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i'll see if their. life marches will do center this live in argentina become the latest latin american states to get hundreds of thousands of russian covert shot doses as the head of the un heralds the role sputnik we can play in the battle against. the time news that spain's inoculation campaign using western seems has ground to a halt in parts of the country is supplies are running out prompting doctors to question the procurement system. the vaccine is not being delivered at the rate that we anticipate it's a real problem for the national vaccination plan and it means a ton of us regions will have to review their strategies. in the u.k.
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tell us it's a lot made one of the worst daily death tolls mulls a g.p.s. system to to track infected people we put that idea up for debate. idea of g.p.s. tracking is for the birds they'll never implemented by the way we've got to get back to work we've got to get back to work now because they'll be not going to come back if we let this continue much longer i'm worried that we're. storing up lots of problems for ourselves we've got to get out of this quickly and the way to do it is to keep these restrictions going to get people back to the. friday 29th of january good morning from moscow kevin owen here then for the next 30 minutes with the latest from r.t. international good to have you with us so the news that moscow sent hundreds of thousands of doses of its sputnik the vaccine to latin america as the region
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increasingly bets on the russian jab for argentina it's the 3rd delivery of the russian shots. with $5000000.00 doses in total expected by the end of the month bolivia's received $20000.00 doses the u.n. secretary general speaking about it and said that sputnik the complaint a key role in fighting the virus as the e.u. suffers huge delays and shown to choose from other vaccine manufacturers the latest this morning the. news on vaccine distribution challenges delays in deliveries you may be sick and tired of it but this is the reality around the world even the trust between the countries is being put to the test as the scramble for vaccine doses intensifies concerns over how castro governments and regions like latin america will be able to secure enough jobs for their nations in time are even more serious the ultimate remedy for it is more vaccines cheaper vaccines this explains why the
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head of the u.n. is counting on the russian vaccine and wants to get the green light for it asap we hope to double it sure would prove russia's covered 1000 vaccine and soon as possible it can play a very important role in the fight against the pandemic it seems though for some latin american countries waiting for the final w.h.o. approval may prove to be way too costly while corona virus infections in russia are pivoting bag down skepticism for sputnik v. has all but vanished demand is on the up and moscow's keen to help. the 1st shipment of the russian jabbers only intended 420000 bolivian medics but it's still crucial for those on the covert front line the 1st 20000 doses of the vaccines have arrived in bolivia to stop the 2nd wave of the covert 19 pandemic the bolivian president luis are say has personally welcome to shipment at the international airport eventually bolivia will get enough sputnik the doses to
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immunize 2 points. 6000000 people the president wants to cement confidence in the vaccine by getting the job to. the russian creation is set to become v most used vaccine in mexico and the 1st 3 months of this year and the country that is just about to certify the use of sputnik the january house proved to be disastrous with the worst spike ever in new covert cases the president tested positive last week but the leaders happy has been able to seal the deal with moscow to 12000000 people we spoke with the president of the russian federation vladimir putin and he was genuine and cool deal i invited him to visit mexico and thank him for the decision to send us 24000000 doses of the sputnik the vax and over the next 2 months. argentina was the pioneer in trying out sputnik among latin american
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countries the 1st jabs arrived and when osiris at the end of december and after getting the data on side effects only one percent of those who receive the shot have some sort of issues but as largest went on to order 22000000 doses with the latest batch having just arrived the president and the vice president have both taken the russian vaccine argentina has been dubbed the global testing ground for moscow's vaccine dr well so far so good and the infamous curve in the country has gone past its peak in the in the country with more people bucks in then in latin america. how we could see in the percent of the workers because we have only. seen in the theaters and the use of much now we are receiving 5000000 more of those and wish to lead the bucks initial round with 25
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mi. $1000000.00 east or. latin america has unfortunately long become the red zone on the global covert map some nations there have already followed argentina's example in relying on the brainchild of the russian scientists others like peru which is facing tremendous healthcare challenges are only half way with plans to allow sputnik v in the near future but the trend is more and more evident you probably shouldn't shy away from what they call vokoun are also in spanish if you want a quicker escape from the red zone for your country well some of the spanish spaceless focus on the e.u. that collection of countries facing drastic shortages of its coronavirus shops of the moment indeed 2 of spain's biggest regions of even halted their backs in asian campaigns all together and officials blame the bloc we must stand up to brussels
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and demand more doses we need more vaccines and more tests and everything that distracts from this task will prolong the fight against the virus the catalan and madrid regions have used up almost all the doses with the remaining vols needed to give 2nd shows to those already had the 1st that than ruining government plans to inoculate most of the population by jude and the head of the country's vaccination association the says indeed this shortage is nationwide. so. the number of doses we're receiving has been significantly reduced the vaccine is not being delivered at the rate that we anticipated it's a real problem for the national vaccination plan and it means a ton of us regions will have to review their strategies the supplies we do have will be needed to give 2nd doses to those who have already started the vaccination process so we will not be able to knock you are very vulnerable and increase groups
