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shaped by one person those. who dare use things. we dare to ask. if. the war in syria has lost in longer than world war 2 what is happening in this country i think that syria fall victim to horrific experiment when the discontent of some people and religious tensions in the country were exploited by external
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players these outside forces try to overthrow the regime and use the international terrorism phenomenon in to advance their agenda human rights of syrian people were sacrificed for the sake of someone's ambitions. for an contraries involved in the syrian war exerted influence and pursued their conflicting goals seeking their own political economic or military interests. but who has been suffering the most in this almost a decade long conflict regular syrian people. they are the ones paying the highest price in this endless war the price is their lives and the lives of beloved ones. their country is destroyed and bleeding. i'm a journalist from kazakhstan i have been following the tragic events in syria from the very beginning i have also been covering just on a process. an international initiative aimed at settling the syrian crisis to toxic
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place in my country's capital. a while ago i got a facebook message from the land out. lives in aleppo. she invited me to visit their city so i could see everything with my own eyes and hear the stories of its residents. one group in particular russian wives of syrian man. us. school or. us. who. are. learning. us. all.
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the. long ready. long. i got in a plane as soon as i could go to moscow from almaty and from there to syria. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
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absolutely i mean losing a. manager that in real life you know over a month i am going to go and the issue goes. to the writers' room of the engineer and. my bet is the crowd. you know which is with me in both directions really the answer comes to me which is for me to be 50 was enough would be able no clue what i was the little bit music lover she has already if it came across that a lot given the state would it because of a. get it up at the wall of the store you must get to it you're a stick now this is decent this show but at the slowed at this level of the couple there with the same. color this is moving forward with the who does all of that elicit that is a this is what i see walking down the majesty of the john king gloria grass on the
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stool in these illusions ultimo metal slowly i'll give it a poem you will dismiss it as for us to. be able to. read this to you for well i just felt robbie at the fulton county human that reads you would say to the band don't see him yet. i mean while watching c.e.o. without go where they knew each or anything to you because to get to the receiving end up at losing it teaches stuff you'll get a signal because money's got a little scared if you do that in the your direction the feeling he becomes in the white sheets we go see this is a good lesson he's the fish is this is their mutual decision in the future is in the early if you still do it because it is real now granted this is that's a fact that morning good morning it is diesel falls out of the interview he's got down a little bit schoolbook a the we should fit. the office. just watch out of the
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c.p.u. in the stars when you miss up to the you all she knew what she thought she was there with a. hand nothing else issue said one season of the school camps and let's go to smear the exit to the grindstone it was introduced to the 1st so they're trying. to say one thing that you know i'll blow a shirt for girls here this is surely the sister of someone close to me who lives here and they seem to be on a. more serious cases. and they're doing it because i understand you know girls dunker and he wants to buy you hold sheets over to see you if you want you to but no one was 3 most of the bunch of pretty graphics institute of art or. congregating at a meeting that's a commitment that of course they're not what the congress. shows but they try to get our daughter. comfortable sphere to was there i got
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enough material is rushing here over there with the bitterest overboard. with by the way i live i was actually took the competitor with pneumonia seal so. skip that in stock national but studying it here i was persuaded they were good enough that she could not just this legend acquitted him believe that the course the nation was not is not explicitly. communist money in the event that maya. on the soul of god if they got those on the other slimy kids arks she just they missed it for good at least 5 people. cd when ready you could when you were your critical time of year on the senior. year and you go when you do mom. and there was a stimulus in that it was not and we were going on you took her for good what did you want was a bird she and it was to be when you're so good job. absolutely. stunning you are
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see you're with. us was a number of your skinnies was in the store when you were to give me of a girl so i'm allowed who is one of the city that has been devastated by the war beyond recognition. in ancient times displaced was one of the silk road hops it was conquered and ravaged many times. in modern history the city has become a museum featuring a medieval city dell and many other historic buildings the old city has been declared it world heritage site by unesco. unfortunately when conflict erupts keeping historic monuments safe is don't east of concerns for warring parties.
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at the us looking at the lyrics that a civil war at the world at the till we see meaning. was a little symbols left so you look up on us as it is above that and they. know what. you're really not flip about on the law but he wants to enjoy the symbol of what a shock which is the source of some of the warm it was decision the idea that violent thought of all machine law in. this private simmers ranch and. eve by the league if the grinch like a thought of what they i mean you're glad that they didn't gifts seem in the bridge at the most of what the cues that but they use that. it gets. into play only in that there's a good but there are limits to. what those who disagree with. it but there
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was. surely. there's no other. you're going to put. these new clothes with locations all over the. world. the flow of oil. and the. look of the destruction is what it if i wanted to. get as much of those steps that early. but have to fill in that all of. which is at the end. of course if that is this a thought and then you. need to see when the. you can fill it up the previous look at the bit though it's going to have to look forward into. his blood nothing made the teeth. of the white kid here. but i see it in.
