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or is it more in the idea of a traditional just. our lie with the people this demonstrates that struggle in the very real. struggle. expands its vaccination program with the goal of. the population by the end of the year. ships but. for the russian banks. across latin america. and dicing with the size the u.k. government. failed to get a 2nd of people within 3 months as previously promised despite existing concerns. this is crucial in boosting the immune levels if we then 3.
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given. the losing. of the 1st vaccine. circle over the white house is president elect joe biden. with a bomb a era veterans. other very good morning to you and thanks for joining us here on. first this hour russia has expanded its mass vaccination program. 60 percent of the population inoculated this year let's go live now to. central moscow vaccination center good morning bring his run up today then how we ramp up the levels of vaccination. post
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here has just opened and we're expecting our 1st visitors any minute now and let me tell you this this is probably the nicest place in moscow right now where you can get a jet i mean just look at the gorgeous architecture and decoration of russia's iconic most famous department store facing red square and the kremlin wall now the vaccination is free of charge and that goes for every russian citizen who have decided to take a job all you need is to show your id and name your field of work according to russia's top health care officials the main goal right now is to achieve herd immunity before the next fall. certainly it would last to have everyone get the shot and thus have no problem so far we have not been able to meet nice people on such a scale from any title from faction but just fabs that will be able to get 60 percent of the overall population in inches the 1st year is
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a new kitchen which is just. so in addition to over a 100 hospitals in moscow where you can get a job in a more traditional setting so to speak there are dozens of vaccination outposts that are really popular and even trendy places that mostly inside shopping malls but also in an exhibition center and given in a theater there are now 2 vaccines available the 1st one called sputnik me and then there was another one called corona both developed by russian scientists the whole procedure should take around 45 minutes that 1st doctors need to verify you're in good health you're feeling while and then if you are qualified for the knock relation they give you a shot it after that you should stay around for at least 45 minutes just to make sure there are no immediate adverse. reactions now vaccination started in russia last. december and according to those in charge of rolling out the japs
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there are over a 1000000 people who have been already vaccinated health care and essential workers were the 1st who got vaccinated and now they keep widening the list to include more and more people. russia's health care minister is that the country is planning to run poppy vaccine distributing in other regions why now there are 2000000 doses of . by the end of the month. many thanks with the latest that constantine in central mosque. now as a team has received a 2nd batch of this funding for the vaccine it comes as more countries across lots in america have been opting for the russian. job with more details on what his kids . whatever the science behind the covert vaccines other factors are at play politics being a key one it's no surprise that vaccine approval and distribution has been like
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a parliament divided along party lines countries are mostly sticking to their own before selling all of their neighbors north america and europe have made their own pitch while competing vaccines have been subjected to increased the skepticism scrutiny and smears so it may come for some was a surprise that much of latin america is leaning towards the russian option being the latest to sign up reduced ration of sputnik vaccine in paraguayan proved the increasing interest of latin american countries in a safe and effective russian vaccine against corona virus we expect more countries in the region will also approve it soon and ready to create new partnerships to pool their foods in the fight against the pandemic paraguay joins argentina bolivia and venezuela in placing orders and cuba are in talks to start local production with mexico peru and brazil also potential customers yes sputnik ves easy to transport and store it's also competitively priced but could there be another
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factor let's face it as far as neighbors go do it politically north and south america are pretty much like chalk and cheese so it venezuela and bolivia pushed into pariah state status over the years or cuba really designated a state sponsor of terror it was a matter of when lot if south american nations would start looking for friendlier countries to hang out with the 1st thing we have to look a here is the blockade against a more like an american country than in a case of benefit or york and a very limited i can we back in economically in the u.k. back in the american made back in there out of read you can be levied by working in that country. we can see that of the the russian companies have far less exposure to us punitive measures. in them from us. and increasing the
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possibility to trade in with partners like venezuela countries traditionally closer to the united states such as mexico or course the reka have already opted for western design vaccines brazil is still on the fence while plans to launch production of sputnik are in place regularly true provable has been delayed though moscow says it's just a temporary issue in connection with unreliable information that appeared in a number of media outlets about the refusal of an emergency registration for the sport make the vaccine in brazil we clarify that the national health surveillance agency has requested additional information regarding the sputnik the vaccine which will be provided shortly russia plans to expand sputnik corporation in the region for many countries on the continent it seems like the best choice practically and financially and whatever the global politics at play in the upper echelons of power latin american nations agree and a pandemic like none of us have ever witnessed is protecting the people which comes
