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is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy our lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle is a very real. struggle. joe biden is sworn in those the 46 president. states promise is to the full civil war between republicans and democrats we look at whether the rift between. either we're going to resolve these issues peacefully through the battle of ideas or in 10152100 years we will resolve them violently is just a full blown assault on behalf of the democratic party and their alliance with the big tax social media inspiring she will eliminate any way straight any opposition any any political dissent that's done to challenge you know the radical leftist
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agenda. believes the white house made a must have security operation in washington d.c. for the aeration. i guess it's a pretty good chance what it's doing with a close a lot of this pretty much the whole downtown area has to barricade the checkpoints there's no concrete blocks everywhere never seen security like this here or anywhere in america. powerful plus destroys a church building in madrid killing at least 3 people. it was likely. to arch international my names you know me on 30 minutes of news i'm curious start . by being sworn in. as the $46.00 president of the
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united states bringing to a close donald trump's 4 year term in his speech biden called for unity a quote historic time of crisis and challenge ahead of the inauguration 200000 flags were placed on the national mall they represent the 'd people who were prevented from attending the ceremony to the. other safety measures don't relate to cope with the unprecedented 25 fellows enough guard troops are in washington to maintain security. and was following the inauguration ceremony for us. in past inaugurations during i guess you say a normal inauguration there'd be hundreds of thousands if not more people behind me instead there are flags so obviously the coded pandemic we knew this was going to be a much scaled back and smaller and much more subdued affair because of the cove in 1000 pandemic but then add in what happened january 6th and the intense security the red zone through you know around the national mall and around the capitol that
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massive security perimeter of the 25000 national guard troops but nonetheless joseph r. biden giving a speech about a 20 minute speech a message underscoring unity in america perhaps one of the most divisive and divided times in this country's history saying that america or democracy is precious democracy is valuable this is a day about democracy not about the candidate and that despite the events on january 6th democracy has prevailed jennifer lopez saying also lady gaga you know sing the national anthem but you know it is it is obviously this is a much more scaled down affair and just getting here it was very intense you know getting through the city we had to go all the way around the perimeter we had to go through a covert testing site where they made sure that you know we were we were tested as far as those in attendance you know you have cabinet future cabinet officials you
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have the supreme court justices you have members of congress plus one they're only allowed to bring one guest usually members of congress would have a contingent of people that have basically a number of passes they could give out that wasn't the case this year so these are all things that are representative of the day which is you know nonetheless is a sunny sunny beautiful but cold and windy windy day. during his inauguration speech joe biden said article also needs to confront the white supremacy in an apartment reference to certain trump supporters it comes of course saying there amid a climate of highly charged language being used by both democrats and republicans against each other r t america has been sworn in spoke to his podcast about a still it. the use of language is so important as a journalist i know words mean something and we constantly use language to to demonize and dehumanizing people on the other side it's leading us towards
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very drastic measures and i write about that or my overstating it no you're absolutely right listen the use of language is the most by which we communicate yes some of our communication modalities are non-verbal but we are a dialoguing animal and so to the extent that we can serve the meaning of words then we control the narrative and so let me give you an example rape used to mean that you know the reprehensible diabolical crime that it was i mean typically a male who you know asserts the right of a woman to have freedom of choice in terms of who she wishes to mate with but that wasn't enough so now we talk about things like visual rape right so if a man liers at a woman the wrong way well it might be reprehensible maybe you shouldn't do it but it's not a form of sexual assault but by altering the language such that someone who approaches you in a vulgar manner is engaging in linguistic rape someone who stares at you in
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a leering way is engaging in visual rape you create a new reality so of course language matters and you're exactly right that it's dangerous and to call your next door neighbor who is a white male who voted for trump the mystic terrorist is not going to result in good downstream effects and i always tell people there's only 2 options either we're going to resolve these issues peacefully through the battle of ideas or and 10152100 years we will resolve them violently is there something that needs to happen in terms of trying to find some form of unity from now former president trump or about to be former president trying to create a feeling of unity he has talked a lot about defending his supporters and protecting them but at the same time what could he do to say there's got to be a better way to treat these people and to not not just demonizing them but the humanize them. yes so i mean frankly i think the message of this unity.
