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group must protect its own existence with existence. if 3rd night of violence breaks out in the netherlands as riots again flare up over a new covert curfews following a weekend of unrest over the country's top lock down. this comes after countries that face a shortfall in deliveries of coated vaccines the supplier astra zeneca the latest to warn it can only provide 60 percent of what it had promised prompting some e.u. states to look for alternatives. we were forced to find a new source in order to get foster livery of reliable vaccine we've concluded a treaty today under which russia will deliver a vaccine to hungry in 3 stages. and while the new u.s. president pledges to speed up the vaccine rollout of public health agency chief
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admits they have no idea how much vaccine the country has as several states report shortages. are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now a 3rd night of rioting has broken out in the netherlands over curfews being imposed to combat the spread of coded crowds of mostly young protesters have been seen torching items setting off fireworks and rampaging through the streets there are also reports of similar unrest in the southern city of killeen it follows a weekend of unrest in several locations across the netherlands some of which has turned ugly prime minister mark condemned the violence as criminal the country already has. some of the europe's strictest lockdown measures and is imposing an
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overnight curfew from 9 pm to 4 30 am flouting the measure attracts a mere 100 euro fine.
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thousands also marched in spain and to denmark with dozens of arrests protesters decrying what they see as the authorities mismanagement of the covert crisis has also turned violent with clashes in suing german political commentator thomas fassbender and risk expert professor david alexander talked to us about the simmering impatience across europe. we're expedience say a combination of a certain culture and straights among western european populations that is strongly individual to live but libertarianism you could even say skepticism towards governments towards science on the one side and then object of political mismanagement governmental mismanagement which is partly due to net surely the produces not being able to provide the capacities but if this is not only a fault of that produces the. it is also and we are discussing this in germany very
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intensely this is also simply the failure of government structures to cope with the situation so this combination has gone toxic in a way that a certain percentage of the population is no longer willing to or to comply and to accept the rule was this needed to be taken more seriously on the face of it it was because government said this is one of the greatest risks really faced but they didn't really face up to it have they communicated well enough to explain to people worry need to be patient have they provided this account to people who are desperate have they really understood. it so some of them actually defined what went on for is absolutely fundamental to all of this especially for people who see their income completely or partially disappear so in fact if those things are in place there is perhaps less excuse for writing less reason to create and perhaps
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less opportunity to do it meanwhile the european commission is demanding answers from british drug maker astra zeneca over vaccine delivery delays which could be down by as much as 60 percent other manufacturers are also warning of severe delays our europe correspondent peter oliver has more. supply chain issues with vaccinations are causing headaches for e.u. officials we've heard from me even health commissioner acknowledging that there is a problem and saying that manufacturers need to provide some casting guarantees when member states will receive their jobs the leader of the irish government may come martin has said it's there could be a delay in the vaccine rollout in his country due to the knock on effect of the delay that they're not getting the jobs from the vaccine manufacturers on time while the italian prime minister just sepic on to is accused vaccine manufacturers of breach of agreement and putting lives at risk these delays in deliveries
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constitute serious contractual violations which cause enormous harm to italy and other european countries with direct repercussions on the life and health of citizens no astra zeneca puts every problem in enormous we're going to deal with it i think over 70 is more generally will be delayed because of our stress on 2. depends on these negotiations and earlier this month pfizer announced a 3 to 4 week delay in their vaccine arriving in a u. member states while astra zeneca the u.k. based manufacturer that vaccine could well be approved for use within the e.u. by friday of this week have said that there will be a 60 percent reduction in the number of vaccines arriving in european union member states in the 1st quarter of this year. well there is no shared jewel delay to the start of shipments of our vaccine should we receive approval in europe initial volumes will be lower than originally anticipated due to reduced yields at
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a manufacturing site within our european supply chain this is prompted some nations to look elsewhere hungary has purchased enough doses of the russian sputnik v vaccine to inoculate 1000000 of its citizens budapest's saying they want vaccines not excuses about why they're not coming. due to the slow delivery of the vaccine we were forced to find a new source in order to get fast livery of reliable vaccine so it is a great honor and a great pleasure to inform you that we have concluded a treaty today under which russia will deliver a vaccine to hungry in 3 stages sputnik of a could well be set for approval for use across the european union by february the infrastructure to give out vaccines is in place in most member states the problem is they've not got the jobs to put in people's arms. the u.s. federal government does not know how many coronavirus vaccine doses are available
