respect russia over 80.
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and its own responsibility of the guarding their fulfillment of which international commitments european union consider that issues related with the rule of law human rights civil society and political freedom are central to our common future both for the european union and russia. but at the same time there are issues in which we can and must work together because when we do good crystals the minister has been mentioning several of them and i griped to his works . the culture side and do research on health and phasing in maintain on the arctic on climate on digital we have a lot of things that can be done and to deep engagement from both sides and get benefits in
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a tangible way. on the international arena i think the minister has made reference to all of that there are places and issues in which we can all or together is a good example middle east peace process we agree on the need to engage in this process to dream the good idea courtot and to try to work together and engage also the new u.s. administration. on the green economy. green the able to fight climate change and in what i'm in the chair inches will give also a lot of opportunities to cooperate. we count on. to make a success on the next classical conference and to cooperate you know to to prepare to the new environment where the consumption of fuel fault fossil fuels we'll decrease. in line with the helsinki final act of stability in europe
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must be based on cooperation respect for to adore your integrity and sovereignty of nations respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and on this framework we need to find the spaces for understanding and to build which will trust this is the purpose of my visit this is the 1st step we will continue these agreeing several things but we have to look for places in which we can agree rate. against us. the 100 he started against was put in. a lot of stuff for what. promotion it has to work from the previous year i see with.
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the russia with little strongly you get a piece of the shoulder but i think it unless you can the supports this but a liberal we have heard different assessments in the loop on how the down there is to reality and the un russia use price in your opinion which will involve making a lot of i mean i plan to do this with you guys in season very much concerned with the freedoms of needy people on the charity of the e.u. let me explain on the burden of december 7th join a list and lat me of were. so was the. number of. actions perpetrated by the law enforcement the last war and we know in personal belongings taken by the police now you have been charged with by the if you do e.u. sanctions against russia. there is only word with certain russian
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media and what you know are needed. but for there not on any. sanctions and by the media. and these journalists they are not on any lists as well. well you know. so my assessment is that this is a clear violation of their rights and freedoms. also for only. rights of the poor that i'm a nationalist something which letitia. similar thing happened in ukraine in the pool of the 3 to leadership of ukraine i simply. revoke the licenses of several ukrainian channels. are you ready to go political will
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and. you. will carry to solve the problem with he showed a list in latvia and you crave this is totalist they have faced a lot of repression so late. but then neither right but if you they job you still have more snow thank you for you and good and if i may i have one other question as wealthy as something like colleagues from the latin american. edition asking me. lately there's been another meeting of the e.u. it's a bushel of the things i met and what you presided over this meeting so question 8 what's your take off. and cuba. do you think they last from could be a way to ease tensions. and probably move the
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obstacles on the way to bet a copper a should be include gandhian us thing and same question we're still there of mr lever of what would you say the position and stance on cuba thank you. but. i am a little bit surprised and didn't expect to talk about school. but i can say. nothing to hide on the e.u. relations yes we had to political dialogue incorporation and agreement with cuba. on that which we exchange and we cooperate in several areas. i am interested in knowing why the your american colleagues are so much interested on that because that is nothing new. i co-chaired recently
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a meeting with the cuban when affairs minister. of the us and we talk about priorities for the future cooperation 20212027 period which will be focused on economic modernization bilateral trade and a collage transfusion you know that due to being union rejects the u.s. embargo with cuba. and we continue to express the views of we the new u.s. administration. and i think. nothing more but i can say about that we expect the u.s. administration to reveal which position with respect to cuba. and we continue on differing work of our political dialogue to cooperate in 7 of these 2 should i say mention about these event about these journalist arrested tonight via you know
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all we do to be a new member states so immediately to the rule of law under control of judiciary about any event affecting anyone so i am confident the day to the should be ceased to be the labia began if he should do ation and according with the commitments that only to be in the union member states have taken to develop it according with the rule of law and a basic freedoms. and right and see what's happening. for the sono come. in mr hoover so using the cuban what little he can usually do is put in where the relation between you and cuba but he's also i don't see it as a surprise because when i travelled a few various countries i always get questions about ukraine so now you've got a question about your book because you have quite significant those that were and
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quite obvious relations with cuba and i think it's a good example of how we must use common sense little how we must avoid unilateral really to commit. especially imposing all kinds of embargo blockades and these same approach to the european union we must brave soul all kind of problems that anyone might have with an international partner only a dialogue and crime churchills need him sanctions. adult years and i was like who wants to dip alep normal relations. like introduction back there it's really a restriction. so you start now it's a little slowly. a lot michel and you get us and we talk about this today and potentially european union more and more it's already speak use isn't such rules a little ad are a trademark of the united states socialist it's
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a sad thing to see and i hold of that there will be a future international events sunday including. all the continent that is the 30 council members that it was suggested by president clinton and everyone supported that the president reaffirmed his support and author and conference says i think it was very important those who knew we were thinking how fundamentally what world do we want to be able to get hold of a world that is growing. old actors including the origin of europe in the union or it will be at the multipolar only in april and it will be at home would be of some kind of zealot executed. by illegal actions taken to be a matter late and just kind of what is true that will become all collateralised and we have started this conversation today hopefully we will continue talking we see
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it as a form of culture that's over in states are represented there's a sense out of the nation are people too easy of them we're told that and we talk about still the fact that multilateral is you know like sir many people brands good and bad and we look at what they invited slogan to so you see the challenge that. europeans use and i give us also molecule liberalism and everyone else must just go and. live in the felicity of openness in the i think it's more of a philosophical issue but i think it also has a. real politics and i'm glad that we have talked honestly and sincerely about this matter as matters that european union counterparts to watch i think that's the only to approach they only right approach or even that you think as an example of where we can see above and the negative implants you know left barrel. and the need to reconsider them.
