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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see you then. the war in syria has lost in longer than world war 2 what is happening in this country i think that syria fall victim to horrific experiment when the discontent of some people and religious tensions in the country were exploited by external players outside forces try to overthrow the regime and use the international terrorism phenomenon in to advance their agenda human rights of syrian people were
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sacrificed for the sake of someone's ambitions. for an contraries involved in the syrian war exerted influence and pursued their conflicting goals seeking their own political economic or military interests. but who has been suffering the most in this almost a decade long conflict regular syrian people. they are the ones paying the highest price in this endless war the price is their lives and the lives of beloved ones. their country is destroyed and bleeding. journalists from kazakhstan i have been following the tragic events in syria from the very beginning i have also been covering just on a process an international initiative aimed at settling the syrian crisis talks to place in my country's capital. a while ago i got
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a facebook message from your land. lives in aleppo. she invited me to visit their city so i could see everything with my own eyes and hear the stories of its residents. one group in particular russian wives of syrian man. us. school on you know use. yes. yes. yes. yes.
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the 'd. i got on a plane as soon as i could. to moscow from almaty and from there to syria. if you. can hear easy. to say let's leave. it to the left in the banner of the world and the
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legend of. the greatest. players. you know would you be able to actually believe the answer. to the 50. loves you has already. lost given will still. get a bottle of. get to it you're a stick now this is decent this show but at the slowed at this level of the building with the same. color. it is moving forwards with the who doesn't tell you that you have used it yet as it is it is the one walking the match it is now it will be john king gloria the mass of the stool in these illusions ultimo mental stimulation all day well you will do this it is for us to. be able to
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. run to steer you toward well i just felt robbed in the field of company and you mean that you could say to the fact don't see me at. all which. played out with a new 4 and you did you come to the do you think received and i'll get good wishes in the d.c. chief stuff you'll get to see that if there's one of these got to let us get through the beginning you have the right to the feeling the guns in the white sheets we shall see it is that he doesn't know he's the fishes this is there he's going to see in the future the only if you still do is it because it is real know that this massacre have ended in a good movement that is decent was out of the view of these young men do with the ok there we should finish. up this discourse in that is to be in the style when you can woman subtlety in the ocean when you watch him or she will stand with the cork and you'll have an elf issues that will says
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a little school can't save us he'll let you know it was me or the encyclical correct still it was it was killed in the fire so that if we try said the goose roy then that you know i'll blush or go see this is sure a justice of the some of those issues he who lives here is to be out of here more serious cases. there just because i stand him longer as drunk or i seem. to be a whole the rest. you if you want your deposit bonus removed from the bunch of the pretty graphics the institute of art or. congregating at i mean if that's the case that of course they're not what the program. shows but they try to get our daughter. comfortable spirit was really good enough michelle is rushing here for the month of the bitterest overboard.
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with the way i live i was actually took the competitor with pneumonia. in the. skip but in stock national studying it for the good in that i should not just this legend acquitted him believe that the course the nation was not is not just look at the. communist money in the event they mire. up on this all of those are a slimy kids arks she does the mischief for good at least 5 people. do you cd when 'd you when you or your critical done of you hard enough sneer at the wrong course you go when you do mom. and there was a stimulus in there to do with when we were going wm when you took her for granted what did you want it was a bridge she earned it was to be here when you're so good. an absolutely. stunning you are so you're breaking some ago she was your number boss can use words in the
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store when you were to give me of the girls are allowed who is one of the city that has been devastated by the war beyond recognition. in ancient times displaced was one of the silk road hops it was conquered and ravaged many times. in modern history the city has become a museum a medieval stood a dell and many other historic buildings the old city has been declared it world heritage site by unesco. unfortunately when conflict erupts keeping historic monuments safe is the east of concerns for warring parties. at the last looking of the lyrics that a civil war at the world at the till we see meaning. was
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a little symbols left so you look up on us as it is a world that's more and they. know what. you're really not clear there but there's a lot of nimbleness few most enjoy or not so what a shock which is the source of some of their warm with years. of servile machine nor in. this private symmetry enchanted greenish e-vite ego if the grinch like a thought of what they i mean you're glad that they didn't gifts seem in the project that most of what the user but they use that. it gets a. look at. it but there are limits to. what those who disagree with. it but there was a movie surely. there's no other. you're going to put.