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1st naturally the few that are being played by many sectors. or with washington who are politicized their distribution of a fighter back into that country the pressure here in latin america with this is of course counterproductive to the interests of the people who are essentially looking to get the cheap vaccine quickest to safeguard their health and improve the health care system of the country so i think if the thumb extended it was inevitable that the distribution of the right thing was going to be polluted by that the but i get this in order the detriment of the people living here in the continent. seen u.k. ministers sparked outrage by suggesting people may have to wait longer than 3 months for their 2nd kovi the previous the promised 12 week maximum weight was already criticized as being too long some people want be a bit concerned by saying no you ought to be able to deliver on getting that 2nd data and can guarantee that on 5 years for example you will be able to get
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a 2nd more we absolutely are in fact we should be able to deliver it and i think we can be quietly confident does the government know something there w h o f d n fires they don't why are they seriously willing to concede they're gambling with the nation's health by playing fast and loose with vaccines this is dangerous 2nd shot as critical and 12 weeks already stretching it not sure what to make of this let's hope this is a rare under promising rather than a real risk the different vaccines have been tested with different times between the 1st and 2nd doses they range from 3 weeks up to 3 months given to originally planned to stick to the shorter timeframe but now says it's ok to delay for the full 12 weeks in order to eke out supplies to get at least some vaccine to as many people as possible but that decision's been met with widespread criticism and concern for both the public and from within the medical profession a british doctor's campaign groups appealed to the health secretary to lease make
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exception for the pfizer vaccine which recommends the shortest gap between jobs in the statement the drug firm points out that there's no data to say the 1st dose gives any protection beyond 21 days british communicable diseases expert dr but it says that the 2nd job can't be held up indefinitely. the 2nd dose is crucial in boosting the immune levels so if you are some optimally immunized and then you never get that boost that immunity will eventually start to frayed and you become one rouble to infection we have to immunize as many as possible as fast as possible and i accept giving the one vaccine prevents severe illness in more people by using up the 2 doses to give to double the number of people accept that but if we then fail to boost their immunities in a given time span then we may be losing the protective effect of the 1st vaccine
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that we gave if that is the case it's very unfortunate therefore the 2nd vaccine ought to be given within a good time frame not an indefinite time interval now in a shocking revelation doctors in the u.k. are reportedly being told to throw away leftover coronavirus vaccines similar incidents have been reported to across the atlantic but 2 shoppers in the us were fortunate enough to receive a curve in $1000.00 job on the spot they were for the vaccine by an in-store pharmacist who was looking for any takers after 2 health care workers had missed appointments not everyone is so lucky though one health specialist share the story of a doctor who could not give left overdoses to patients or technicians because of hospital policy and by the time he received approval the doses have been thrown away talked about carney again comments on those issues. i think there is a lot of inertia in people rising above regulations sometimes
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regulations that are written out need to be challenged it is a shame to waste 2 axioms if you have got them spread out you should develop what you would call forward planning and have a register of people that you can call at short notice and immunize them don't waste any because this is an important and valuable medicine to protect people so you if you do forward planning and you find the people who can be on a reserve list and they can be called very quickly and they can attend as soon as possible within a couple of hours and you must do that planning to immunize the are the people with the spare vaccine moving over to america where a video of a woman suffering convulsions after she received a coronavirus job has found safety fear is a warning you may find these images now disturbing brunt's grind his mother received the pfizer vaccine in the wee seann of this was at the start of january
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according to a sun she hadn't experienced any health issues prior to having the shot for granted described his mother's condition in an exclusive interview with r.t. . going to speak to her she said that the day afterward she woke up with a headache and she said every day since until today today's the 1st day she has. she started noticing. seizure like movements in a way or less like 1st. it was 3 days afterwards and she was admitted to the hospital before these she had no control over her legs when she was trying to walk the doctor said they think it's the metals and the vaccine. is causing her to have the neurologic for action. office has not confirmed the case and said it is investigating but it's not the 1st time concerns have been raised about the safety of the job noways current investigating the deaths of dozens of elderly people who recently received the vaccine dryness says the response he received to his video