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your book and i think of the mom i. like this just as there is the i mean the 5 it's a. 60 percent of aleppo. as it's called in a rabbit was destroyed as a result of having fighting holes have been made in the walls of many buildings to act as firing ports and articles have blown up that historic roofed market. and then burned down some of the remaining parts of it among other architecture monuments that didn't escape destruction degree mosque of aleppo and he also tiny a mosque a christian church in the district as well as the residential parts of the old city
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industrial sites have suffered a lot * of damage to some facilities were destroyed while others stram sacked some of the equipment was seized by the armed opposition who transferred to turkey while other pieces were taken by. the government forces to damascus. are they up in alaska. and if that's easier i do think that see go at it because they spoke would not be up there. but might be
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a little cool it isn't difficult just that on the new book bus don't your cup of us go to the store if he only has the book of new mushy and you're supporting him up i don't convey a shallop i must do what must i watch some sort of pillow that comes up to show you which is like any of these about well that i will say and you must believe the north will bore of this the greatest thoughts are valuable i think i'll bet them about the goals of our. stylistic i suggested that i don't. know him but i want you to see if i'm going to propose my needle but i shall know what they're getting into in the fall because i love it as a one. in 2011 public unrest in syria turn into an armed conflict which later grew into
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a civil war. going to be able to actually go out of there being able to pull out of the out of the way he's been able of a cameraman who said a sure thing when a lot of the. at that. level wish the seashells might be shredded now by telephone but i mean how much it would get because if you failed i wish you to come out the. nuclear become a battleground in the us in vermont people are demanding the shut down of a local plant. is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no care power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it
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moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is for power lies with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways. a struggle. at 1st the war was between the government forced says and the free syrian army
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units. then there was a split in the ranks of bashar assad's opponents and various terrorist groups financed by foreign countries spearheaded the fight against the government. russkie due for the neck of the woods did you see you. soon find you with busiek i'm gonna get some sense of the deals mr. spock was going to be out there with the class that this would not only be a good little dusty does it cover the news actually with its own even though i just always wrote out of the news or something i knew so i mean there's a post you just always healing process. even reasonably mushing at that high do you thing that i can respect the most of this world with this like this wearing olympian strung them over to let you board and that was kind of them on the corner where you could live with the cameras to deal with russia out of me and you feel as if you feel it so you don't look at that as
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a joke and i challenge the show at that. level there. was a song that it. occurred on the round trip that good to go could use it then the very. at about those of us you. know this what i said would you know mrs blow with a 30 would say. about tone likud but i see you are. trying to use my feet it sounds to me your i.q. skips something over only seascape i'm only eve just to keep that group of the crew i know thieves here opposite to me come out of willfully into my new defeat for this new company from any future your move think it would only come out with a filter for defeating the particular belief if i'm on the board to give them a bunch more that is the problem with the face of the news it seems that we use a cliche to a russian if you bothered it will become dull among us the question isn't if those
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are just some evil. maybe keep us down. from free progress with regard to this because we can do to the she seemed almost to do of the damage which was most interested in using methods you know the usual one don't you see me ask you to match the machine researchers. in the us to deliver to z. . one loves to do good so why are you here you know what should be cheesy you're not leaving me to go. ashoka easy to imagine he doesn't need to believe you gonna fall down quite a bit it's true that you only really was will you go the route then i'll finish this goal or if they.
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do not stick with you right or transitional is about so why do you want to shake on shit written about it if. you look at security where you're at ease the body weiqi and is not of the right he have revenues who would stay you. know what to say. just to know what is a good shot so there is no change that would have less if it wasn't you're going to still feel sheepish doesn't show it and it's nice and useful of carney. yeah but the one goal of what want to waste with. each other pretty sure saves the band weezer but without intruding to flock. to science the pros that won the cup with the duty of any of the cup with the duty of an indian the budget i don't know what that will send the water that won't.
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pool nikos and that is more than up in my book any peters if you want gusty dividing i do not see what you can exchange the with russia dishes on which are. still sealed in the maga if they're still going to. be a yes the chess move if you want to show me much of that. they will be about we have only thought so far that the ocean is knowledge about which. to trannies disobey god in. yes they use they use their you refused to give us more than you. need for procedure to what they want when you want it yes multi-state up with the machine. at the mouth of 6 when you if they were being of you don't let you know how are you going to announce that label few more of you knew and you should be
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sure that you will still be a chemist michael fundamentally got the pressure came on going to see me see every new friend you can. be able to. present to give them. to the store how much of this will deal with the sea do you. feel. your bookie is because i eat eat eat yeah it was nice piece that you. somebody should come from beijing and your style is up. but almost a pulled up field up on the left still able to talk when you're somebody who will get the most. absolutely filled out that it will be missed and it will be what they must. have to catch them smooching say in.
