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it's. not. in the headlines this hour the russian and u.s. presidents hold their 1st phone conversation since joe biden's inauguration covering the raft of topics from weapons production to the pandemic. iran approves russia's coded banks even now plans joint production in an exclusive interview with r.t. the country's foreign minister tells us why iran's backings but big. stuff or at least india says it's nearly ready to approve the russian vaccine for the country's most go envoy saying he's already got the job. they expect in the next couple of weeks. do you not believe that it would be approved would really be available for
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use. as a vaccine vexation between britain and brussels and escalating round whether supplies these the u.k. call out the use plan to tightly control medicine exports. a very warm welcome from our team here in moscow you're watching r.t. international with me. now a lot of putin and joe biden have held their 1st phone conversations since the new u.s. president's inauguration and they touched on a number of hot button topics is more pain explains. well the phone call was initiated by joe biden and it seems that much of the call focused on these start treating this is one of the nuclear agreement that was signed between the usa and
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russia at the conclusion of the cold war and it limits the number of nuclear weapons and nuclear delivery systems that both the united states and russia have now in the trumpet ministration period there were a number of nuclear treaties that expire the clear skies agreement expired the i.n.f. short range agreement expired as well and the new start treaty was scheduled to expire on february 5th but from what we understand there was an agreement on the phone between joe biden and between russian president vladimir putin that the the new start treaty which is set to expire on february 5th would be extended this is the summary of the phone call that we heard from the kremlin the president's expressed satisfaction on reaching an agreement on the extension of the strategic arms reduction treaty in the coming days all the necessary procedures will be completed to ensure the further functioning of this important international legal mechanism for the mutual limitation of nuclear missile now russian president
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vladimir putin has now put forward a bill before russia's duma that would actually extend the treaty for 5 years and it would not expire on february 5th joe biden indicated that he was he was favoring such an extension as well now according to reports we do understand joe biden did talk about putting pressure on russia in response to what he described as malign activities and he also mentioned the case of the russian oppositional figure alexy no valving here is the white house's summary of this phone call president biden made clear that the united states will firmly in defense of its national interests in response to actions by russia that harm us or our allies the 2 presidents agreed to maintain. transparent and consistent communication going forward so quite a difference in emphasis there the kremlin is emphasizing the victory of you know signing this agreement to prevent an escalation of the arms race between the 2
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countries we have the white house emphasizing allegations about malign activity it cetera but overall it seems like a the result of this phone call is the likely extension of a very important nuclear agreement that prevents a new arms race. well let's discuss this further with dave lindorff added to all of the online news website this can't be happening thanks for joining us on there the program dave it almost sounds like a cold deal start doesn't it do you think this momentum can continue. well it's going to turn depend on a couple of things you know i know that biden has taken a pretty tough line on. in you know during the campaign and prior to the campaign you know even calling him a thug and so on so i guess it will depend partly on. president putin having a. thick skin and contest responding to that kind of
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domestic criticism that that biden has done you know one of the things about the united states is that it has been demonizing russia for especially the neo liberals that are a big part of biden's cabinet have been demonizing russia for years now all through the obama administration and and you know during the trump administration especially and so you know biden can't like kivett around completely and suddenly say you know he wants to. develop friendlier relations with russia so he's going to be talking to best a cli. as though he's a tough guy with russia but i think that realistically the goals that biden has domestically are going to require winding down of a. military. confrontational attitude towards russia and starts trying to in
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the end i was quite interesting dave was that how different the 2 countries the statements off the cycle the credit emphasizing the cooperation that was discussed by the white house focusing on different days division and aggression though once you put that down say. well i put it down to the fact that both those leaders and biden have constituencies in their own countries that they need to satisfy i think in russia my sense is that. i'm not a russian expert but my sense is that the russian people would like to have friendly relations with the united states not you know be confronting me united states all the time and i think that the same is true in the united states. that biden has to look at what the attitude of the american people is the difference is that in the us as i said. the pumps been primed with