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suggests his mom's case isn't the one off i've heard of other cases since i shared a video on facebook. thousands and thousands of people message me comment and however it myself personally i haven't read all the messages but i read hundreds of them myself personally if people tell me their stories their daughters or sons their mothers or you know maybe members of their family have had reactions share their vaccines our plot of some of them had a lot of messages that are negative say and this is your mom or you know you're lying or whatever bigoted comments you know it's it's not really something going on trying to entertain too much i don't know why people wouldn't trust they want to code back seem to take away codes things and get back to normal. without international us the scum russian opposition figure lexan of value has been detained after returning to moscow after almost 5 months in germany larry been
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recovering from the latest poisoning that story on the web. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. come back with the trumpet ministration leaving the white house you might think there's a brand new faces poised to replace them but many of joe biden's key cabinet picks in fact hark back to the days of his old boss especially when it comes to the u.s. state department. of explains. alex with the old and then with the well even older it seems go ahead and flick through do biden state
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department nominations you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd slipped into a parallel above the presidency there back well almost all of back from the people who brought you look at cash for feeding libya the bungled war in syria got stuck into the coup in ukraine and brought relations with russia to what they are now or as the chief in waiting puts it this team behind me they embody my core beliefs that america's strongest when it works with the sellers it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back judging by the team's track record now is a good time for innocent civilians and potential collateral casualties around the world to start quaking in their boots because this cabal of liberal bruises seems to have much less compunction about dropping bombs than trump ever did such as mr
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blinken who believes that the us failed in syria because it didn't destroy it enough in syria we made the opposite error of doing too little without bringing appropriate power to bear no peace could be negotiated much less imposed or how about victoria nuland was a tool it's prefer jets and armies and bombs to take out anything that doesn't fit their picture perfect idea of democracy newlands more wily she gives in with with cookies and smiles and gets you to trust says you have a friend and then says this behind your back. that would be great i think to help glue this thing and to have do you when help glue it and you know. america is strongest when it works with its allies biden said. nuland does that to make sure that america doesn't become too strong and keep those allies guessing about who
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she's trash talking this stuff or take samantha power now slated to take over america's aid agency machine she's good at anything it's making sure that the u.s. doesn't work with other countries to get things done to the assad regime russia and iran 3 member states behind the conquest of and carnage in aleppo you bear responsibility for these atrocities these are the people who helped bring trump to power they are they are part of what voters grew disenchanted with the and lost wool is the endless deaths the endless failures but then again they would expect too much from a biden state department in the words of a famous defense secretary if it's foreign policy chances are biden will get it wrong. i think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national
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security issue over the past 4 decades looks like it's going to be a continuation of a increasingly aggressive us foreign policy that makes sense because that has been the the trajectory that republican and democrat administrations have done over the past several decades and his most recent pick seem to be a continuation of that this is an ongoing thing and that coupled with his his defense department picks a 3rd of whom have major ties to the defense industry all signals are that we're about to see some serious neo-con foreign policy problem is that you have this inertia within us foreign policy and there's 2 parts to the inertia one is just the fact that all of the think tanks all of the contractors everyone that is part of the military industrial complex is supporting and promoting these types of these types of aggressive war hawks to the state department and the department of defense
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but there's also something more sinister at play here is the fact that there's an underlying jingoism that is built into us foreign policy and has been for several decades in this jingoism tells us that the u.s. government the u.s. military can go wherever it wants whenever it wants and kill whomever they wish including civilian casualties and that there can be no negative blowback or consequences for if anyone so much as tries to defend themselves there are mediately a terrorist and when that is the over the underlying thought process and bedrock founding principle of u.s. military and foreign policy it's going to lead to this type of aggressive posture around the world and it has to end. kremlin critic alexei in the russian civil was immediately arrested by police on a rival for violating his probation in the van they've been in germany receiving medical treatment after the incident last summer when she fell seriously ill during a flight washington quit they reacted to the arrest foreign ministry in turn to
