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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 11, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EST

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the true cost the true culprit i believe was the u.s. supreme court which had a chance to weigh in on this. ruling should we say election 5. they punted refused to get involved and that means that millions upon millions of americans felt that they had no redress that their grievances well not address and that is what happens when people feel deeply discontented i mean and this goes on top of all of the other oppressions of everything that had taken place over the cost of months so now what is the what what is the remedy for this well i'm all regression more rigid refusal to give the full voice to give them and they way to express their feelings and member of the biden administration is now saying that its 1st order of business will be an anti domestic terrorism bill there is no
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reason whatsoever for it because the criminal statutes are already chock a block with all manner of criminal. wrongdoing legislation so you want hate crimes and everything else so now like a domestic terrorism yeah you're not going to stop with the lists are actually just everybody's will be terrified all who they associate with what they write what websites they visit 5 what they say to their friends on whatsapp or facebook or whatever home or even on the telephone so it really is just the way of imposing an absolutely you know repressive dictatorship over the population you know you know demon this is what this does is it but george is describing is that they. are the people that feel that they they are their voices are not being heard you know either through social media or through. election is that their grievances have
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been rigid amounts by this behavior by the incoming administration and the people are in that orbit and big thank you and oh by the way d m a this is a longstanding american foreign policy is that when their guy doesn't party doesn't do well in a born election they say go out and protest ok just the new united states right now . thinks. well you're absolutely right that you know when people were so surprised for example in the beginning of the syrian war how come so many european muslims came to help the terrorists in syria well didn't you tell these european mausam so via your media that asa tall skinny and more slums you know also these repressive she's against both them so a lot of people just volunteered to go to syria the same thing here for many years with her i mean americans heard from the mainstream media in the united states that
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you need to stop this team will win elections in yugoslavia in 2000 won in georgia in 2003 in ukraine in 2 $1004.00 and it is a current. you're a member of these words you know they stole the election and every time almost every night these protests ended with a capacious of bottom and that's what happened in ukraine in 2014 and that's what happened in mono up in 2009 that's what happened in yugoslavia in 2000 fun that's what happened to shevardnadze in georgia in 2003 and now when american strive to do the same thing suddenly they are i called joe biden domestic terrorists why it's grimaces anti-semite i didn't see a single anti-semitic saugor you know there are many bad things don't don't interpret me ask condone what happened on capitol hill and those people were not there entice them. i'm glad you mention that neither of us none of us enjoy and
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what happened not at all is a matter back george i want to see those people held accountable and i want to see all the people know why life matters and the and t. the riots of the months and months before that be held accountable got to be single standard that my behavior is not acceptable george exactly right unfortunately that's not the way the american legal judicial system functions we've seen what happened to the people involved in the black lives matter in the n.t. for riot it was a river the revolving door treatment. no one was really held accountable it's much the same way as all of the pathological attacks on trump for disputing the election though this is destabilizing and horrific in st claims and yet every. sympathy for the claims of. the woman abrams woman in
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georgia who still to this day claims that she is the governor of georgia and everyone is happy to indulge her and say yes this is the person who is the real governor of georgia even though she lost by 50000 votes which incidentally is a great a margin that actually trumps the margin of defeat in the election because if you just count the margin in iras over georgia and wisconsin which butts the 2 by can trump equal 'd it's actually comes to less than $50000.00 so it's exactly the same but the less that's the 2 the weight likes and of course these people who are in capitol hill and you know they are the book will be thrown at them and then are going to get the revolving door treatment i mean you can think that these people are going to get 1020 years. or more and yet there is no knowing what the equality at all in the. name. ramzan one why don't we have