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a lot of scary rhetoric about russia you know that they're trying to move. it you guys are trying to mess with our elections that you know you favor trump and so biden's people think that russia is an evil empire and all of that so he has to kind of bring things around slowly and that means that he's going to have to be sounding like he's going to be tough with russia even if he really does want to reach an agreement on the start agreement and extend it and to maybe find some other places that russian the united states can cooperate and sort of lower the rhetoric and the temperature but i think what many people are wondering is why they you know because joe biden and barack obama had such a close working relationship when they were with him to get him in the white house whether if it was joe biden by this administration is going to be the old approach
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again for the next 4 years always going to be a fresh start what do you think about. well i think biden has to do something. net emain you know have intended to do originally he has to be more of a. have to focus more on developing the economy in the u.s. which is in terrible shape right now with the record unemployment and so on. with that because of the pandemic he's going to have to take action with a narrow majority to to win over all the working class people who supported trumped by helping them get jobs and helping them with the stresses of you know the close all the closed restaurants and places that hire these working class people and in order to do that he's going to have to not crank up military spending which is what
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would happen if he doesn't reach some kind of detente again with russia so i think that he is hand is kind of forced in that direction but russia may have to swallow or putin at least will have to swallow some tough talking domestically in the u.s. for u.s. consumption of him you know really taking a hard line with russia so a positive sign that for the 1st phone call with the prolongation at the start 3 arms control treaty a was a time to for pated but the what is the main thing to national security. well that's a big deal i mean if they didn't if they didn't extend the start treaty then there'd be a lot of pressures on both sides to start ramping up and modernizing more nuclear missiles i mean the u.s. has already embarked on a $1.00 trillion dollars so-called modernization of the existing nuclear
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stockpile some of that is is actually creating new weapons you know like adjustable bombs that can be dialed between safe 15 killer tons and 50 kill it on send and so i mean megatons i'm sorry. so they you know a small it like 15 kilograms and and you know a 10 megaton bomb are pretty different and they can make something that you can shift up and down i think the i think the dialing is actually to 500 kilograms half a megatron and then making other bombs modern and new warheads we don't need that and i think that we know we also don't need $1.00 trillion dollars think spent over the next whatever it is 10 years on nuclear weapons so and i think biden is in
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a bind because he doesn't really want to spend all that money but he can't turn around suddenly and say oh we're going to make nice with russia you know all that other stuff we said about russia isn't true. and you know we're going to be friends with his guys because people are already keyed into thinking oh russia is the bad guys russia is the evil empire so but he's going to have to do a slow you know gradual change and i think the main thing to do is look at. what biden and prudent can accomplish you know behind the scenes talking and you know working towards more of a detente but it's. going to be a lot of rhetoric and dave as evan golf editor of the online news thought this can't be happening thank you for your time thanks for having me. iran has become the latest country to approve russia's but big very covert vaccine and hopes to play
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a part in manufacturing the medicine to elect exclusive interview with r.t. the iranian foreign minister explains why his nation has chosen the russian vaccine over the west and alternatives has some of the interview with chaz in full hair on thursday i think it was a public health problem with some political considerations about the intentions of the united states and the lack of trust which is which is very clear we have a very bad experience with another western country that i do not want to name they sent to iran. blood. white us. and so a lot of people needing blood transfusion still need to investigate it further but that was certainly a major public health problem in europe we will get. russian the russian ric's vaccine we will get the chinese rock scene you're in close touch with all of them
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be real good in the end of a vaccine but our own iranian produced vaccine burned through the 1st cycle of human. clinical testing and we hope by june we will be able to use our own reaction separately the mexican president has described the job as evidence of scientific progress adding that his country hopes to get millions of doses within weeks we spoke with the president of the russian federation vladimir putin and he was genuinely affectionate i invited him to visit mexico and thank him for the decision to send us 24000000 doses of the sputnik vaccine over the next 2 months well meanwhile in india the final stage of sputnik the clinical trials is well underway and the country's ambassador to moscow says he's already taken the job himself. i took it last week. the 1st also sputnik vaccine i feel perfectly red many of my colleagues in the embassy have done so as well and
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i am. absolutely certain that this is part of the normal. precautions that we take her during the pandemic situation just as we have made a mosque we have sort of a distance but it is also good to take scientifically proven. scenes and of course the sport big vaccine is one such vaccine approval of the sputnik v. in india could come within weeks once it completes the trials and d.r.s. also considering making a job on its territory for both domestic and global demand the country's envoy to russia told us why new delhi volved doesn't come as a surprise that we have a such a long tradition of cooperation between india and russia their cooperation continued during the cold pandemic so when the idea.