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in the country that admission came from the head of the centers for disease control and prevention in a fox news interview where she also said securing supplies is the biggest problem right now as are these killer mom and comments. while the united states is currently surpassed the grim milestone of $25000000.00 covert infections plus 420000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic it's quite grim situation with people continuing to get coated 19 people continuing to die due to the pandemic and now at this point we do have the newly appointed director of the centers for disease control talking about the fact that the u.s. federal government is in the dark about how much of the vaccine is available take a listen i would say one of the biggest problems right now is i can't tell you how much vaccine we have and if i can't tell it to you then i can tell it to the governors and i can tell it to the state health officials now thousands of
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appointments for vaccinations have been canceled across the united states due to a lack of vaccine supply at this point here in new york there have been 23000 vaccine appointments that have been canceled in virginia there was a hospital that canceled 10001st dose appointments in south carolina there was a hospital that canceled 6000 vaccine appointments after it received only 450 doses in hawaii there was a hospital that canceled 5001st dose appointments and now we've got governors from across the united states basically demanding the new administration help them and figure out how this problem can be resolved our biggest problem is really simple it's a lot go back. and i know every other state has the same problem we have so many distributors we can't supply them and you will see distributors who run out of supply the new administration of joe biden has promised to vaccinate one
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$100000000.00 people within its 1st $100.00 days to achieve a rate of $1000000.00 vaccinations per day but that rate has already been achieved by the trumpet ministration and far exceeded in some areas we had. a higher rate on some days of vaccinations now this was the response when this was pointed out this is jens sakhi the white house spokesperson none of us are mathematicians myself included so i asked our team to do a little math on this so the term the administration data minister in total about $17000000.00 shots that's about less than 500000 shots a day what we're proposing is to double that to about $1000000.00 shots per day so it appears that the new administration does not know exactly how it is going to solve this problem of not adequate vaccine supply meanwhile the infection rate continues to rise across the united states quite a serious situation the head of the washington pain center told us earlier that
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pre-election promises do not always become reality but it is a real disconnection between the government which obviously the ultimate responsible and the suppliers such as pfizer mcgurn and other there are suitable industry we should really be working hand in glove with respect to this pandemic that we have and across the planet i think what we need to do is ok let's focus on what the problem is now in terms of getting the supplier of these vaccines supply chain working out and patients who need to go 1st go 1st so that's nice to do a cheap shot but if it gets more poorly what are we going to do today and tomorrow political promises that are made only campaign really don't pan out in terms of what you get behind the desk and you have to really deliver with these patients. almost every country in the world is likely to see the biggest increase in inequality for a century and a stark assessment of the effects of the pandemic on wealth oxfam international
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also says it is the most at risk who stand to be the worst affected. during the pandemic that $10000000000.00 is made half a trillion dollars in that in that period which would be enough to prevent anybody across the world from being pushed into poverty and would be enough to pay for a vaccine for everyone at the other end of the spectrum we know millions of people have lost jobs livelihoods a roof over their heads so the interest is enormous all of the wealthy and of the scale the world's richest have already recouped their pandemic losses but it is a very different story for the planet's poorest for them it is going to take a decade to recover oxfam also says the number of people living in poverty globally may have increased by hundreds of millions last year the charity's head of inequality policy told us about why the wealthiest have enjoyed such a rapid rebound. it was an initial hit to stock markets back in march of last
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year when the pandemic 1st started since then the stock markets have been booming and the richest people in the world hold most of their wealth in stocks and shares see their increase rapidly and just to put it in context of the financial crisis over 10 years ago it took 4 years for billionaire wealth to get back to where it was when the crisis hit this time it's taken the knowing moment so using a boom time for billionaires whilst as we know ordinary people all around the world of facing the fear of the virus the fear of death and sick nervous but also losing their job soon the hunger that comes with that sort of very very different story at the bottom it seems immoral to oxfam and to all of us that believe me i should be making sorry much money when sorry watch is needed as we said today the cost of vaccinating everyone on earth could easily be covered if we were to not cygnus
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increase in billionaire while. the latest article of impeachment against donald trump was officially delivered to the senate on monday ahead of an historic 2nd trial of the former president trump stands accused of inciting insurrection at the capitol on january 6th it has been barely a year since his previous impeachment and the trial itself won't start for another 2 weeks and lawmakers have been tussling over the timing the democrats are pushing for a quick trial while republicans want to hit the brakes saying it is important to ensure due process not that trump's party is totally on the same page 10 house republicans voted for the impeachment if convicted trump could be barred from ever holding public office again earlier we heard from legal analyst jennifer de master. the president has already left office trump is now former president trump then that as there's ringback no constitutional basis in fact the only precedent where where