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a very special relationship and yeah i'll say. you know. it's always important to have you on this program because you were born. well and you bought me so much about it well during the time of our friendship i mean it must be interesting for you with that as a russian looking at how dissent is being crushed in the united states when when the new russia. flourishes with its free speech and it's. kind of the contents as. arguments over politics the internet is very very rich and deep in discussion here and you see the closing of it in the united states and you have a major political party a party that's going to be controlling all the. parts of government in the end about 10 days not cheering you know what do you think well i think there are 2 important things thank you for reminding me of the soviet union you know on on
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their constant feature so sore your client was there just sent us where named and shamed you know that on of the main pressure tactics against the soria dissidents also there how can you say these how could you be so distraught and just a go at and how can you be if not part of us and in the same way would have these shame and in them every can media right now i mean it we'll all know when well how it became almost indecent to will support trump before the election in 2016 and that's why so many so so a tickle services will control him because people are indeed ashamed to say on the phone on screen there are questions yes i may vote for trump rate the same the story is is continuing now in the united states and the and the what is interesting the other important thing in the you know our i took a parallel from or dreher right on the american conservative that's it. search
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a web site in the united states and see title his article about what happened on capitol hill the left or right stuck fire we all i think know what happened in the reichstag in march 19th 33 it's still not known what it indeed a dutch communist who did it you know did he have any support as hitler claimed from the jewish conspirator says he told them or was it the not just themselves the most likely it was the not just themselves who staged this fire in order to crush dissent but in the same way it's still not clear what happened on the keck so he wasn't just you know the demonstrators who are so anti of and criminal i would say wasn't the police there somehow sympathized with the i'll just let them do it because it could be used against them in the future it doesn't matter just like with the reichstag fire the consequences are so grave that we don't need to talk about the origins but let me quote wrote this the result of all of this i expect
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corporate america who is by left wing activists to undertake a purge of any employees who publicly expressed sympathy with trump always the election protest be it on their private social media channels or a new way so mainstream media we can hope on it for a long time it has been shut off for the dissenters basically the real dissenters now the social media are also been shut off and what is very bad about mr truong been chopped off again don't take me wrong i think he was destructive and he was bad but you know again parallel with russian history when you tell us the 2nd was murder. the important thing was not you know but don't say that he was a good sparrows and he did a lot of bad things that they're rushing to the situation but if you can kill the stock then you can kill anyone in the same way if you can block the president of the united state. aids from social media what about the never is joe you know you
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can do anything to him because he doesn't have the protections of the federal state or even a formal kind of state only going to do is essentially bringing up the complex here in in about 30 seconds why united states right now. well the interesting thing is 2 what's now happening is a massive repression of the population it's a way of beating down any possible opposition you have a bite them is ration coming in a president nobody wanted a vice president nobody wanted and election result that is very dubious and you have an opposition that is just absolutely enraged and up enough so what's the only remedy the only remedy is to go in for massive repression and i mean the bolsheviks is actually quite an interesting enough not so grateful that you were discussions political system.
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i got this 8 millimeter film purely by accident. time period 963 to 65 place damascus. don't don't know why young. i've watched it many times a man posing the monuments and all poster of the hollywood premiere of town without pity and a fight in a market so without bruises. i had my doubts if i should waste my time on this but i came back to that film over and over again tracing
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a sequence of events happening in syria at that time anderson those who worked with the wood on the review. which will sit in the neil curiosity just like a petrol motion machine did lives on without a lunch break and then suddenly i saw him stop let's take another look now at low speed this is key like 0 on a super spy who some consider a national hero and others and evil villain an israeli double 00. because it's bud's them and they at the. at the one. still. small seem wrong but all in all just don't call. me old yet
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to shape out these days and become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. up. now look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people . i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders to conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point is to create trust and shia. areas and with artificial intelligence will somebody to. protect its own existence as.