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is not coming from trump it's coming from the incoming administration that strongly a spouses identity politics as a way to organize society identity politics by definition is the opposite of unity because it get allies us into tribes whether it be political tribes whether they be sexual orientation tries were there be skin color tribes it is the opposite of a unifying message or add a moment where there is such rage toward the losing side i don't think we've ever seen this happen before where rather than taking a victory lap rather than celebrating the win we're seeing almost like what you might call a sore winner is that is that how you would describe it. yeah well that the left is definitely projecting right that's what they do they're classic projectors i like to say that projection is their game fascism or fascist is their name because
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that's exactly what they're doing what conservatives are currently experiencing here in america and really all around the world regardless of which you know nationalist or populist movement you may be a part of is just a full blown assault on behalf of the democrat party and their alliance with the tech social media and tyrants to eliminate any way start any opposition any any political dissent that's going to challenge you know the radical left agenda and so you're talking about your politics people have a reason to be scared one side is not allowed to speak and it's more than just not speaking is it not it's you don't have the right to speak and we're going to talk in your place in your stead about how you must be deprogrammed you must think differently if you don't change the way you think you should have a job you should be a lot of fly on airplanes you should be allowed to stay in hotels or air b.n. b. this is not
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a new phenomenon right this has been happening under the eyes and noses of lawmakers here in our country who have just decided to turn a blind eye to it because like you said it's easy for people to say well you know these things aren't happening or they can't happen on a bigger scale because you know maybe those people should have just found little quiet or you know maybe they were a bit too controversial but you know when you look at history and the absolute horrors and acts of genocide and atrocities that happen this is the same behavior right that leads to it and this is exactly what happened in 1930 s. germany ok n a now president biden about president biden due to to assure people that hey we're not all in the me here and we don't have to be in a muse we don't have to continue that how does this growing animosity but tween us as chaos we can just come together as americans. that is an excellent question so i think in order to bring we have to honestly address what was the cause of so many
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trump supporters who may not have really been stopped republicans but they were stopped republican support drop them out of the follow what made them so excited they will follow everything that transcend it and there's a part of america that feels left behind for whatever reason they feel forgotten and you know that neither the political parties back then and strong into that base in a considerable way so i think to bring unity we need someone to talk to that base that there is talk of how do we deal with a troll supporters and deprogrammed them it's rather disconcerting at the same time it's not surprising when certain media avenues and certain people and even politicians have been convincing americans and other people around the world that donald trump was the 2nd coming of hitler that he was running concentration camps that he was going to genocide people that he's a white supremacist in a racist and all of this stuff and then a quarter of the country supports him 75000000 people voted for him if someone has
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been programmed to believe that then it's not entirely shocking nor surprising the way people are responding i think it was fairly easy to see it coming as i said at the same time it's extremely hypocritical one of the things that most one of the things that a lot of trump opponents criticize donald trump for is that he is divisive and that he is polarizing and that he harms unity right so for people to say that and then at the same time be talking about you know reprogramming 75000000 americans or d. platforming them or trying to silence them or calling them you know nazis or nazi enablers all these very very you know inflaming terms it's extremely hypocritical because they're doing the exact same thing but actually far worse than what they complain that donald trump or even some of his supporters have been doing and it's weird how people can sort of see that blind spot due to their own
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political biases. zuby only been sworn podcast now joe biden takes the reins in washington he will have to deal with a crisis of trust in the government a poll conducted after the storming of the capital fund that 4 out of 5 americans believe the u.s. is falling apart a similar proportion of those surveyed said though about they were still proud to be american we canvassed opinions in texas island in new york. there are real divisions and i think that comes around. and he asked to step down. i mean there's a political divide that iraq and certain action i think are true want to things that happen in the capital i mean it's really easy to feel look at home to the school before i would say that really good spot there costs a lot of. this country is going to mark. you know the. 10 serious things you know the president there are 400000 individual americans dying
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from poor coronavirus you have millions of people unemployed you have business is falling for bankruptcy you can't play issues between the current president and the president coming it's not a very. it's a easy switch over i think a kind of what the current. president biden is doing its part trying to impeach steele trying to sell president to childish. well in the days building up to the inauguration washington d.c. saw a massive security operation unfold with thousands of soldiers on the streets barricades drones in the air our senior correspondent off the of takes a look at the operation was directed against. washington is on red alert had locked out no huge crowds new fans that they've even divided the city into color coded zunes like baghdad residents could move around in green zones but red zones are
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restricted and guarded by $25000.00 troops there guarding not against an enemy not against terrorists but against their room population. all of this of course following what they call the insurrection of capitol hill on january 6th since then the secret service the f.b.i. the national god intelligence seemingly anyone with a badge has been moved to prevent trump supporters from trying it again and everyone's a suspect even the troops stationed in washington being screened for right wing sympathies by the f.b.i.
