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access to the story from investigators covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. justice. in the headlines brussels will control vaccine exports but is making an exception for northern ireland after a furious reaction from the u.k. despite the jobs himself remaining in desperately short supply. coming to germany entry from states where new mutated covert strains have been detected and in other news france shutting its borders today to visitors altogether the move criticized an opposition parties who say it's going to damage the economy. and u.s.
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business owners get death threats for one at least online and even on a phone those threats for posting that her husband has backed donald trump she took the time to talk to us. one gentleman. said he was coming to kill me one person. can tell you that it was bad enough that law enforcement. at the weekend could die from moscow kevin owen here with the latest for us for you this saturday starting with this news that the e.u. is announce that it will control the export of vaccines given the drastic shortages of the job within the block but following an angry reaction from britain brussels is also going to make an exception for northern ireland. the u.k. has legal or binding agreements with vax and supplies and that would not expect the e.u. as a friend on our wide to do anything to disrupt the fulfillment of these contracts
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to an act of aggression actually less than a month into us leaving the european union we see them act in this unilateral way the commission will ensure that the ireland northern ireland protocol is unaffected the commission is not triggering the safeguard clause. brussels concession would allow britain to get the vaccines now through northern ireland but he reports today the question is what vaccines with a block suffering its own severe shortages of the cove a job. european union has confirmed that is taking this extraordinary step of introducing export controls on a could get vaccines this means that any vaccine it is manufactured within ringback the block that's the 22nd at countries will not be able to be exported outside the block now this comes amidst a huge crowd that's been blowing up of the last few days over that delivery shortfalls of the dos this is
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a collision of concerns to the transponding sea and export of the $491.00 seats. as a protection and safety of our citizens is a perfect. that is companies to increase production and knowledge we expect them to do and what this huge public spat that's been playing out over the last few days and it really comes down to the call that this is between european union and astra zeneca an anglo i'm swedish form a company that's been producing one of the qubit 19 back saying now astra zeneca has said that they wouldn't be able to supply the full amount that it takes agreed on paper with the european union saying that it was actually going to be delivering around 25 percent of $100000000.00 doses it then sent to the european union local trying to preach that at to about 30 percent but the e.u. this route check it based saying that that offer just wasn't acceptable and that they needed to fulfill the contract they've even gone as far as on friday
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publishing a redacted version of that contract between themselves and astra zeneca from their perspective they want to show that that contract has been broken now astra zeneca says that's more the case that u.k. signed its contract with astra zeneca 3 months before the in the. who did it but astra zeneca says that you know it's trying to make up the shortfall and it's a little table too because the production issue at its facility in belgium now this comes admitting the fact that investigators we even sent to astra zeneca has production quality in belgium to check to see if it actually was a problem with the production and miss rumors that some vaccine had been shipped to the annoying kingdom now one german m.p.'s said this entire spat is astra zeneca is fault astra zeneca will suffer if they treat people in the world's biggest market as 2nd class citizens this is also now likely to cause problems for the united
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kingdom which of course recently officially next the european union foreign breaks it was expecting at delivery of some $40000000.00 doses of the pfizer by on tech vaccines that are being produced all suited facility in belgium and now the e.u. has been struggling to obtain enough vaccine doses despite placing huge orders over the last year or so so much so that some areas of europe are either having to delay the rollout of the program or having just hold to temporarily all together it really feels as if protectionism is now being ramped up in essentially what is turning into a war over access to a drug and a vaccine that is supposed to prevent 19 i guess you could see it was all going to come anyway we discussed the spot between the e.u. and astra zeneca with guess the former army people etheridge thinks the blocks paying for poor planning now professor francesco resume the lack of communication
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between brussels and the vaccine maker. astra zeneca were under a number of obligations to keep the commission informed of what was going on i do not believe that that has actually happened how is it that a week before where supposed to be getting approval on ourselves deliveries we suddenly discovered that we're only going to get $1000000.00 just says this is extraordinary to keating that the european union wanted us to make sure that they had their initial 100 whatever it was 1000000 doses that clearly hasn't happened so there has been a disconnect frankly the train astra zeneca and the european union the european union have failed correctly to order about things that they need in the 1st place and they're both jealous of the speedy and official rollout of yukos most to do without having the e.u. bureaucracy how previous it isn't a case of it being more important it's a case of the fact that we placed our orders 1st we plan better we do get more