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well. welcome back across top where all the things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're talking about the condition of american democracy. ok let's go back to george in budapest one of the interesting phenomenon for me and looking over the last few years and look and talking about the consequences of what happened on capitol hill is that now not only obviously the media and focuses attention on donald trump fair enough he's a politician and that's when politicians and that's part of. being a politician anywhere in the western world but what's different here and i think. is the demonization of his supporters and his base here you know in the
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we didn't see this before and we have been seeing the same kind of way because as we are living in this age where you can you can literally turn millions of people off with the head of a click ok but that wasn't the case before here and so when i finally chair. is that we have this and you're legitimizing the demonization of people who want to participate in public life i mean that's not a civil society that's the end of civil society go ahead joe yes that that really goes to the heart of what's going on in america right now because that base. is in rage about everything that's been going on in america for the last $3040.00 maybe 50 years the fact that a tiny percentage of the population much less than one percent is there in communes growing exponentially while everyone his income is stagnating the fact that most
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people are unable to get a good education and able to get into elite colleges which which is the possible to great jobs in the united states they're unable to get a proper health care. and you know they just this watch seeing their jobs being shipped overseas or being given to going to constant cheap immigrants that are being allowed to go through and into the border illegally all of it all of these dissident voices found expression in donald trump that donald trump it was a very bad messenger but in some ways many millions of americans found in him somebody who understood them who spoke their language and now the most of the politicians in the united states in congress don't have that ability they just go to themselves they just talk in these cliches and i think that's really what's going when you when you repress these people tell them they you know to shut out go
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to hell because the far right extremists racist anti semites or white nationalists and all the rest when you tell them that you can. create a situation where there is going to be another violent explosion somewhere at some point or you know you you do what as you know. suggest. you get the russian example which is you beat the population down into submission and people just give up you know they just mean it is focus they're all attempts at resistance all attempts at remedies have failed you know there's nothing we can do we just simply have to accept things as they are and i think that's kind of how the bolsheviks the british rule for 70 years and people just gave up i mean there was a lot of resistance the bolshevik roulette with the civil war we had crunched all way up to the this isn't movement of the 96 in the seventy's but each time the bolsheviks just ruthlessly put down any dissent so maybe that's what's happening in the united states they want it and then the. the d.n.a.
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that the americans like to think about themselves with it would be completely change it would be a very different political culture and maybe that's the direction it's going to be in but cancelling 70 to 80000000 people. that's a social experiment in human engineering that i think anyone should be wary of here you know demo one of the things that you know i always look at the basic structures and you focus a lot on the ideology of things i mean the problem home are the homework of western . western political experience is the loyal opposition and the peaceful transfer of power and they're being eroded right now and they're being eroded very quickly in the united states your thoughts well i think you are the only qualm and that more is more or less so but on the day of the riot on capitol hill came from the wall street journal the most enjoy know how the mind it's going to win this way
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truong who loses the senate and basically in the paper said that the end result of all these is basically one part you who in the united states i mean often the volt in georgia which was of course influenced by the. incident in washington even though the democrats had a very you know marginal majority in the last moment they got that majority in the senate no they control all of the institutions and look how mr biden is already indulging in fantasy as you know why it's a premiss was that a single racist slogan next to the capitol hill i mean no one can show a single young buck about biden is speaking by a headline so the new york times or the washington post which has been scary in the population by this right when while and which does exist in the united states but there is also there are 2 environments just like in germany you know the article in
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the national interest does this sort on the capitol hill sure america is don't and i go by jacob braun i think he brings up a very interesting analogy he says the leaders or bought apologists you know democrats and republicans how weaponized are not you more against their rivals the democrats did by baden out foundation fine to end your stuff us with secret identity just and superhero style and that i'm too far out it's i mean we have seen the so-called leftist taunted liberal violence this summer you know right now we have seen right some great violence and now we see basically a total seizure of power by one party so it's an american has been spots the y m a stage and the right stark feisty if we believe the american press and go into the american newspapers and know when you're right to raise the question or punishment
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for jake and generally and people like you well whenever you have this protect your whole demonstration and he's refinement there are always exhort you i mean i invited them many can still watch the video or rather didn't take and then 2014. by the ukrainian nationalists you will see that a lot of people who more exhort you then drag engine and much more dangerous some of them nazis neither that estates sat down got the smallest the people and you know the name that they gave to jake actually and i guess a conspiracy theory as you know the new york times reports conspiracy theorist arrested and he may face up to 20 years in jail. and you know conspiracy conspiracy theories is almost the same as a conspiracy maker someone who is operating can conspiracy and against the state because you aren't against the state or ga mean let's look at it from the