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this is like something out of north korea. we're continually going through the process and taking 2nd 3rd looks at every one of the individuals assigned to the suppression we need to be conscious of it and we need to put all of the mechanisms in place to thoroughly vet these men and women who would support any operations like this and. distrust and fear are in the air haggle like a like a poisonous me step it doesn't matter which way you voted people are statistically warrant this isn't the country they've lived in their entire lives i guess it's pretty. tense but in doing so they close a lot of pretty much the whole downtown areas to the barricades to check points that no concrete blocks everywhere so you really can't get anywhere near the national or constitutions i mean you know it's really sad. it's lived in washington for 20 more than 20 years i've been to a lot of inaugurations and i've never seen security like this here or anywhere in
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america and it isn't just washington d.c. it's it's all over the country and there is good cause one in 3 voters still believe that biden wasn't legitimately elected one in 3 hold this radical view and you were out so kay that's bad but in america where the most guns per capita in the world at really really bad right now there's too much going on in our country when the election. went by and a trumpet ministration if you're scared of a long gun our country was born on long guns the revolutionary war was won and fought with longer we have a country that's getting more deeply polarized because we have 2 political parties that are playing each other for each other's problems and issues the politicians of the parties something needs to be done these these congo law in the country needs to heal right you can't very well run
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a country with this kind. divide brother against brother neighbor against neighbor and if you listen to democrat press statements abs what they've been trying to do think the events of the past few weeks have proved out just how damaged the soul of america has been and how important is to restore it that work starts on wednesday the thing with press statements and i can tell you this from experience as they are who always truthful and in this case it isn't they're preaching peace but what they're doing is something else entirely turning the 74000000 people who voted for trump and to lampas to be shunned and costs that there has to be consequences but history shows it is not reacting not forcing accountability only and all the ins those people and those movements i don't know if there's such a job as a political exorcist but they need to do something to fix the republican party to
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get this demon as out there are republican members of congress i know who clearly have lost their minds who just will not accept reality when it comes to the facts about donald trump if you voted for trump you voted for the person who the klan supported you voted for the person who nazis support you voted for the person who the all right supports that's the crowd that you are in a new ones trying to be the better person here trump is skipping the integration and flying them to florida not so much as a good luck the biden too offended themselves good riddance they say what next merica hasn't been this divided since the civil war but nice to think that it'll be better off for the inauguration. but why would it no one seems to be in any rush to make the 1st move passions run high in america today and i think every precaution
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has to be taken to ensure that a repeat of january 6th doesn't occur. on inauguration day or trying to disrupt the now you ration of joe biden but the the imagery of 25 a nation governed. by a government that is not recognized legitimate by that number that you know that percentage of the american so you know this is it's going to be a very difficult 4 years for the united states i don't know if we're ever going to be able to recover from this the partisan political divide is so deep and so wide joe biden is not the politician to bridge it he is one of the reasons why this divide exists so is donald trump and there's there's not easy joe biden will speak of unity he will speak of healing but the fact of the matter is he has now the trust of a significant percentage of the american people and there will be no healing there will be no unity a lot of american european leaders have hailed
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a new domain for relations with the u.s. on their vital a public opinion is less optimistic with around a 3rd of european saying washington count be trusted in a new poll and over 60 percent see america's political system is broken we asked people in france germany and the u.k. for their thoughts. the relationship is not good because of trump but whether it will improve its 5056 available to song it will be difficult to unify because trump has a lot of radical supporters the u.s. and e.u. seem to be taking a confrontational approach to each other at the moment i hope the biden would be more friendly towards the e.u. because under trump there was a lot of distance between the 2 that's about music or just i don't know that i have confidence in this president and you a lot of american people who laughed he was the man for the job they thought they were happy with what they saw what happened when we see what he has done and what he's doing with him to ourselves that he really must be stopped that's all trump
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has done quite low down the center right so i think you're going to see the repercussions about i think other nations have a leverage because if so it's going to get better but it's not going to happen or not i know that biden is more pro e.u. trum i but i think vested interests in that tradition of friendship and trade relationships will win in the end what key foreign policy challenge for joe biden will be overcoming disputes with china including a long running tara for we spoke with one qual a news anchor c.t.m. in the chinese capital about the prospects of a new relationship between the superpowers i think for one thing beijing is ready to work with biden at the next ration on a whole host of issues from climate change to improving trade relations to really stop this ask leading trade war that does neither side any good and. to some extent reset this relations to make it more cooperative less confrontational but i think