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efficiently the being found out was being a completely inefficient the news organization and instead of. understanding nothing and trying to find a way to cooperate and work alongside partners in the to the throne needs toys out of the pram like an angry baby and we were warned in the u.k. we were told if we left the we would suffer that we wouldn't get medicine that we wouldn't get supplied but it looks like it's the other way around doesn't it. meanwhile france is closing its borders to non european travelers altogether and neighboring germany stop visitors from countries where new strains of the virus have been detected both e.u. powerhouses are suffering a spike in corona virus cases in fact in more detail france has reported more than 20000 new cases a day all week with one in 10 of those being new strains and the hope for boost from those vaccines hasn't materialized yet because as we've been saying of the
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extreme delays in supplies across the block next than today our europe correspondent peter oliver breaking down the latest travel bans. this weekend tough new restrictions on travelers coming into germany from 7 different countries will come into place from saturday they're already here when it comes to travelers arriving for me you member states ireland and portugal as well as those coming from the united kingdom brazil and south africa from sunday that list will grow to 7 to include the african nations of s. white danny and lee so too the reason these have been put in place is that these nations serve sea rises in the infections of mutated variants of the corona virus the german interior minister horse and a half said before they were officially put in place that germany would have to do this because there wasn't a unified e.u. solution on the horizon you couldn't abuse your own information searing all the
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information we have we do not expect there to be european solution that meter expectational in the future that is why we are preparing as a nation there are some exceptions for those coming into germany german citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to arrive from those nations on that list transit passengers and those travelling to do with the movement of goods will also be permitted to travel but those are the exceptional circumstances that have being . wanted by the the german side it hasn't gone down well politically with the opposition here in germany the greens have called it an affront to germany's e.u. partners for berlin to act unilaterally in this way while the free democrats have said that it basically covers up the fact that the vaccination program here in germany hasn't been going as well as people would have liked floods and travel bans zuko but it's like these we must 1st of its nation vaccines are the most reliable
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in the only way out of this pandemic it may not be popular with everyone but the travel bans are in place all travelers arriving from 7 different nations here to germany and they will be in place until the 17th of february at least you know the continuing fallout from all the economists richard werner told us the travel ban could end up hurting the german economy even more because. so it is a copy of the u.k. policies as they banned. people from tanzania and africa and brazil and they claimed that you know it's because of this new strain which is not really clear is not really well established. and other countries like germany saw that they believe the u.k. statements government statements and they say well then we ban u.k. travelers as well and the same with the u.k.'s banning but it doesn't make any sense well already the restrictions have caused severe
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downturn in the economy in the year 2020 but any further restrictions will of course further damage the economy. german business is a very international even locals small family owned businesses tend to be international exporters and to get international deals 'd you do need some travel i don't see the need for that and the medical case doesn't seem to be there either it hasn't been demonstrated and also there isn't being a proper detail cost benefit analysis either as it's being proposed should really include a very detailed analysis of all the costs and all the benefits well let's look at that 1st before we further considers that a proposal. right away from covert now for the u.s. woman to receive death threats online and on the phone against both herself and her family for revealing her husband but donald trump marriage and family and then
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posting a photo on facebook of her husband and friends getting ready to go to trump's last rally as president she was accused of very quickly afterwards of being a quote domestic terrorist and was even threatened with physical violence she tells a bit more of a story. somebody's got to hold a picture off my personal page and i'd imagine somebody that. knows me inside. him in about 5 o'clock that night my don't shop started getting some ugly phone calls and it just it just kind of spiral from there some people took that snapshot and started putting the owners of the shop or domestic terrorists and the phone was ringing in ringing in ringing and i can tell you all day thursday and friday our phone never stopped ringing and it 1st we were inserting it. but when you're hearing things like i hope you're building burns i hope you die i hope you rot in hell. one gentleman actually said he was coming to kill me one
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person threatened my grandbabies and i can tell you that it was bad enough that law enforcement had to get in and give us them advice on how to keep everybody safe well as you can see out it owns a donut shop and detractors targeted businesses well flooding its online pages with the negative reviews though then she told a story to a local t.v. station and she did just we said so they're getting support across the country a story that reflects a c.b.s. poll showing most americans now see their fellow citizens as the country's biggest threat just 8 percent think foreign to a series of present a bigger challenge marriage and 100 again telling us the issue and have you posed to freedom of expression. you can walk through the through the doors of mine down and shut up no matter what your policies are we treat everyone with the same kindness and love and respect everybody gets treated the same way because this america and we have the right to think differently in to express our views without