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focus on internal issues. in response to mr sullivan as well as many other foreign figures who publish pre-prepared comments respect international law do not encroach on the national legislation of sovereign states and you would problems in your own country the kremlin's attacks on mr novell me are not just a violation of human rights but an affront to the russian people who wants their voices heard. as more. but here i am of course just to the southwest of mosco and around 7 30 pm local time russian opposition forgot it was a queue to land on that flight from by lynn however at the last minute we got word that all incoming flights were being diverted to other at ports and the values flight was set to shut her mouth of us the other side of the capital now we know he has been detained why well at the end of december he sobbed out
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a suspended sentence on charges of embezzlement not that related to the so-called aid for a shut case that goes back to 2014 not the thomas of that's a suspended sentence to mont it that to he regularly report to an office but russia's presence serves to say that he failed to do so on at least 6 occasions over the past here that was before he fell sick on that plane from siberia to moscow and they said they gave him fat warning about the potential consequences of consistent evaluating his probation now this is not the only a legal challenge ahead for need the kremlin critic is also facing fresh allegations of fraud investigators say the key misappropriated a waste of $5000000.00 worth of donations that were given in good faith to his non profit organization and that could see a penalty of up to 10 years behind bars blessed us remind ourselves of what's led
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up to this moment and wine of ani's of a ton to russia has gone to so much attention. for tool users. not just on that last point about requests from german authorities it became clear that berlin had said something to moscow but most of. the material that was said was so lucky and substance that really it couldn't be considered anything useful or
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worth the of anything of cooperation nevertheless we've seen the e.u. sanctions senior russian officials over the novell nice saga which looks like it might still be continuing on has been taken into custody and it looks like around that on the 29th of january a decision on his future will be made in court. paris is urging washington to return to the iran nuclear deal france along with britain and germany alleges around is in violation by building up its nuclear weapons capacity something the iranian foreign minister has rejected the 2015 do a song by 7 states and was supposed to limit iran's nuclear capability in exchange for sanctions relief but in 2018 the u.s. withdrew prompting to iran to suspend some of its commitments since acquired more than 12 times the amount of enriched uranium permitted by the deal is going on the
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ground latest guest is former iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad who insists that his country is a peaceful one you can watch the full program on our channel later today or you can simply had to website an orchard at r.t. dot com. electable the culture of the iranian nation has never throughout history been after conflict. war or threatening others basically the error of using the language of threat in national and international relations dude ash the point is over how will. make any difference to iran us relations he's of course a very good friend of israel from our standpoint it makes no difference who is president in the us since major u.s. policies are devised by the governing board behind the scenes look at the past 70 years many crimes against humanity have been committed and a lot of wars and impositions have been waged by consecutive u.s. administrations i don't expect that not to reoccur in the future what did it make
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you feel when you saw the pictures of the attempted insurrection in washington those are the internal affairs of the u.s. they're almost irrelevant to international policy bad luck to say when there was demonstrations on the streets of tehran yes in their foreign policy they meddle in all the affairs of countries today the world is being managed according to the principles of political darwinism what that means is that for some to be strong others would have to be weak this ideology is anti-human and has turned the world into a place where an arms race has jeopardized everyone security i'm opposed to this world management model and believe that all nations and human beings can live in friendship peace in the brotherhood. ok the big brother to date all returned with normal top stories in half an hour.
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nuclear power plants have become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people are demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no clare power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor
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beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional the disappearing democracies or power lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways. the struggle on r.t. . maps in atlanta and welcome to going underground less than 48 hours before the 46th president of the united states is inaugurated in washington d c joining me now is someone who campaigned for a democrat nominee that was narrowly beaten by joe biden bernie sanders his name is
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ben. cohen he's co founder of the famous ice cream company ben and jerrys and he's an activist as well as a business man band welcome from burlington in vermont i got to start with even before trump and bible are going to start talking about covert because here in britain it's worse by capita than the united states but nevertheless how have you got a quarter of the world's cases with only 4 percent of the world's population how bad is coven as far as you can see here. you know it's getting worse. there's a surge. you know here i mean it's a man we have very few cases. you know it's you know tripled probably since. the last month or so you know in a sense this does relate to.


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