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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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what's the moment on the bridge you're. going to continue going out which will soon you know neal curiosity is like a petrol motion machine did lives on without a lunch break and then suddenly i saw him stop let's take another look now at low speed this is key like 0 on a super spy who some consider a national hero and others an evil villain an israeli double oh so. i need. some and they at the. at the on shore still will. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i'm afshin rattansi welcome to a special edition of going underground in a moment i'll speak to the former president of the islamic republic of iran this in a week when the u.s.s. nimitz aircraft carrier has been reportedly sent to iran's maritime borders and donald trump's secretary of state at least for a few days might bump a 0 the former cia director has made at the national press club in washington d.c. what is being seen as seemingly outrageous claims about iran being now allied to al qaida well joining me from tehran the iranian capital now is the former president of iran talked among rude up and it john thanks so much for coming on i'm going to ask you right off the top. because i haven't spoken to you since what did you make
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of the assassination of professor most in the factories there not far from where you are right now where you are talking to me from this was in the name of god the compassionate and the merciful oh god may you hasten the advent of your vice joint and bestow upon him health and triumph and let us be among the best of his supporters and advocates. and those who spare no effort before his advocate wish or to or let me 1st say hello to you and all those who watch this program. and hope it'll be helpful for all. terror primarily indicates the weakness and contempt ability of its perpetrators that it is condemned in any form by anyone and for any purpose. the goal of the recent terror was to weaken the iranian nation and to halt its growth and development. i understand he was working on the
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coronavirus research is assassination followed the killing of gen cousin sulaimani and now the last days of the trumpet ministration that talking about al-qaeda people in iran the need to attack iran what retaliation will ever will or will air on the enemy's expect from any attack on iraq. the cultured iranian nation has never throughout history been after conflict war or threatening others. and it will not be. basically the error of using the language of threat in national and international relations the point is over. email i believe
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that all nations which had this strictly opposed such an approach called the facts and slam it. how sure are you that usa in teheran if. iran's enemies can assassinate scientists and generals. this is the type of incident that may occur anywhere in the world if the pressure continues from nato countries do you think that iran is getting closer. economically culturally politically its relations with moscow and with beijing and they are they getting closer. to the iranian nation has always sought friendly and constructive relations based on justice and respect with all nations and that includes the nations of russia and
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china. but the governments of these 2 countries have so far not been able to stop the in-force mint of sanctions. you mean that russia and china failed to stop sanctions on iran yes that's what i said i mean russia are saying iran is now enriching uranium to rates that are much higher than the j c p a way would allow well that's already in the papers i mean i'll get to coronavirus and if a moment but the u.s. aircraft carrier nimitz has been sent to iran's maritime borders you have the boss of trump's pentagon making accusations against iran how would iran cope with the u.s. bombing in the last days of
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a troubled presidency. as i have noted over and over previously the united states major policies including the key issue of war are what the behind the scenes governing board decides and enforces and the presidents don't play determining role in them. not in fact from all the developments on folding and the news being broadcast that. it's my understanding that a new war is about to be imposed on the sensitive region of the middle east. therefore i wrote a letter to the leaders in the region. and asked them to avoid the consequences of such a war. i called on them to try and prevent it from happening. and warn them about the damage and toll of such a war. for all regional states. you know that
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when joe biden was vice president president obama bombed some say destroyed africa's richest capita country libya how will biden make any difference to iran u.s. relations he's of course a very good friend of israel. i addressed that question earlier on from our standpoint it makes no difference who is president in the u.s. . since major u.s. policies are devised by the governing board behind the scenes. look at the past 70 years yet many crimes against humanity have been committed. and a lot of wars and impositions have been waged by consecutive u.s. administrations. and regardless of the party in office they carried out that mission during either of the parties time in power
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similar events have been repeated therefore i don't expect that not to reoccur in the future. and so it makes no difference who is president bush if it is the military industrial complex. that controls the usa which is what you're saying what did it make you feel when you saw the pictures of the attempted insurrection in washington that came after you wrote the letter is. appealing for. those are the internal affairs of the u.s. they're almost irrelevant to international policy is bad a lot to say when there was demonstrations on the streets of tehran yes in their foreign policy they meddle in all the affairs of countries the united states under trump said they had a big new peace plan for the middle east. is iran facing more problems
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because of that now that the united arab emirates bahrain. so many different arab countries they all though have relations with israel is that going to be a big problem for whether it's biden whether it's drones. this is not about iran it's about palestine. i have said this before. that we welcome any positive development but these issues aren't related to the palestinian issue these countries have never been palestine's concern tens of countries among them permanent u.n. security council members already had relations with the zionist regime and the palestinian issue was still not resolved the issue of palestine needs to be resolved in palestine and by recognizing the palestinian nation's right to
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self-determination. otherwise if countries not involved in the palestinian issue take certain measures what difference would that make and so you don't expect any difference as regards palestine under joe biden. it depends on how you analyze the situation today and what your perception of the word change is yes. i think the governing board in the us. regardless of which party has control of the executive branch and of other centers of power. has always pursued its own interests. is that they have absolutely never pursued the interests and fundamental rights of the palestinian nation. not the history of the past 70 years clearly shows that. many say that a nightmare for nato in washington would be if saudi arabia and iran