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being believed to be a free without someone saying if you don't think the way we think we're going to shut your business down if you don't admit that you're wrong in our you think we think we're going to torment you that as long as it is not the country we grew up in i understand there's people that may not want to come here because they choose not to support a business that believes one way or another and that's the greatest thing a better country you can spend your money anywhere that your. bases are to international live from moscow this hour thanks for being with us coming up the mayor of new york says he says call for an official report warns coronavirus death . may be a lot worse than clay. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. again thanks for watching how the weekend's going good says hussein for the great there the mayor of new york is demanding the truth about the pandemic death toll in the state's attorney general revealed the official statistics were misleading we have to make sense of this we have to get the full truth and we have to make sure it never ever happens again nothing like this happens again and we have to be honest about the numbers so those official numbers stayed around 8000 covert deaths in state care homes but according to the attorney general's report they could be significantly. moken reports. the nursing home scandal hanging over new york state governor andrew cuomo is head just won't go away a new report from the state's attorney general indicates that deaths in the elderly
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care homes could actually be 50 percent higher than was originally reported that's up to 13000 lives lost in new york it only tallied up the number who actually died within elderly care facilities not including those who went to the hospital after getting infected as the pandemic in their investigations continue it is imperative that understand why the residents of nursing homes in new york and the saudis suffered at such an alarming rate well we cannot bring back the individuals who lost to this crisis this report seeks to offer transparency that the public deserves and to spare increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents the report singled out while most decision to send covert patients to elderly care homes it was an attempt to free up hospital spaces that may have cost 4800 new york the lives cuomo is office dismissed the report as an accurate the word on the count implies there are multiple fatalities that have been reported this is factually
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wrong the department of health has consistently made clear that on numbers reports based on the place of death those words are of little comfort to solve a local news media or ologist lost both of her in-laws last summer and she couldn't hold back her feelings a family was affected and i wasn't seeing the coverage i wasn't seeing the questions being asked of this governor he continued to pass the blame on everyone else and everything else and he still to this day will not accept any responsibility democrats and republicans have now lined up to condemn cuomo reports from new york state's hammering of could 1000 in nursing homes reveals a profound failure of executive leadership governor cuomo and the new york state department of health treating our elders as expandable as if their lives were nothing more. then the cost of doing business this is shocking and unconscionable but not surprising governor actually wrote a book about leadership in the middle of the covert 1000 pandemic but as we learned
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today and as many suspected he never told the whole story at the start of the pandemic mainstream us media poured the law on to governor andrew cuomo for is handling of the pandemic in new york state but now it seems pretty clear that he made a bad decision and the media's darling is facing a full blown scandal. artsy new york dave lindorff founding editor of the new site this can't be happening and son of a covert victim 2 said new york's bungled pandemic response has contributed to the problem in his view. i think the worst thing cuomo did was suspending transferring people with coded out of hospitals and into nursing homes the other direction. and exposing the patients in those nursing homes who weren't sick with kind of it with the coated you know serious covered infections of the people that were being moved from the hospitals to get them out of the hospitals and make more room for
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more patients and i may be personally sensitive to that because my mother in law died of covidien a new jersey nursing home which was doing the same thing where you know the state was shifting people out of hospitals in new jersey into nursing homes and then presenting those nursing homes which are much lower staffed and much less good at infection control than hospitals are and not surprisingly the disease spread right through them in the us because the government until very recently would not subsidize. any home care for the elderly you know you have your elderly parents who don't want to be or can't be taking care of by you so you would normally what you would want to do is how hire somebody to come into the house each day or maybe even live in the house take care your elderly parents. and you