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where these kinds of things as happened with a plot impeachment proceedings against a former officer who was several 100 years ago and in that case is that said now you're right we don't have we don't have a claim and so they dropped it so the president goes against and the constitution goes against of this is not constitutional it's just another kangaroo circus that we're seeing again from the democrats and again now some of the some of the republicans in congress the republicans are irreparably scarred from this because people have woken up they are seeing that they're seen some of the absolutely ridiculous accusations not only brought against president trump but brought against his supporters his followers the people who really got a lot of them in congress a lot of the republicans in office because they were following chung's lead on that and so these are people loyal to president strong that are are feeling very just in franchise by the party that they supported by the party that they advocated for and completely now thrown under the bus with and within 5 days. struction of the north stream to gas pipeline that resumes despite u.s.
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sanctions with berlin taking a stand against foreign interference that story much more after a short break this is arch international.
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those of us who watch carefully the russia gate hoax oh yes worried that it would eventually become the foundation for the by the ministry she has done to me this is what you do with strong supporters or american liberals the bracing the so. welcome back this is our chance for national construction of the vast nord stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany has restarted after u.s. sanctions had forced its suspension the project should now be completed by the summer. a special pipe laying a vessel called for tuna has been spotted in the territorial waters of denmark now
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why this is important it is because this particular ship along with the company that owns it what got on the list on the latest on the newest list of u.s. sanctions that are aimed at de reeling this whole project now if russia is to succeed and to complete this pipeline it would allow it to double the amount of natural gas supplies to germany berlin has been saying that these sanctions are effectively foreign interference into something that is strictly a subject of relations of russia and germany have a listen. they consider these extra territorial sanctions to be inappropriate. as we've reported several times these the sanctions direct to do german and european companies and we fundamentally opposed them. by putting this vessel and some other vessels in the region under the sanctions essentially it's not the 1st
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time when the united states are trying to just completely derailed the north stream to project and also russia is saying that it is political pressure and effectively washington is trying to push out a competitor russia out of the market washington itself finds quite a lowering because washington has been promoting the idea for quite some time that europe should be buying natural gas from the united states and not from russia but according to the russian president vladimir putin he recently expressed hope of that with a new president in the white house washington maybe soon will become more understanding and world play a more fair game when it comes to the country's economic pursuits. i hold the united states administration will treat its partners its allies with the. specked and will not try to force them into neglecting their own national interests
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and i hope that the new administration will work following the principle of fear competition so the work on the pipeline has resumed completely in defiance and in spite of all the efforts and all the measures that washington is taking to prevent it from happening just to give you an idea as to how little there is left to be well done and constructed this fortuna vessel is expected to lay only 120 kilometers of the pipeline in the danish waters a boy and of may and that would complete the project in the territorial waters of that country and from that moment on all that will be left is some 28 kilometers of the pipeline in the german territorial waters and that's it and from that moment nothing can stop north stream 2 from going operational but obviously we'll have to see if washington will take any more last ditch efforts to world collapse of the project. italy has slapped
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a ban on tick tock users who have not verified their age after a 10 year old girl died while trying to complete a dare on the video sharing app now the online game called the blackout challenge involves people choking themselves to temporarily pass out the girl who took part was found dead in her bathroom. the medics did everything they could to bring the child back to life but unfortunately although their heart immediately started beating again their brain had been starved of oxygen for too long due to the strangulation after a few hours of eve reversible coma we concluded she was brain dead tic toc insists that users safety is a priority and bans any dangerous behavior but in italian a lawyer specializing in online cases says that social networks must do much more. we get i mean to laugh but clearly the story of this little girl is truly tragic it