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that were identified in the original plan it's a difficult and uncomfortable situation. and a difficult and uncomfortable situation playing out across the just 2 percent of people have been vaccinated so far case in point the czech republic's stopped in all together for 2 weeks now because of a lack of doses but it's the spanish inoculation chief again saying brussels should have secured early supplies from pharma giants. i do not like the lack of transparency with regards to the contracts that the european union has concluded with pharmaceutical companies we don't know what we don't know the purchase price we don't know anything at all and i think that's wrong of course we're concerned that apparently those countries didn't purchase vaccines had a higher price than the european union have not experienced such delay in delivery we are not at all satisfied with the current situation. and riots in lebanon event of
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a 5th day now triggered by radical restrictions including a round the clock earlier this week at least one person has been killed more than 200 have been injured in security forces and the army reportedly using live ammunition in some of these protests. those have a situation where tanks are on the streets beautiful buildings there's something of being this violence. buckling healthcare system the sharp rise of poverty in this economy the riots as vandalism set fires a sense a number of buildings from lebanon's 2nd largest city tripoli among the property destroyed of the. demonstrators pelting police and soldiers with stones and molotov cocktails as often seen security forces then responding with tear gas and rubber bullets the demonstrations began after authorities extended. a further 2 weeks it was preceded by an 11 day round the clock curfew earlier this month ended earlier
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this week but that really seemed to be the catalyst to kick off the tensions there in a city already struggling with massive unemployment and big poverty journalist. reporting from the scene for you. a little bit about it there were lead at this any it is the 4th day of the protests in tripoli a lot of protesters have gathered to trying to march to the local administration building and storm it as happened on previous days security forces are you. tear gas grenades to stop the protestors but it's not stopping some of the protesters from throwing the grenades into the windows of the provincial headquarters some officers have been hurt as a result of the protesters have been dispersed from the square with tear gas and some of them are trying to hide in the surrounding areas the lebanese army has surrounded the area but for now the army is not taking any action hero right now the situation is stable as of of there are some small clashes from time to time it seems like the army is waiting for serious clashes to get involved but sometime ago
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it used armed forces to want to block the road selfies to trickle in. the head of the lebanese red cross saying the country is caught right now between fighting kovi plunging incomes many areas. and you too that we have to get back we. believe and the people are fighting for any gardening they need to be there to help them to see how they can manage. and to help today no hospital. in. the i knew of magic but you might be in and they have we had a paving a lot of problems. to imagine what a course we are going to be to be in the. community between both because you get a bill. from both by prominent court and majority from the community.
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and in other countries battle with covert the u.k. now making it much harder to leave the country in the locked travellers will be quizzed at the border about whether the troops essential or not they'll be turned back if deemed not to be the home secretary announced the policy on the day the country registered its 2nd highest ever cova daily death toll. the rules are clear people should be staying at home unless they happen internally going on holiday is not a valid reason further briggs also announced new rules for travel from what it calls high risk countries it was 22 nations now up to 30 nations on the list of people flying from those states who have to quarantine in their government approved hotel at their own expense controversially like the straightly and plan but despite the ever tougher restrictions there are calls to go even further to from both south and north of the english border that it is nor de mint to go further on
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a 4 nations basis we will be considering going further our sales and we will set a date any such additional measures next week why lockdown isn't working fast enough and what we should do next a threat not just borders and monitoring new strains but time to fix the biggest flaw in our current strategy namely that 3 quarters of those with symptoms do not sulfites only also the u.k. government is considering g.p.s. tracking on mobile phones to make sure people are complying with self isolation orders the idea was promoted by jeremy hunt who chairs the parliamentary health committee each cited poland and taiwan is successfully using the same kind of policies we're calling me here and put that controversial idea than up for debate i'd like to know your thoughts on the there prepare yourself a g.p.s. tracking what you think of that. or just the i guess i'm not sure i mean i think it's a bit over the top really i think what we haven't done through all this process is get out test race and isolate work if you want to get a domestic market economy back on the up and running you do australia and new
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zealand have done 0 cove in the got 0 go bit by chance in their borders good tech to test trace and isolate by quarantine and by providing support for people into isolation what we've got what we've got to do is we've got to accept that this disease will exist that this disease is probably not going to be seasonal forever we have got to protect the elderly and the vulnerable and britain has done incredibly well with the vaccination program but in terms of people who are not clinically vulnerable those people need to be sent back to work and we certainly need to open up the schools the idea of g.p.s. tracking people is for the personnel never implemented in time anyway we know that most of the introductions of the virus into the u.k. during the 1st wave of the pandemic and indeed you in the 2nd were travelers returning from mainland europe and i think it might be too late now but nevertheless we are faced with a new virus variants and i guess this strategy is to try and stop the introduction
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of these more worrying variants of the virus that has been in all of piety within the british government when the matter how crazy the idea is somebody comes along and says they want an even more crazy and draconian rule broadhead we have that these people run absolutely right and what has happened we are the public sector debt is now 2.13 trillion in december we borrowed 38000000000 pounds he's absolutely bananas we've got to get back to work we've got to get back to work now because they'll be nothing to come back to if we let this continue much longer while that's most of that's ridiculous isn't it so we're going to let all these early people die out we are going to let this virus spread and there it is that is donated by the 58 vaccinated by the 15th february as you well know as making. an assumption the vaccines are going to work and they're going to transmit your mate you're making assumptions that the economy can exist if you lock it down for here just to find out you might not worry about other people the n.h.s.