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conservatives populist side ok so that all of government is getting controlled by one party you have big tech going in i mean that parlor i mean i was about to get on harder and then it then you have you know you have the googles of the world and apples of the world. not allow people to access that their platform i mean number one this is so monopolistic i mean it's already monopolistic and now they're just flaunting it ok obviously if you have you know a one party rule you have to be checking in service of it why wouldn't someone that is conservative think this is a conspiracy against us i mean you know everyone seems to beget the conspiracies do we do this ok and if if your people that you would in a buy with that acted wrongly on the capital are prosecuted but people that burn down the wendy's are not then your people going to say yeah they're out to get us yes that is exactly what they say and and that's why it's so important to
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make sure that all avenues all their expressing their views. and that that's really the goal here. and they have the big internet giant who are flagrantly flagrantly violating. not just the 7 section 2 such immunities that were granted them by government but they're always the gauging in anticompetitive conduct they are obviously engaging in violations of the 1st amendment they are behaving. because they think they've got that that a government in power that won't do anything about them and they won't do anything about them because this is you know there's now a happy soon be osis between the democrats and 2 big tech and so yeah the people will feel well this is you know this is the system is stacked against us and there are very few ran it is because it goes into the one remedy you
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have is well elections where you know we know we're going to vote these people out in 2 years and 4 years and then we're going to get our guys in print now we've seen this election you can just rake it and then you know if the system remains on reform and the democrats will make sure that it will remain unresolved in the mail in voting well now they may be the norm in the united states if you ensure that it's all of this is rape and then if you do what i think biden the most recent will do which is grant a massive and estate to the 40 who knows how many illegals living in the united states then you can make sure that if that these people who are feel this going to happen will be in a permanent minority so they'll be told shut up and suck it up and i think that's that's where things are going in the united states yet interesting thing is that you know it will because demon brought up the georgiou election here and it and one
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of the reasons why the democrats won is that you know they they said we're going to give you $2000.00 ok and i think in washington in both parties including donald trump screwed up that issue about it was a no brainer george and i have talked about this in a number of times and it's really interesting dilemma is that you know shut up keep your head down. keep your thoughts to yourself that because one way or another we're going to get in your head ok that's the goal but we'll give you $2000.00 we'll give you some crumbs and you'll be content again the soviet union comes to mind make sure you get some material things but don't have a thought for yourself we'll tell you what the things i mean the perils of growing it's getting absurdly obvious to me well you're right i think this situation is even more terrifying because it's really just a just the soviet union was almost benayoun and humane compared to what we see now happen in the united states i mean when i heard today you know when i when i read on the media how
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a dog that he bought at on her mother you know on errands that they went to this demonstration brought from demonstrations and the daughter reported to them and put it on them for the police that's exactly what happened in the soviet union in the 3rd yes you know these famous so infamous body wasn't being you know when basically assad reported on his father to the soviet secret police and that the son was killed by his own grandfather for that you know things like that have come into my mind this is there you find yes fascinating discussion that obviously could go on and on but they've run out of time or a date my guess is the best and here in moscow i want to thank our viewers for watching as the r.c.c. and remember.
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i can't show you my face but i'm going to tell you must story in 9093 this man was sentenced to death they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for the week with his turn of the 23. doubt that i've observed to be. confined within 4 gray walls he fights using hot turn on to help him to leave death row. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the world is driven by shaped by one person or those with.
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the dares thinks. we dare to ask. the war in syria has lasted longer than world war 2. who has been suffering the most in this almost and dug in long conflict regular syrian people. need is more than when you might want to bring israel goes way. i could see everything with my own eyes and hear the stories of its residents one group in particular russian wives of syrian man. because they wanted to
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stoop to look up to its english national just like its. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson a show for you that you. are you going the right way or are you being let's. dial it. what is true watch is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. join us in the depths.
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or a me in the shallows. midday here now in the headlines this monday moscow confirms its 1st case of the new far more contagious covert strain that emerged in the u.k. but medical chief saying nonetheless russia's vaccine is up to the task. from dismissal to acceptance we hear lead time from mainstream journalists who want scoffed at the sputnik vivax now making a u. turn on themselves getting russians. and christmas bringing no rest for germany which is reported to surge in covert cases along with a lot of the rest of europe for the country's chancellor warning the situation will
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only get worse.


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