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the stairwell when it. goes somewhere it's in the ditch did it would that. they just know that it's not your father did. this but now that maybe you can buy in the national. council. of the whole. are those that on the estate had to push them visit mr wizard i do think that bush . is going to kill paula both. arrangement up on that and i want to see somebody you know when you've seen them. did it does but i'm sure it was a visitor from point b. many people knew who gave us the ship and we found off. the coast and she must be a good idea to the whole truth about what they would have must abide it could have been top of me if you have a button to give a thank you but she'd renamed the name of the way
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a machine that can you see vehicle grabber to hear the sequel to support and best wishes sums up a good about your bullshit that came close to what gold cup c. chose to give me about it already and i'm going to go to. the national baseball site out see what you're faced with rotting yourself marty you'll see underneath without even by you've said i've been there and with my shaking when you answered still i you'll see under to show only took my mind should pay me if i'm any of us doesn't look at us made up of all emotions model follow up much michel not publish security stock market and you will lose your board put on your idea of a good percentage get those are key west a mob still you have additional financial are still under who should stay positive you know 1st of all that with the new full state it different so is this little point because they have a plan to deal with the likelihood of the new way of us let alone visibility of me it won't be ready to call but all across a similar future if i follow a school up it will take a step group or not since that feature on both the free survive these that would be trying to cut the deal with it have so few to it. you can separate them but she'd been here for years and i will be
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a sham we're going to do the opposite are you your hear out of the mood at the estate aisle at the fish album yeah yeah you go dying in the last ditch ladies in their group immediately after without getting your receipt all in the middle of the cigar i'm going to continue to say by the way if i do go back you've got about a bushel baghdad. but there's about 60 kilometers go we should go and then economists can use the word city of election is the most number for. but be there be american say in the study published as basic as a showing of color suddenly felt impressed the probably about as of should grow to love them to live with the little money in the flood do not wish to well and she will blister was the love the window. the only body to. live in
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any other stuff it was there it was the one in the here. because the mother custody easily is it was your usual. you are so narrow it down my god this is are so good she should know where i went with her water wanting to age but not as she shows they stood on us she was a nice day it was done with. your shoes cd move those nice shots of us and they hate us so that they brought in that long and asked and said i was in the way it was in the us. supports a foot in the game and i want it in nice city at the bluffs new data not some deceived need. is not without the district. close to if it should the stupid of this it to trouble way to finish is right here out of print human city is that at which an idiot a book even i went they did this out they just moved it its
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a basin to bury your phone and you do this and then you go so thats maybe one that you will for the other so you will consider me that i just wish to avoid their premium i'm opposed to that is that i see scare voice go i do c.d.o. the us blacklist what set them on my mind that the point of my review issue does afford us not should i need any proof of what is mentioned would go with it isn't the measured who in of craniums to ship my dad would also assume the reviews. i make of the believe this was a part of the turn to be needing out there to help but i chose the hospital most blessed was a crowd strong enough. politely if i was told in the most novel to me that enough i just phoned up which in itself thought it would certainly see any one day team that bush won't will go to rape and change them but he's so sad that i mean i'm still going if i don't was studying for my good so i knew she isn't my decision grew tired me out so many reasons if they can or you want to begin can give you my
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church confession none of them are going to tunisia's in the company of desi i mean who look up with tell her to vision sort of don't like it if you don't follow up to the children with the god i wanted to carmen disney i'm just going to hear it and feel precisely the words and much just to put you know almost lost the soul of the in the in when i'm up and when coming for somebody to grab me that is not all much by get to. me that was the hardest rock will come with a end of market emotion you know. there's any last december which is the only that which is which which you got that it was both of which amounted to was for most of us wish nothing to do now can you hear the slow stop it certainly gives the national morsel of peace of gauge of what is your level of hooked up with the jet ski hoshi you won't settle to the sun that has ever it's been brought up some of us focus at all it was for you see him do to you some brother didn't even give you predict you would seem to get sick each. of those nights of glory or group i've
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shared with my leader the way that was the as it crashed be that each day he misses the bookcase the way what you received was the reason i always read so good news stories right now dog are today go to bed poor blah must be out of work i'm really pissed you know it's going to get. systematic and you're sure but it became clear to me if he or she could be a smart ass mark it was about carson sure it was right at these these as they use their. us that's an else that's. put there to remain at a steady house doesn't seem to be a whole slew of. captaincy is national just like it's. ok if and i want your porch time which is which a list just goes away all. dulles will seize it i will own the. moment not that. you want school you're
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watching we won't fall down nor. am i going on just. the m.t.v. you must face in years to be. oh. yeah leave now going to. leave yes he. said he. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only
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personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical guy time to sit down and talk. in archie's news review of the week pressure approves clinical trials on an express version of its coded vaccine spotlight to meet soaring global demand. the week to grim footage from a german christmas tore him highlighting the extent of a resurgent pandemic in europe. stockpiling vaccines at the expense of other e.u. members. of the u.s. house of representatives votes to impeach president trump for a 2nd time after an impassioned debate while many on the floor can't wait to see the back of it others say it's more about revenge.


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