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was to kill the material approach the indian authorities or the testing of the sputnik alexina this was really come to an india these fears 2 trials of the pink box you have been completed has 3 trials but commenced and be assured that as soon as they reckon your tree approvals are given in india it will be available for use in india. aim is to finally. cover the vaccination of 300000000 indians so it is one of the largest vaccination programs in the world but at the same time we wish to reach out to your friends and neighbors and we have done so be have given the nation doses. supplies have been sent by air to an apollo booked on bangladesh myanmar say shows maldives and this is just the beginning we do not believe in vaccine competition we do not
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believe in vaccine nationalism we believe in rexy in cooperation and friendship and we intend to extend our hand of friendship that will support for their explanation programs of a number of countries. who are in need of this and reading the book through the u.n. to double which will as people and i'm sure in the weeks ahead they will be cooperation between india and russia on the global vaccination programs and there will be great potential for cooperation because the number of the vaccines that are produced in india will also be used abroad and that will include that russian sputnik rock scene that would be produced in india. has been in touch with a number of very good indian companies to take this forward and we expect in the next couple of weeks sputnik rexx enough there is a regulatory approval will be available for use in india and also for export to
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russia and other countries in. the netherlands until the 3rd night of anti lockdown riots on monday so fires lit police vehicles been downed windows smashed in protesters some of europe's toughest private restrictions which include an overnight curfew. more than 180 people were arrested in the latest on rest in amsterdam and rotterdam where shops were vandalized and looted local officials on the prime minister have condemned the violence as criminal with some fearing the unrest puts the country on a path to civil war. or germany has formally demanded that the e.u.
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stop all export of covert $900.00 vaccines produced within the block that's as a spat over vaccine supplies continues between the e.u. and london britain's vaccines minister has hit out of brussels decision to control exports calling it vaccine nationalism and wrong stems from european politicians accusing the british swedish drug company astra zeneca of diverting promised evacuees and supplies to other countries here's our europe correspondent peter all over. governments across europe are struggling to bring down the number of cases of covert 19 and the number of fatalities from the virus that's the spite putting in place lock downs and restrictions on people like those that we've seen in the netherlands that have resulted in on rest there the latest issues that we're seeing a regarding the logistics of getting the vaccine where it needs to go there simply
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isn't enough being produced at the moment to put into people's arms that a spot is a ripping between the u.k. and the e.u. which is ended up with the u.k. vaccines minister accusing the european union of well vaccine diplomacy vaccine politics whatever you want to call it he's got a name for it vaccine nationalism is the wrong way to go we've got to make sure we protect our own people and then actually put our you know leaning as far as we can to protect the rest of the world to deal with the shortfalls in the number of vaccine doses available the european union has said that it wants pharmaceutical companies to inform brussels whenever vaccines manufactured inside the european union are to be exported outside of the block well that really could end up resulting in delays to vaccines arriving in the united kingdom that's the concern in london despite 10 downing street playing down the idea of
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a vaccine war it's clear from what we just heard from the vaccine minister it is causing some concern now there's also concern over vaccines coming the other way earlier on we've heard from astra zeneca the past oxford based part based pharmaceutical company saying that they were going to cook the number of vaccines expected to be delivered to the european union in the 1st quarter of 2021 by a whopping 60 percent that did not go down well in fact it resulted in. and the european commission president coming out and saying that well they needed to get the vaccines that they paid for she also made accusations that perhaps some of these vaccines may be going to the highest bidder as opposed to those that it signed contracts like the e.u. to get them in the 1st place lash sums where invested to build research cap acid teas and production facilities early europe invested billions
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to help develop the world's 1st covered $1000.00 vaccines and now the companies must deliver they must honor their obligations. and this is why we will set up a vaccine export transparency mechanism make no bones about it the european commission and the slow fund the line personally extreme scrutiny across the european union for the way that the vaccine program has been dealt with what we have is a situation whereby the vaccination program in the e.u. is being late silly slow if you compare it to countries like the united states and the united kingdom which has done particularly well it isn't looking too great the way that vaccines are being rolled out across the book and there are a lot of people asking a lot of questions why that is the case it's unsure of course whether between the e.u. and the u.k. is the way to solve that particular impasse. still to come thousands of covert
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vaccine doses are wasted in spain as the country faces a lack in special syringes to extract all doses from each vial it's among all stories still ahead to after the break on international. will see who would be most impacted by having unrealized gains tax the so-called wealth tax would they not be incentivized to do agree style collapse and property from the credit default swaps but on america we always said that once they were successful in destroying greece they would move on to other countries in europe and it would eventually get to the u.s. is that day now approach. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. there