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couldn't get a subsidy from the government to do that says very expensive to do the nursing home industry which is mostly for profit has lobbied very intensively with a lot of money to politicians in every state to not provide decent funding for in home care of your elderly parents. interests is sort of this next one story about a video game retailer in the us has found itself at the center of a trading battle with some old time investors putting themselves against those big rule string giants then retell a game stop so it show. price saw this week after i'm going to traders got together on online message boards degree to try to save the struggling company but then it all dived off the brokerage firms into vade restricting trading for a day and causing an outcry among the small investors who accused the trading platforms of defending the big investment banks who were trying to crush the stock dimitry postcode more so by now you've probably heard of the whole while sure you
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game stop credit fiasco but if you're one of the many people whose mind goes completely numb when you hear the words stock hedge fund short selling well don't worry here's a short deal the our version of what's going on game stop it's a chain of video game stores some people love them some people hate them but their business has been kind of badly now than capital a bunch of guys from wall street who have formed a hedge fund that essentially makes money off of businesses failing stocks or shares representations of ownership of a company so if a company is doing well then the cost of these stocks are shares goes up if it's failing they go down so in this case a bunch of guys from wall street in a hedge fund decided to make a bet that game stop will fail which it kind of was already they did this using a term called short selling it's basically when you borrow a bunch of stock sell it which lowers the price of the stock then wait for it to
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become dirt cheap buy it back return it to whoever you borrowed it from and while up profit this was supposed to be the stop in game stop but then stan really go according to plan a bunch of crazy guys from reddit essentially decided to give the middle finger to wall street they did this using with call a short squeeze they started buying a bunch of game stop shares which made their price skyrocket like thousands of percent and now these poor hedge fund guys have to return all that. they borrowed and a huge loss they're going bankrupt because they lost billions of dollars and wall street is very mad so are the politicians behind them but the answer that sees this whole thing as karmic justice because wall street has been playing this game for literally years hence all the means.
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being the sore losers that they are wall street is now trying to make a point that regular people should not be allowed to buy or sell stock only wall street robinhood in online stock trading platform has already barred its users from buying any more against up shares and now they're getting sued regular people are just now buying bad stocks all over the place and adding more fuel to the fire celebrities and politicians are also joining in on the fun the moral of the story seems to be that if wall street wants to screw over businesses and make billions of dollars well that's fine that's business as usual but if regular people want to do the same thing to wall street well we've got a problem but i got a 5 in a long time financial come to jim rogers who told me that the group of small
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investors in his opinion is to nothing wrong nothing to apologize for. well this if somebody wants to buy the stock and it goes up that's perfectly legal and legitimate and why not find it outrageous that somebody tried to stop them you know i suppose the short at times but it's an open market that people buy and sell as they wish don't try to control the market that's outrageous if i go on t.v. and tell you that i have bought such a stock is that illegal i do it all the time not just me all over the world people go on t.v. internet radio and say yes i have bought whatever stock i have bought stocks and i have bought microsoft that's not illegal now some people then go and buy it if you and i plot and say ok we're good do this and we plot and manipulate that's different but to go into the public and say let's i'm going to buy the stock you
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should buy it too i'm sorry i have trouble understanding why that's there's something wrong with that in the words of jim rogers roughing up this bullet inflexible actually miss weekend where of each day and live from moscow kevin 0 in on behalf of the rest of the team wishing you a great day. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the olympics this i'm show business i'll see you then. the world is driven by shaped past and present those great.
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military thinks. we dare to ask. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation will community. are you going the right way or are you being lead. dialing. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or remain in the shallows. right now there are 1000000 people who are overweight or obese it's profitable to self. and sugary insultingly and addicted it's not at the individual level it's not individual willpower and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply the medical and scientific establishment. some of what's driving the obesity epidemic. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived within this 0 song there were 2
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view houses were allowed to leave prison was located only cia people had access to the story for investigators she held the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great of nor in. hockey seem a bit sore knee for. crying for justice. in
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early february 24th as the made crisis was getting more violent there was a phone call that was intercepted was a call between the secretary of state for european affairs victoria nuland and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine geoffrey pyatt questions of credibility. private chat between top u.s. diplomats was leaked. you
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know what. i just think clean.


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