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coming. and the question about. it's an interesting thing that is the spanish all bound to respond there's no talking about the school it's now in remember me this film let me add some bar to my answer because these joint american journalists maybe can be interested to know that we regret it very much did this young nation by trying. to include as a country supporting ted henri's. they take this decision on their last hour was in office. and we consider and they want. to insist that we regret this kind of decisions and we expect that the new image to ration will bring
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things back but it should do ation previous to the east decision dating on the last minute but it probably ministration which is going to create a lot of difficulties to the government to the cuban people and to the create an economy the relationship between that of being human. and. against. the. next question please. question for mr brand you said just come here in moscow that the relationship between you and russia is these are the lowest point. i was i want to ask you something that to see if we can find common ground between the 2 will block what one issue that is very. very much high on the agenda here is that the created basically a block of travel between the 2. between you and russia people who
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russian people who lives in new york on long term visas and italian. european people who lives in in russia on long term visas businessman and all of that. have a serious problem traveling between the 2. blocks and we know people who haven't seen their family for a year now we want to ask if russia and you can work out something in the near future to see if we can ease these blocks all understand all people understand the pandemics views of tourism for instance cannot be reopened so easily. but we are talking about people who live here or russian who lives in europe and 2nd question specifically for mr lavrov. talking about common ground and talking about issues that can bring russia and europe together and not divide. do you see that.
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split the vaccine may be a tool that india and bring russia and europe closer or. could be actually the opposite another tool that brings the 2 blocs in a different position. look about travel restrictions nobody takes the decision of imposing travel restrictions by pleasure it's a need to know that to contain depend demick it's required a minute constrain that has to be imposed to the daily living in russia and to russia i mean it earlier to everybody on behalf of the public health in order to try to contain different amec we are all working together towards every opening of societies economies on board this as quick as possible but the safely as possible. and yes there is a currently temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the rupee and union.
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demand responsible for it we were in the least of constrained restrictions regularly and of dated. and believe me it's impossible for me to make any prediction as to when member states will decide to reopen that opinion external border but disease precisely why you so important that we work together in a coordinated way in order to come to an m.p. . what's in the sport and. so we're not talking it out. rolls. having to sit in the quote operation among all the unfortunate facts in manufacture is to land a president who can announce that. leave the expenditure in and out its creation
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pierston use was mad wave script which were well quite negatively commonly used to ensure it ranged from skeptical and that no one knows anybody who thinks russians are. running to have the right car in quickly much as to get some fuel by the college games but i had backed into such a large i'm supposed to be used to operate once road valid approach to change that could change another system which has one resident has to walk to. a discovery of the russian scientists at the same statement at the same. post at least in the issue of international partners and yesterday i thought about this and the infamous lincoln we talked about who thinks actually congratulated as on the results we get from that fact and then we have the freedom from the old the conflicts among our labs many researchers standing in factorisation and to see if there is any way to
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operate along these lines and we have all a great deal to the context of the tube so they have started quite an extensive like with our european counterparts a number of countries are interested to send to many of acthar this fact in the canceller maricopa going to the press and within long ago the key it's used to still talked about is to see if there are any ways to call agree with russia regarding bat and research uk sandburg. and talked at the astra zeneca for committing acts of terrorism regarding the mic over accents and signs of accents that would use was if you missed all that these audience sides all he told you that was back since so that's true a few more not only i think that we can win culturally then it can play possibly for a white section. going. we. welcome back to. take
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the floor just to congratulate russia for the success. and it's a good news for the whole mankind because he means that we are going to have more tools to say tip anemia. i am very happy to do scientific report published in the prestige magazine scientific magazine lancet explaining the performance of the russian folk scene and now i am hoping that it would be in the medical agency will be able to certify the efficiency of these vaccine you know that could be used also into being union the state will be good news because as you know we are facing a shortage of vaccine that is another source of supply and we're going to i can go to a nation put in. russia and say in difficult abilities. i just missed something. special
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by show you don't have to come here to stand going to disarm or sorry you are actually straight so my 1st question is yes there was just a well it's an lover of promises to you that's going to give you some video footage is how protests in europe are being used to violently so. the is well have you watched them and you still think that the e.u. has any moral high ground to the size of russia being too harsh on the road tests and what this criticism and was are you hearing is nutritionals have made it very clear here in russia that they're not going to listen to you and they're not going to take care of what you say as regards to the demonstrations also mr lavrov said that. russia is going to review the attitude towards the e.u.
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but as far as i know all the use guided by you say principles as before the model really is principles how could you please comment on that there is another thing i'd like to ask you all these food issues that mr lavrov promised to give you and to your colleague from sweden don't you think that in this case russia is following this you know auld salvi it jokes your role sir the want to be blamed even more than us. were to need to to. to to watch this video which is mean produced by the russian authorities well for sure and excessive use of force. it's not only russia that happens. you know that have these p.d.s. related with excessive use of force in the us and i have to tell you that when did happen and unhappily it happened we were statements condemning excessive use of
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force and when this happened in a country where did i draw from all that is that you visionary has to intervene and these cases can be brought to justice and if the reason for the excessive use of force to dissuade of putting things in order and i ask you put responsibilities political discourse abilities and it was what it is of the people who behave badly they used advantages of having a strong group of mostly. you know this principle that it's a beginning you bring your son who's cause of also. being talked about based on the number of occasions that principle. that relations with russia will be normal lives of some that russia was criminal but at the same time president says i don't like mr grey much about what all how to pick out this little ole law with luggage trying to rush it's all. happening at their.


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