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because. the e.u. slaps export controls on covert vaccines amid a feud with a british pharma giant astra zeneca it is a move that the euro skeptics see as a sign of policy failure failure in brussels. the european you failed correctly cigs a day lead in the 1st place and they're both jealous of the speed of official growth of the u.k.'s most of. bolivia and argentina become the latest latin american states to get hundreds of thousands of russian coated shot doses as the head of the un heralds of the wall sputnik beacon play in the battle against the pandemic. of a struggling videogame retailer is caught up in a battle between small time investors trying to save the firm and wall street
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giants betting on its collapse. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us right now the european union has announced it is imposing export controls on coronavirus of vaccines made in member states amid a raul over supply shortages brussels has also given the green light to the drug at the heart of the dispute made by a british firm astra zeneca. as the story for us european union has confirmed it is taking this extraordinary step of introducing export controls that scene's this means that anything that seems it is manufactured within the well that's the 22nd country. again. outside of the blog now this comes amidst
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a huge drought that's been blowing up of the last few days over that delivery shortfalls of the dos this is a collision of concerns that the transponder and export of the 492 exceeds. as a protection and safety of our citizens is a perfectly. we pay that is companies to increase production and knowledge we expect them to do it work well for this huge public spat that's been playing out over the last few days and it really comes down to the call that this is between the european union and astra zeneca as you mentioned and andrew swedish form a company that's been producing one of the qubit 900 vaccines now astra zeneca has said that they wouldn't be able to supply the full amount that it takes agreed on paper with the european union saying that it was actually going to be delivering around 25 percent of the $100000000.00 doses it then sent to the european union local try and increase that at to about 30 percent but the e.u.
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has rejected this saying that that offer just wasn't acceptable and that they needed to fulfill the contract they've even gone as far as on friday publishing a redacted version of all that contract between themselves and astra zeneca from their perspective they want to show that that contract has been broken now astra zeneca says that's not the case that u.k. signed its contract with astra zeneca 3 months before the e you didn't but astra zeneca says that you know it's trying to make up the shortfall and it's a little table too because the production issue at its facilities in belgium now this comes at mit's the fact that investigators we even sent astra zeneca is production plant in belgium to check to see if it actually was a problem with the production and miss rumors that some vaccine had been shipped to the annoying kingdom now one german m.p.'s said. entices fact is astra zeneca is
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fault astra zeneca will suffer if they treat people in the world's biggest market as 2nd class citizens this is also now likely to cause problems for the united kingdom which of course recently officially in lefty european union formal breaks it it was expecting at delivery ringback of some 40000000 doses of the 5 cent buy on tech last seen that are being produced suiting facility in belgium there is now question as to whether that vaccine would be allowed to leave the european union and go to the u.k. as it was originally planned now the e.u. has been struggling to pay enough doses despite placing huge orders over the last year or so so much so that some areas of europe are either having to delay the rollout of the program or having to hold it temporarily all together it really feels as if protectionism is now being ramped up in essentially what is turning into a war over access to a drug and
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a vaccine that is supposed to prevent 19 we discussed in the dispute with bill etheridge a former member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party you think that brussels that is covering up for its own errors in vaccine procurement european union failed correctly to order the vaccines that they need in the 1st place and they're both jealous of the speedy and efficient rollout of yukos most to do without having the e.u. bureaucracy previous this isn't a case of it being more important it's a case of the fact that we placed our orders 1st we planned better we do have more efficiently the being found out was being a completely inefficient the news organization and instead of. understanding the us and trying to find a way to cooperate and work alongside partners in it or throw its toys out of the crowd looked at that everybody bit and we will warrant in the u.k. we were told if we let the we would circle we wouldn't get medicines we want to get
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supplies but it looks like it's the other way around doesn't it it looks like it's there it will be sure and they don't the problem you know what still for the people of europe the answer for me would be that they leave the e.u. and start dealing with things properly effectively of efficiently on their own like we have. moscow has sent hundreds of thousands of doses of it's put new convenor vaccine to latin america as the region increasingly bets on the russian jab for argentina marks the 3rd delivery of the russian shot 5000000 doses in total expected by the end of the month bolivia has received $20000.00 doses the u.n. secretary general says sputnik we could play a key role in fighting the virus as the e.u. is suffering huge delays and shortages from other vaccine manufacturers are trying to reports. news on vaccine distribution challenges delays in deliveries you may be
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sick and tired of it but this is the reality around the world even the trust between countries is being put to the test as the scramble for vaccine doses intensifies concerns over how castro governments and regions like latin america will be able to secure enough jobs for their nations in time are even more serious the ultimate remedy for it is more vaccines cheaper vaccines this explains why the head of the u.n. is counting on the russian vaccine and wants to get the green light for it asap we hope the w.h.o. will approve russia's covered 1000 vaccine as soon as possible it can play a very important role in the fight against a pandemic it seems though for some latin american countries waiting for the final w.h.o. approval may prove to be way too costly while corona virus infections in russia are pivoting bag down skepticism for sputnik v.