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beijing is also ready to have a very realistic expectation of america of the by the administration because his hands can be tied let's face it there's a midterm election in 2 years senator kerry lection in 4 years in the military industrial complex and. washington d.c. is not going away some think tanks that tend to be hawkish that profit from a confrontational you know relationship with china are not going away. they're funded by the major military many factors weapons manufacturers in washington so watching this from beijing i think policymakers i would assume that i would soon have a very realistic expectation of the by the inspiration. here let's move on to more world news now a powerful explosion in central madrid has destroyed a building owned by a catholic church killing at least 4 people the city mayor said the blast appears
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to have been caused by a gas leak local journalist amir veloce quit spoke to me earlier. we know little about the explosion we know that it might have been a gas leak they say that they were doing some repairs seen side of the field in during the blast we know that there are some scientists police specialized units of the police here trying to find out exactly how this blast happened around 3 india after noon today we see some flames and devote on all of the building still and we know that the 'd 5 stories of the building the top of the building have seriously damaged there's a care home with 55 elderly people nearby this bilin and also a school the yard of the school was absolutely food of rubble after the explosion and fortunately not any of the populace of the school and also
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the residents of this care home were injured the police has also sent some conine brigade some rescue dogs to find out if they might have stills be somebody inside of the building or could be trapped in the remains of the building after these huge blast the building belong to the church. it was the residence of some priest and church workers unfortunately it looks like it could have been even worse the explosion could be felt and heard from several kilometers from the spot the neighbors started recalled in with the phone right away with the flames and a lot of dust coming out of this building there were really worried about you know the situation especially for example the parents of those populous some of these
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nearby school and also the relatives of the you know the elderly that live in despair. home finally when we found out that it was you know these buildings were not affected and it was just more reduced damage neighbors to start to to be more. calm but but definitely they were really really really worried and some of them they are still not able to go back to the buildings because it's not safe because that structure has been seriously damaged and that firefighters are now assessing what they're going to do with the building this is still some flames and to add to bottom so this situation continues to be quite unstable and we don't know exactly how it is going to play yard what is going to happen with the building and when the neighbors will be able to go back to their homes. or time in moments to
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cross to some programs on our to find out what's showing wherever you are today in the shortest amount of breaks say yes. so we were this newsroom to see search is going to be claimed christmas good. number you. remember he just came up with a ticket in your show that out of. antarctica is a very international community. meeting yesterday of the curriculum that took place . really just going to keep trying to keep it as the stuff so sorry so that new
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orleans east. really pushed some of the wood to restrain the growth of brazil so there nuchal spirit of cooperation in antarctica is everything. if you were to lose it would have. to do with. the fact of the day how they decided not to take people like. you that.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm social media platforms today function as the public square they were key to almost everything we do when society the same platforms can ban you would be platform you essentially disappear you should private companies have that kind of power is it time to rein in big tech. discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest why no in new york he is illegal in media analyst in c. but we have geoffrey carr he is author of inside warfare mapping the cyber underworld as well as founder of the suits and spooks cyber security conference and in los angeles we crossed to grand elwood he is a regular on the jimmy door show is one of those host of the political on you tube julie cross-eyed girls and i think that means you can jump in anytime you want and
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i always appreciate knowing what's going to lionel in new york i mean with this flurry of events around big tech the the banning of. parlor appears to have reappeared beastly donald trump has been banned from most of these platforms and there are a lot of complaints that a lot of other conservatives are being treated the same way as ensure the question that is before us right now is should these big tech companies define what speech is defined what it is and indirectly what dissent is and should they have the right to. arrange and define what the public's fear is lionel well the 1st thing is i've always believed in my line of law which means that people always like mine technology the 1st thing is we have to understand these are not private organizations or private companies social media is not some quirky little thing we talk to grandma about her favorite tapioca recipes these are utilities this is the
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phone company this is f.c.c. this these are t.v. waves this is whatever analogy you want over the line and they're not legally bound i mean i think they should become utilities because what i'm saying is they function as utility that's what i'm saying that we have to change that this idea for good section $230.00 and all those kind of but we have to realize that when 90 percent plus of a country of a group of a world uses these people to cook to cooperate it's like trying to regulate oxygen and air in the atmosphere this notion of social media platforms are going to change this and what you're doing is they're throwing everything they can to see how much resistance don't receive how much center shift people will tolerate so it has to be done right now and the 1st thing is for going to 30 which is a big deal section $230.00 we have to recalibrate reframed these people as utilities.


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