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but i do buy my background's in cancer and i'm worried that where we are storing up lots of problems for ourselves we've got to get out of this quickly and the way to do it is to keep these restrictions going get people vaccinated but it's still going to take months for that to have an effect that's the oil that you might not stand the biology of the religion that's the bothered you the situation the point here ace there is that scientists are going fall too far what you need in any society is a balance between risk takers and people who are risk averse bowman's the only concern that we have is about the spread of the virus the only concern we have is about the position of the n.h.s. no concern is being given to the future economic wellbeing of this country no concern has been given to the mental health of young people no concern he's been given about how valuable his country will be after you've brought doctors in cotton wool you know we're going to have to learn some very serious lessons this will not be the last pandemic and i think we and many other countries we're not alone in
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this we're not prepared for this we've learnt some hard lessons over march and april but we have did far too much we didn't delayed got that balance wrong we need to stop debating only about the medical issues and we need to start seeing it in the wider context and accept that britain does need to continue as a country and the has to be a balance between keeping people safe and also maintaining the wealth and livelihoods and educate should all of this coach would yell about someone you can't get wrong different countries doing different things well our story ahead after the break just thought of the numerous us states easing long term restrictions despite on the other hand a surging u.s. death toll stele it's still awful there so why after the break.
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what does the left stand for today not long ago the less stood with working people and civil liberties now it appears to prioritize i dinna cerium colonics over issues we hear the word would be a lot but not be followed and is there a place for merit in a politics anyway. let's imagine that everything that we learn of all the world fits not right so as we learn more and more because we are learning more and more grow now as any good island the island is surrounded by an ocean in this case is the ocean off the unknown most stuff we do not know right and a paradox of learning and this is why the point is that yes the island grows. between what he's known and why it is not known is also growing he. joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. if i get morning if what's the closest to 19 past the next as mentioned before the break in the u.s. is registering some of its highest daily death tolls from the virus with more than 79000 victims this month alone yet that isn't stopping some states from lifting code restrictions on a quarter report joe biden entered the white house masks a blazing with an executive order that promised to shut down the coronavirus but barely a week in and he's already backpedaling nothing we can do to change the trajectory the president make in the next several months not exactly reassuring especially since that trajectory is given the us the world's highest covert death toll with january seeing record mortality over 79000 cases and the white house is projecting
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as many as 90000 more deaths in the next 3 weeks it's one thing to hear the statistics here's the medical reality honestly the hospitals here will be on the edge of collapse but kind of in disaster mode right now we're going to go through a really dark things are really really bad. the worst fear is that we've not a pretty picture but that's not stopping states from dropping their lockdown measures california just ended its statewide stay at home order citing a decline in new cases and hospitalizations on the east coast massachusetts lifted its curfew and businesses can stay open late again even in the hardest hit state new york governor andrew cuomo is lifting restrictions he's declared an end to the post-holiday surge and is assigning guilt to some incompetent government kills people but quote most critics are calling that an overdue admission his incompetence killed soon a citizens. kudos to him for publicly acknowledging that he is running an
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incompetent state government kind of shocked he would throw himself under the bus like that wow he has some nerve to say this one just needs to look at the new york death rate compared to other states it is a disgrace largely due to his decision so nursing homes as cuomo and other governors give the green light to end cold restrictions biden is embarking on his war with the coronavirus for pandemic fatigued americans really needing some direction right now it hardly seems like their leaders are marching to the same drum a lot of the hospitals are there at their limits there are people who are hospitals that have people in the hallways or hospitals that are turning people away there are ambulance to get an ambulance in certain parts of los angeles county is taking hours for emergency situations it is an emergency scenario in lots of places including southern california and for the governor to turn a blind eye to that. i think is actually very problematic so this needs to be
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treated as an emergency situation because the point at which the big data show otherwise and we're not quite there yet so while the numbers are slightly better than they were say a week ago. seems very clear that there is still a lot of reason for concern and reason for caution. the u.s. has issued its 1st of a national terrorism bulletin on domestic it stream a scolding them a threat to the government. information suggests some ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition as well as of the perceived grievances fueled by false narrative could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence this still keep it doesn't mention a specific county government plot but claims radicals may be emboldened by this month's capital riots to attack government officials and facilities who need rivera