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has all but vanished demand is on the up and moscow's keen to help. the 1st shipment of the russian jab is only intended for 20000 bolivian medics but it's still crucial for those on the covert front line the 1st 20000 doses of the vaccines have arrived in bolivia to stop the 2nd wave of the covert 19 pandemic the bolivian president luis r. se has personally welcome to shipment at the international airport eventually bolivia will get enough sputnik the doses to immunize 2600000 people the president wants to cement confidence in the vaccine by getting the job to. the russian creation is set to become v. most used vaccine in mexico in the 1st 3 months of this year and the country that is just about to certify the use of sputnik the january house proved to be disastrous. with the worst spike ever in new covert cases the president tested
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positive last week but the leaders happy has been able to seal the deal with moscow to immunize 12000000 people we spoke with the president of the russian federation vladimir putin and he was genuine and cool deal i invited him to visit mexico and thank him for the decision to send us 24000000 doses of the sputnik the vax and over the next 2 months. argentina was the pioneer in trying out sputnik among latin american countries the 1st jabs arrived and when osiris at the end of december and after getting the data on side effects only one percent of those who received the shot had some sort of issues but us artist went on to order 22000000 doses with the latest batch having just arrived the president and the vice president have both taken the russian vaccine argentina has been dubbed the global testing ground for moscow's vaccine dr well so far so good and the
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infamous curve in the country has gone past its peak in the united country with more people bucks in name in latin america. we could box in the percent of the workers because we have only to find the scenes in the theaters and the need to do so much now we are receiving $5000000.00 more of those and wish to read the books in the nation rather than with $25000000.00 used for your own posts if the trend is more and more evident you probably shouldn't shy away from what they call vokoun are also in spanish if you want a quicker escape from the red zone for your country. your video game retailer in the us has found itself at the center of a trading battle with small time. investors putting themselves against wall street giants game stop saw its share price soar this week after amateur traders got
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together on on an online message board and agreed to save the struggling company and then plunged after brokerage firms intervened restricting trading although it has since recovered but that market intervention caused an outcry among small investors who accused the trading platforms of defending the big investment banks who are trying to crash the stock artes to me takes a closer look. so by now you've probably heard of the whole while should game stop credit fiasco but if you're one of the many people whose mind goes completely numb when you hear the words stock hedge fund short selling well don't worry here's a short teal the our version of what's going on game stop it's a chain of video game stores some people love him some people hate him but their business has been kind of badly melvin capital a bunch of guys from wall street who have formed a hedge fund that essentially makes money off of businesses failing stocks or
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shares representations of ownership of a company so if a company is doing well then the cost of these stocks are shares goes up if it's failing they go down so in this case a bunch of guys from wall street in a hedge fund decided to make a bet that game stuff will fail which it kind of was already they did this using a term called short selling it's basically when you borrow a bunch of stuck sell it which lowers the price of the stock then wait for it to become dirt cheap buy it back return it to whoever you borrowed it from and while up profit this was supposed to be the stop in game stop but things then really go according to plan a bunch of crazy guys from reddit essentially decided to give the middle finger to wall street they did this using what's called a short squeeze they started buying a bunch of games up shares which made their price skyrocket like thousands of
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percent and now these poor hedge fund guys have to return all that stock they borrowed and a huge loss they're going bankrupt because they lost billions of dollars and wall street is very mad so are the politicians behind them but the internet sees this whole thing as karmic justice because wall street has been playing this game for literally years hence all the means. being the sore losers that they are wall street is now trying to make a point that regular people should not be allowed to buy or sell stock only wall street robinhood in online stock trading platform has already barred its users from
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buying any more against up shares and now they're getting sued regular people are just now buying bad stocks all over the place and adding more fuel to the fire celebrities and politicians are also joining in on the fun the moral of the story seems to be that if wall street wants to screw over businesses and make billions of dollars well that's fine that's business as usual but if regular people want to do the same thing to wall street well we've got a problem max kaiser host of artie's kinds a report says the small investors efforts should be praised for exposing the questionable practices of big wall street traders. so what these traders have done what these reddit traders have done is exposed or shine a light on the a legal practices of hedge funds and this should have been addressed many years ago because the dea objective of hedge funds like melvin capital which is associated with citadel that has on their board ben bernanke the former fed chairman is
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to put these companies out of business and to profit on their collapse and that of course doesn't help the economy at all and people lose jobs so we have to applaud their reddit and the wall street bets people for bringing back some law and order and some equilibrium to these markets they're doing the absolute right thing and we need to support them if we believe in free markets and if we believe in capitalism if we don't and the objective is price fixing and to go to a command and control economy in america then that's what we're going to end up with if we let had funs dominate the price discovery and engage in this massive price fixing that the reddit people have exposed mourners after a short break this is our team international.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. what does the let stand for today not long ago the less stood with working and civil liberties now it appears to prioritize again the jerry politics issues we