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became friends some people said that general custom so they money was carrying a note of some kind of discussion for better relations. what do you think is the future of a saudi iran relations as the united states it seems seeks to support saudi arabia now. look at the moment the status of relations among the persian gulf littoral states is i'm positive that shiny that's all you had it's lower than what the nations in the region and the iranian nation deserve. i believe that all nations should be friends who if the relations among the nations in the persian gulf region and especially between iran and saudi arabia. are
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founded on justice respect brotherhood and friendship whatever the situation in the region will totally change when i believe that under such circumstances the regional nations will get the chance to play their historical role. of spreading peace brotherhood and security worldwide. intra regional competition and conflict will harm everyone. there will be no winners inside the region asked. the only winners will be the enemies of the regional states. as a basic strategy. i think the persian gulf littoral states the heart. should be totally united. and their unity is quite vital for the region and the world. of course the meddling of extra regional
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powers. has always caused some problems. and i hope the leaders of the countries that act more astutely and overt differences in conflicts among themselves. once again reiterate that the role of iran and saudi arabia in the region is key and pivotal. if they stand together all regional nations including the nations of iran and saudi arabia will benefit from it. and consequently other regional nations will be able to play a more positive and constructive role in international relations. in my opinion that question should be asked this way. while the basic rule in relations among nations is friendship and brotherhood why should some individuals
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have nightmares about the friendship of 2 nations. and we look for the root cause of all the problems in the sensitive region of the middle east in such bogus nightmares. you might want to say why you think some might see it as a nightmare for washington or president ahmadinejad's i'll stop you them more from the former iranian president after this short break. we'll look forward to talking to. that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given a human beings except when such orders to conflict with the 1st launch your identification or should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point only you see is to create
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a trust. thing with artificial intelligence where something to. the obama's protect its own existence is. welcome back to this special edition of going underground with the former iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad judd earlier this week donald trump's outgoing secretary of state mike pompei i made some extraordinary claims about iran hosting al qaida claims were instantly dismissed all around the world al-qaeda has a new home base it is the islamic republic of iran as a result it logs wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities we
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ignore this iran a kind of nexus at our own peril. we need to acknowledge it we must confront it indeed we must defeated a letter from bin laden found by the navy seals during the about about a raid sums up the relationship since 911 very well in his own words quote iran is our main artery for funds personnel and communication there is no need to fight with iran unless you are forced to and give you some information that is brand new to the public today ron decided to allow it to establish a new operational headquarters on the condition that al qaeda operatives abide by the regime's rules governing al-qaeda stay inside of the country agency and control since 2015 iran has also given a kind of leaders greater freedom of movement inside of iran under their
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supervision the iranian ministry of intelligence and security and the ira g.c. have provided safe havens and logistical support things like travel documents id cards passports that enable al qaeda activity as a result of this assistance a card has centralize its leadership inside of tehran i'm an al-zawahiri his deputies are there today and frankly they're living a normal life tehran has allowed al qaeda to fundraise to really communicate with al qaeda members around the world and to perform many other functions that were previously directed from afghanistan or pakistan. to now has time because they're inside iran they have access to money they have a range of iranian support they now have new tools for terror you now have the world's state largest state sponsor of terrorism islamic republic of iran as the
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home base for al qaeda their partners in terrorism partners and hate this axis poses a grave threat to the security of nations and to the american homeland itself. i would say iran is indeed the new afghanistan as the key geographic up for al qaeda but it's actually worse unlike in afghanistan when it was hiding in the mountains okayed it today is operating underneath the hard shell of the iranian regime protection while i'm still here with the former president of iran dr mahmoud ahmadinejad as we just heard if someone is watching this interview in a nato country they will know that their main media tells them your country is not a democracy it is executing people human rights violations it is. a brutal country that funds terrorism all around the region when you say to people
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who watch that on the news every day whether iran is mention. the right to determine one's fate is a god given right. and no individual at the group or power or under any circumstances of the honey even in the name of providing security is allowed to limit or deny that right on. this issue what happened in the world recently and you made a mention of them to the. show in washington and elsewhere should show that we have a long way to go before we achieve true democracy we need. to talk throughout history. the philosophy of forming governments. has been to provide security and freedom to nations on all human let's hug. more however the
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behind me. on the pretext of providing security on my land in more rulers have practically turning to obstacles to freedom and security for nation. hon the world is in need of a new thought had he no vision and plan the hasta what sort of plan is is that you have elections coming up of course in iran in a few months time but in different speeches i've announced parts of that plan and one in which it's the will of the nations that's truly ruling all your relations are based on humanity friendship and kindness the monopoly of power the monopoly of freedom the monopoly of wealth is annihilated. and in which power wealth and freedom is enjoyed by each and every human being on earth.