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says editorial director of the reactionary times online news site he is this warning is going to be used as sweeping some conservatives in the government trying to justify you know future or i guess all restrictions on you know let's say conservatives or republicans gathering to protest or to you know just come together against the agenda of the current administration is this is like a sign of things to come but we're going to move towards a more statist kind of society in america under president biden we're seeing it in a lot of different ways because in addition to governmental action we're seeing big tax obviously with the way that they've all locked down and they censored conservatives you know you have a president from can't even use twitter anymore and you can't use other social media outlets and you're seeing conservatives get banned left and right i mean reactionary times we've lost our you tube channel and i have no idea why that would
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have happened because it wasn't like we were out there motivating people to take any sort of violent actions but i think right now because there is just old colony of power consolidated amongst the left we're going to see a lot of strange things happen. i'll leave that for for the day thanks for watching us this morning you're up to speed with what we're talking about from moscow carried out international world news center kevin though in the team signing off for now more from us into the 36 minutes rather of course home service any time you want a. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived within the zeros on the word to view houses were allowed to leave prison was located and only cia people had access to the
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story for investigators sure hell they uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore in thought or nonsense. p.c. maybe a sore knee for. crying for justice on r.t. . is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being lead so. direct. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the
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depths. or inmate in the shallows. right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese it's profitable to self thirty's and sugary and salty under victim and it's not at the individual level it's not individual willpower and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply the medical and scientific establishment. some of what's driving the obesity epidemic it's corporate profit. when i was a child seemed wrong why don't we all just all. the world get
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to shape our disdain become educated and endangered because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hey folks coming up on that as well or plus one. do you need a life coach. this guy's the state of the are not quite dr phil i think dr phil's yoda but he's only one mike bear and you see him a lot like dr phil and you know phil's led them on he thinks the world of them the new book out called one decision the 1st step to a better life your 1st step to a better life stick around for dennis miller plus one.
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day folks welcome to dennis miller plus one today's guest is mike baer mike is a life development coach new york times bestselling author i don't develop real life he's best known for his books best self and be your best self also the founder and c.e.o. of cast centers for treatment of mental health and addiction and he's been a coach to young celebrities like. demi oh it's funny i always get screwed up now because demi moore at one point went from being demi to demi but i think a lot of thought it was stated demi demi lovato and joe jonas who seems like a pretty good cat i've seen like i talk a few tons mike has a new book out called one decision the 1st step to a better life what's up coach amy and thanks for having me i'm on. well nice to have you here i was watching the thing about. there's
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a special coming up on the bee gees on h.b.o. as part of the promo they show the one jonas brother coming off talking about how obviously it's a blessing obviously it has its own set of criteria big famous of big famous with their siblings and he just seem like a good cat i'm surprised at what point did he come to you for some life coaching because he seems like those jonas kids seem reasonably together. well i don't even know how people end up with me with life coaching because half the time i feel like they're in a better spot that me but somehow i. made it. put something. incredible they are like you in the 1st minute because that's how i feel subsidize what people ask me if i say go brother if you only know because of stumbling around in the dark like get a bloody kick in my shits yeah i mean i started off doing crises for like
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i don't i mean i live in l.a. i didn't since 3 years and all of a sudden and because the last scene to us and have pretty good success people would call me in for crises so like you know i work would be our forums or some of these different families and then it really transitioned all this and i found myself in pop music. and then it went from like addiction psychiatric to bands freak you know people cheating in there are some people who want to fire teams people who don't want to go on stage anymore studios that had an actor who had a incident so it just kind of kept evolving i mean the guys are just brothers i met . when they were going through their break up so it was just kind of like how to reinvent all their lives and careers and so that that's my mojo.


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