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hear the word would be a lot but not be followed and is there a place for merit in a politics even. welcome back this is archie international now the mayor of new york city is asking to reveal the number of deaths that occurred in nursing homes in the state during the pandemic that is after a report from the state's attorney general called al the official statistics as misleading we have to make sense of this we have to get the full truth and we have to make sure it never ever happens again nothing like this happens again and we have to be honest about the numbers or a new york state's official numbers stand at over 8000 deaths but according to the attorney general they could be even higher as artie's come up in next point. the nursing home scandal hanging over new york state governor andrew cuomo is head just
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won't go away a new report from the state's attorney general indicates that deaths in the elderly care homes could actually be 50 percent higher than was originally reported that's up to 13000 lives lost in new york it only tallied up the number who actually died within elderly care facilities not including those who went to the hospital after getting infected as the condemning their investigations continue it is imperative that understand why the residents of nursing homes in new york and the saudis suffered at such an alarming rate well we cannot bring back the individuals who lost to this crisis this report seeks to offer transparency that the public deserves and to spur increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents the report singled out almost decision to send coded patients to elderly care homes it was an attempt to free up hospital spaces that may have cost 4800 new york the lives cuomo is office dismissed the report as an accurate the word on the count
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implies to remove total fatalities than has been reported this is factually wrong the department of health has consistently made clear that on numbers reports based on the place of death those words are of little comfort to solve a local news media just lost both of her in-laws last summer and she couldn't hold back her feelings a family was affected and i wasn't seeing the coverage i wasn't seeing the questions being asked of this governor he continued to pass the blame on everyone else and everything else and he still to this day will not accept any responsibility democrats and republicans have now lined up to condemn cuomo reports for new york state's handing of crude 19 in nursing homes reveals a profound failure of executive leadership governor cuomo and the new york state department of health treating our elders as expandable as if their lives were nothing more. then the cost of doing business this is shocking. but not surprising
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governor actually wrote a book about leadership in the middle of the caribbean 1000 pandemic but as we learned today and as many suspected he never told the whole story at the start of the pandemic mainstream us media poured the law on to governor andrew cuomo for his handling of the pandemic in new york state but now it seems pretty clear that he made a bad decision and the media's darling of speccing a full blown scandal. artsy new york david lindorff a founding editor of the news side just can't be happening give us his view. i think the worst thing cuomo did was suspending transferring people with coded out of hospitals and into nursing homes the other direction. and exposing the patients in those nursing homes who weren't sick with cove it with the coded you know serious covered infections of the people that were being moved from the hospitals to get them out of the hospitals and make more room for more patients and
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i may be personally sensitive to that because my mother in law died of covidien a new jersey nursing home which was doing the same thing where you know the state was shifting people out of hospitals in new jersey into nursing homes and then presenting those nursing homes which are much lower staffed and much less good at infection control than hospitals are and not surprisingly the disease spread right through them in the us because the government until very recently would not subsidize. any home care for the elderly you know you have your elderly parents who don't want to be or can't be taken care of by you so you would normally what you would want to do is how hire somebody to come into the house each day or maybe even live in the house take care your elderly parents. and you couldn't get
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a subsidy from the government to do that says very expensive to do the nursing home industry which is mostly for profit has lobbied very intensively with a lot of money to politicians in every state to not provide decent funding for in home care of your elderly parents. meanwhile the us is registering some of its highest daily death tolls from the virus with more than $79000.00 victims this month alone yet that is not stopping some states from lifting code restrictions as artie's done quarter comments. joe biden entered the white house masks a blazing with an executive order that promised to shut down the coronavirus but barely a week in and he's already backpedaling nothing we can do to change the trajectory the president make in the next several months not exactly reassuring especially since that trajectory is given the us the world's highest covert death toll with january seeing record mortality over 79000 cases and the white house is projecting
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as many as 90000 more deaths in the next 3 weeks it's one thing to hear the statistics here's the medical reality honestly the hospitals here will be on the edge of collapse but kind of in disaster mode right now we're going to go through a really dark things are really really bad this is among the worst fears that we've not a pretty picture but that's not stopping states from dropping their lockdown measures california just ended its statewide stay at home order citing a decline in new cases and hospitalizations on the east coast of massachusetts lifted its curfew and businesses can stay open late again even in the hardest hit state new york governor andrew cuomo is lifting restrictions he's declared an end to the post-holiday surge and is assigning guilt to some incompetent government kills people but quote most critics are calling that an overdue admission his incompetence killed soon a citizens. kudos to him for publicly acknowledging that he is running an incompetent state government kind of shocked he would throw himself under the bus