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makes us reflect on the role of social networks in the lives of minors yes parents must pay attention and control their children but there must be social control of the content the mind is can see on these networks a social network cannot just say a minor has stated that they are old enough to use the up they should check it if the very for cation a child accesses the platform and sees violent content the social network would be responsible in this case is necessary to determine whether the tick-tock social network really has some responsibilities for this video of the child was actually viewed by tick-tock or not but the italian data protection authority has opened an investigation against to talk into this because it's trying to understand whether access to money actually legitimate and legal. russian president has responded to the widely watched video from opposition figure alexina valley claiming that he owns a luxurious palace compound on the black sea coast vladimir putin dismissed the claims as old rumors and speculation and
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a farmer got more details earlier from our correspondent rug on staff. this video was widely promoted by and by anyone with an interest in it so even you tube was promoting it giving it in recommended videos section to almost everyone across the entire world which is incredibly rare you had pod and its western media for example pick it up and spread it like you know the gospel this video which was itself lacking details but that is a characteristic of the investigations in this particular video. they stipulated that these huge mansion was being built for vladimir putin about a $1000000000.00 worth. you know government complex or whatever have you and they said that this was who vladimir putin we've heard the kremlin come out various
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spokespeople and deny it and now the president himself has come out and said that it's nonsense. i want to answer your question right away nothing that is indicated there is my property it does not belong to me or my close relatives and never did he put it all together and decided to brainwash our citizens with all these materials. the timing of course is very interesting because it was released immediately after the election in the valley was arrested upon his return to russia for violating the terms of his suspended sentence which he's currently currently serving he's now a weight in the court to decide on his future equipment as a as a as i said has repeatedly come out and said that the prison spokesperson no less than 4 times saying that this is a concentrated effort to destabilize the situation the country both politically and socially and certainly after that video was posted we then saw protests across the
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country so what did mr putin. say about that 90000000 views on that video huge support allegedly for the valley and yet in moscow for example a city of 12 to 15000000 only about 10000 people came out and among them were huge number of miners 2 out of the 3000 people that would detained across russia about 300 of them one minute and this is something that has caused a huge amount of concern in russia. anything outside the law is not only contra productive it's also dangerous you cannot involve minors and participating in unlawful actions that we have been added to everybody everyone has a right to demonstrate a right to express themselves themselves but only so long as it's within the law
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the opposition is planning another rally on the 31st of january perhaps the hoop for more people larger attendance because this was somewhat lackluster even according to the opposition and they really this doesn't devolve into the into the sort of violence that we saw this on this weekend covered restrictions could soon gradually be lifted in moscow and elsewhere in russia the president credits falling infection rates throughout the country archies more if an ocean explains. russia has been living under lockdown and lead to different pentatonic restrictions since april and now finally the situation starts getting back to noble stabilising the authorities say it's still a long way to go but at least the dynamic is positive these are the official numbers in the last 24 hours for the 1st time since november less than $20000.00 cases registered across russia it's time to begin lifting some of the restrictions
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president vladimir putin says the epidemic logical situation in the country is gradually stabilizing the number of new infections is decreasing this allows us to cautiously live the restrictions but always with mass vaccination in full swing here in russia and more and more people get an immunity to the virus the situation here in the russian capital is getting back to to this what we hear from they see team a are so bad in with the numbers of new cases daily go in down schools and colleges resume in person classes universities to follow within the next 2 weeks restaurants and bars closed off to 11 pm but theaters in cinemas are open with 50 percent seating but still an masks and hand sanitizers and blogs are still our best friends here we must use them in public places we expect some of these restrictions to be lifted soon but as ludmer put inside it should be done grey daily and while
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watching the numbers closely 32 minutes that's when i'll be back with another full and fresh look at you news this is our international stay with us. because so much going on the phone line is my fight normally coming to the meetings mark them up on the limb for appointments no demos done a lot of photos and stuff to get a. lot of muslims but ultimately they just either get a little. she burns or was you make
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a. choice you know you're for them. then bombard from the sun on my book you go to the british course they're going up themselves. i mean they got the award and of course i don't want any of the. mall to. pick up. to take a. leap. in. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle those of us who watched carefully the russia gate hoax always worried that it would eventually become the foundation for policy the biden ministration has done exactly this and what to do when trump supporters are american liberals embracing the soviet experience. to discuss these issues and more.


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