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one of. these huge books with the safest of all of the right. words. the flow of oil. and the. look of the destruction is what it is to be just a deal can i wanted to. get as much notice of that early. part of that but have to feel in the middle of. which is that the. record of course if that is this the thoughts and then you. see when the confessional we're going. to look at the previous book it's a bit though it's going to have to was. his blood nothing made the teeth. of the white kid here. but i see it in. your book but i think of the mom i. just as there is the i mean the 5 it's
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a. 60 percent of aleppo. as it's called in a rabbit was destroyed as a result of having fighting holes have been made in the walls of many buildings to act as firing ports and articles have blown up that historic roof to market. and then burned down some of the remaining parts of it among other architecture monuments that didn't escape destruction degree mosque of aleppo and he also tiny a mosque a christian church in the district as well as the residential parts of the old city industrial sites have suffered a lot * of damage to some facilities were destroyed while others stram sacked some
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of their equipment was seized by the armed opposition who transferred to turkey while other pieces were taken by. the government forces to damascus it's. gotta be up in alaska. and if that see you get out i deserve that see go at it because they spoke would not be up there. just might be a little cool it isn't just there on the net both of us don't your cup of us go to the store if he only has the look of new mushy use holding up i'm going to issue
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dollar but i must do what must be bought some sort of pillow that comes up to show you which is likely not that piece of a will that i will say and you must believe the north will bore of this the greatest thoughts are valuable i think i'll bet them that because of all of. the authority of a stylist because i suggested that i don't. know him but i want you to see if i'm going to pose for a needle but i shall know what they're getting into in the political aisle but also on the. in 2011 public unrest in syria turn into an armed conflict which later grew into a civil war. going to be able to
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actually go out of there being able to although there are little babies in the oval of a cameraman who said a sure thing when a lot of. not only wish the seashells rubbish to be now by telephone but i mean if the most got even you would get because if you failed i wish you were in the form of the. i got this 8 millimeter film purely by accident. time period 963 to 65 place damascus. i was old don't know why young. i've watched it many times a man posing the monuments and all poster of the hollywood premiere of town without pity and a fashion of mockery so without bruises. i had my doubts if i should waste my time on this but i came back to that film over and over again tracing
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a sequence of events happening in syria at that time and most of those who worked there the wood on. the ground in which you'll see in the neal curiosity is like a petrol motion machine did lives on without a lunch break and then suddenly i saw him stop let's take another look now at low speed this is like owing a super spy who some consider a national hero and others and evil villain an israeli double o. 7. because it's bud some of these shows the other me good at the one sure still. if.
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that 1st the war was between the government forced says and the free syrian army units. then there is a split in the ranks of bashar assad's opponents and various terrorist groups financed by foreign country. spearheaded the fight against a government. grant he gives to the neck of the woods to d.c. of those who still seen the crossing that we're told by new media we see it come down with some sense of purpose mr only. spoke was to be out there with the cross that this would not only be a good little dust or does it cover the news actually able to tell your own even though i just always read to you out of the news or some of us i knew so i mean they're just it just always in a process. even reasonably mushing about that idea thing that might reject the most of this world which is like this wearing olympian strongman would let you go to the
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but i was going to some of the corner where you could live with the cameras to deal with russia out of me and you feel as if you feel it so you don't look at that as a joke and i challenge the show at the. level there. was it's on the. ground that it could go could use it then the very. at about those of us you. know this what i said would you know mrs blow with a 30 would say. about tone likud but i seen you over. 20 just like it it sounds to me i can't get something overly cityscape i'm not only eve just to keep that book about the good wife no thieves here i presume we can now there are literally a few one who this is what they see coming from any future you'll move think it would only come out with the debris field in a particularly busy field on the board any given before but mostly it's
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a problem with a series of 1000000000 years a city so easy cliche to a russian if you bother to become dull among us the question isn't if those are just an evil. maybe keep us down when you translate because you with regard to. the government which. used to be she seemed almost to good to diminish which is most interested in you know most of the usual why don't you me are you still the america the machinery teacher teaches. us to deliver to z. . one last 2 goods of our year you know what should be cheesey you're not leaving me to. ashoka easy to imagine he doesn't need an attorney you are on the ball don't worry it is true that you only really wasn't need to go the route
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and off we should go or if they. did not stick with your our. role is about so many folk idea as you all know and she's written about it it's about the look of security why tonight is the weekend and is not a carkeek are given us the right to have revenues who will stay you. know what to say. just to know what is a good shot so there is no change that would be worse than you're going to still feel she missed those new shows and a nice new form of carney a happy one full of what want to waste with. each other pretty sure here's the
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intro to flock. to science the prose that won the cup with india when you brought up the cup with the video in india but you know i don't know what that will send to the water that won't. nico is more than that but you might get yours if you want the slave gusti dividing i do not ask what you can exchange the precious are. still sealed in the mag if they're still. yes that's what you're going to show me much of that. they will be easier than we carefulness thought so far to the. knowledge of that which. is to try to. look at the part of a year with more yes they will say you say you refuse to give us more than you.