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like that wow he has some nerve to say this one just needs to look at the new york death rate compared to other states it is a disgrace largely due to his decision so nursing homes as cuomo and other governors give the green light to end cold restrictions biden is embarking on his war with the coronavirus for pandemic fatigued americans really needing some direction right now it hardly seems like their leaders are marching to the same drum the hospitals are at their at their limits there are people who are hospitals that have people in the hallways hospitals that are turning people away there are ambulance to get an ambulance in certain parts of los angeles county is taking hours for emergency situations it is an emergency scenario in lots of places including southern california and where the governor to turn a blind eye to that. i think is actually very problematic so this needs to be
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treated as an emergency situation and point out which should be data show otherwise and we're not quite there yet so while the numbers are slightly better than they were say a week ago. seems very clear that there is still a lot of reason for concern and reason for. the u.k. is cracking down on trips abroad and travelers will now be turned back at the border if they cannot provide a valid reason for travel the home secretary's announcement comes after britain's 2nd highest daily death toll from coven. the rules are clear people should be staying that time unless they have a reason to leave going on holiday is not a valid reason britain has also announced a new rules for travel from what it calls high risk countries people flying from 30 listed nations must quarantine in a government approved hotel at their own expense yet there are calls to go even
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further with a top official denouncing a mass failure to follow rules not just borders and monitoring new strains but time to fix the biggest flaw in our current strategy namely that 3 quarters of those with symptoms do not self eiseley jeremy hunt wants to use g.p.s. tracking through people's mobile phones to make sure they self isolate he cited poland and taiwan as successfully using the method earlier my colleague nicky and discussed that idea with our guests that let's know your thoughts on the their proposal for g.p.s. tracking what you think of that. or just the i guess i'm not sure i mean i think that's a bit over the top really i think what we haven't done through all this process is get out test race and isolate work if you want to get a domestic market economy back on the up and running you do australia or new zealand have done 0 cove in the got 0 go bit by chance in their borders good tech to test trace and isolate by quarantine and by providing support for people into isolation what we've got what we've got to do is we've got to accept that this
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disease will exist that this disease is probably not going to be seasonal forever we have got to protect the elderly and the vulnerable and britain has done incredibly well with the vaccination program but in terms of people who are not clinically vulnerable those people need to be sent back to work and we certainly need to open up the schools the idea of g.p.s. tracking people is for the personnel never implemented in time anyway we know that most of the introductions of the virus into the u.k. during the 1st wave of the pandemic and indeed you in the 2nd were travelers returning from mainland europe and i think it might be too late now but nevertheless we are faced with a new virus variants and i guess this strategy is to try and stop the introduction of these more worrying variants of the virus that has been in all of piety within the british government when the matter how crazy the idea is somebody comes along and says they want an even more crazy and draconian rule broadhead we have that
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these people run absolutely right and what has happened we are the public sector debt is now 2.13 trillion in the sense that we borrowed 38000000000 pounds he's absolutely bananas we've got to get back to work we've got to get back to work now because they'll be nothing to come back to if we let this continue much longer while that's most of that's ridiculous isn't it so we're going to let all these early people die out we were going to let this virus spread and there in fact is donated by the 58 vaccinated by the 15th in february as you well know that's making. assumption the vaccines are going to work and they're going to sort of transmit your back you'll make you know something that the economy can exist if you lock it down for here justify that you know we're going to have to learn some very seriousness and this will not be the last pandemic and i think we and many other countries we're not alone in this we're not prepared for this we learnt some hard lessons over march and april but we have did far too much we didn't delay got that
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balance wrong we need to stop debating only about the medical issue and we need to start seeing it in the wider context and accept that britain does need to continue as a country and that the has to be a balance between keeping people safe and also maintaining the wealth and livelihoods and educated of this culture. that as a premise i'll be back in let's say 31 minutes of another foreign fresh look at you know stay with us. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about official intelligence and the point over you see is to create trusts the shia. clerics on theories chozen with artificial intelligence will summon the demon.
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the robot must protect its own existences. in. stocks bonds commodities currencies everywhere you look in the world you have price discovery is broken and the ability to make markets has been shattered because access to free money is now ubiquitous and virtually infinite. war suspenders in my honor and the. never move. to my long career just to be in the same.


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