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across the world today. wealth power and freedom is controlled by a certain group of us. leading no chance for nations to be free. and to breathe in an atmosphere of freedom and. this wish will very soon come true which. in every human being will attain their dignity. and deserve status which of course here amiens may i ask why didn't you do that last time when you were president of iraq. well i think iranians have access to me and can ask me that question directly ok well i got to ask we don't know whether the elections will be discouraged but it's notable that. company has said that british american big pharmacy vaccines. they could be dangerous for the
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iranian people he cited the french hiv contaminated blood scandal twitter took down a bit like donald trump how bad is coronavirus in iran and i know it's not as bad as in britain capita but i understand that it is taking its toll that officials are constantly releasing the data on that well we're getting some reports of coronavirus from yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis according to the u.n. do you think the world is forgotten about yemen. i think the people of yemen. are bearing the brunt of pressure. resulting from the greed and wickedness of others. it should be openly stated that the people of yemen are
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being oppressed. their country's infrastructure is being destroyed the youth women and children are being killed poverty is spreading. and their country is falling behind. but from a human perspective i felt responsible. and wrote letters to the 2 parties involved in the conflict announcing my readiness to help resolve the problems and to end the war. i think we should all be worried. about the health and social life of the yemeni people and wish. you see i know your road to saudi arabia's mohamed bin solomon but britain says it gives aid to yemen and has strict
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weapons export regime and trains the they have already have trainers to train the saudi pilots so britain gives aid and weapons. anyone who starts a war in the world. or provokes a war. and fans the flames of a war. that has no doubt committed an act that's anti-human and unacceptable anyone who perpetrate such an act for any purpose is condemned but you didn't write to boris johnson but yes i wrote to the 2 parties and also to the un secretary general and asked the secretary general to pave the way for the establishment of peace. certainly brokering peace is a human responsibility anyone who can contribute should do so and anyone fanning the flames of war should stop with. this i pray to god almighty to bestow upon
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all nations security. progress and peaceful coexistence the daughter of custom soleimani gave a world exclusive interview to this program and she said that because of julian assange munch who is imprisoned here in london we know she said that the us government was on the same side as al qaeda in syria. what do you think about the case of julian assange and do you think that britain will kill him in jail here. sufficient information has not been published on the a songe issue and i'm not able to pass judgement on him. let me share my message with your viewers the situation of the world is currently and is beneath any human being more than half the world's population lives in poverty and the majority of
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the world's population lives under security threats and military pressure. the monopoly of power wealth and media has robbed nations and the masses of opportunities. today the world is being managed according to the principles of political darwinism. what that means is that for some to be strong others would have to be weak if. for some to be affluent. others should be poor. for some to have dignity. others should be humiliated to use. this ideology as anti-human. and has turned the world into a place where an arms race has jeopardized everyone security. and lead to a significant share of the nation's resources and wealth. being spent. on the
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purchase of armaments. and weapons have no other use than killing humans. will do. i'm opposed to this world management model. out of the and believe that all nations and human beings. can live in friendship. about he's in the brotherhood. i have absolutely no one. should be seeking hegemony over others. or plundering other as well. we should all endeavor to ensure the dignity of each and every member of humanity. for them to equally benefit from god given natural wealth. and for no one to be dominated by another bush we have to build the world. we're each human being can have dreams. where those dreams are materialized. and where they can unlock the endless talents
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that god has bestowed upon them for woken a world where people serve each other where they are friends with one another and where they are each other's companion just one question finally. are you going to stand in the june election do you want to become president of iran yes or no in june i have already answered that question today there are more important issues before us and we should be thinking about them at the time of the elections there are issues that if necessary i will share with the people. i once again congratulate you and your colleagues in all nations. on the occasion of the new year. and wish everyone well being. over a president thank you. god willing may be prosperous and hope to see you again
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and that's it for the show will be back on monday with one half of the ice cream company ben and jerry's ben cohen to talk about the prospects of a by the presidency in the week of his inauguration as us president. the truth. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you my story in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for that week with the scent of a 23. i felt that i deserved to be. confined within 4 gray walls. to help him to leave this room.
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6 e.u. nations hit out of fires are after receiving fewer vaccine doses than they have expected the company says it is due to manufacturing upgrades designed to boost production. another obama era strategist has lined up for the incoming biden administration signaling a rocky road ahead for relations with russia speaking to r.t. investigative journalist glenn greenwald warns against being blindsided by the prism of the past. people. in the street just like the democrats are very good at creating your brand that is different than their reality but essentially the democratic party serves. no interest.


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