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need for proceed to go what they want when you want it yes multi-state up with the machine that. let the market see when it will if they were going of you don't let you know how are you going to announce that level few more of your new you should be sure that you will. get off my people fundamentally have the pressure came or going to isn't easy bringing in for they didn't. want to give them there. yet still that's the story of how much she is dealing with the sea do you. feel. your bookie is because i eat eat eat yeah it was nice piece that you. somebody should come from beijing by giving us dollars because you enough but almost a pulled up steel pipe on the left still able to talk when you're somebody able get
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the most. of it will miss it well believe it or not they must. have a solution. thank you. but when you took your surety of spending our remaining greg the star and i wouldn't. steal it goes somewhere but it's a good ditch did it would that stuff whereby they just know that it's not under buddy. despite how that made you go by in the national. when you threw the key body in the car when you. cityscape the the whole. are those that are the acidic dilution of visit this mr whiston approach to put out by do that that bush student is going to kill paula botia should stay out of the arrangement either you know what is simply because i'm about to give up when it's the mom did this but i'm sure it was that visitors from tony many people knew who gave us the shit but we
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found all. of us to be able to be a good idea to the whole truth about what they would have must abide it could have done something that would be of the average movie of the thank you but she'd leave me in the name of that we must to thank you c.b.s. will probably hear the sequel to support of this mission is up to date about your bullshit they didn't look. to me about it already and when you think of it it's the end of the national football set out see what your face is starting to you'll see under the window didn't buy you'd sit around in there and was actually king of winning social you'll see on my much t.v. if a 1000000 of us doesn't look at us made up a fall it will fall off monkey shall not publish security stock market and you will . put it on your i am going to send a sheet of those or keep a list of mob you have additional financial muscle under you should stay positive you 1st of all start with a new full state but if it so is this real quick because they are both going to be a lot like when you with us let alone vs believe me you will get it too cool but all across a similar feature in a school you will get
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a step group or not since that feature on the 3 survive these that would be trying to cut the deal with if you can do it. you can separate the bus you've been here for years and i will be shall we. who did the opposite are you your hero of the more if the if at all it's official yeah yeah you go down you go much that you ladies get close to me if we wind up yeah you'll receive allen innermost these accounts i'm with that he didn't say but then we're fairly well thank you brad amount of visual data i'm. beat. but there's about 60 kilometers scotia told me that economists can use a lot of city of the action is the most number for us to be there remember and send the study published as basic as a string of call of said make you fat impress the probably a bill out of
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a greater love that meets a load of little money in the keep this fund do not wish to lowball i am she will tease the blues throws them out the window and get the only body to. live in italy because the nazis was there were one of the g. here and see that you're only going to just come out of custody each of these leaders to the know your usual stone are very good and you will soon are with them our gov this is ours to get she's good news where i went with our war i want to teach but not actually shows they stood on us shows at least they don't stand with . your shit cd move those nice to each of us and they beat them in the ass so that the idea that no less then said i don't know what it was that in the us. see thoughts of what even a minimal it's a nice seat at the bluffs uganda mark some decide need. it most up without them
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distract. both at the shooter who thought of this at the tribal way he finishes the way he out of print human city is that at which an idiot a book even i did this out. just a little bit it's a basin to be appalling and you do this and then you go so that's maybe when that it will be i think yes i was that you were going to be that a yes please restore. their premium i'm opposed to for this that i see scapegrace go i do proceed oh yes block list what system i meant that people in my previous year. would guess and i said that i need an approach that would essentially would go with it isn't that measured in of craniums louche if my dad would not assume the reviews. i make of the believe this was a part of it would seem to be leading out to now but i just don't feel most blessed what's a crowd slaughter that would politely if i was told none of those number of them would meet that nephi dish. which in itself up to what several see any one day team
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that bush won't will go to any point changed and he's so sad but i mean i'm still my guy if i don't study him from my guts i mean is he my p.c. sure greentown me out so many readers that if they kill are you going to begin can you give me in my church to mash money for my granny tunisia's in the city of desert i mean milk or no cup with its head would be a vision so i don't like it if you go all up to the children with the god i wanted to carmen because the i'm just going to give it a few of precisely the words and much just to put you know us both to softly in the moment but even when we come in for some idea to begin with that is noble much by getting. mean of us that are honest rockall come we stay and it's more the emotions you that. there's any last december which is the only which which is what you got that it was both of course which amounted to which for most of us wish that i had to do will clear up the other stuff stop that's a new guest national morse's case of gauge what is your level pull hooked up with a good starting point just come home to show you want to serve it up at the far
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left and center example up on some of us focus at all it was that if see him due to use of guarding in the media critical he would seem to get to keep. of those $93.00 a group i've shared with me i don't believe it would proceed if they. did each day he misses the base 3 which are risky there is a reason i always read some good news stories right now borger deterioration passionate about poor blah must be out of work i'm really pissed and he says i'm going to kill. you sister and you should really think interesting to me feel what should be could be i find a smile it was the question sure it was right at these disgusting you also. know that. that's a yes that's a plus. but the timing of the stampede hollister's a champion. of the when you. look up to its international just like it's.
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ok if they don't want your porch sandwiches chillis just goes away when your pup a little. bit of a mole on the other one moment cannot. you should you want to screw you which in the. normal. way i'm going on just. here the air d.v.d. you must face flooding is the. yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah the.
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last week there was an assault on the nation's capital what does this tell us about the state of american politics is there still in place to disagree and to send him to. from the stories to the international riots on capitol hill in washington 5 people dead with dozens of protesters. in the wake of. accusing him of inciting his supporters violence. where he is.


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