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are things. we dare to ask. you. welcome back the hate speech acts as fallen on another social media presence this time facebook taken down a group called patriots against joe biden it was allies to the conservative new
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site at the scoop his founders have also had their personal profiles permanently banned here's how facebook explained this decision. page patriots against joe biden has been removed for violating the terms of use pages that are hateful threatening or obscene and not allowed we also take down pages the an individual group or the sets of an authorized individual the big tech dreamt up again this month when donald trump and some of his closest allies found themselves silenced by twitter facebook and other platforms many conservatives flocked instead to twitter rival paula but that foul of the internet skate 1st it was dropped by apple and google is app stores and then amazon pulled the plug on hosting the website on its cloud service facebook's bank to pay to other group for dissolutions democrats vote as well relative new kid on the block telegram is on the fire now to an internet
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safety campaign groups making legal ways to get apple and google to drop the messenger apps and it's failing failing to filter out extremist activity among behind the scoop website told us social media bounce will only see people move elsewhere to share their opinions we made the patriots against joe biden group after the capitol riots several days after and we had a strict clause in the about section of the group this group is about peace we reject all violence they still say it was extreme they shut down the group and they banned me from basically permanently the scoop we're small organization we're doing well but we're not big funded media and we need to depend on these social media companies to make money we've barely ever gotten any strikes on our pages and this is pretty much our 1st warning and we were taken down i think it's just because the social media companies want to defend joe biden they're so terrified about what happened happened in the capital and they're using that as coverage just purge all conservatives on social media is there a clear distinction between energize free political speech and the aggressive
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dangerous tribalism which any civilized society would expect it to be neutered online you know the problem is very difficult i. i understand that before social media when we would have discourse it would be in person with the shelter of the internet it obviously allows for people to have cover and be a lot more extreme in what they say i don't know what the solution is but banning people from social media because you think they're too extreme is not the answer people are moving to platforms like telegram to parlor if you ban people for their speech and they don't think they didn't think it wrong they're going to keep on moving to other platforms. or twitter is facing another wave of criticism of a censorship this time of a new mechanism the platform saying is aimed at addressing misleading information the mechanism called birdwatch allows users to create notes the tweets containing information they believe to be misleading it's not being tested by uses across the u.s. on twitter ultimately aims to make the notes visible for all news is around the world
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but it's already many of the the new feature with skepticism this is going to be immediately weaponized against any trans person who presents scholarship about trance well even just talks about their own experiences if your approach was taken in 2001 then masses of users would have silenced the correct alternative voices and enforced official position that iraq was in possession of fissile material for nuclear weapons you're weaponize ing misinformed consensus or legal activist even new come sees an ominous trend in twitter. this is another one of those kinds of developments where people can collectively pile on so to speak or jump on particular viewpoints and attempt to suppress them there is a great effort to suppress speech at the current time suppress viewpoints that people
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don't agree with and i think that that's a real danger i think that any society that suppresses viewpoints and the open expression of dialogue and discussion from one side of the political spectrum or the other if you have. even more than 2 sides of the political spectrum it's important to get all views. well despite an overall shortage of vaccines many doses of the fine is a job in spain have gone wasted that's because the country likes the special 3 inches needed to extract all doses from a vial a medical experts brought down the problem in a bit more detail the truth. they have already talked about the 6 and even 7th doses it's not possible with old vials. you have to be prepared for that and use more expensive syringe just and usually it's a lot of money and requires more caution. so while 165000 doses of the pfizer
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shots have been given so far in the catalan region an estimated 10000 doses have been wasted on the shortages could have been worse had it not been for the fact that some regions do have the right needles the country is going through some of its toughest times that a 3rd wave of the pandemic daily infection rates hit a new high last week some little payroll again ses the shortage of vaccines has on play fight the problem. the main problem is that the number of vaccine supplied under the agreements and procurement of the european commission is still very small i believe that until new vaccines are allowed their numbers will be significantly lower than we and the rest of the european union needs now the european math since agency is changing the technical detail induces per hour as soon as the labels changed they're going to give us 20 percent less those of us then we should out because any mistake means a loss of dos i think what this really means is
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a 20 percent increase in price. this will be hit with the latest in that i see many . imax kaiser this is the kaiser report wow. you know what margin debt is arrays.


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